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242161242161B004UDWLBYA3QIXJP877YRKKDecorating Queen3351318377600Delicious! Way better than M&M's!These things are addictive. I can't stop at a couple. Hard chocolate shell has no artificial coloring. Also, they are bigger than M&M's. :-)
242162242162B004UDWLBYA3MC7O4NFU5AELmidge542251320019200Minstrels are the BEST!Minstrels have such a distinct chocolate flavor--they are absoultely divine. I typically have friends who are visiting England pick them up for me--once they have tried them, they rave about them, too! Thrilled that they are available on Amazon!!
242163242163B004UDWLBYA3Q9WYX230KTUAP. R. Rowlinson "Rowli001"0031344556800Doesn't travel wellI love these things. However, they didn't travel well in the summer months. The candy coating had fallen off. Still tasted good though.
242164242164B00542YKBEA321OPCEWMI4GAultraviolet0041332460800Pleasant, well balanced flavorsThis blend is very easy to enjoy. The pleasing but mild flavor of tulsi is brightened up but not masked by cheery lemon myrtle and a bit of warmth from ginger and a tiny kick of pepper in the aftertaste. The minty aspect just sort of blends quietly into the tulsi, it doesn't overwhelm. Overall, a pleasant drink unsweetened or with a little bit of honey. A great caffeine-free alternative to tea that has agreed with everyone I've offered it to so far, even people who don't care for most black or green teas!

My only complaint is that the tea bags seem to be on the weak side - definitely use 6-8 oz. of water, not a big mug! Maybe I'm a bit spoiled by loose-leaf. I got this in tea bag version for on-the-go convenience, but I have had Davidson's loose leaf tulsi (plain, just tulsi) and can vouch for its quality.
242165242165B002HFWN5QA374POWERPF1X3enb14192051282089600Coffee snob takes the low road... and is amazedSo here's the path that we coffee snobs took to Taster's Choice. My husband and I have had two espresso machines. The first was cheap and made great-tasting lattes, much better than Charbucks -- but it only lasted three years. The second was more expensive and, sadly, we never got it to produce anything as good as the first machine. To make matters worse, I had grown tired of cleaning up the mess after each use. I was hopeful when Starbucks introduced VIA, but no matter what strength/flavor I used, it was so harsh (acidic?) that it messed up my stomach. It cost a fortune to boot.

Luckily, good fortune was just around the corner. About a year ago, while visiting some relatives, we were introduced to these little gems. Now I just put 8 oz. milk in the microwave for 2:30, stir in one of these, add a little sugar, and voila -- a latte that's almost as good as what our old espresso machine made, with no mess to clean up. If you use lactose-free milk, you can use even less sugar since the lactose has already been broken down into sugar that you can taste. This product is already much cheaper than regular Starbucks or VIA, but if you can find the large plastic containers of crystals rather than these individual packets, your cost per serving will drop even more.

Bottom line: if you are looking for an inexpensive way to have tasty coffee drinks at home without the mess of an espresso machine, this might just fit the bill.
242166242166B002HFWN5QA1M56C4O00S3I8Cheryl Bystrak "Katrina's Angels Director"8951271289600Serious coffee drinkerI have to start by saying I am a "picky" coffee drinker and instant coffee was never found in my home. I received an offer for a free sample and I thought oh what the heck so I tried it and actually found it to be very good. It is the best tasting instant that I have ever had. It is nice to have this in the house for those times you just don't want to make a whole pot, I grab one of my larger coffee cups and two packages of Taster's Choice and I enjoy a nice strong cup of coffee.
242167242167B002HFWN5QAH1J62IR6OZO3capt'n caffeine2241296086400pretty good stuff!!I'm a coffee snob, and also a coffee addict. This changed my mind about instant coffee.

I travel and work in lots of places where coffee is sometimes not convenient, fresh, or simply not available. I can literally tell what time of day it is by my caffeine withdrawal headaches if I miss my usual 9am, 3pm, and 6pm dose.

These little guys are actually quite good, and super easy to carry. I keep them in luggage, in my car, pocket, etc. I carry a couple of them with me- as fellow addicts are always grateful that I share. LOL. One may not always be able to find coffee, but hot water is often available. Alas, I've been in situations so desperate I've even added these to room temp bottled water!! (was actually not too bad if shaken vigorously, but it needs hot water to fully dissolve)

Starbucks via is good, but indeed overpriced. For as often as I need something like this, Tasters choice is the way to go, and it's enjoyable. If you factor cost, convenience, and taste, it's a no brainer.

This won't be the most incredible cup of brew you've ever had, but it's so much better than none!!!

P.S The Colombian is much richer and tastier then the regular TC red box version.
242168242168B002HFWN5QA17KNKWCU3VQCCEd in Raleigh1151323820800I am a convert to this instant coffee!Love this coffee! After years of coffer snobbery, I have found this Taster's Choice product to be excellent when liquefied with hot water from the glass kettle sold here on Amazon! This coffee might just make an instant coffee fan out of you! It is rich tasting and will not disappoint most Columbian coffee fans. And it requires no messy grinding of whole beans and no coffee maker.
242169242169B002HFWN5QABQL97CAKYT7WJ. Michael Bozeman1151323388800Excellent Instant Coffee, but wait! There's more!First off, I am not a big-time coffee drinker. I love a cup of good, freshly brewed, medium roast coffee to start my day, but it doesn't always like me. Consequently, I decided to try Taster's Choice coffee sticks because of the convenience and not having a jar of instant go stale. For me, this has been a perfect option AND it's really great coffee! Also, I am firmly convinced that the coffee in the sticks is NOT the same stuff they put in the jars. The coffee in the sticks is way better, including the decaf. The 100% Colombian is tastier than the Original Blend, BUT WAIT! HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS!

Taster's Choice just came out with a NEW FRENCH ROAST in sticks and (IMHO)it is even BETTER than the Colombian! It is a more rich, bold flavor but still smooth and easy to savor. I LOVE IT. The drawback is I haven't found it to be readily available yet, so if you find some, jump on it. Regardless, Nescafe has hit a homerun with their coffee sticks for flavor, cost and convenience. YEA!
242170242170B002HFWN5QAP4NY95GT41ZLM. Mercer1151295222400Love this mild brewThis is my new favorite coffee. Love to drink it black. Other coffees I've tried are roasted too dark. This has great coffee flavor.
242171242171B002HFWN5QAK38XX9N0016JTygerzmom "Cynthia"1151292544000Wonderful ProductI recently ordered this excellent coffee from Amazon when I could no longer purchase it locally. What's more, I can buy it far cheaper that I could purchase it at the store. By all means, sign up to have it delivered on a schedule so that you will never be without this truly great tasting coffee!!
242172242172B002HFWN5QA294OZC31H7HBAsuziq44443451284681600Great instant coffee for a great price!This instant coffee is the best. I have tried other brands of this type of product including Starbucks Via and this is by far the very best.
242173242173B002HFWN5QA3CG93783LP0FOYarii5751287705600Flavorful 100% Columbian in an instantRich, bold, full-bodied flavor that goes perfect with a tablespoon of Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Syrup and a dash or two of milk. I think the flakes are the secret to a great tasting instant coffee. Some may think the sticks are pricey, I don't. Convenient to use, flavorful, non-acidic, and helps wake me up in the morning. There's no reason to stop at McDonalds now for one of their McCafe's.
242174242174B002HFWN5QA21NVFKZQH4A5DAsian Amazon0051342483200Simply deliciousTaster's Choice 100% Colombian Instant Coffee is rich, smooth and aromatic. And it takes only seconds to make one cup -- simply add hot water and your favorite accompaniments. It even beats the taste of a few brands of ground coffee I've tried in the past. Highly recommended.
242175242175B002HFWN5QABUVR1ZVSJDKVKeel0051340841600Great coffee...always freshThis is the second order of this coffee for my husband. The coffee is always fresh tasting & much better than regular instant coffee.
242176242176B002HFWN5QA1UFFIE9WFJUCHJennifer Dillon0051337472000Best instant coffee, bar none!I stopped using a coffee maker about 6 years ago when I moved to the Gulf Coast - the hot, humid climate meant I wasn't drinking enough coffee to justify making a full or half pot, and the single cup brewers like Keurig are still too expensive. I discovered these little packets one day several years back while I was staying out in New Orleans - and they are definitely a game changer! Not only do they have a true coffee taste, they can make either a nice strong cup of coffee, or a still-"real"-tasting mild cup of coffee. And the 100% Columbian is the way to go - the Taster's Choice French Roast packets just don't do themselves justice. Unfortunately, my local stores have stopped carrying the 100% Columbian - I tried finding a suitable alternative, but so many of the instants taste like watered down 3-day-old coffee, or coffee made from pencil shavings. I guess I've been spoiled with this! I was actually about to order a case from another site, when I decided to check Amazon... the price is better here, plus with Prime I can stock up within the next couple of days! The only thing that would make this better is if Amazon put this on their subscription plan!
242177242177B002HFWN5QAVFA1JB08RG8GWile E. Coyote "^. .^"0041332460800A First-rate Cuppa Java!For what it is, i.e., instant coffee, this freeze-dried concoction by Nescafe, certainly delivers. According to the label, this coffee is processed from 100% Colombian Arabica beans...the good stuff. Now, obviously, you're not going to be fooled into thinkin' that this comes across as a Melitta-drip Kona brew...and it doesn't. But, if you're not lookin' to impress the neighbors [or Lord forbid, the relatives] with the aroma of fresh-brewed, then this instant should serve you well. It is smooth, flavorful, and relatively robust...not as much as Starbucks VIA, but very close. On the flip side, since the Nescafe does not contain micro-grounds, it doesn't have the muddy texture of the VIA. As for preparation and clean-up, it couldn't be, zap, pour, and stir...two minutes, tops. Lastly, at less than two-bits per serving, the Nescafe is at least three times less expensive than the VIA. There's yer 'bang-for-the-buck'...take that '4-bucks'!

Amended [21 Jun 12]

Please be advised, that this product is not exactly as advertised. Nescafe is engaged in some deceptive advertising schemes. On the coffee box, you will find claims like: "Tasters choice Colombian coffee is made from 100% Colombian beans." ...and... "Tasters Choice Colombian coffee is made from the finest Arabica beans." Now, I have no reason to doubt that these two statements are likely true. However, taken together, they imply that this product is made solely from Arabica beans, which is, in fact, not true! Notice that they did not say: "made exclusively from Arabica beans". If you read the on-line product description, you will discover that this coffee is actually a blend of the superior grade Arabica beans and the inferior grade robusta beans. Think 'CYA' disclaimer! That certainly helps to explain why this coffee does not have the 'finestind' flavor and finish of my Eight O'Clock Colombian roast. Caveat Emptor! The instant coffee quest continues...stay tuned...
242178242178B002HFWN5QA146TONDK98MPGmr0051322438400awesome coffee !!I will get some more of this great tasting coffee !! this is strong instant coffee and is the best i have had so far.
242179242179B002HFWN5QA265MQ6G5CZ1WDLarry0051317945600Best of the BestTasters Choice is the best instant coffee ever. I been wanting to try the Columbia Taster Choice but is not available in my Town. I searched online and found it a for a reasonable price. I do enjoy my coffee and instant is real convenient for me. As I am on the go. easy purchase,I received free shipping as well. I highly recommend this product.
242180242180B002HFWN5QA3T9KJDQ5WD5FAMelness0051314835200Fresh Brewed TasteThis is the best instant coffee EVER! When I serve this, people can't believe it came out of a package and hadn't been fresh brewed. I use these coffee sticks at home and serve this at my salon to my clients as well along with the company's other coffee stick flavours: Hazelnut, French Vanilla & Decaf :)) I HIGHLY recommend this product!
242181242181B002HFWN5QA2R27F9KOOIMTFSusie0051312675200The best instant we can find!A powerful cup of very fine instant coffee. Great for when a pot is just too much. Our regular grind is an imported Costa Rican dark roast.
242182242182B002HFWN5QA1783TFWFAD4S0A Roxette fan0041305676800One of the best tasting instant coffees I've tried, and I've tried many!All 100% Colombian instant coffees (100% Arabica)always taste better than ordinary/regular instant coffees which are a blend of the cheaper, inferior Robusta beans and the more expensive but superior Arabica beans. That being said, I like to emphasize that this is likely the best tasting NESCAFE instant coffee, being made from 100% Arabica beans.

I have tried many instant coffees before and this coffee definitely ranks up there with the best instant coffees. Not the best overall based on my taste preferences, but definitely the BEST Nescafe I've tried in an instant coffee. (That includes Nescafe classic, Gold, Decaf and all other Nescafe Taster's choice varieties.)

Currently, only one instant coffee beats this one based on my taste preferences and that would be Member's Mark 100% Colombian instant coffee which I gave a 5 star review.

Overall, I'd rate this product (Nescafe 100% Colombian) 4 stars because it's my 2nd best choice for instant coffee and it is also overpriced in my opinion, being placed in wasteful packaging. It would have been better if they placed it in glass jars like Member's Mark 100% Colombian instant coffee. More value for money and less pollution to the environment.
242183242183B002HFWN5QA3G0TSIROKC9CRplrtech0051304294400It is the real thing.If you are looking for a fast and tasty way to your morning coffee without spending any money on expensive brewers, Tasters Choice Colombian Instant Coffee is the real thing. Just pop your coffee cup filled with your favorite water into the microwave, then stir in a stick of Tasters Choice and Wa la! Instant gratification!
242184242184B002HFWN5QA2FRFAQCWZJT3QB. Davis "The Happy Hermit"0051301875200It really is betterI use "real" coffee, Eight O'clock Colombian, when company comes and then proceed to use up the bag after they've gone since once opened the coffee begins to degrade, even though I keep it in the freezer. Once the bag is empty I then switch to instant for the interim. I had been buying Tasters Choice sticks in Dollar General, six for one dollar, which I thought was a good deal, especially while they were including a dollar off coupon inside each box - but that promotion has ended. Then I saw on Amazon that Tasters Choice came in an all Colombian formula. Call me unadventurous but Colombian is my favorite coffee so I was intrigued. Plus the cost was less per stick than it was in Dollar General for the original Tasters Choice. I was skeptical about what difference the Colombian bean could make in instant coffee. I thought maybe there was so much processing in the making of instant that any innate qualities of a specific bean would be lost. I'm happy to say though that this all Colombian instant coffee is indeed better tasting, has a richer aroma, and is more robust than the original version. The stick packaging is somewhat wasteful I suppose, but I really like the freshness and convenience. I only use one stick a day so a large plastic container of instant would get stale before I used it up.
242185242185B002HFWN5QA3556RH1UDOFQGFelicia Lovo0051298851200Great coffee for the office and a great priceThis is excellent coffee and the employees find it easier to use than making fresh coffee. I feel it is more cost effective because not everyone drinks coffee here so there is not a lot of waste.
242186242186B002HFWN5QA1PBO90FMY86D6Rosewood81331266883200Great taste, but....I am disappointed in the fact that you can't buy the 100% Columbian in a jar any more...the individual packets are expensive. I wrote to the manufacturer to complain, but they replied that they have chosen these little packets due to customer demand...I use one and a half packets for an average size packet is not strong enough. If you use cream - use two.
242187242187B002HFWN5QA2S2880CW12YXD. Antoine "dylanmarie"0151338768000Perfect for TravelI do a lot of traveling, especially overseas where finding a good cup of coffee (or a cup that is more than 4 tablespoons) can sometimes be impossible. Hands down, this is the best instant I've ever had. Packaging is perfect. Great Colombian flavor, single-serve, compact, no fuss, no mess. Excellent value. A permanent addition to my shopping list.
242188242188B002HFWN5QA2ENWWIJD9VGF0L. Yao4851262044800About to expire upon receptionI am giving it a mediocre score, not because of the product itself, but because of the inventory condition I have received. It may be indeed a good product.

I received the item today (12/20/09) and the expiration date is APR2010. The short expiration period arouses a few questions for this purchase:

1) While other Nescafe products I purchased from the same source recently have the expiration date around 07/2011, this lot is relatively stale.
2) The purpose for a consumer to buy the individually served coffee may be because of the preference to preserve the freshness, but this lot is about to expire by itself.
3) The package contains 160 single-served tubes. I need to be really quick in order to finish them before the expiration date. I don't want to drink the coffee in such a rush manner.

I hope the supplier can provide a fresher product to keep the customer's faith of buying from them.

I changed the rating from 3 to 5 on 9/5/2011 because the most recent delivery is freshly manufactured.
242189242189B002HFWN5QA11G9P0EE7KIBPPenelope K. Gonzalez "Penny"0251262822400Tasters ChoiceI "caught" my husband with the old Tasters Choice & I liked it then, Love it now. Thanks. Penelope K. Gonzalez
242190242190B005QMJ0NUAKX8XNO9WSHDGtoohonest0031329782400pretty packaging but not deliciousThe presentation is impressive and will get the recipients attention. If you are looking for a great flavored tea collection. Look elsewhere.

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