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242221242221B000EJPDFYA2MBEFU8RRW9Z8Y. YE0051334361600Good productIt worked the first time I took it, about 12 hrs later. One thing you need to keep in mind though is that you can't drink it the night before you have a big meeting tomorrow morning, you will have to go to restroom at least two times in an urgent need.
242222242222B000EJPDFYAE7XNTVPLXPCUHarry "abidehandy"0051327795200my wife likes itBought this for my wife, she needed it works and does what it is supposed to do. Has been of great help to her.
242223242223B000EJPDFYA5IC5QVOZR44TDebra D. Walsh0051322438400life saverAnyone who has to take medicines that constipate you, this is your saviour...just don't take it within an hour of your meds, cause the senna will make the medicine not digest. I have used this with my doctor's approval for 3 years now and it always works, and the results are gentle and natural. Plus, you can adjust the strength from day to day as needed can tell whether you need to change the strength by your results. It is not a drug, and it allows you to work with your own knowledge of your body because you can make it weaker or stronger as needed.
I would not go without it.....
242224242224B000EJPDFYA3BYZF3V1YY7OIJaney Wilcox0051272499200It Works!I have this tea occasionally before bed and in the morning....Well, let's just say everything comes out okay in the morning. Sometimes I experience a little gas the next day, but nothing major. I love this tea because it is all natural. Unlike other laxatives that are sodium based.
242225242225B000EJPDFYA2PWMFN5C82EJIJeannie Smith0051252713600This tea does what it says~Use one little tea bag before bed and expect results. This stuff works well. It doesn't taste all that wonderful, but you get use to it. It doesn't taste at all like chocolate so I've gotten the regular Smooth Moves tea, but either actually accomplishes the job.
242226242226B0048KODJMA16ALW9FKJEIMRKelly "cowankelly"1151317254400Delicious!I rarely write reviews, but when I saw there was only 1 other comment I had to chip in. These are DELICIOUS! Probably the best bar I've had.
242227242227B0048KODJMA2TSARFTINO3CYstarsurf0051344729600Better than anything elseThis is absolutely delicious. I get them at Fresh Market. In fact, most of Fresh Market's candy is on this level of awesome taste and quality.
242228242228B0048KODJMA2NAPBVCV7P4PMShipper1251298592000Vegan Milky Way bar :)Vegans and Dairy-Allergic: Do you miss those yummy Milky Way bars? Twilight is the vegan version of that candy bar, imo. Rick, decadent and indistinguishable from the real thing, thank you Go Max!!
242229242229B0049IHLSSA9E9WC3LLNW9TDiana J. Good "Lady Di"2251326153600MushroomsI bought these as a Christmas present for my Mom. I had purchased one jar for her at the local Sams Club. When I went to get more they no longer carried them. She is 88 years old and has lost part of her taste, but these she could taste. She loves them.
242230242230B0049IHLSSA3N4Y9JB9ZOJ2JAmarilloTurtle0051342742400Awesome Mushrooms from AmazonSo glad I found these on the Internet. Mushrooms were small and firm with just enough vinegar to give them a great "bite" and great flavor from the spices. Awesome!!!
242231242231B0049IHLSSA10VT7NJDF6X6RGiselle Boyer0051342310400BEST Marinated MushroomsThese mushrooms are so delicious they're addicting! Was crushed when Sam's Club stopped carrying them, but am very happy they are available here.
242232242232B0049IHLSSA13VCY3LHLWGLSPatricia A. Haddock0151323129600marinated mushroomsI love these mushrooms and use to purchase them all the time and was so glad I was able to find them. I would definitely recommend them.
242233242233B003JOL4DGA3P831VIIEND9Lselective0011328918400misrepresented in product descriptionThis honey is NOT RAW, nor is it represented as such on the product label, which is impossible to read in full on the web page. By the taste and texture of it, it most definitely has been heated, and is only a pale shadow of what a raw star thistle honey is.
242234242234B002MGK8NEA38G9OBUJNXM1ULaika Lou0051347494400Delicious thirst quencherAfter a long flight, I arrived in Moorea, tired and thirsty. Weather was very warm and humid. At the lobby of this 5-star hotel where I was staying, a smiling hotel employee at the front desk handed me a beverage. One sip of this cold, refreshing, drink and I just had to ask what it was. It tasted like freshly squeezed lemonade, without the tartness or after-taste of sweetener. She then left and came back with this bottle of Teisseire Lime from France, a product which I was not familiar with. I insisted on buying an unopened bottle to bring back home. Upon returning to the USA, I immediately hunted for this product and found it on Amazon. I promptly order several bottles in Lime, Strawberry, and Grapefruit flavors. All were delicious, and I will definitely continue buying them.
242235242235B004W3CXC4A20QLLRJMQJSIEGannet2221328400000OK minusDecent flavor, but a very unfortunate texture. It seems more like a hardened extruded liquid than jerky. I'll finish the container, eventually, but will definitely not be buying more.
242236242236B004W3CXC4A3VNGONOIMZ6UGjjschmiess2251322870400Brings back childhood memories!I used to eat this jerky chew all the time as a kid and even back then it was 99 cents a can, so it's a steal on Amazon with free 2 day shipping if you're a prime member. This is very flavorful jerky and has a nice sweet/salty flavor to it. Tillamook County Smoker is the BEST!!! *****
242237242237B004W3CXC4A185XOO83EPFB1Bryan Stellwagen0051342742400Good stuff!Great jerky! Spicy, flavorful, a little pricy but worth it if you like jerky. Will be buying more but check out tillamook's website cause it might be cheaper there....
242238242238B004W3CXC4A1G1EGA46I1M0Paul Kragthorpe0051339718400Great jerky from Tillamook!We love Tillamook's old fashioned silver dollar jerky and this is just as good, in fact, my wife actually prefers this to the old fashioned. I'm split-I love both just the same. We love everything about Tillamook products, and have visited their creamery/factory in Oregon a few times. It's worth the trip from Minnesota, just to get their ice cream cones. We haven't found any Tillamook jerky in retail stores out here, so we will be ordering more.
242239242239B004W3CXC4A3JA8EXHWOUV6MFish Head Soup0051334793600Oh how I love these!!!!Found these at a local 7-11 and fell in love with them immediately. Not quite to consistency of your standard jerky but there is just something about these that make them absolutely delicious. They came very fresh and easy to eat, not dry and chewy. They are just peppered enough and somewhat with a sweet taste as well. I am so glad I was able to find these at Amazon instead of having to go and take a trip to 7-11. I think once you get used to the consistency and not compare it to other jerkys you'll find these to be a tasty treat as well.
242240242240B004W3CXC4A2VGRSHU8XXVSVVince0021332633600If you are into eating plastic get thisI get beef jerky for the guys in my office as bribery for good behavior. I started out with this jerky and the best thing about it was the large plastic cylindar it comes in...I can use it to store other beef jerky from jack links!

The guys in the office (and myself) said the jerky has the feel of a big flat piece of plastic and is overly sweet. You do get a lot but its not exactly a good value given you are choking it down.

I got Jack Link's beef jerky for the crew and they all gobbled it down (they ate the stuff starting at 10 AM...animals). Their feedback was that jack links actually was a piece of meat versus whatever the heck Tillamook was made of. Take my adviace and stay away from Tillamook.

Jack Link's Beef Jerky, Sweet & Hot, 3.25-Ounce Bags (Pack of 4)
242241242241B004W3CXC4A29SGJPBO2WLANA. Brown0051327104000Disappear way too fast!Everyone in my family loves these, they are gone before you know it! They are not true jerky, but have a excellent flavor and are sized just right.
242242242242B004W3CXC4A279XGYU9FUQUBG. S. Bond0051320278400Great jerky slicesI am a jerk lover and I had never tried these. Boy, what I have been missing. These have so much flavor and the pepper. Hands down best slices ever.
242243242243B004W3CXC4AANCJ2FKXEBMMEvlded85030031316995200Rubbery With Good FlavorAs the title of my review suggests: I thought this jerky was a little rubbery but had good flavor. Overall, I would say it's okay. Worth trying to see if you like it. I thought the price was fair (I know beef jerky is generally very expensive).
242244242244B004W3CXC4A1YQRJIMBCIB8KJoe Robinson "Joe"0051273449600This is my favoriteThis jerky is some of the tastiest stuff I've ever had. I could sit and eat the whole jar. It's not like other teriyaki jerky where the flavor is over powering to the point of being disgusting. This jerky is flavored just right.
242245242245B004W3CXC4A1H71B8U4HAJ1YJemi E. Broussard1251316476800Met all expectationsThis Beef Jerky was something my daughter remembered buying one piece at a time from our corner market, now long gone after a fire destroyed it years ago. She wanted to share her memory with her sister for a birthday, and they both were thrilled. Even the PER PIECE sticker was on the jar! And the flavor was exactly what they remembered. There's a lot in the large plastic jar, so I can imagine this being great for a Scout troop, too.
242246242246B004W3CXC4A3RLS3Y7S3LT6SGLK0151341360000Great stuffThis was freakin great! My dogs really love this stuff!. And my wife and i did as well. I'll buy this again.
242247242247B004W3CXC4A3KF3EIQKHKA7YJohn Q. Atkinson0211317945600Cheap Gas Station JerkyTerrible taste with a strong salt flavor, I purchased the black pepper and all you taste is salt and cheap beef jerky. There's even as sticker on top of the plastic can that says "4 for a $1.00". This is cheap gas station jerky that would be the last resort for a desperate snack.
242248242248B004W3CXC4A2IWRSZRTN6AUWC4 EXPERT0411318204800DO NOT BUYThis is not real beef jerky, its simply a compound hardend liquid that is made to imitate beef jerky. a bad taste.
242249242249B000127T1UA3LSDW27TP4C63S. Fite2251324166400By far my favorite mustardThey used to carry this at my local supermarket but store was taken over by a chain which eventually dropped this mustard. Every time I go into a new store and pass by any mustards, I check out the shelf for this brand ... to no avail. I've done this futile shopping for several years now. I just loved this mustard. I'm not even that much of a fan of mustard but I really missed this brand on hot dogs and sandwiches. I guess when it comes to mustards there's different strokes for different folks but this was the one for me. Now that I've found it I'm having trouble with that shipping charge but I'll probably cave before too long.
242250242250B002JEYY9IA2YMCPP3KW9IXUUSMC85121251275782400Enjoyed the flavorI could taste the spices and milk. I enjoyed the tofu and vegetables. I don't understand the comparison to Campbell's soup. This is one I'll be ordering more of. 240 calories, 100 calories from fat, 12g fat, 840mg sodium, 26g carbs, 4g fiber, 8g sugar, 6g protein.

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