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242251242251B002JEYY9IA1LZJZIHUPLDV4vegancompassion "anattanupassana"182051252022400Vegan Natural Kosher ChoiceVegan. Natural. Kosher. Spicy. Big chunks of carrot, cut green beans, & babycorns in a hot, flavorful curry sauce. Great over organic rice or with noodles. If you like spicy Southeast Asian curries, you will really enjoy this one. Reminds me of some great curries I've had in Singapore & Thailand. 240 calories and 6g of protein per pouch. Add some more tofu or your favorite beans for added volume and protein, if desired. Product of India. This review is out there for those for whom this makes a difference. See all of my reviews and the vegancompassion Profile for more great choices. Check out "Vegan Grocery Favorites" and "Vegan Grocery Top Ten" & all the other helpful "Vegan Grocery" Listmania. Your input counts and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others. Thank you.
242252242252B002JEYY9IA2GMC1YBV74SZ0ellemint5551293321600Unusually delicious.This dish is simply super and so easy to prepare. 90 seconds in the microwave. I sprinkle it with some powdered red pepper and add some hot mango chutney on the side for extra spice & top with roasted pumpkin seeds for extra crunch...and pour over rice noodles. Wow!
242253242253B002JEYY9IA3HMQEGBK1V66BQueen Robinhood2241278979200Nice Indian Food Substitute!Indian food is a guilty pleasure for me, since nobody else in my home likes to eat it. So I was pleasantly surprised with this particular entree. The sauce has a kick but with rice it is not overbearing. I don't believe it has coriander or anise, two spices that I cannot stand eating and have noticed in some of the other dishes. The vegetables and tofu are tender and tasty, but rather scarce in the package, hence one less star. If I were to pour it in a bowl and compare it to the one displayed on the package, the difference in sauce vs. vegetables/tofu would be laughable! But it tastes deliciously authentic and it definitely satisfies my Indian food fix!!
242254242254B002JEYY9IA1FDVT0DLJWV78D. A. J.2351290816000YummyI love this! I can throw it in the microwave and pour it over brown rice and feel really good about myself for eating somewhat healthy. I have also mixed it with baked fish and even chicken to make it a more hearty stew. The taste is really good with just enough spice to make it interesting, but the heat not overwhelming.
Very impressed with this product, the ingredients list looks really good (not a ton of things I can't pronounce or even know if they are food items or not) and for the price, you really can't get a more complete and healthy meal. Now, these aren't low fat, so don't think this is a diet product. But, it is a tasty and interesting quick meal to have on hand.
242255242255B002JEYY9IA259W8AGBOT0G4arietta night sparkel0051338854400very good !This dish is so good.I just had it an hour ago, I poured the sauce over some japanese rice noodles and added some chicken.Very tasty with just the right amount of spice. I love the coconut it tastes so exotic.
242256242256B002JEYY9IA2PACP36WFH0PIHarold Manback0021303171200Our Least FavoriteOf all the Tasty Bite offerings we have tried, the Tasty Bite Malaysian Lodeh Entree, Heat & Eat, 10-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6) is our least favorite. There's nothing terrible about it, but what flavor it does have just isn't very tasty to us. The one pouch we have left has been collecting dust for 5 months; at least it was relatively inexpensive compared to the others.
242257242257B002JEYY9IA3VKBFC5K2INR4J. Kruger "veganmania"3531276819200YummyThis is a great fast food option. I am a vegan and I usually have to cook all my food. This is a great pre-made option to add for a lunch on the go. I eat this either over rice or additional veggies. It is a little more watery than i thought it would be but that doesn't mean it is a bad thing. I will give some of there other vegan options a try after i finish up this batch.
242258242258B002JEYY9IA3SJ9XS2JP8X0LSTARVINGSTUDENT3721269388800Tastes like campbell's tomatoe soup with tofuI don't like campbell's tomato soup and this tastes a lot like it, except that it has tofu, some vegies and a slight curry flavor. There wasn't anything special about the flavor or taste. I will finish the bag but won't be ordering more.
242259242259B00542YKBYA343HXJ05URVOIAl_nconway3351334534400tastes goodWas recommended to drink hibiscus tea to lower blood pressure. Hibiscus tea is expensive. This is not as expensive and tastes good too. I would drink this even if not for high blood pressure. Comes in a big zipper close bag in retail box. Best deal on hibiscus tea.
242260242260B00542YKBYA3ER2Z1GNYBXJSmikeinSD1141337040000Loved the TeaI loved the tea. It was exactly as advertised. I would order it again and recommend to anyone. I got it to reduce blood pressure.
242261242261B00542YKBYA3RO8EWFXJSMLBBelle Gayer1151331424000DELICIOUS TEA with HEALTH BENEFITSThis tea is delicious, AND it is good for digestive issues, supposedly weight loss, as well as congestion, cold and flu because it is full of antioxidants and flavonoids. Here's a quote:

"hibiscus tea benefits embrace all the actions that involve antioxidants. Natural flavonoids assist out body in neutralizing negative effects of free radicals, this way slowing down aging processes, protecting us against cancer and improving our general health. Hibiscus tea and infusion are rich in enzymes which slow down chemical processes in our body linked to breaking complex sugars and carbohydrate absorption. Therefore, drinking 1-2 cups of this beverage on a regular basis can stimulate weight loss, and it is one of the most important health benefits of hibiscus tea."

But if it didn't taste good, I wouldn't use it.
242262242262B00542YKBYA2OI0ZH1BAZPX1tealady0051350604800DeliciousGreat product - great taste cold or hot. Love the way it is packaged.
Bought to help lower blood pressure but too good just for that.
242263242263B00542YKBYA22S4ZKHY9D6HNCelestes mom0051350345600Wonderful-Refreshing tea with great packageLove the way this tea arrived. I do not have to purchase a container because inside the box a great plastic re=sealable bag is included. Flavor is amazing-
not to be beat by a much more expensive brand-great tea for dinner as it is not over powering. Super fast shipping! This tea is so refreshing we love to
pack a large container cup (one that keeps beverages cold for hours) to take on trips and pass on soft drinks for restaurants. Its that good. OUr daughter loves it hot. Considered a healthy choice and so delicious. Even our son who normally will pass on teas enjoys this one-that makes it super amazing and a happy mom with no added sugar-full flavor yum.
242264242264B00542YKBYA22SGTEY1VBGFBMACK0051350345600Great Taste!I bought two different teas from this company and they both where very good. This was my first time purchasing anything from them and I was very pleased with the integrity and strength of the tea.
242265242265B00542YKBYAY5P1OZ6E4RD2sleepy0041343347200Great teaI bought this tea for the benefits of hibiscus. The taste is too strong alone so I combine it with other herbal blends from Celestal Seasonings which have hibiscus too.
242266242266B0040QV2ACACVNV4WRB7VGQmomma-c-ta0051335484800Great Gift for College StudentThis was a big hit with my college sophomore! The fillings were yummy and the bunny is so cute it will be saved for next Easter.
242267242267B0034UCG5UA3870H1OXH2Y26Igor "Iggs"0011325721600DisappointingMy puppy is teething so I had previously purchased the original Nylabone made out of flavored plastic. The dog loved it, not super excited about the regular bone but she did put a lot of work into destroying it. When she finally finished the original plastic bone I decided to go back to the store and grab some more. I was looking around and came across these, "natural," flavored bones and thought.... "SWEET!!! Same great bone but easier to digest!" How wrong I was. First off this is NOTHING like the plastic teething bones. They crumble easily... and by easily I mean my 3.5 month old Wheaten Terrier destroyed these in less than 30min, and she's only about 15 pounds right now. They are recommended for dogs 6 months + with pretty much a full set of permanent teeth because they can shred the bone more easily and to a finer debris. For my dog this was BS... she destroyed these into tiny little flakes that can be easily digested AND managed to get them all over her underbelly and tangled in her fur. The mess wasn't an issue.. the durability was. This is basically an expensive treat, I much rather give her bullysticks over this as a treat (and they last longer). If your dog is teething, this is def NOT the Nylabone version you want. Stick to the original plastic flavored bones or frozen towels. Both work great.
242268242268B0034UCG5UAEUGM118HMGF8Reba Jones0021294963200These were stale. Most I get are very soft.My dogs love these; but these were stale.

Nylabone Healthy Edibles Bones, 3-Bone Variety Pack, Petite
242269242269B006VW1E2EA3FOPDPHMCVZFTJolene S. Arrant1151335830400Good for my cats!I love my cats. For many years I fed them the cheaper brands of cat food. It was not until I had a cat diagnosed with heart disease that I found out more information about feline nutrition. Basically, protein is very important (it's what they would be eating if they were in the wild) and grains can be hard for them to digest. Since that time, I've tried to do better in making sure they get the proper nutrition to keep them as healthy as possible.

Science Diet has a new line of cat food available called Ideal Balance. It features fresh chicken as the first ingredient, fruits and veggies as secondary ingredients and is free of corn, artificial flavors and preservatives. It is conveniently available in the Kitten, Adult and Mature Adult varieties.

When I gave my cats this dry food, they enthusiastically ate it. This is actually nothing new. They do that with all cat food. But, I was pleasantly surprised to find that as the days went by and they continued eating the food, there was less throwing up from one of our cats who apparently has a sensitive stomach. I have no doubt the switching of brands is what caused her throwing up to lessen. Although Science Diet does cost more than other brands you can find in the big box stores, the higher price is worth it to be able to give my cats good nutrition.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a bag of Science Diet Ideal Balance Cat Food free via BzzAgent. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."
242270242270B006VW1E2EA1T43UUK4EDHC2Mitchell "Mitch"0031343692800Cat doesn't really like itI got this for free through a rebate offer and my cat really just didn't care for it that much. It cost at least twice as much as other good brands. Won't be buying it again.
242271242271B005JXHHBSA1UCAVBNJUZMPRB. ENG8841336176000NOT BAD - JUST TOO COSTLYFirst of all - the seaweed salad, following directions, isn't at all bad. However, the serving size is very small. When I made up 2 packs, one for myself and one for my wife, we looked at the quantity of salad in each of our cups, and realized that it was definitely NOT worth $2 for each serving. One suggestion I have is that you add the dressing a little at a time. The first time we made up each cup, we used the entire packet - it was too strong. For our taste, one packet divided between 2 cups was just right. Except for the price, I would have ordered more. When we bought this item, it was $12 for 6 individual servings.
242272242272B005JXHHBSA1WG5SD91EWYXZJ. Labore6651321833600Very pleasantly surprisedI was raised in the midwest and have not acquired a taste for the strong seaweed flavor. A friend gave me a sample of this salad and I wanted more! This is not overpowering and was slightly sweet. Very fresh and light. I hope they make a family size.
242273242273B005JXHHBSA35ZSYQ89BATZSHodad4451317254400This Seaweed Salad is GREAT!I just tried this seaweed salad; it's terrific. We took six pieces camping; We later went hiking and had it on the trail. Not only was it simple to make with just water, it was easy to carry and is light! LOL.
Seaweed salad is high in minerals and vitamins - Low is calories and fat. My wife likes it since it's vegetarian. I recommend this stuff to eat anytime or anywhere. Good Luck!
242274242274B005JXHHBSA2JPSQZRVQX46JWander1141346112000Decent at home seaweed salad...Ratings:

Taste: 3
Value: 3
Texture: 4
Adaptability: 5
Overall: 4

Compared to the seaweed salad I've eaten in different sushi resaurants I would give the taste of the product about a 3. It's not nearly as sweet or tangy as the "real thing" The sauce tastes mostly of seasame oil to my taste buds Not bad but not what I am used to. Texture is surprisingly good after soaking for 15 minutes or so in cold water. With at little tinkering, I found out that by adding about a teaspoon of sugar, and 2 teaspoons of seasoned rice vinegar the taste becomes surprisingly good as well.

Bottom line: I recommed this product if you love japanese seaweed salad, and are willing to add a few ingredients to it.
242275242275B005JXHHBSA32B27HPFXBESIahashopper1151345248000Healthy SnackJust enough to curve the appetite and/or snack on something healthy instead of junk food... Convienient cup so you can take it with you too!
242276242276B005JXHHBSA35RZQR0HYK8XZAidan Robson "AidanATdoggydetailDOTcom"1151344816000LOVE IT! AMAZING easy seaweed saladWe love this seaweed salad & with just 2 of us in the house it's easy to make & enjoy without leftovers. Great way to have nutritious seaweed salad on hand for when you want it. LOVE the auto-ship option, we get a case every 2 months.
242277242277B005JXHHBSA3H4XZ6YN9P0EZAndT1141343260800Pretty good!I love seaweed salad from Sushi places. I gave this a try so I could have some on hand for snacks or lunches. I let it soak for 15 minutes and that was a little too long for my taste. It absorbed a little too much water - I like it firmer than it turned out. I will try about 10 minutes the next time and see how it does. Over all, I like it and would order it again.
242278242278B005JXHHBSA23N5GILA6AX04S. R. Schnur "srschnur"1151342310400Yummy without the dressingI always order seaweed salad in restaurants and like it very much. But I always thought how much better it would be without that sweetish dressing it comes with these days. I ordered some frozen, and the dressing was already on it. Also the frozen stuff came in one big batch that had to be thawed all at once.

These are individual salads. The dressing is separate. One re-hydrates the seaweed salad part which has seaweed, sesame seeds, agar (from seaweed) and red peppers in it. It was absolutely delicious without the dressing which comes in a separate packet. I discarded the dressing. Why gild the lily?

The label says this is two servings. I call it one scant serving. The label does not separate the food value (such as calories and fat) of the dressing versus the salad so it is hard to tell the food values. I would also like to know the iodine content. Since I don't salt my food, I am inclined to be short of iodine.

I will definitely keep buying this which is highly portable - good for camping or the office lunch. But I will try to find the same thing in bulk. No need for dressing.
242279242279B005JXHHBSA1ZVE75PGVY356Casey J1121335657600DIfferent than I've hadIt isn't near as good as seaweed salad you get in a sushi bar or even the stuff in a super market next to the premade sushi. They also include a kind of "seaweed" in this that I'm pretty sure is dried spinach.
242280242280B005JXHHBSA290ECYG2HBEPB"unknown"0051347062400Delicious but...I love this product. At $2 per serving its cheaper here than at the health food store. It's packed full of vitamins and nutrients and is convenient and lightweight. It tastes great even without the dressing. If I use the dressing I use a pretty small amount, but I do that with lettuce salads too!
Be warned if you plan of giving it to children though, it does contain slices of Thai chili peppers, which might be a little spicy for very sensitive mouths.

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