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242281242281B005JXHHBSA2Z7AQ7RHR4XBIMelvin0021344038400Photo on package falsephoto does not represent product. Seaweed salad is made mostly of Wakame stems, the bright green crunchy seaweed shown on package. This product give you false information even though there is a very small amount of stems present as stated in the ingredients. Very expensive for each serving.
242282242282B005JXHHBSA5IRGFKCCKSWDM. Caldwell0041338336000Easy, portable seaweed saladI love seaweed salad and was looking for a less expensive way to enjoy it at lunch on workdays when I came across this item. It's just like seaweed salad from a restaurant, but perfectly portable. It is a little expensive for the serving size -- which is definitely not enough to make a meal by itself -- but I figure some of that is due to the convenience factor, and even without them, seaweed salad doesn't generally come cheap. I'm happy with these, though a slightly larger serving size would be nice.
242283242283B001UP7FDYA1XAD51HUZ8UM2KarenW0051344902400RaisinsMy 2nd order. They are good and fresh. Packed we and a fair price. It takes about a week to get, but it's well worth it.
242284242284B008216LX4ATH779G6IOL4VD. Morcos "Dmor"0041339718400Good and Tasty, But...Kozlowski makes an oil and fat free dressing. I don't know who else makes oil free salad dressings but I wanted to try.

Well, I made a mistake and ordered this which was one of the dressings containing oil. Being curious I opened a bottle and tried a very small amount and though it was wonderful.

The only reason for the 4 stars is that it is pricey salad dressing. I also ordered the Spicy Cilantro and Citrus Dressing which is oil & fat free and love the taste and the fact it is oil free.
242285242285B001KUUO7SA3UCN2RGY7O6S1Joanne "Gotta Eat, Gotta Cook"3451251331200Simply the bestI always look for this brand of bulgar above all others, it just seems to cook up and taste the best. Cook as you would rice--one part bulgar, 2 parts water. It cooks as fast as plain white or brown rice, and in my pressure cooker, done in 6 mins flat. Great for adding to soups, eaten as a side dish, or use in a cold summer salad. Anything you'd make with rice, farro, barley, lentils, beans, etc., you can substitute bulgar just as easily. High in fiber too.
242286242286B0000V7732AOQZBM2OMBKW7Senior exerciser1151267056000Taste greatI really like Halter bonbons. They have a genuine fruit taste and are not icky sweet like some sugar free candy. Cherry, strawberry, and orange are my favorites. I do wish they came individually wrapped. They are often hard to find and somewhat pricey, but in my view they are worth it.
242287242287B0057OOO3IA2MM5OQCXV4BQ1GAD0041333411200Good stuff!As a marinade, it does exactly what you expect mesquite to do: slightly spicy, smoky, sweet, delicious. Just follow the directions.

One of the things I love to do with this is mix a packet or two into a cup or two of plain bread crumbs, dip boneless chicken breasts or thighs into beaten egg and into the breadcrumb/marinade mixture and bake in a baking dish covered with foil (350 oven, about 45-50 minutes). Easy, moist chicken, wonderful flavor.... did I mention easy? I serve this to company over brown rice and they rave about the perfectly blended flavors.

After all, sometimes, grilling requires too much attention, and I'd rather drop a dish in the oven and wait for the timer to go off while I prepare other food or just hang out with my guests.
242288242288B0000CNU0VAZJNMFH7329HYMerry0051086825600YUMThis sauce is excellent with somen noodles and in oden. *thumbs up* It's easy to make it yourself though.
242289242289B002LZBMMCA3BZVO0XCPE2KUssm8951319846400the bestA justifiably award winning olive oil. Clean clean tasty wow. I did an olive oil tasting at my house and this was a consistent favorite. Buy it!
242290242290B002LZBMMCAVNC5E4PMUOPYWest4451337817600ColumelaLove this olive oil! Spanish olives are harvested fully ripe, while Italian olives are harvested somewhat green to avoid early frosts. The result is fine flavor without bitterness. Columela wins America's Test Kitchen taste tests.
242291242291B002LZBMMCA1GPD5JPCFSB9Ecarl brookins "Carl Brookins"3341346889600excellent taste, viscosity, noseI'm a book reviewer, not a foodie. So I read a bunch of reviews and news stories about olive oil. Made me suspicious of most olive oils, being not pure. Then we went to Spain and I talked with some growers and pressers (sic) of olive oil. The name Columela came up more than once. So we bought some. The company said it was a available locally. Wrong. So I have to buy it by Internet. Not my favorite way to acquire foodstuff. Why? Because it's Great. We are persuaded, for cooking and eating with bread (I bake) this is the best. I use it for everything where good olive oil is called for and recommend it without resservation. I just wish I could buy it off the shelf in Roseville Minnesota.
242292242292B002LZBMMCA1CGO01OKUI3J4Patrick A. Pleven1151350691200Olive OilMy husband and I have been thoroughly enjoying the Columela Extra virgin Olive Oil. We've bought many many special olive oils over the years, some a good bit more expensive than Columela. This one is a 9 or even a 10.

Linda P.
242293242293B002LZBMMCA36MCWSNT8D947David Stapleton71651315785600WAY TOO EXPENSIVEHave removed this item from my Wish List simply because of the increases in its price. Others are selling the 25 oz bottle of Columela Extra Virgin Olive Oil for $19:78.
242294242294B000KGW28MA3S15YGZ6W6EV2K. Varraso374051208476800Too Yummy for Their Own Good!And way too yummy for my waistline! How come I can't award these things fifteen stars, anyway?

Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips are without a doubt, the most delicious cinnamon treats I've ever eaten. They remind me of the best bite of an apple pie crust, without the apples and the goopy moistness of eating an apple pie out of a bag. With Stacy's Pita Chips, you open the bag and get this tiny puff of cinnamon aroma and you are compelled to dive in, face first and mouth open. Sharing is not recommended, but the sharing police aren't going to do anything to you if you give a couple to someone you love dearly. However, that night you will lie in bed unable to sleep, obsessing about each chip that you gave away, and your stomach will growl accusingly. Be warned.

Happily, now that you have found these chips on Amazon, you will not go broke because of your addiction. They have a superb price, far better than anything I have found in Boston area supermarkets. For example, I save over a buck every time I eat a bag of chips from Amazon. I'm eating several bags a day, and at dollar apiece, I am going to be rich, rich, rich! (sorry, richness not guaranteed in your area)

On a less spectacular note: a baked treat is not a fat-free treat, and calories are the punishment for yumminess. The bag claims that a portion is a measly eleven(!) chips! Eleven! I've had more than eleven chips while writing this paragraph. That miniscule amount of flavory goodness is packed not only with wonderfulness, but also with 140 calories! The tiny snack size bag has 1.5 ounces, and is supposed to feed 1.5 people. That also means it has about 17 chips in it, and I'd be licking the inside of the bag, embarrassing myself for all time, and adding 210 calories to my personal fat-retention system.

You may wish to purchase and split a case of Stacy's Pita Chips with a friend, so that you can both wear swimwear without embarrassment in the coming season. Make sure that your friend is there when the friendly delivery person arrives with your chips, or your friendship might be endangered. (Or you might have to buy a second case to split with the friend, but that leaves your waistline in worse shape than it was before) Better yet, make friends with the delivery person, and split the case with him.

Enjoy your tasty treats, and if you have difficulty making friends, the kind you would want to share your Stacy's Pita Chips with, I am a kind and friendly person, and can be trusted to split a case fairly and evenly.
242295242295B000KGW28MA7UPJYPAH73NCDouglas Figueredo7751173312000I'm addicted to theseI LOVE these cinnamon pita chips. They're hard to find around me (and I live in NYC - go figure). Since I can't be trusted with a large bag, I'm glad I found that I can buy a whole box of the litle ones to help me portion-control. I have some at work, at home. . the delivery was fast, too.
242296242296B000KGW28MA1INBQLNQNSHTK~Kimber~5541194739200Good and tasty, but did not stay fresh that longI bought a case of these and my whole family enjoyed them. Very crunchy, with just the right amount of cinnamon sweetness. Since I bought a case, it took my family of three awhile to work through them, after about a month and a half, I found that the chips had gotten soft and stale. That was disappointing, especially since the expiration date was still a few months away.

So, if you eat them fairly fast, I highly recommend this product, otherwise, buy a smaller amount.
242297242297B000KGW28MA204J3OWDQOPLQTabitha2241239062400Highly recommended!I was turned on to these by someone that I ran into at my nutritionist's office. Since we are always looking for fairly healthy snacks, she bought a pack in for me to try and I was immediately hooked. They are just sweet enough, very crunchy and completely addictive. I've since gotten everyone in my office hooked on them, which is just as well as ordering them from Amazon is very quick and easy and both times, arrived only two days later, even though I had only paid for standard shipping. Try at your own'll be hooked for life!
242298242298B000KGW28MA15A9L1OZI2KBUDeelSeeker1151326844800Yum!The box arrived damaged - there were actual holes in the cardboard shipping box, with one large enough for me to fit my entire wrist/hand through. Alarmed, I opened the box, and other than a couple of what looked like grease stains on the inside of the box, the individual bags were thankfully intact. A quick phone call to Amazon and they were kind enough to make a generous adjustment, and noted my comments on the packaging, for further investigation. Kudos to Amazon for their usual excellent customer service.

The Stacy pita crisps themselves were none the worse for the harrowing journey - they survived deliciously. I've tried several varieties of the Stacy pita crisps, but these are a sweet treat. The cinnamon sugar pita crisps are a sinful pleasure, with the right amount of crunchiness and sweetness. I try to justify this indulgence by telling myself they're baked, not fried. There are studies as to the health benefits of cinnamon, which may or may not be valid, but they are certainly yummy, if not healthy.

When I opened the box, it looked like a lot (for one person), but I'm embarrassed to say they didn't last me long enough. The individual portions seem small, but the crunchiness takes time to chew, so it makes them last longer. The Subscribe & Save price was an excellent value over regular retail.
242299242299B000KGW28MA2HKU4SOT0CWG9Susan C. Wolfe "Nutty Librarian"1151261353600Just perfect!They are the best snacks. The cinnamon/sugar base is the right amount for the product!
242300242300B000KGW28MA383XURHVF8ON6Mrs. Kilo Delta1151249257600My word, these are good.... carb-o-licious!As others have stated, these are baked but they still have a hearty amount of fat and calories in them. However, they are oh so tasty. They're worthy of my "OMG, instant love" rating for snacks. I love cinnamon & sugar anything, and these don't disappoint.

My sister had a creative use for these chips one evening when we were over for dinner. She served tacos for dinner, and for dessert these pita chips were topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Perfect! It was just like apple pie with vanilla ice cream only the pita chips are better because I don't like apples in my apple pie. :)

If you like cinnamon sugar, chances are you'll like Stacy's pita chips.
242301242301B000KGW28MA2S7368R4VV1RJNahni58 "CDR"1151238976000I LOVE themI first tasted these when I purchased them in my employers coffee shop...when the coffee shop closed, I could not find the cinnamon sugar chips anywhere. I went on line to Stacey's Pita Chips...and found out I could order by the case.
I am addicted to these...but they run havoc with my diet....sighhh
242302242302B000KGW28MAWQ000BNH89XQNYC Mom1151233792000Excellent, Yummy Snack!I love these. Perfect balance of cinnamon and sugar, and the pita seems almost buttery (although the product is dairy free). They're just so yummy. Several reviewers mention the small portion size, but it's a 200 calorie snack if you eat the whole 1.5oz serving. So, no, it's not huge, but I think it's a perfectly portioned afternoon snack, especially when you compare it to the popular 100 calorie snacks that just don't cut it!
242303242303B000KGW28MA1N50U4PKW3PO9Toni Anderson "tonistreasurechest"1141189555200Delicious but they are skimpy with the portionsThese are Awesome! I couldn't believe how good they are, however, it looks like you will be getting alot but when you open the bag it is full of air and is only about 1/4 full (sometimes only looks to be 1/5 full). Stacy could be a little more generous [and less stingy] with her portions. Otherwise the taste is out of this world - my kids and I love them!
242304242304B000KGW28MA3I4PRP45AKAWOJ. O'connor1141181865600yummy!these are delicious - just the right cinnamon/sugar blend
242305242305B000KGW28MA2FAH0FDNJJGXD--- MACE ---1151180051200Sweet and crunchyGreat snack. Consistently crunchy. Hard to stop at one bag.
242306242306B000KGW28MA24231IKGW4ES9ithoughtthis0051348617600Great tasting, but price has gone ridiculously HIGH!I love these, but I just ordered some Sept. 11, 2012 for $21.66 S&S ($22.80 regularly) and now Sept. 26, 2012 they are $30.04 (no S&S option). I hope they bring the price back down because as I said before in my title, they are really great tasting :)
242307242307B000KGW28MA33B0FFULH1R12R. Wong0051346976000AddictingThese are addicting and taste like dessert to me. Good thing these are in single portion bags or else I would be in deep trouble. The original and cinnamon sugar flavors are my favorite.
242308242308B000KGW28MAKOYMM5TTRIHQamandap0031346198400good for lunches or snacksI like the pita chips, I do not have to feel too guilty about eating a crunchy snack when I have that craving. It is also nice that they are put into portions to reduce the over eating mindlessly issue that everyone tends to have while snacking.
242309242309B000KGW28MA12LQ58AR74XEFbothellbuyer0051343174400excellent taste....just enough to satisfy a sweet toothHaving recently stumbled over this item, I have to say that it's become a staple for me. It's hard to totally avoid sweet stuff (sigh), and sometimes raw fruit just doesn't do it. The 1.5 oz bags are just enough for me to satisfy my sweet cravings without overdoing it (portion control). And the subscribe-and-save option makes it even more economical. Thanks Stacy's!
242310242310B000KGW28MAUDIG2708KOP9soulsister290051343174400Great snack for the sweet toothI love the pita chips its a nice combo of crispy and sweet. My kids love it too, i was able to cut the junk food they were eating. Thanks so much

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