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242341242341B001NIZUA8A1LS4IL2K32YKJM. Keys0051327968000unfortunately my dogs love theseMy two dogs are addicted. The good thing is they respond to them in two seconds. The bad thing is they're not exactly cheap. But I guess my dogs are lucky they ended up in a house with a sucker like me!
242342242342B001NIZUA8A21Q5GTV9HVBSWzingingablenessedly0711283299200my small dogs can't eat these - too hardi have a toothless yorkie who can make a kentucky fried chicken leg bone disappear,
but both my dogs won't touch these.

the bites do smell like cheese, but are way too hard for a toothless dog and a shi tzu with tiny teeth.
242343242343B0000CNU0NA9XFQS4V4BVMAmejustme0051336348800Taste like the stuff I get in restaurantsThis stuff tastes really good, similar to the white miso soups you get at fancy asian restaurants. Simple and great to have as a snack.
242344242344B0000CNU0NA3JBZJALH0GQKMSusan "veryveryright"0111244160000Many ingredients to be called a clear broth soupI was looking for a nice clear broth soup for lunch coming off of the master cleanse. I found these packets in my pantry at home. There are quite a few ingredients to be called a clear broth soup! Why add wheat and wheat gluten??? and monosodium glutamate? Now I have to look up succinic acid, sodium citrate, disodium inosinate, and disodium guanylate. Looks like alot of sugar and salt. You can do better than this Kikkoman. hmmm. Guess I will wait until I get home to have my home made veggie broth soup.
242345242345B0014GHE80A1SNHAMCFKTTE7Laurel E. Mayer "NYLULU"7751248220800Fabulous tasting...healty productI just switched to ceylon cinnamon and am thrilled with the taste..which is sooo much better than any regular grocery store or mail order cinnamon that I've tried over the years.
242346242346B0014GHE80A2124DR3G1NOLDCake Smitten6651255392000Speedy DeliveryI got this product on time and it was packaged just as described. This cinnamon had a wonderful aroma and it is really a lot for a home cook..I am happy with my purchase.
242347242347B0014GHE80A1M29CZ7WTRSVGHelmut Wuensche5551259020800cylon cinnamonI am happy with this product, it has a great flavor and aroma. Thank you. H.W.
242348242348B0014GHE80A20LR1EZZPUKF9R. Clark4431288310400A strong, biting gingery flavorThe batch I received had a rather biting gingery flavor, not mild at all. It did taste good in yoghurt and some other foods, but I wasn't very happy with how it tasted in oatmeal or apples.

Update: Since then, I've used Ceylon cinnamon from Penzey's Spices, World Spice and Frontier Co-op. All of them are preferable, and very good.
242349242349B0014GHE80A1FGX8HJ2NLTTNJerry L. Plower3351258502400Excellent!This is a true cinnamon which has a full, rich taste, and I would recommend it over grocery store-bought products anyday.
242350242350B0014GHE80AUBQLZIJDARTSN. George "nikki"1141343779200Nice Mild & Sweet CinnamonThis is a good mild and sweet ceylon cinnamon.
Anyways, i'm using it to lower blood sugar, i'm not diabetic but i'm trying to loose weight and by lowering blood sugar it helps regulate the insulin levels. A teaspoon of cinnamon a day lowered my blood sugar levels after eating a meal, i simply sprinkle it on my food or mix it in, it's mild enough that i sometimes don't even notice it's on my toast etc.
Higher insulin levels lead to less use of excess blood sugar (and sugar is stored in the body as fat), so a reduction in insulin after a meal is significant. If cinnamon can help control the level of blood sugar and, by offshoot, fat levels, then that is corroboration of what some have said regarding its weight loss potential.
242351242351B0014GHE80A2V71AX1O3FISPL. Croker "Happy Hiker"1151275696000Best Cinnamon I've hadGreat taste, great aroma! I love sprinkling a tablespoon of this cinnamon over my cereal. It's strong, but that's the way I like it!
242352242352B0014GHE80A2HIGLT65WW9LOCharles0021345248000tasteless...I adore cinnamon and try different types and sources. Sadly, this cinnamon is tasteless. It is extremely dry [which I assume means it has very little actual "oil" in it]. Moreover, its texture is actually unpleasant. It feels as through the cinnamon bark has been "cut" with some tasteless, dry filler. Oddly, there is a mild clove aftertaste to this brand. That is not unpleasant but I prefer the spicy flavor of Saigon cinnamon, but that is a personal choice. I can't recommend this particular Ceylon cinnamon. Sorry.
242353242353B0014GHE80AMR6Q0R8PM7CUCostumeDesigner0041320537600Good cinnamon, but not my favoriteI bought a pound of this a year and a half ago to use for baking and to sprinkle on my morning oatmeal. It arrived quite fresh, unlike bottled spices, but the flavor is inherently less hot than the grocery store cinnamon I've always used. I can use a lot more cinnamon at a time, but to get enough flavor I need to use at least a little more. My one-pound purchase is almost gone. I've decided that I like buying bulk cinnamon but next time, I'll get the hotter kind.
242354242354B0014GHE80A3QHSJD4WFKADSWhite Owl101951237248000CinnamonCeylon cinnamon has been recommended over other products from China and Vietnam because the latter contain a chemical that is toxic when consumed in larger amounts.
It is found that a mixture of honey and cinnamon cures most diseases. Honey is produced in most of the countries of the world. Scientists of today also accept honey as a "Ram Ban" (very effective) medicine for all kinds of diseases. Honey can be used without any side effects for any kind of diseases.
242355242355B0014GHE80A2XFFETFCW2A6KPatricia A. Schiewe04611259798400not for healing purposesI ordered it for healing purposes and it has no energy in that direction so I have one pound of useless cinnamon
242356242356B00078N95IA1O1OQ5VS0OCNIEni Lane1151213315200This is the way to buy spices, by the pound and share with family instead of getting at the store and getting ripped offHad purchased from Butcher and Packer some years ago, and most recently became pleased to re-order a variety of different spices from themselves.
Package arrived very prompt, shipped very good condition,and each pound of spice packaged very professionally separated from the next.
Logically, Butcher and Packer are among the best assets for Amazon and its customers.
Shall order far more frequently than in the past,cause their level of quality has never decreased.
Anyone wanting to buy spices, i commend this vendor affiliated with Amazon.Keep up the good work.
Will submit same exact review for all items of order cause am not intending to review each one separately.
242357242357B001G0NKZAA1AD7T6FBGEV3FJ. R. Cassetta "Swampfox1Alan"1151321574400Our 2 Cats love it!Our two cats are strange ! One loves the gravy so much she goes to the other cats dish to clean it right up, while the bigger cat eats her own fish plus the other cats fish. They also dine on Seafood Sensations dry food during the day.
We used to buy this item at our local Safeway store, it went from 69 cents a can to almost a dollar. Now buying it with the subscription every other month we are down to just 56 cents a can with Free delivery.
242358242358B001G0NKZAA1HB3MM0GD5IDLKB1111312588800My cats do not like this foodMy cats who eat just about anything - do not even finish this. The first time I set the bowl down, they walked away. I had ignored the other low ratings on this product but they were correct - cats do not like this food.
242359242359B001G0NKZAA1Z54EM24Y40LLc21131304467200Not TOO bad...If you've been purchasing this product for awhile now, you've probably noticed that they've added quite a bit more gravy to the product and less meat. So does the cat! Mine used to eat this and actually liked it quite a bit but since there's less meat now, they must have done something else too because he will hardly even look at it. Maybe once a month he'll choke it down but more than that, forget it. These are pretty pricey but if you have an ocean fish fanatic in your house, then by all means try it. If not, you might try Friskies ocean fish in the shredded variety. Mine LOVES that one. Recommend because of the quality but again, it's up to your cat regarding the taste.
242360242360B001G0NKZAA1HKD1ZBPAR2SKJB0051350432000Cats love itBoth of my cats love getting their munch on with this stuff. The selects indoor are their favorite type of wet food. Will always buy it at this price!
242361242361B001G0NKZAAM9GYGLVROG12Sandra Jackson Alawine "Alasandra"0051347062400Great ServiceProduct arrived on time and in good condition. It was exactly what I expected. The one improvement I would make would be the ability to order different flavors instead of 24 cans of the same flavor. Really like the Indoor cat food as I have an overweight cat that I am trying to get the weight off of.
242362242362B001G0NKZAASBLZT964CTIZJesse E.0051344902400It's catfoodWe have three of our own and up to three fosters at any time and they all love these Selects. It's a welcome change for the usual pate's and kibble. We can't seem to find them locally so the direct to the door delivery sure comes in handy! Thanks again, Amazon!
242363242363B001G0NKZAA2MT3DLAX3W5C0Elizabeth Rodriguez Stacy0051337472000My cat is happyThis is a great cat food, I have been trying to get my cat to lose weight and since I changed his food to this he has. I will continue to purchase
242364242364B0009YWKQEAQFSZULDCXLB9Tippy2251305676800Rip offThis deal was no deal. I ended up paying twice what it would have cost me at the store. The ad said pack of 4. I took that to mean 4 boxes. I recieved one box and it cost me with shipping more than double than it would have cost me to go to the store to get it. I like the food and so do my cats, but i can't afford the cost they charge for this item.
242365242365B001QD70KIA31I1T21CMRN1JDWL3351273968000I love these chips!Crunchy and delicious. Not too salty. Not too much rye. Not too much garlic. A perfect blend and a great little snacking size. The chips stay fresh and crispy for a long time. These are better than the rye crisps you dig out of the Gardettos mix. You will LOVE these! I grew up in Wisconsin, where these are made, and these are the best. Not just an adult taste. Kids will love them too! Try them, you'll like them.
242366242366B000F6QHREA2UQDGRO54TI4wiggle worm mama7711285545600Tamarind balls are great but this product, from Importfood, are HORRIBLE!!!I LOVE tamarind balls, sweet and tart like other's have described. HOWEVER DO NOT GET THESE FROM IMPORTFOODS. I wouldn't get these type at all no matter what company. Importfoods is bad because they did not bother to return my emails until I was forced to leave them a bad review on Amazon. And even then they ignored my request for a partial refund. I had FOOLISHLY decided to order this product in bulk and had paid them a lot of money.

I did this because I had tried so many brands of tamarind balls and loved them all. Some more than others but all that I tried were good.

These were the sad exception. They tasted EXTREMELY stale and salty, YUCK! The ones that Importfoods sent were covered in dust. So I'm sure they were stale. But the seller is only part of the problem. This BRAND really is inferior. It's full of stale sugar and salt and quite gritty. Barely any tamarind at all. So no wonder it tasted gritty, stale, with barely any fruit.

It also had a weird burnt/molasses- like aftertaste. More just burnt than molasses.

I'm leaving this review because there were no negative reviews,to warn me when I purchased these. Buyer Beware!!!
242367242367B000F6QHREAXY1PJS05SRW2Jeffrey4411306627200Candy for thee, not for me.I had purchased tamarind candy several years ago. It was sweet tasting. This product is salty and spicy. When I tried to get a refund from the company that I bought this from, I was only offered 50% of my money back. This product has chili powder in it.

I would not have bought it had I had known that.
242368242368B000F6QHREA3L11WCNJ40GZJViolet Black "Violet Black"3351193702400Grew up on this stuff.I love this stuff! Sweet at first, then sour. You have to like sour stuff. This is a dried fruit coated in sugar. It's naturally tart and delicious.
242369242369B000F6QHREA3LC0LZZMWA484J. Pappert "tamarind fan"3351188518400Deeeeeelicious!The tamarind candy arrived within days of my order and was eaten within hours of receiving it. A perfect blend of tamarind and chili. Excellent! I will order more!
242370242370B000F6QHREAIGOPLON5J64Lanya2241249344000weirdest (good) candy I've ever eatenThis candy is a perfect mix of sweet, sour, and spicy. If you like tamarind flavor, you'll love this. I might just spend my next amazon giftcard on a dozen of these boxes.
I don't really understand what to do with the seeds inside, I don't think they're edible - anybody?

Review update: I ordered it again, and the candy that arrived was low quality, and in slightly different box.

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