Amazon Fine Food Reviews

242401242401B004X8TD4OA1BIRBPJE6AYMRsallyofkansas1151317513600awesome tasteI found these to be less expense than the local stores. Fast delivery. Even my husband likes these and are better for him since we are in our retirement age we are always looking for healthier alternatives for snacking.
242402242402B004X8TD4OA1Q0HRRIQ7ECNKDQuin0041349654400Great snack, plenty of protein, interesting taste.I bought these to help with my diet/exercise and it has worked in that vane, so I can't complain much. Great snack, plenty of protein, it tastes OK, but it almost seems chalky/bland.
I would recommend it if you are trying to use it for dieting/nutritional purposes, but if you want a great tasting snack only, you might want to check elsewhere.
242403242403B004X8TD4OAB470GAVSK9FJCupcakes0051348617600YummyThese were packaged great, and didn't take very long to ship. They are perfect for a little protein snack on the go. Very tasty and quick.
242404242404B004X8TD4OA2HBJERPT3RHJEAngela Richardson0051346544000tastythis little bar hits the spot in middle of the afternoon when you're craving something to make it through to dinner. also a great on-the-go treat.... soft and gooey with a bit of chocolate and crunch, what more could you want?
242405242405B004X8TD4OA1KQ2TQH92DLDBNirms0051346371200great price, yummy healthy snackThese bars are the size of one slice of a twix bar. The price is great and they're a yummy,healthy snack!
242406242406B004X8TD4OA37XUGS03XRMHXCarsPlants0051345680000Tasty 110 Calories. Melt in the Summer. Fairly inexpensive.Having lost 15 lbs in the past 2 months on a low-carb diet, I have tried a number of brands of low carb meal-replacement bars and snacks. These Special K Protein Snack Bars taste pretty good to me, along the lines of a candy bar with peanut buttery flavor.

At 110 calories and fully vitamin fortified, these are a little higher in in sugars than I would like. Each has 4g of protein and 3.5g fat. During the weight-loss phase of my diet, I eat 1/2 of these bars for a morning and afternoon snack. In the summer, these are prone to melting in my bag.

The South Beach Whipped Chocolate Almond bar is a similar low-carb snack bar (less peanut-buttery) that tastes better, but it is not vitamin fortified (so they don't have to cover over the taste of all of those ingredients).

I recommend trying any new product in a small size to make sure you like it and are not sensitive to any of the ingredients before going hog-wild on a larger quantity...

These tend to be a little cheaper than the other low-carb, chocolate-based snacks and meal-replacement bars that I have purchased at big-box stores. (See my other reviews.)
242407242407B004X8TD4OA209G0ZKVI5HTPCrys0051328918400yum yumThese bars are absolutely delicious! Satisfying and a great buy, great for snacking alternative for dieters. My daughter even loves to snack on them
242408242408B004X8TD4OAYN4C7VBT2M65Holly0051323302400Candy bar like snackThese bars are a great snack. Next best thing to eating a candy bar. Difficult to find locally so best to purchase through Amazon.
242409242409B001SAWQD0A1HIFWEQ0B06JCSloven2231247788800good in a pinchMy kids don't exactly ask for these, but they don't complain when I serve them either. Great for camping. Good for when the kids are spending the night at a friend's house. A little pricey, but worth it for the GF convenience!
242410242410B001688ER6A2MBZKMF1SUR76G. Ash "Twix"4521266710400Half cockedThe product was great but the package was only half full. I got more than one of them and they were all half empty.I would not recommend this product based on value for your money. GA
242411242411B00348F21WAIBJAFHVHMYT5danny0041348358400A Sicilan FavoriteThe recipe I use to make pasta con sarde comes from my mother-in-law and includes this product. This is as close to making it fresh that I have found. Excellent quality and flavor. I have used this product for 45 years.
242412242412B004VFYI3AA1DBBIEJA8T4BAJ. Blythe0051351036800Dark Chocolate, real Starbucks blendThis is the original blend from Starbucks and it's not sold in all areas. For those of us who can't get to a Costco or find a store that carries this, this is a perfect find. This is a purchase from the Costco stores, you get two tins in each order and each tin is 2.5 lbs.

Though a bit pricey this is a much better mix than you can find in the average grocery aisle amd it makes great mocha's and cocoas.
242413242413B004VFYI3AA2PV061CJVUO08Ron L. Caldwell "azureyes"0051350259200Luscious and lovelyIt's a little pricey, sure, but it's darned good hot chocolate. I love it the morning & in the evening.
242414242414B004VFYI3AA1NAL2PXTJK9LRT. Rowe0041315958400pretty good chocolateI enjoy starbucks hot chocolate, it has good flavor and doesn't seem too sweet. Can become a bit caked up in the can but overall a good product.
242415242415B004VFYI3AA1NKE9ESVFDJ8MAFRED "Allyka"0051314576000Good Price, Good Chocolate!Not Gourmet Chocolate, but dissolves easily, is better than usualy suprmarket brands, and is good cocoa enuff for us! Not as sugary as some Cocoa mixes.
242416242416B005AZ5LQIA20MKZ43CNMVMSDsf1151336435200A little bit of homeI purchased for my brother. He can't find dukes in Minn and he will not eat any other mayo. It reminds him of home in SC
242417242417B005AZ5LQIA2KJIYHA4K9149Inxs0051342742400Love this Mayo!!!I am a midwesterner by birth , which means homemade Mayo. Transplanted to NJ when I was in my 20's , which meant Hellmanns or Kraft Mayo. After visiting family in Ga. found and tried Dukes. This is the real deal folks closest to homemade that I can find. Couldn't buy this back in NJ then found Amazon carried it Happy days are here again.
242418242418B0000CNU07A1JKCRBR8TQGRGJoe L.1111345680000Poor product.I received this item in a shipment of other items ordered from this store. I order black fungus or tree ear mushroom quite often. I know how they are suppose to look. This product looked like it had been ran over by a steam roller and reduced to crumbs and powder. I will be returning this for a refund. The package was shipped in a good protective box. so i know it was shipped in this condition. I would have never fulfilled an order that looked like this.
242419242419B0000CNU07A627BK4Y5XXS4TheRover "Nathan"0831324166400Packaging not as picturedI found this "dried black fungus" on an "oddest items available through Amazon list" and ordered a package as a gag gift for a friend. Unfortunately, the bag which arrived is not the same as the photo in the listing, and doesn't say "Dried Black Fungus." I can't say whether the dried mushroom strips (?) the bag contains are any good, but I would suggest only ordering this product if you intend to eat it- not because of the humorous packaging.
242420242420B003EZ1QX8ALILMPEFS70SYCharlie0041329350400Chicken of the Sea SardinesI used to buy the 3.5oz Chicken of the Sea Sardines that cost around $!. When I saw this 15oz for about $2 a can I decided to try it because of the savings. The sardines inside were bigger and did not taste the same as the 3.5oz. The 3.5oz sardines were a lot smaller and you just open the can and eat it with bread or crackers. The 15oz I tried eating as is but the sardines had a fishy taste. I then sauteed it in garlic and onions and came out tasting very good.
242421242421B003EZ1QX8A3RDVA4CDO88SWBob0051310256000Chicken of the Sea Sardines in tomato sauceI happen to love sardines in tomato sauce, and these are among the best that I have tried. Consistently good, from can to can!
242422242422B0000CERPYA1PAGHECG401K1Chel Micheline "Chel Micheline"0011264291200yuck!I am a huge fan of Adagio teas and of their Rooibos tea and this was DISGUSTING. I was so disappointed. I was expecting a smooth, sweet, creamy treat and - well, yuck!

It literally tastes like something your doctor gives you to drink before a colonoscopy or some sort of medical procedure involving a radioactive scan. I couldn't drink more than two sips of it and it turned me off from tea for a few days.

Unless you are a hardcore fan of chocolate tea and Rooibos tea, skip it. I love tea and I love chocolate (I love both in an obsessive way- can't get enough of either) but they just don't go well. It sounds like they would, but unless you *know* you enjoy chocolate teas, skip this one.

242423242423B0000CERPYA3LUEAIBX95RZOLani Quimby0051200528000WonderfulThis tea was amazing, and I don't really like tea. It has a chocolate mint flavor that was wonderfully refreshing.
242424242424B002NEDJ3GAQ2FC1DLKVD8HP. McWhorter5551304380800Makes Great Rye BreadI purchased this product for grinding, not sprouting. It came well packaged, and the rye was very clean, and had no pebbles or other trash to sort out. I was able to go right from the can into the grinder.

This grain made great flour for rye bread.

I was hesitant to buy the large can before trying this smaller can. I am delighted, and will now go order the much larger container.
242425242425B002NEDJ3GA1DUIZ4JAYTRFAKirsten Gallagher3351285286400Rye Seeds: Re-Sealable canThis can is like any other canned food item, except it has a durable resealable lid! The grain is perfect for any use from cultivation to making your own flour. There's no question--Five Stars!
242426242426B002NEDJ3GA1D1JVZMJH8G5ALiqa Madiq "Don't tread on me."0151327449600It's rye seed. What's to review?Rye seed in a large can. My product arrived promptly and as advertised. No mold or any other damage. I have no complaints.
242427242427B001VNGLEYA3U11VFJLUWII3the low cal gal "-thelowcalgal"3451297123200The BEST oregano!!I am big into using oregano to spice my foods and this is the BEST oregano I have ever tasted. You can smell the awesome aroma when you open the amazon package it is so strong! I highly recommended this product. And on top of the quality it is a GREAT deal. One whole pound of organic oregano for a little over $16!! WOW!
242428242428B001VNGLEYA1K82R24ROO2I7A. Cheffy "Cheffy"0051348099200Mediterranean Oregano is simply the best!This is excellent oregano and the only kind I like to use for my Italian dishes as well as Mexican, Spanish, Portuguese etc. 'Mediterranean' dishes. The thing that sets Mediterranean oregano apart from other varieties of oregano is the intense oregano flavor and aroma without the bitterness.

Bulk purchases like this will last a very long time if you vacuum seal your product and keep it in a dark place away from light sources.

Definitely worth the investment if you cook a lot and love oregano (plus, it's good for you too)! :)
242429242429B001VNGLEYA2Q2GDB5XDYQV5From The Tree House0051326067200Intoxicating Oregano.If you love oregano, you L-O-V-E oregano. You use it more and more in everything. It becomes a counter top necessity, at least to me. I rehydrate a couple teaspoons and toss it in salad, and everything else I can. So when I was offered a pound of the stuff I balked, because I thought I'd never use a full pound. Well, it arrived in a shiny sealed bag. I opened it and it smelled wonderful. I filled two quart jars for storage and still have a half bag. So, I'm bagging pint size portions and distributing it among my friends, and cat, who loves rolling in a handful of it.
242430242430B004V3UV1UA1KTIA9D71CWLNDingle980051314835200A WINNER !At last a marmalade that reminds me of that which I had when I was a youngster

Flavor, texture, consistency is "on the money." Try'll be more than satisfied.

Thanks Amazon for picking up a product that is truly outstanding.

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