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242451242451B001B7NMTMAQ9HAVTJQV4FWE. Scairpon "red67falcon"1251250380800Meat of Ostrich Rules!Tasty and Satisfying, these ostrich meat protien sticks are a perfect in between meal snack or addition to a protien diet. The pepper flavor adds something that is missing from the regular flavor variety of these snacks. Recommended.
242452242452B004UJ0DOKA3NX78CHV023DQJean M. Mccluskey1151314662400Been drinking it for YEARS!!!!!This blend use to be called Henry's Blend. I've been drinking it for year (about 15). It is a very good blend, not too sharp, but not waterered down either. I use to be the only coffee drinker in the family until I started using Seattle's Best Henry's blend (now #4). My husband never drank coffee and never liked the taste until he tried Henry's. To this day, its the only coffee he likes. Same with my 2 adult children. It has to be Seattle's Best or nothing. I know Starbucks owns Seattle's best now, but they have NOTHING to compare that is as good as Level #4 (aka Henry's Blend). If ya want a good cup of coffee anytime of day, this is the coffee for you. I am dissapointed its becoming harder to find in the stores. Since Boarders is closing the Seattle's Best Coffee shops in Boarders are gone. The Grocery stores are carrying less and less Seattle's Best. I have a very hard time finding whole bean at all in the 4th largest city in the US. Sad. I hope to be able to find it online soon. I'm running low.......
242453242453B004R8MZMCA3F01ITLSI5UUSBill G. Rogers0051339804800The shape was everything. They worked perfectly for what was needed.The shape was everything. They worked perfectly for what was needed.
The product was fresh, tasty, shaped correctly and was enjoyed by all who used them.
242454242454B001YJ9J8UAN5NGHQ6W4VAWChiChi1151321228800Great RiceThis is great rice! I primarily use a rice cooker for all my rice-making needs, while my roomates use pots. We tend to share all of our food, including rice, and this is popular with everyone. It also happens to be the kind of rice that Ghanaians use to cook (I'm Nigerian but we rarely use long grain) and so it is doubly popular in my household.
Very fragrant, very distinct scent when finished cooking.
This bag lasted me over three months!
242455242455B001YJ9J8UA2SVGSOJ1MQYGYCarol0051346544000my favorite rice but overpriced on amazonThis is hands down my favorite rice. I'm Korean-American and eat rice very often, and try many varieties: Korean style, Chinese, Japanese and Indian. I use an Asian rice cooker and the rice always comes out perfect, not soggy or sticky, but moist, firm and distinctly fragrant.

It's seriously overpriced on Amazon though, I can get a 20lb bag for $15 at any local Asian market or $17 at Costco.

I only wish I could find a whole grain alternative that is as good.
242456242456B000N8FHUMA2XJYR5OBJM9XMVarian David1251264982400Sweet!Delivery was prompt and it was exactly what it should've been and it arrived in good condition
242457242457B007N8WUSCA12LRTP8Y8TLJ5Judy C "Judy C"0051342569600Excellent Coffee!!These Dark Roasts are excellent black or with cream and sugar! One of my favorite K-Pak groups and I'm VERY picky about my coffee being something something special. I demand unique, bold flavor. The Sumatra with it's smokey after taste is my favorite!!
242458242458B007N8WUSCAZ2PBOH9EU5R9Chris "Chris"0051341878400Awesome CoffeeWhile I am not a huge Coffee Connoisseur, I do greatly enjoy a GOOD cup of coffee. The Keurig Coffee brewer, with this mix of coffee styles, gives some of the BEST cups of coffee I have ever had. Especially considering the money saved by not getting the same cup from Star"bucks". I would definitely recommend this combo pack to any one that is not obsessed with coffee, but would really enjoy a great cup of coffee.
242459242459B007N8WUSCA1ADLGHCPF61Q1lori0051341792000Starbucks CoffeeI bought this for my husband who is a Starbucks fan...and he has truly enjoyed the various dark roasts blends. He loves a strong bold coffee and these are among his favorites...although I have to admit he wishes they would make the komodo dragon in the keurig k-cup too.
242460242460B0019KPKQEA3JTX39CL5ET9VRupa van Gelder "ravage plunder"1151271462400Magical Ancient Grecian Formula Really Works!This is like having a magic wand in the kitchen for a busy person who doesn't want to succumb to the seductive wiles of fast food or take out. All you need is a package of chicken, a skillet and this seasoning and you have an amazingly simple and delicious meal in less time than it takes to order a pizza or go to a drive-thru.

Add some rice (20 minutes inactive while you are cooking the chicken) and a zucchini or some other favorite veggie and your meal is square to boot.

I cut chicken into 2" to 3" chunks, toss in a bowl (with the veggies sliced to bite-sized pieces) and sprinkle liberally with this seasoning.

Heat a couple tablespoons of your favorite oil in a skillet or pot and dump everything in. Cook on medium-high heat for about ten or 15 minutes (until chicken is cooked through) stirring occasionally to keep browning on all sides of meat.

I like to serve this over couscous (5 minutes to prepare instant couscous--my secret is to use canned chicken broth in place of water).

It's also great with pita bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, or just on it's own.

That's emergency recipe number one and it is so good you will want to make it all the time.
I get requests for it weekly. Even the EXTREMELY finicky 3-year-old loves it!

This stuff is also AMAZING sprinkled on veggies of any kind. My favorite is zucchini spears lightly coated with olive oil and sprinkled in the seasoning, then grilled on the gas grill.

It is also really great on lamb and pork! For about US $3 a jar, you can't go wrong giving it a try! I'll bet you find something that it goes perfect on, and when you do, come reply and let me know so I can try it!

My review is connected to a bulk 12-pack for about thirty bucks, but individual jars (actually cardboard tube shakers) can be found at Safeway Stores and WalMart for under $3 at the time of this review.
242431242431B001CZ8ITCA3NEAETOSXDBOMStephen M. Charme0051348012800Great tasting pistachio nutsI often eat these as a snack before or after dinner. The pistachios are nice and meaty, not dry, lightly salted (just the right amount) and most are easy to open. For those that are "closed", which is not the majority, I just use a nut cracker. These are the most delicious and best quality pistachio nuts that I have eaten.

Kirkland is the Costco brand name. I currently buy these at my local Costco for about sixteen dollars, which is much less than the current price on Amazon with shipping.
242432242432B0062MDU6GAHMNLMHGNH6TOK. Judkins "balding biker dude"0031325548800need more infoIs this the price for a case of 6 9 oz. packages? These are my favorite candy. I need more!
242433242433B001B7NMTMAGS7K2HZEVTHGGuy Solipsist "That's not my real name"101051202688000Great snack for a low carb diet - only 80 Cal.I am fat, but I'm currently trying to change that. Not being a body builder I wondered if this product was for me, and I was very happy with the results. I keep these with me on days that I can't prepare a meal or when I am tired of my diet food and want something that has a little more hearty flavor. Caveat is: just like turkey-jerky, if you didn't know you were eating ostrich you might think that it tastes a bit different. Keep in mind that ostrich tastes more like chicken than beef.

The Good:
Compact (will fit in cargo pocket)
Fairly low salt
Semi-Moist (good or bad depending on your taste)
80 calories
Great for diets

The Bad:
Hard to open sometimes
A bit large to fit in pocket (won't fit in standard pants pocket)
Co-workers think you are weird to eat Ostrich
A little expensive

So, with all that said, I keep a box of these in my cupboard at all times just in case I need a snack and I don't want to go off-diet. Buy a box and see what you think.
242434242434B001B7NMTMA189H1HF754FTMD. Piatak3351265328000High Protein Low Fat!This is a great snack for those days that you need something on the run that's healthy, tasty and easy to eat. With 14 grams of protein and less than 2 grams of fat, FANTASTIC!
242435242435B001B7NMTMA2S3Z54BI73QIKG. Kerr3351197072000Great lean snack - ostrich!These meat snacks are fabulous and incredibly healthy. I first discovered them at my health club in New Hampshire, where they charge $2.50 for one stick, so buying them from Amazon made sense, cutting the cost by a buck. Try all the flavors - they're all great, and very low in fat with lots of fiber. Highly recommend.
242436242436B001B7NMTMAD2928P9NDG9EEric T Elms1151279584000FantasticThese taste great, are really healthy and not too expensive as far as real jerky goes. I like to eat them after hard workouts, and I've taken them backpacking and they were always my favorite snack on the trail.
242437242437B001B7NMTMA3V9YTS5SPIWLIKellyI "Kelly"1151274659200Great Product!I love these.. They taste wonderful and have 14g of protein in 80 calories. Great for a snack after working out.
242438242438B001B7NMTMAHHN2Q0GEOI9UD. McCarthy "SciFiMan"1141198886400Great snackHealthy and reasonably inexpensive for a healthy snack. Even my kids will grab one on the go.
242439242439B001B7NMTMA37GJRP6G1J63NDale Brown1151173398400Good quick snackVery high in protein and high in convenience factor. Not as high in fat as Slim Jims, but not nearly as spicy.
242440242440B001B7NMTMAHHN2Q0GEOI9UD. McCarthy "SciFiMan"1151167782400Great snack!Only 80 calories and high in protein. I bought several boxes of flavors and it's the best snack. The kids like them too, and it's way healthier than the crap they could be eating after school. Great taste and is softer and cheaper than hard jerky.
242441242441B001B7NMTMA36QYVY16H6FB7Galactus0011346716800Has Sucralose!!!This is suppose to be a "healthy" snack. Then they shouldn't sneak artificial sweeteners in. I do like the taste, but I'm going to have to go with another flavor. I got the applewood also and it looks like it doesn't have sucralose. So just be aware that different flavors will have different ingredients.
242442242442B001B7NMTMAWPK32O0C2MEJJennifer Custer0051344297600The JERKY GODS are happy!The jerky GODS sat high atop Mt. Olympus and pondered how they could make a delicious jerky that combines both beast and foul. The solution was OSTRIM and the result is amazing! This high protein, low fat tasty stick of goodness is the perfect snack on the go. I pack this in my kids lunch boxes, in my workout bag and in my bedside drawer for a late night snack (kidding- but I totally could!)! If you havent tried this yet- do it!
242443242443B001B7NMTMA202YIJBLXHWDCCraig S0011338422400OldDelivery was on time but when I opened the product it was like the shelf life expired. They were hard and chewy. I contacted the manufactur and they sent out a new box. I will be ordering direct from now on.
242444242444B001B7NMTMA2S48474D60X7HLee0021332460800Taste old... not like store boughtI love Ostrim Natural Flavor and used to buy it at local deli and/or GNC, decided to buy on amazon to save money. But this one taste dry and old, like its past its expiration date or something. I was looking for the expiration date on the box and found none
242445242445B001B7NMTMA280C5158HJGZTGrant0011330041600Proto Foods - Ostrim Natural Flavor Snack, 10 packsNot good, product was old and nearly passed due, poor quality and taste when compared to a fresh product. The product seemed dry and the taste was inconsistent with previously purchased, fresher products.
242446242446B001B7NMTMA1E20A8LFD7KFWC. Andia "csa"0011329609600CAN'T COUNTI did order two of these items, but they only shipped one...bad business, why must fight for something that I did paid for in good faith
242447242447B001B7NMTMA2II54B3VA45LNProfessional shopper0051312416000Tasty source of proteinI didn't order these snack sticks from Amazon, but decided to give my review anyway. I'm required to get 60 grams of protein per day, so I have to be resourceful. I thought I'd try these sticks based on the many positive reviews. At first I was reluctant to eat them because of them being made from ostrich, but I couldn't taste anything different in them. They are delicious! They remind me of Slim Jim's but a lot better. They're not greasy and they're thicker. They are a bit difficult to chew, so be careful about that. Also, they're very filling. I could only eat half a stick at a time. I highly recommend this low-cal, high protein snack.
242448242448B001B7NMTMA294R62BHKARH5Chinedu P. Opara0041288137600Decent but VERY SaltyIt makes for a quick snack, but Jeebus, this thing is salty! I usually have to eat it will something else (protein shake, etc), to dull the salty tang.
Aside from that, it's quick, convenient, and gives me a quick dose of nutrition when I least have time to prepare a healthy home-cooked meal post-workout.
242449242449B001B7NMTMAZS3CCZSTQV66John Smith0051286409600Great Taste & HealthyGreat snack to curb your appetite or replace a meal with if your trying to lose weight.
242450242450B001B7NMTMA1HZE7KFN4RBF8happychknlittle0051227398400awesome snacks!THese are the best protein snacks and I can get them far cheaper in bulk than from the gym. thks

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