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242491242491B001N80ELIA2B1N6IF7VCCXSHannah Mombach2241268092800delicious chocolate mint truffle!Chocolate mint truffle tastes delicious and refreshing. Personally I'm not a tea drinker, but after tasting this I would say I've changed, and it's perfect if you're looking for a no-caffeine hot drink. The after taste has more of a minty flavor, but you still get a real taste of chocolate. It's not too sweet and not too chocolatey, but the ideal balance blend.
242492242492B001N80ELIA2N4U7KWZND6K1L. Weisberg1141268352000Delicious!This tea is great! Its a perfect combination of chocolate and mint. A great way to satisfy my chocolaty craving without having the calories of a regular dessert. The smell alone makes your mouth water.. It smells just like a chocolate bar!
242493242493B001N80ELIA1Y546LLS5NHUCE. Kirby1151268092800amazingI thought this tea was amazing. It wasn't too sweet or bitter and had just the perfect amount of flavor that any tea should have. I would highly recommend this kind or any other mighty leaf tea!!!
242494242494B001N80ELIA2KNZDCG2446VKRachel A. Smith1151268092800Chocolate tea? Yes!How can it be?? It's not fakey chocolatey at all, so refreshing and minty with the real taste of chocolate. This tea will turn any tea-hater into a tea-lover. Not too sweet, not too chocolatey. As with all Mighty Leaf teas, the perfect balanced blend!!
242495242495B001N80ELIA350D1ZKFBCHEFcStarr881151266796800Sweet Deliciousness in a tea bagYum! This tea was a delight. It had a sensual aroma, and light, sweet taste. I'm not normally a tea drinker, but I will definitely be ordering some of this. I tried it after a friend gave me some, and I'm going to make this my bedtime drink. Definitely worth the buy. Delicious!!!!!!
242496242496B001N80ELIA2DCTT6ZT8BHKURonald E. York1151264032000Special teaWife loves it! Great special gift that takes the place of a box of chocolates.
242497242497B001N80ELIA1AIRSF21GZ1MGMateo Sanchez "MLGS"1151253664000Mighty Leaf Mighty TastyThis is a tasty and satisfying alternative to those blah non-caffeinated herbal blends. Add some hot soy milk or milk and you have a great beverage that will tame your mid-morning or afternoon sweet tooth. It's not really chocolatey or minty, but a nice rounded flavor. No licorice, so there's no weird aftertaste. The discount for the pack of three is economical, too! One for house, office and pantry.
242498242498B001N80ELIA3IY316DRNF5F2Green Onions2331251936000Interesting FlavorHave to get use to the hot watery chocolate taste, so unlike what one is accustomed to, a thick creamy drink. My suggestion is to use a sparkling water for a cool beverage and double the brew. It's OK, not sure I would buy it again. Pricey for flavored tea.
242499242499B001N80ELIA1EVNWDOFKNZANCristy0011330300800Stay away from the Mint Truffle!!I usually don't do reviews, but with this one, I just had to. Mighty Leaf Tea in general is GREAT!! But stay away from the Mint Truffle. Not very "minty" and very bitter to boot!! It must be old tea, hence the 3 boxes for a reasonable price. Buyer Beware!!
242500242500B001N80ELIA343QWZI10ELJ6FistiFluffs0051329091200Great for a sweet treat in the afternoonI introduced a coworker to this and to Stash's chocolate hazelnut tea and they fast became office favorites. I LOVE the little hint of chocolate and the minty aftertaste of this tea. It's even better with a little milk and a teeny bit of sweetener. This isn't overwhelmingly chocolatey, but it keeps me from hitting the vending machines.
242501242501B001N80ELIA59VA5I9KTZJEMama Bulger0051314489600Excellent Tea!Great tea! I searched all over for this product and couldn't find it in any local stores. Best price online was through Very tasty tea - excellent in a london fog!
242502242502B001N80ELIA3FO5VN7PXHI3MK. Harris0041296172800Oddly satisfyingThis has a very mild flavor, but in a good way. I made it with a packet of Stevia and a light splash of milk. While it doesn't taste very chocolatly or very minty, it leaves a very pleasant taste in my mouth and really helped curb my chocolate cravings and was really rather filling. Pricey for herbal tea, yes (but cheaper than their website or the store), but it really helps calm my sweet tooth and was very soothing to drink, so for me it's worth it.
242503242503B004R0I0FGA33KW73PINKECAnnBanan0011347062400DisappointingI love spicy things, especially nuts. I was putting off buying these and finally did the other day. I was totally disappointed. The nuts had no flavor, it was if it was just covered in ground pepper, no salt or other spices.

Ate a handful or so and it made me sick.

Now I'm stuck with 4 more bags... not even worth gifting them. Bottom line, don't waste your money.
242504242504B004R0I0FGA1AGXX0KWH88CVMary A. Page "Texas shopper"0011343865600The peanuts have an off taste.The peanuts have a strange taste I did not enjoy, I had others try them to see if it was just me and they said the same thing. Also the seasoning does not have much heat, Will not buy these again.
242505242505B005FUOROAA109L3WXD1SJFUCookbook Gal "Cookbook Gal"0051342137600Incredible white chocolate barUnlike the other reviewers, I loved this bar. Very well balanced in terms of sweetness, lemon and pink peppercorn - nothing overwhelmed, and sweet but not too sweet. Pink peppercorns are NOT peppery, but have an unusual flower-like taste. I often use them when I bake simple shortbread cookies. I think that this is the best white chocolate bar that I have ever tasted, but the Amazon price is on the high side.
242506242506B005FUOROAA7EJERNB7IK3ZCQ DX0021323216000Underwhelming, with the peppercorns spoiling the broth!I was not too enamored of this bar. The white chocolate with lemon zest flavor was delectable, but the peppercorns 'crashed the party'. They ruin the taste in my opinion. Ginger would have been a much better choice than peppercorns.
242507242507B005FUOROAAXXV4KA5MIHZMSam0031323043200Hindered by the peppercornThe white chocolate is really delicious. It's not too sweet like most white chocolate. It's buttery, dreamy... Just heaven really. I loved the lemon zest too. It wasn't sour but gave a nice little essence like an implied "zing" that was different but unoffensive and made the smell of the bar just delightful. The peppercorn felt like a party crasher. They're pretty little pink pearls, but they're still pepper. It's like meeting someone beautiful with a mean personality. It didn't compliment anything and instead clashed with the other tastes. They're sprinkled throughout the bar. You won't get one in every nibble, and in those cases that subtle pepper taste is tolerable. However you will get whole peppercorns and it's kind of overpowering. As delicious as the first two components of the bar are, I'm not sure I'd buy another one. I know the aim of this company is to be a little different but pepper coupled with white chocolate just wasn't the way to go.
242508242508B003AP0V0QA3I168KQX1LV4ND Milner "celtikgrl8"1111309737600thought it was a good deal but......the order was not what was shown. I tried contacting the company to see what happened and got nothing. I only got 1/2 an order of half caff and then the rest of my Kcups were MISC decaf flavors...which is NOT what I paid for. Too much time, effort, and $ to send it back and deal with it so we kept them. Won't EVER buy from this company again. Only reason I gave it 1 star is because there was no option for zero. Buyer beware!
242509242509B000R9X5TWA2MCYGTUUAXAEQS. LeMay1151233705600Delicious, strong Hazelnut flavorI don't spend the extra $'s at the coffee shop anymore - I make my flavored coffee at home now. Highly recommended.
242510242510B004M0TRG2A362X1G4N4R9S9doorcountydi "Caribbean snorkler"1131323475200GoodI like quinoa, and this is good quinoa. I know there are other flavors, so I'm planning to try those, as well. But I liked this stuff just fine!
242511242511B004IS40Y2AY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker0011335484800Hard, stale and lacking flavor :PThese were very stale and tasteless. I was also sad to see them all broken. The caramel was rock hard and inedible. Take a pass on these :P
242512242512B008ADQNXWA3CGRDJWL5TUX3D. Hart0051342137600Magnificent Matcha!I am a new tea drinker and I am certainly new to the world of Matcha tea. But oh, what a wonderful world it is! After reading all the rave reviews for Red Leaf Tea's amazing flavor assortment of Matcha teas on Steepster, I took the plunge and ordered their "2 in 1" Custom Matcha Tea. I chose Caramel and Madagascar Vanilla for my flavors and I am so glad I did! I am not sure I can adequately describe how much I love this tea and these flavors.
I had been a little apprehensive prior to ordering mainly because I had never heard of it before and it was so green. Even after it arrived, I didn't dive right into it. After a couple days I decided to make some and see what all the hype was about. One taste and I am hooked. The flavor is amazing! I had it hot and then I made some cold. They were both awesome! I mixed up a tumbler full for my daughter for her morning tea at work and she absolutely loved it. She said she thought it would also taste great in cupcakes and I agree! Now my wheels are turning about all the awesome ways I can incorporate this flavorful Matcha into recipes. On Red Leaf Tea's website they have some delicious recipes for smoothies, frappes etc that I can not wait to try. I love that there are so many possibilities of ways to use this tea besides drinking it (which is awesome in itself!).
I have been trying to diet but have a bit of a sweet tooth. Drinking this Caramel & Madagascar Vanilla was like having a dessert. I was totally satisfied. With a bit of sweetener added to these already uniquely superb flavors, this was like drinking a high calorie fattening dessert but was actually guilt free and healthy.
Finally, I definitely need to comment on the amount of energy I feel after drinking this tea. It is a really good energy not like a coffee or sugar rush. My whole transition from coffee and soft drinks to tea was to reap the vast health benefits associated with tea. I was pleasantly surprised when I read the various and significant health benefits of Matcha tea. Besides the antioxidants & cancer fighting properties, it also aids in weight loss and mood enhancement!
Great taste, health benefits and lots of ways to use it. It doesn't get better than that!
I highly recommend this brand of Matcha tea.
242513242513B006IPLJ6KA1F7YU6O5RU432Angela Streiff0051344643200This is the mystery "plum sauce" used in Peking DuckFor years I wondered what the sauce was that is served with the traditional Peking Duck meals as restaurants, since it was the definitely the star ingredient in the dish. At every restaurant I have ever ordered Peking Duck at, they described the sauce as "plum sauce". However when you buy plum sauce, you find it has a very different taste than the sauce used in the meal. So I was never able to put together what it was that was served with Peking Duck. Finally one day I was making a different dish at home that called for Hoisin sauce, which I had never used before. After tasting it, I was thrilled to find that this was that mystery sauce used in Peking Duck. So now I can enjoy my favorite meal at home any time, since I just substitute the duck in the dish with chicken.

For those unfamiliar with the sauce, it's a sweet Asian barbecue sauce. It's not even the least bit spicy.
This is the ingredients list:
High Fructose Corn Syrup, Soybean Paste (Fermented Soybeans, Salt, Wheat, and Water) Molasses, Pumpkin Puree, Red Wine Vinegar, Water, Wheat Flour, Modified Corn Starch, Salt, Hydrolyzed Soy, Corn, Wheat protein, Garlic Powder, Caramel Color, Sesame Seed Oil, Spices, Xanthan Gum, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, FD&C Red No. 40, Sodium Benzoate as a Preservative.
242514242514B006IPLJ6KA2N3CQP3WQNOEYTina0051334361600Great product (All natural AND Gluten free)This is a great product. It's all natural (no preservatives) and it's gluten free.

I had previously purchased this at a local store that no longer carries it.

Though the info on this product doesn't state that it is gluten free and all natural, I took a chance and ordered. To my relief and joy, it is the same product I have been enjoying.
242515242515B004KPHYY6AZKJT8Q4M46F1D. Fitzsimmons0031327622400It's ok....I like Tradewind regular sweet tea but this has to much lemon flavor for my taste.But if you like lemon in your tea this one's for you.
242516242516B004UIS0JQAZ9LTTO9LF9FAYe Olde Crabb [aka Sol Sanders]121251315094400smashing old-fashioned kippersJust wanted to embellish my earlier endorsement of this product and the seller --

As I write this, smacking my lips over a scrumptious Sunday brunch [Sept. 4, 2011] of these kippers, I wanted, again, to endorse the product. These are old-fashioned British [sorry you Scottish nationalists] kippers which at least in these parts one cannot find. Broiled with a little butter, Hungarian paprika and very thinly sliced onions, served right out of the oven with our own home-made Dark Russian Ryebread with a big glob of Philadelphia cream cheese, it is to die for!

They are the real thing and at a reasonable price.

Thanks, Dan. We will be back.
242517242517B003H85EU8A3R6HM8XPPMZ8MJolene Mccord0051320883200A Family FavoriteThese lemon balls have been a family favorite for many years. My grandmother used to buy them and give them to us as children. Now 30 years later I found them once again. However these are a little expensive. You can find them for less I have found.
242518242518B001SAWNI8A17FXX5JZNMZP7BlueTwinkie30051343692800Best Rub EverI won't order any other flavor or brand of rub after using this. It's the best rub ever!!! The blend of ingredients is perfect and crusts over your steak just right when cooked over a flame. It's def a must try if you haven't used this rub before.
242519242519B000GB0VBGA2AA9EL5OTG0T5Terri T.1151325980800Love this tea!Chocolate makes anything better, and this chocolate/rooibos blend is quite tasty. The company gave a discount for the purchase of 3 teas, making this a good bargain. Pleasure doing business with them. Will order again.
242520242520B000GB0VBGA91O85DGMEQBCDeb0051342915200Belgian Chocolate Rooibos loose teaI have truly enjoyed this tea. I drink it most every day and it helps me to relax. It is not meant to be a weight loss tea, but since I have started I have noticed great changes in my body weight and inches. It has a great chocolate taste and with that taste helps me not to go for foods that are chocolate and not good for me.
I will definetely order this product again. It give me lots of energy too.
I do wish for my next order the shipping not to be so high, it really defers me from ordering with the way the economy is these days.
Thanks D.G.

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