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242521242521B000GPRTYYA32WY1RF75SWRCKing Cow Boy0051340755200Dead OnIf you like quality tea this is a good one. It's not to strong but, with a hint of Raspberry. Good price for the amount you get too!
242522242522B000GPRTYYA3PKAVKWFFT0GCFinGurBang0051324252800Walters Bay Tea is pure AWESOMEI have tried every flavored tea known to mankind that I have access to and by far Walters Bay is the best for flavor AND for value. Raspberry, Mango, Peach, and Plain iced are all wonderful and 1 pouch will brew 2.5 gallons of tea. 2.5 GALLONS! I bought the flavor sampler from them and each version yielded the same result. Yes its a dark brew but so what...for me that translates into my tea dollar stretching much farther than ANY of their competition. I am not a tea snob by any means and ONLY drink iced versions. Period. So it may be that for the tea snob inclined the flavor, body, bouquet, balance, yadda yadda may disagree with you and if so, so be it. For me, Walters Bay is a perfect and very economical replacement for Paradise Tropical, China Mist, and all other flavored variants. And for the tea snobs out their, Walters Bay Tea has won multiple awards details of which can be found at their website.
242523242523B001UZ4BW2AWA6VKRFBMNS5bj0051347667200practical party favorI got this at a Mother's Day Tea and I love it. It fits in my purse and I've used it to measure furniture, windows and luggage. I hope it becomes available again as I would like to buy it for a party I'm giving.
242524242524B003Y7GXXYA29SQ2AGNM6XD0S. Felman "Sweetie's Pal"0051344556800Delicious chipsThese chips are excellent. We needed some salt free snacks for guests and they enjoyed them very much.
Now we are enjoying them too!
242525242525B0025U9Y8WALR8BBNC47TEUDanny B.1141327276800Not Splenda brand but it is Sucralose...It arrived and it was Kirkland brand sucralose. As long as it's sucralose i guess it's identical but why not advertise it as that and show the actual picture? knocked of a star for false advertising but I didn't return it and have no complaints about the product itself.
242526242526B0025U9Y8WAOUE8XYAIHBPQRom0041320192000Excellent products, although criticized...I have been purchasing Splenda for my mother and myself for over 5 years. I think it is great and so similar to sugar. I know it is ctiticized, but since I understand the workings of "competition" this does not sway me. They already have over 60% of the market from what I know and I understand why!I am sure none of these types of sweetener are good for you (but then is sugar?), but not all of use can get used to drinks which are non-sweetened, so ... Splenda is definitely better than saccharin and probably less dangerous. Time will tell.
242527242527B0025U9Y8WA3E588BLTME0Y7Deb0051271980800It's Splenda!A great deal on exactly what I wanted. Packets of Splenda! On time.
242528242528B0025U9Y8WAOS3IWRJV28XKCharles Rich "A Rich"0051271376000this splenda works greatso far every packet of splenda from this box of 2000 that I bought has worked flawlessly, making my coffee sweeter (as advertised). what more can you ask of it?
242529242529B005ZU8PCAA3BI6M7UY4T0ZSEW0051344816000A Hit!My grandchildren LOVE the sour gummy vitamins. They really liked the sour gummy worms by Rhino, but alas, I can't find them. These were a good second choice. The big problem is keeping them from eating more than 2!
242530242530B003ZIWL9MA2PB6NP5IK8QKFMike1131329523200Not a true lemon flavorIf you like the yellow or lemon flavored Starburst candies then you will like this extract. It tastes exactly like that candy.
242531242531B002JIO0RUA255EMQZTRGKAHeb464741264550400Makes great pancakesI was hesitant to purchase this because of the ridiculously high price. I would give it 5 stars if the price was more reasonable because this made really tasty pancakes. The ingredient list is short and recognizable: wheat gluten, whole grain soy flour, modified wheat starch and unprocessed wheat bran.
242532242532B002JIO0RUA3CIQJO5FYFTDJBelleK313151267401600Pleasantly Surprised!I have read a ton of reviews on the Atkins All Purpose Bake mix...although as of today all I have made with it are pancakes I gotta say, it's good! I know most people are saying otherwise, maybe I'm just weird or perhaps they have changed it over the years. It does have a strong 'soy' taste to it 'raw,' however I found that once the pancakes were done it was pleasant and "better than regular pancakes" as my husband stated. My almost 3yr old also enjoyed them as well without batting an eye. I think it is worth giving it a try and then evaluate for yourself, you never know till you try it how you'll feel about it! I hope to try other bake mixes as well, I'm sure they all have there strengths and weaknesses.
242533242533B002JIO0RUA14RLE1LR35VFWforever low carb353651297296000Best Mix EverThe Atkins Bake Mix is the best. By using your imagination you can use the batter to make different things. By thinning the batter and cooking two pancakes the size of bread is a great way to make your favorite sandwich. Great for snacks by taking leftover pancakes, cut them like chips, deep fry, drain and sprinkle with ranch dressing mix. Use the batter to make hot dogs on a stick. The best thing is that you can still loose weight and not feel like you are depriving yourself.
242534242534B002JIO0RUA29313797NGT9LEddie Wannabee444931266796800Help, Bisquick!Bought them when they first came out. Somewhere around August 2009? Went a little "nutty" and expecting them to be great and using the offer Atkins was offering pre-release, I purchased 3 bags. Wanted to love them, as a matter of fact. Found the texture too "gritty" for my complete approval and a somewhat of an after taste. Not very pronounced but present, never the less. The main purpose was to be able to enjoy tasty pancakes with less guilt but in the end, after trying to make biscuits one day, I had to ask help from my old buddy Bisquick. Bisquick basically said to me: "I understand your frustration but why don't you add one cup of that Atkins Mix and two cups of me plus eggs and see how that goes?". I admit it is unusual to be having a conversation with a box of bisquick but in this case I did not regret the sound advice. The quality improved immediately, waffles or pancakes, and now all I had to worry about was finding out a (real difficult to find) perfect sugar free syrup to match the serving of pancakes (traditionally every Saturday morning) but that is another story and frankly all this talk about pancakes is making me eye the refrigerator way more that I would like to at this time. 3 Stars for the idea is commendable. Regretfully, on the practice, this baking mix is not as good as it probably could have been? Must say that Atkins has pulled through several times for me and their products are always excellent alternatives with a whole less sugar. See? I am not badmouthing anyone that didn't have it coming!
242535242535B002JIO0RUA20GD4N0KGJ7WBT. Clopton "web zealot"151551280793600Atkins Lifestyle Made Easy!I used this as a breading for frying fish, chicken and cubed steak - everyone loved it! I plan on using it for homemade cookies in the very near future. Great product!
242536242536B002JIO0RUA3FOQR7WTWMJMGkothof1121241305590400So its not Bisquick!!! It is Good.OK, if you are going low carb, by now you know it is a tough lifestyle and you have to make sacrifices. Well that is the same with this baking mix. It does make an EXCELLENT substitute for flour. I have made several things with this mix and I have had to TWEAK the recipes a bit to suit my taste. I have added yeast and honey to make BREAD and although it is a little tough, it is GOOD! I love this mix and NO it is not Bisquick but it is a very good sub if you are going low carb. Just use your imagination and this will satisfy the need for flour. The texture is different, there is an odd smell but all in all I am very happy and have lost 23 lbs in 3 months and without this mix, pretty sure I would not have stayed with the low carb lifestyle. Gotta have my bread.
242537242537B002JIO0RUACI6PES94KAM6C. owens "folara"101051279584000A surpriseIt actually tasted very good, especially as a coating for chicken and pork chops and this big bag will last a long time.
242538242538B002JIO0RUA1TJ9TU6IJL9G8SailorSquirrel9951290384000Great productConsidering this is a low carb mix, it tastes pretty good. The consistency is different than regular mixes. But if you are on a low carb diet it's worth using.
242539242539B002JIO0RUA22FW14APD6HC9AMayG8831298851200At least it's an optionI found these to come out a little dense and they do have an after taste. for 2lbs it is a little pricey but it's good to have around the house for a pizza craving pinch as you can whip up a pizza crust (with the aforementioned downsides) but the cheese and sauce and pepperonis mask it!
242540242540B002JIO0RUA1MEIM7NOBMWDBVLM "VLM"7751327708800So much better than years ago!Wow! My husband and I did the Atkins diet about 8-10 years ago and still try to limit our carbs. I used this product when we first went low-carb - it was lousy! I tried it a couple of weeks ago after hearing that it had improved - and it HAS! I even tried the pancakes which I didn't expect to taste good, and they did! Using it to bread fish and chicken fried steak - awesome! I think it was much better than just flour! If you tried it years ago, try it again. I WILL be ordering it again!
242541242541B002JIO0RUA2VJDJSC71IR5IRick Runowski "Rick"7751300924800Great buy!!!I'm on the Atkins diet, and Atkins Flour allows me to have pancakes in the morning for breakfast, as well as making desserts (chocolate chip cookies), and other great foods (Chicken Cordon Bleu). I highly recommend this for anyone one a low carb diet!
242542242542B002JIO0RUAA1JJNJ5VYI97Angel6641298505600Natural usually means tastes differentI didn't find this mix gritty or gummy, although it did taste really different than anything I've eaten before. The taste was more of the Tofu I used to buy when the soy wagon was hot on the shelves at the grocery store. I'm not a big fan of Tofu. If perhaps I could find something to make this mix taste better without compromising the carb load I'd definitely use it more. Right now, it's on stand by.
242543242543B002JIO0RUARYG2LV9M92B4AuraelC5551328227200The most AMAZING low carb cookies!I started baking cookies using this mix as a base (to replace flour) about a year ago and I'm addicted! I took the basic cookie recipe I found on the Adkins website and added more nuts (6 cups of walnuts, pecans and macadamia) chopped up sugar-free dark chocolate, dried fruit (mango, coconut and tart cherries) and seasonings (cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg). I use butter and peanut butter and splenda for sugar and added some rolled oats, flax seed and baking soda to the recipe. I have stopped buying the bars and candy because I like these cookies so much better. They're very delicious and satisfy my desire for something sweet but not too sweet. It takes time but baking is so enjoyable and I make enough to last for 3 weeks at a time, then store in the fridge. I also use this mix as a basis for pancakes. I had to put it on an automatic order so I don't run out.
242544242544B002JIO0RUA2YPYHB4HTLD6Pabb3y5551325721600almost the real deal!I have been on Atkins for 5 weeks and lost 14 lbs. This mix is a wonderful substitute for the real thing. I use an "oil free spray" and add a little seltzer water to the mix to get lighter thinner pancakes ( I also use two egg whites instead of one egg.) They brown up beautifully and taste great. I sometimes will take them from the pan an microwave them for 20 seconds to get a little better texture, but all in all they are my saving grace to stay "legal!"
242545242545B002JIO0RUA1HY0L4USJ8ZYMAleki5551325116800I can loose weight and eat cake too!Thought I could never eat cake being on the Atkins program and was pleasently surprised when I tried the various cake recepies from Atkins that included the bake mix. I sift it, add lemon rinds and juice and some nuts to each recepie for crunchness and it's DELICIOUS. It make my Christmas and my family loves it too. I'm on auto ship with this product.
242546242546B002JIO0RUA1PRTZ9PM74BGCswanee4451338422400Wonderful for baked goodsOne of the main things I missed most when starting the Atkins diet was bread. With this baking mix I can bake fresh bread in under an hour and the serving size of 2 slices is 4g carbohydrates! It delicious and taste wise is comparable to wheat bread.
242547242547B002JIO0RUA8XVOKHHDWPCXTodd Cox3351332806400Great Low Carb Baking MixThe Atkins all purpose bake mix is great and provides a good taste in recipes. I have tried oter low carb baking mixes but all have been much lower in taste and most cost more.
242548242548B002JIO0RUA10UCU51DWXJ6Ibarbwire3341326326400If you are in a hurry its good.This is good for when you are in a hurry to make breakfast. I haven't used it for general baking yet. Don't expect it to taste like regular pancakes though. But if you are on the Atkins diet it is a good alternative to eggs every morning!
242549242549B002JIO0RUA2O2M1D0LU3K8TT. J. Buffi "Strega"3351320537600replace bisquikThis is such an awesome and needed replacement for bisquik. I have to admit the
pancake recipe is great... I wish there was a store for nothing but Atkins products
242550242550B002JIO0RUA22FFED4MPWD02ChaneysLove2211347148800Don't waste your $I was so excited to see the price drop and finally broke down and bought some. I received it yesterday, Saturday, and couldn't wait to make pancakes for Sunday morning breakfast! I followed exactly what it said and they were the most disgusting pancakes I have ever consumed! It has been 4 hours and I can still taste the horrific after taste and the smell is repulsive. Now they did cook up nicely! Perfect 'pancake consistency' but that first bite... wow! No good!!

I plan to try another recipe this afternoon and will update my review when I have done so. For those of you that really LOVE soy... have at it! Otherwise... Use almond meal.. flaxseed..

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