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242551242551B002JIO0RUA2AG1HX4S11ZOWFostermom20102241341619200Great for low Carp PancakesThe Atkins All Purpose Bake Mix. Made a convincing pancake. It looked like regular flour. It cooked up a little less fluffy than regular pancakes. The price was a bit high but not as bad as other low carb flours on the market. This one does have soy flour in it. But that wasn't a problem for me. It's not the lowest carb flour on the market but it is less than regular flour. I will most definitely purchase this product again in the future. If for pancakes alone. I will be trying out other recipes though and will get back to you.
242552242552B002JIO0RUA11E2OLFMZXZXWTurtlelilly2251323388800A great, low-carb alternativeI have used this mix to bake bread, make cookies, and pancakes and all turned out wonderfully except the cookies which tasted a little too densely like "healthy" cookies. I think, though, that the cookies just need some tweaking to be wonderful :) I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who is living a low-carb WOE but still wants the occasional bready treat!
242553242553B002JIO0RUAOZADINPN5BUPAmandaLeigh002241310083200I think this might be a life-saver for me!Ok first of all, I agree with previous reviewers who are stating that there have to be sacrifices if you are going to strictly follow the Atkins diet. That being said, this mix seems to be great. I have so far only made the Atkins recipe biscuits, but I ate them and enjoyed them and so did my boyfriend who isn't even doing Atkins. It seems you do have to keep an eye on whatever you are baking when using this mix, and probably cook it a little less time so that it doesn't over-cook. The biscuit recipe said to cook for 10-15 minutes at 425; they took under 10 mins. Next time I will probably cook them a little lower for a little longer. I am very pleased that not only does the mix give you the lower carbs, but also such high amounts of protein! The biscuit recipe advises that there are 2.5g net carbs in each biscuit. Where else can you find a biscuit like that?! I can't wait to try muffins, pancakes, cookies, etc. I'm glad that I got this on Amazon through the subscribe and save option. It is much cheaper and you get free shipping for all your shipments. I will more than likely keep this on for delivery every 1-2 months. I really think this could be a life-saver for me. I'm a girl who loves her carbs, and here's my way to feel like I'm getting them.
242554242554B002JIO0RUA17BXN9X0G4U3Qlove to cook2231294185600ok bread, lowest in carbsthis mix offer the lowest in carbs among bread mixes, which is great in induction especially of you don't like eggs and bacon or the likes for breakfast everyday like me. it is very easy to make.
however, my bread never rised, I followed the instructions exactly many times, I toast it before using it, it is very dry almost like wood, but I use it with butter, cream cheese or hummus, also for mini pizza, I have not tried other mixes, carbquick does not offer bread recipe, as for pancakes I make them from scratch using soy flour, heavy cream, eggs... for cake I use carbquick. the recipes I tried for bread from scratch (from cookbooks) they were not as successful, did not taste better either and they were higher in carbs.
242555242555B002JIO0RUA3MNRS4RVEF55PBernadette B. Burch2241268611200Not BadI am using this for making pancakes and oven fried chicken. This product comes in very handy - instead of white flour or whole wheat flour - this is a good substitute. It is a bit expensive, so I may start to make my own mix.
242556242556B002JIO0RUA28ADA578VAX64tommyt1141349308800optionsThis adds so many options when you are trying to watch your carbs. No, it is not as good as processed flour. But it is good.
242557242557B002JIO0RUA1VN9DGFF6QIF3David Nash1131347494400works well, has odd aftertaste.No snitching the uncooked cookie dough when it's made with this Atkins bake mix. Uncooked, it tastes bitter. Cooked, it does the job ok, but honestly, always makes me feel like I'm having an allergic reaction to something in the bake mix. Not bad in small quantities.
242558242558B002JIO0RUA1CO82667TIX92S. McDonald1131347148800Only good for pancakesGiving it 3 stars because for an 'All Purpose' bake mix, it is really only good for pancakes. I've used the pancake recipe on the bag and done some of my own variations, all with very satisfying results. But any other baked product, such as muffins, biscuits or pizza crust did not turn out well. So this really should be labeled 'Pancake Mix'.
242567242567B002JIO0RUA2PIRGSE18S2CRBrent Liner1121316390400Not "too" bad but not greatI am still undecided on this. The only thing I have tried to make with it is pancakes and they are not turning out. They are heavy, gooey, and gloppy. AT $9 a bag, I can't keep wasting it on failed attempts. The taste though is not horrible and tolerable if only I can get the pancake to cook properly. I am going it give it a chance though and try other recipes with it.
242559242559B002JIO0RUACDVOMC2H1TZBD. Semenov1111346544000cardboard alternativeIf you are going to go low-carb just face it and stay away from carbs but don't try to eat the fake-carb stuff like this unless you like the taste of cardboard. If you must eat carbs then eat the real thing but this product tastes disgusting. You could get the same effect with a shredded phone book. Yuk!
242560242560B002JIO0RUAKCD8JT62ARI4Brooke N. Lewis1151342656000Atkins Baking MixI ordered this product not really knowing what to expect. Having started the Atkins diet, I was browsing online for different products that were available in the Atkins cookbook. I decided to look on Amazon for the baking mix and found it. After reading about it, I ordered it from this seller. The product I received was exactly as described by the seller, and packaged carefully. Also, the shipping was expedient. Thanks for the great service. Will order from this seller again if the opportunity arises.
242561242561B002JIO0RUA1HEUWBBW4YN8ND. Young1141340236800Good substitute for low-carbersThis is a good product - very versatile - but, you can make it yourself - the ingredients are very easy to find and I suspect cheaper :)
242568242568B002JIO0RUA3CIN9F0B9LFFQMaoreo "Maoreo"1141310515200great mix great priceThis mix makes excellent low carb pancakes and is a wonderful breading mix for things like fried green tomatoes and other vegetables...with the scription service Amazon has absolutely the best price
242569242569B002JIO0RUA933MAWKN045Zmatthew1151304208000Works greatI made muffins with this and I didn't expect them to rise much but this baking mix works great. I only added water, oil, salt, an egg, Splenda, baking powder. It makes something that tastes like a bran muffin. will buy again and it is worth the price.
242562242562B002JIO0RUA2LCRIWBNR09X5R. Wenig "connisuer"1151339459200CarbsI am very happy with Atkins flour. I have been using this flour since I count carbs and everything I use it with is great and the dishes come out very good. It is especially good for making pizza. I recommend this flour to everyone.
242570242570B002JIO0RUA2EGH1CWR6DXFESteve3431327363200Atkins All Purpose Bake MixI purchased the Atkins All Purpose Bake Mix at I found that the pancakes I make with it were hard to flip. I almost had to overcook them to get them to flip in one piece. The biscuits I made didn't rise like they would have if I used Bisquick. Since I am on the Atkins' diet, it is the best subitute for Bisquick I have found. The taste is like whole wheat products.
242571242571B002JIO0RUA19LB32C5IZKILCrouton's Mom3411272153600Back to the drawing board on this oneI found this baking mix to be horrible, to be blunt. It has a bad smell and taste and bakes up gummy and spongy. I know it's a low-carb product, but honestly, I can make my own up and it tastes MUCH better than this stuff. Not to mention, it's ridiculously over priced, especially for what you get (the aforementioned poor taste and smell)

If you have an extra $12 - that's what I spent - to throw away on a few cups of flour, go ahead. But, don't say I didn't warn you! :)
242572242572B002JIO0RUA2FZH0SOTXAEEQA. Jahn5711317945600Horrible!This was really a disappointment. I tried to make a simple pie crust with it, and it smelled and tasted so chemical I had to throw it away. No idea why it tasted so bad, but I can not believe how bad it is. So I recommend you use Almond flour or something else.
242563242563B002JIO0RUA1VTRRLH91WDLLlowcarberforlife1141336608000Not BadThis flour is much better than I thought it would be, considering it's a low carb option. Most low carb "breads" are different and take some getting used to. We made biscuits and they turned out pretty good.
242573242573B002JIO0RUAWURROQ20GULAdarcy5711281744000Atkins Bake MixI made the bread according to the directions. It is awful, bitter stuff. I would rather go with no bread than eat it.
242574242574B002JIO0RUA15X9CT943IQ38Autumn2311338163200No Aunt Jamima but...Read all the reviews and wanted to love this.After a few months living low carb I was craving blueberry pancakes.First,I was surprised (maybe I'm cluesless)that I had to add baking powder and half and half just for pancakes.We followed directions.Hubby is a pro on pancakes.Although they LOOKED fine when served after a few bites we realized they were raw inside.We arent sure if the blueberries threw it off or what.We got some decent pancakes making them smaller and thinner.(We added water)Not in love with this product but still willing to experiment with it.
242575242575B002JIO0RUA3PCNP314KC0B8Happy Customer0051350691200Excellent for Pancake MixThis makes some of the best low carb pancakes around. If you use it to make cookies, be careful not to overcook. If you think they are a little undercooked, they are probably done. Otherwise, they crumble and fall apart. My nutrition students likes the almond cookies the best.
242576242576B002JIO0RUA2HFXM5Y70150DLisa H0051349827200GreatLoved this mix. I use instead of flour for chicken and veggies. Taste is odd, but after you add spices, can't tell the difference. Will buy again.
242564242564B002JIO0RUAKPQXMI7S0EARSuzanne1131323734400Atkins baking mixPurchased this due to low carb count.

Though it enables me to have pancakes and waffles the taste leaves a lot to be desired.

I have not used in any other recipes.

It is also pricy.
242577242577B002JIO0RUA2BP90508BI7IOiamgodschild0051349654400delicious!I was nervous about trying this mix but it is really good. Cant wait to try to different recipes. The pancakes with josephs sugar free syrup tastes just like regular pancakes. Low carbing can be challenging when trying to come up with different recipes but being creative and trying different foods that i have never eaten before is mind opening. Bread ande sweets were my weakness before low carbing, but now i have the perfect product to provide me with both. Make sure after mixing ingredients that you allow mix to sit for 5 min so the baking powder can take effect.
242565242565B002JIO0RUAYCZR0ZAXM4KNE. Han1151323561600Great for Low Carb DietDoes the job. It doesn't make fluffy light bread but it is a nice alternative to high carb breads. We will continue to buy and use this product.
242566242566B002JIO0RUA1F7TETFJ1ZIXQCozmcphish1121317686400Hoping I find better use of thisI decided to buy this as a low carb alternative to bread in hopes that I might have a delicious option when I got that craving. Unfortunately this product is pretty disgusting. I decided to make a batch of the garlic toast crisps following the recipe on the Atkins website. Appearance-wise it worked out great, the bread looked like a dense "soda bread" style loaf. The problem was that it had a strange aroma of trout/fish and I couldn't get past the smell for it to taste any different. I'm hoping I can find other recipes that might mask/hide this strange quality of the mix, but I'm literally holding my breath.
242578242578B002JIO0RUA3VYIPLGEUGLCWD. Rens "Dan"0031347408000MehI couldn't really stand the taste of this bake mix. I tried using it for pancakes (as per the instructions on the package), and it made this really thick dough. I had to add twice the amount of liquid that it said it needed in order to get something even remotely similar to a pancake mix. It tasted kind of gritty, and overall just wasn't my favorite. My husband also didn't like it. If I had to eat it, I would. But overall I probably won't be purchasing it again.
242579242579B002JIO0RUA3JKDP03J29EC3Lizabeth0041346112000NOT a Bisquick substitute but works great in recipes!Works great in recipes from many low carb books. I've tried the chocolate chip muffin recipes in one of the Stella's low carb cookbooks. It worked and tasted wonderfully good -- my kids even at them without a snide comment or any complaints at all. We try to eat veggies and protein but if you're in a pinch and need a baked good -- this is a great item to have on hand.
242580242580B002JIO0RUA1XWVF4LDJ5C2PRay F. Mihulka III "Ray F. Mihulka III"0051339632000Good product.I have been using Atkins on and off for some time. I have had good luck with thier products.
My wife has lost 60+ pounds and still going strong 2+ years. I wish I could say the same.

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