Amazon Fine Food Reviews

242581242581B002JIO0RUA354WACLVDH7J9diane0051333756800good stuff!I really enjoy this product--I just purchased my second bag. It makes wonderful pancakes and banana nut muffins. Thank you, Atkins, for a better way!
242582242582B002JIO0RUA2PN5GVYGIHEBNLow carbing0021279584000Disappointed...I will have to experiment with the mix. I guess you get used to the taste!
242583242583B002JIO0RUA38HDX0STJQOOTGinger3511310601600Bad tasteI did not like this product at all, It made everything I used it to make taste the same- horrible.
242584242584B002JIO0RUA2XT026FWAPEJ4b.bop_711211324425600Gross!This is just nasty! It tastes like a cardboard box. I tried several recipes using the baking mix and they all have the same flavor. I WILL NOT be buying this again. I thought the convenience would be great, but I will definitely be going back to mixing my own blends of pastry wheat flour, coconut flour, vital wheat gluten... I just can't trade the little extra work for horrible taste!
242585242585B002JIO0RUA5BU5T6AZGUDNDj A-Frame1211319328000Oh so gross!I am sensitive to sugar and wanted to make some low sugar/carb with a decent protein content ,chocolate chip cookies.
I made it according to the instructions and the wet mix I tasted and immediatley spit out. It tasted so so gross. I wish I could describe the taste well but I can't. I would say it was a wheat germ, green dirty taste. I know that is vague but I'm not sure I have ever tasted anything so horrific.I threw it all out.
I made the same receipe and used whole wheat and the mix tasted great. I will never get this again. I thought it would be too good to be true with all the protein and it's true. Yuck!
242586242586B002JIO0RUA16P9ARIARA3M3Is40311241310688000Very Good!Excellent substition for high carb mixes. We made pancakes and pizza crust. The pancakes were great. The pizza crust was a bit more like bread, not your typical pizzeria style crust, but still very good.
242587242587B002JIO0RUA84GFO7DMCO2ULaulani4154711327536000Bad Smell + Bad Taste = AWFULI wasn't expecting anything spectacular, but the positive reviews on this product made me hopeful. While mixing the ingredients, a foul smell filled the kitchen. When I poured the batter into the waffle iron, the smell improved slightly. Again... hopeful. Yet while the texture resembled a waffle, the taste was so bad I spit it out immediately. No syrup/whipped creme/fruit can cover up the taste. Skip the batter and try the Atkins Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll instead. Tastes just like a Baby Ruth :)
242588242588B002JIO0RUA3BBL7R0STHMZAo2b4ft110111347321600NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!This is the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted. Smelled like garbage and tasted even worse. It went in the trash.
242589242589B002JIO0RUA2E2MJWUFME4U4A B1321308268800Not so goodAfter being on the Atkins diet for a few months, my partner and I decided to move from the induction phase to one that would allow for more carbs. We were craving pancakes, and after seeing this mix, I ordered it. The taste - was slightly bitter, and no where near what the traditional ones are like. I'd get it, if you want to try to add your own ingredients, potentially altering the nutritional content but enhancing the taste - but honestly, steer clear and just take a bite of a real muffin if you feel you can't go without.
242590242590B002JIO0RUA3ROVEQY3R521UK. Ruth "kreative1"0231305504000It's okayAtkins Baking Mix is just okay. My family didn't mind it but I thought it had a strange taste.
I will use it up but I don't think I will buy it again.
242591242591B002JIO0RUA60X66FDRUDP6Keith Nichols1411336867200I'd rather eat a cardboard boxOne star is not a low enough rating for this nasty stuff and calling it "stuff" is being to kind but I can't use the words I really want to use. It does not cook well and no matter how much vanilla or blue berries you put into the pancakes they taste worse than cardboard. We tried it twice before throwing the rest of the mix in the trash. There are good ways to eat healthy but this mix is not one of them.
242592242592B002JIO0RUA30W1O9IBAQZ21GemsandStuffJewelry1411327795200This stuff is awful.The Atkins All Purpose Bake Mix tastes really bad. It was a waste of my money. I had to throw it in the garbage, the used and unused.
242593242593B002JIO0RUA1HN2338HVK4A8saad0321335916800opening the bagTo start it off, it's a good baking mix with good nutritional information.
But when I tried opening the actual product, it exploded for some reason and most of the powder bounced out.
This bag is also supposed to be resealable but the bag I received isn't resealable. I spent at least a good 20 minutes just trying to seal the bag.
Other wise the over all product isn't too bad, it works like how you would expect baking mix to work.
242594242594B002JIO0RUAM4Z5ZLG7DIFGK. Kathryn Evans "slylyshy"0331308441600You must add regular flour to thisAtkins all purpose flour alone bakes like a hardened stone so for nice fluffy biscuits I would add a cup of regular flour to an equal amount of Atkins flour, 1 tablespoon baking soda and a teaspoon of salt. I would sift this all together with some oil (& a prayer) and the mix should bake up into something edible. Alittle pricey and no way of knowing whether the less carbs from the Atkins will make a difference to your waistline....but it tastes ok....with alot of sugar free jam.
242595242595B002JIO0RUA3R57FS85F03U9Joanie Michaels0441310774400Atkins 1, Amazon 0Bake mix has lots of possibilities- great low carb product. Disappointed that Amazon would send me 3 bags of this with only 3 months of shelf life.
242596242596B002JIO0RUAL7PEU41NOVEZLady Hawk41411268179200Not for people allergic to nut productsThis product is packaged in a plant that processes nuts. This was not evident until the package arrived. The package insert on Amazon did not even hint an allergy warning. My son has severe nut allergies, so in the trash went the package and my money spent on this item.
242597242597B002JIO0RUALMAD9NP5VPFXrita11111341532800bummedOrdered online expensive , but wanted to try it out received a day before going camping and threw it in . All prepared to have pancakes or something good. But you have to have a whole list of dry ingredients Baking powder, splenda, salt for pete sakes Atkins its baking mix not just flour you should say "Special Flour " cause that is all your getting folks. Come on Atkins you could have added the dry in the "MIX" Oh also to actually make a pancake you need the wet ingrdients too egg and half and half. though that is understandable. might be good but not even tried it yet :( ..
242598242598B000EVG8GUA2RHF7MA1B9SH2Wolfpack_Girl141451171065600Best gluten free cake mix available!!Both my mom & sister are gluten intolerant, so I have used many gluten free products to make cakes or other recipes for family get togethers. This is the best cake mix by far....This cake mix is just as good as wheat-based mixes. I modify it to make various kinds of cakes: coconut cake, red velvet cake, etc. It always gets rave reviews, even from those used to eating wheat-based cakes. (My mom & sister can tolerate vanilla pudding, so I add one third to half a box of instant vanilla pudding - regular, not sugar free - per bag of cake mix to make it extra moist.) I also use The Gluten Free Pantry's chocolate truffle brownie mix; it is better to me than any wheat based brownie mix.
242599242599B000EVG8GUACBLZDK6006K7J. Bojkov7751170720000Versatile, yummy, GF mixI use this mix on a regular basis. Both my daughter and I are gluten intolerant so we are always on the lookout for great tasting GF products. This mix makes a great sugar cookie,in fact, when I brought some for a party at my daughter's school, kids preferred my cookies to the other sugar cookies brought. This also makes an excellent chocolate chip cookie.
242600242600B000EVG8GUA14NFHNFLXLAWBC. Villanueva "mykidsmom"5551236384000The BEST white cake mix, yet!!!Myself and my children have Celiac Disease and we LOVE this mix. I use it to make cupcakes and cakes. I haven't tried the cookies yet. I did have to fiddle with the recipe to make it taste the way I wanted it to (like the real gluteny version) and it comes out better!!! My husband and all my friends say they are the best cupcakes they have ever had.

My changes for cupcakes were:

Veg. oil instead of shortening (use the same amount as you would shortening)
1 whole egg and 2 egg whites (instead of 2 whole eggs)
3/4-1 cup of water (the batter will look a little soupy)

I beat the eggs 1st, then add the oil (beat some more), add water and vanilla (beat again 'till mixed), then add the dry mix (beat until fully mixed). I bake them for 12 min. The centers will still look slightly raw but take them out anyway. Because they are gluten free they have a tendency to dry out. That is why you want them to take them out at 12 min. and not allow them to cont. to bake until fully cooked. Trust me they will finish cooking after you take them out. Allow to cool in pan for 2 min. then take them out of pan but cover them to retain moisture. After they are fully cooled frost and then recover. If you have a cupcake holder/carrier w/ a lid that is perfect.

For cake:
Same ingredient change as cupcakes except I bake the cake for about 23-25 min instead of 28 like the recipe says. Also, grease and flour the pan.
242601242601B000EVG8GUA1V2KJE03N4AE1Samus4451208649600Great cake mix-easily adaptableI use this mix, add lemon pudding and pie filling, a teaspoon of lemon extract and some grated lemon zest...and then have to fight the non-celiacs in the house to get a piece. This is a very easy to use and adaptable cake mix that gives consistant results.
242602242602B000EVG8GUA1NKKF4W2LHF6MCaren H3331213833600A bit on the dry side for cake crumbly cookies
242603242603B000EVG8GUA23S0IA62O37KNErica L. Hill2251181433600I'm addicted to this cake.I love how light and delicate this cake is, delicious flavor, too. I order it in bulk often. It does get a little dry & crumbly but only slightly. I love it.
242604242604B000EVG8GUA2FVD05Z2FYW1PJ. Silva2251168300800A hit!This makes a great cake or cupcakes. I used a modification to make it a chocolate cake & it was a hit, and also baked them in little bear molds -- the kids loved them. I have 3 little grandgirls and a daughter who are celiac, and these mixes are the best thing to have in the house. No one non-celiac can tell the difference!
242605242605B000EVG8GUA185US3A3IIE5LTuluzek1151325635200love this mixI am GF for 2 years now. This mix makes the bes banana bread ( add 3 ripped bananas mushed, then mix, I use olive oil instead of butter and lactose free milk, mix well then add 1-1.5 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips (GF). Bake 350F- around 30 minutes.
Both of my kids who are not GF ( and normally will not eat any GF baking) love this bread. It's one of my favorites!
242606242606B000EVG8GUA3DYRXYZV0SJCYC. Youn "gf mom"1151194134400great snickerdoodle mixIf you miss homemade snickerdoodles, look no further! They were simple enough for my 10 year old daughter to make, and they are just like the cookies I remember growing up. They only trouble is they disappear way too fast.
242607242607B000EVG8GUA2GSV7SJT3Y6RUvivie0051348272000Love it!It's wonderful to be able to bake cakes and cookies, again. It was the only thing that I missed when I had to go gluten-free. I did not like any other GF cake flours in the market that I tried. I love this!
242608242608B000EVG8GUA5SP066B86FVPChristina Magee0021329004800Not goodI have tried several recipes with this mix and none of them turn out well. They taste good but everything turns to crumbles. Very dissapointed.
242609242609B000EVG8GUA2N1P1CCGNUOJYM. Reilley0051323216000Old Fashion Cake and Cookie MixI tried a lot of different cake mixes and I found that this is one of the best. One thing that I did add was a little more sugar.
242610242610B000EVG8GUA19O7AZI5FNHM0T. McNair0051275609600Best gluten free cake ever!!!We bought this several months ago and I just did get a chance to make it. We LOVE it! When I took ot out of the oven we were waiting for it to "fall" as all gluten free cakes have. But it did NOT!!! :0) It looked great and tasted great!!! :0)
I did use a little extra rice milk as I always make sure to use more liquids when making gluten free.
My youngest is beyond picky! And his words were...."this is the best cake ever"!!!

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