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242639242639B000F9Z2C2ATCXAFDLHJTQ9Fred Gildow0021312588800Will live without this item.Ordered this on a whim thru subscribe & save. Cookies were not quality item. Crumbled, stale and overall the taste varied from cookie to cookie. Discontinued the order. Will not hold Amazon accountable for this. They could not know the contents of this package. Beware of Subscribe & Save......Have never been satisfied with any items placed on this procedure.
242640242640B000F9Z2C2A1Z54EM24Y40LLc20041300060800LOVE these things!I'm a Girl Scout peanut butter cookie junkie, so much so that I have to buy them and put them in the freezer! These guys come close, so if I run out of Girl Scout cookies, these are nearby. I've been buying these for years, about 20 to be exact and even with some changes, they're still very good. A great tip - if you love chocolate and peanut butter together, smash these up and sprinkle them on some chocolate ice cream! Anyway, be sure to try these if you love peanut butter cookies - they're pretty hard to find here in Ohio! Recommend!
242611242611B000EVG8GUA2FK8LD9MBBOSTGaylen Tharp0051274918400Excellent, versatile mixI've used this mix for many years to bake a variety of muffins, cupcakes, cookies and cakes. It's hard to find gluten-free mixes that don't bake up too crumbly or hard. Baked goods from this mix can easily pass for other baked goods made with wheat. Being able to buy this through Amazon now is a real plus, especially with the ability to have it automatically re-ordered and shipped on a schedule I choose.
242612242612B000EVG8GUA13CFZW3W5ZWBBGracia M. Harrison "Smokey Mt."0051265760000The versatile cake mixNow this is the mix! so versatile, even change flavors with pudding mix, chocolate, flavorings (I've used rum flavoring, mint, add extra vanilla
Change pan shapes (I've used bunt, loaf, round & square cake pans
242613242613B000EVG8GUALGCGODY3I0NMBlessed "Blessed"0051261785600Best Snickerdoodles Ever!This cake mix includes directions to make snickerdoodle cookies. I am not gf but these cookies are the best I've ever had if you like crisp cookies. I've used this base to make lots of different flavors of cake (add pudding mix, baking chocolate, fruit, whatever). My daughter loves them all!
242614242614B000EVG8GUA2L1NAT1F4OUC0mom o'three "Holly O"0051261008000Yes!! A gluten free cake mix without an aftertaste!SO pleased with Gluten Free Pantry's Old Fashioned cake & cookie mix! We've used other mixes to make cupcakes for our kids' parties. The other kids in attendance would take one bite of the cupcakes and that was all. But take this mix, and add the excellent frosting fron Naturally Nora, and you've got a houuseful of kiddos devouring birthday cupcakes with NO IDEA that they are gluten-free!

The cupcakes made with this mix also freeze great. I can send one as a treat to school when I know that other kiddos are bringing in birthday goodies. Other mixes I have tried basically turn to powder when thawed after freezing.
242615242615B000EVG8GUA16KGSUO4U6F0LSam K. "Sam"0051248480000Love the snickerdoodle recipe!There is a recipe on the back of the package for snickerdoodle cookies. The recipe calls for 8 T. butter or 4 T. butter plus TOFU. Who knew you could bake with tofu? I was curious so I tried it. Outstanding! Even my very-picky-eater children loved these cookies. We will definitely be baking these again and again...
242616242616B000EVG8GUA1QRLH21TPL7C1Boyd Pusey0051238284800best brownie mix on the market!!!!!!use for cheesecake crust. nice to have the whole family enjoy the same dessert. its a favorite, even for folks who can enjoy gluten products also.
242617242617B000EVG8GUA32KZGZB77E5YGK. Goyette "A voracious reader and experiment...0031231891200Flavor good, but a bit dryThis cake mix is flavorful but tends to be a bit dry. What is really handy though is the COOKIE recipe on the back of the package. I think this mix would make a good cookie. I haven't tried it yet but I will since I recently purchased a case of this brand. What we did with the cake is serve it with ice cream and that helped the dryness factor. Also you can put it in a bowl and pour milk or cream over it and eat it with a spoon and it's pretty tasty that way. Thank goodness for frosting and milk!
242618242618B000EVG8GUA3JSA2PHT7WOGTGrandmaddie "Grandmaddie"0051231372800Best gluten free cake mixI followed the advice of other users to add 1/3 to 1/2 package of instant pudding mix to each cake mix and it makes a delicious cake! Thanks!
242619242619B000EVG8GUA2AY3VERIPE7TCMynjuan0141330214400Combine with Simply Organic Mixes for Delicious, Moist cakesI've been looking for a simple way to enjoy gluten-free banana bread for months and came upon Simply Organic Banana Bread mix. So I took half a pkg. of Gluten-Free Pantry Old Fashioned Cake and Cookie mix and half a pkg. of Simply Organic Banana Bread mix and combined together with 2 eggs, 1 tsp of vanilla, 3/4 cup of milk and half a stick of butter. I used a mixer on medium speed as I added 3 over-ripened bananas(you need 3 bananas instead of two for moisture) and pecans. I poured the mixture into an 8x8 glass pan and baked for 45 minutes. The end result was the BEST banana bread, with or without gluten, I have ever tasted!. We ate our slices with butter and cream cheese and devoured it in less than two days. I look forward to using the same method with the Simply Organic Carrot Cake mix and Lemon Cake soon!
242620242620B0010SVND4A3NKHKB5S89EGCRebecca L. Roberts0051230422400Delicious product!!!Delicious product and great customer service. Fast delivery, easy instructions and great taste. Highly reocmmend.
242621242621B003ZDZRWKA262D75M4D48U8kbond1151326585600Delicious Ranch GoodnessI love this stuff! It has a great Ranch flavor without all the artificial stuff, and you make it yourself, so it's really fresh. Highly recommended.
242622242622B005Z24EEGAC76S2EY0BTNFRande0011350604800Displeased.About half of the sticks were opened and had to be thrown away. All candy was stale. Very displeased. Had to throw away bag.
242623242623B005Z24EEGA20S7D07UQ6Y7JSandra Dunn0041346630400not the samethese are not the same as the bigger version coconut on them..smooth on the surface..I remember a crunchier coconutier version of these..that said..still ate em!!!
242624242624B005Z24EEGA2VR6C23D64DZGJaybird1251334102400Hard to fineThese are hard to find candy.
I am using these as part of a craft project for an Alzhimer fund raiser at
a nursing home. Wish me luck!
242625242625B007ZN4H4UA3GEJK6NJYQZ8Ijag1151349136000Great Coffee !!If you like the coffee at McDonald's - you'll enjoy this. This is the same coffee that they brew.
Rich and full flavor, not a cheap coffee at all. This is very good quality.
242626242626B007ZN4H4UA1CKAVB7YAV9XEAdam0051350950400Awsome gift for coffee loversMy wife absolutely loved this coffee after getting keurig its a coffee exploration for her for coffee lovers this would be a great try
242627242627B007ZN4H4UA3EIY52M28BYFDmawmaw0051350604800best coffee ever!found out this is coffee served at McDonalds and ordered some, was not disappointed, best coffee I ever drank! Would recommend it to anybody, will order more.
242628242628B006UOG6NAA8V29BB11QGSQN. Fortaleza0051347494400yumI just opened my first bottle and it is delicious.. a little sweeter than i expected but still yummy.. 12% alcohol :) :)
242630242630B002N7QGZQAFW831IV1BOPWS. Cook0051338940800Outstanding Coffee SaltThis is by far the world's best gourmet salt to compliment coffee. A little bit of honey & a pinch of this aguni salt in a good cup of gourmet coffee will leave you spoiled.
242631242631B004795XK2A1SVHXFN0WZYMKTammy373880051345507200Nice FlavorI normally dont use salt except on a few things such as potato salad, roast beef and macaroni salad. I happened to see this Paula Deen Lady & Sons Salt Mix on a great deal so I ordered it. It has several herbs in it also and the flavor is amazing! I wish this sold at our local stores because I would certainly buy it more often. Nice combination of flavors and a really great item from Paula Deen!
242632242632B000JFFORAA17U0EQOUIWG4LM. WALL "internet only shopper"0031187827200Could be softerThese gummi bears were a little tough for my taste. I would prefer my gummi bears to be a little softer. Not bad though.
242633242633B000F9Z2C2A2BTGCHAUSKMLHLifelong Sponge111151202169600Cookie perfectionThere is no such thing as a bad Nutter Butter, DC. Even stale. Even wet. Even in crumb form. From the fine peanut form, to the oh-so-creamy and delectably sweet/salty center, to the vintage advertising (who doesn't want yet another Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich cookie?), the only other competition in the field is Oreos. And only if you replace the chocolate cookie with a peanut butter one. And the disgusting white stuff with peanut butter. And change the boring circular shape to something more reminiscent of an infinity symbol.
242634242634B000F9Z2C2A2YSFKX18XTHEDBillie Vanderburg "Smart Shopper"4451236816000Delicious Crispy Fresh CookiesFour cookies to a pack, just the right size for a snack and the individual packs mean the cookies stay fresh. (Also good for portion control.)
242635242635B000F9Z2C2A2AT9P7LR2WCN1Miss School Marm "retired teacher"3341188172800Nutter Butter Makes Me FlutterThe individual packs of Nutter Butter are just the right size for that snack you need. Four cookies is just right= good for portion control and very fresh. I think you'll like them if you are a fan of Nutter Butters.
242636242636B000F9Z2C2A1M6AJ88JC9N9HW. Mullaney2241198713600Product just as it was described.I ordered this product to have something to throw in the bag for lunch for a snack. Amazon ships these well packed so that they don't get destroyed, in four boxes of twelve - four cookie packs (so 192 cookies for your). Each of the four boxes were the same you would find in a store like 7-11, so they also would be perfect for bake-sale/fundraiser/whatever type stuff. Not a whole lot more to say, if you like the product and you need a large amount, or want to use them over time, it's a pretty good deal. If not, look elsewhere!
242637242637B000F9Z2C2A3PNLVU1ZX1XJGJ. Braun "Eeyore_jb"2241186876800For those trying to control their snacking -Everyone is talking about portion control these days - well these little packages are just right for a snack. When I used to buy the bigger size - well I'd snack until they were gone in just a couple of days. These help me know when to STOP!
242638242638B000F9Z2C2A1WOMXOEX90ARIAvid Camper "WS"1141254873600Nice Nutter Butter!You either like Nutter Butter or you don't. We do. These 1.9 ounce packs have 4 cookies each and are just the right size for my spouse's on-the-go snack. They are packed in tough foil packages with a cardboard liner, arrived fresh and stay fresh, long shelf life, easy to transport. Just the right size, good deal when on sale. We will buy again.

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