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242671242671B001EQ5RDOA2H85TTAFOVVIYpete0051294617600Sun Roasted Garlic OilWe received this oil as a give about 5 years ago and have tried to find it ever since. Wonderful. Great for all kinds of food prep.
242672242672B001EQ5RDOA2Y38Z8OAPT0UKPeggy MIlls0041293840000Good stuff!I really like this oil. I have used it to cook with and it does give a nice garlic flavor to my dishes. Have not used it for salads yet. My 4 cans did all come dented which was a disappointment, as I was adding them to gift baskets this holiday season.
242673242673B001EQ5RDOA9G6KIE49YC5Tseahag0051281225600Great ProductMy husband and I first bought this at a discount outlet store. We went back and bought three more. When we exhausted our supply I went on line to find the product. It has a terrific garlicy flavor and makes great salad dressings, shrimp scampi, or anything where you want the aroma and taste of garlic.
242674242674B001EQ5RDOA3JMGU7B9R3ATNStratford0051280448000The BestI found this product years ago at BIG LOT, and have been using it ever since.
I also gave it
to my brother, who got hook on it. I feel it is a wonderful product,it is light in feel and the
flavor is true to it's name.GARLIC.
WE can not be with out it.
I am so glad I was able to buy your OIL over the enternet.
Thanks a buch.
Rachal Schane
242675242675B001EQ5RDOA2NE8CWLJYXYUOET0141303084800Just so you can't say "No one told me"!!!To paraphrase an earlier rewviewer's comments..the product is fine...the packaging is horrible!!

First...the product: It is just what is says it is,with one minor caviat.., it's Olive,(Pomace)oil! It's a distiction with a difference.
If you're thinking this is EVOO...(or if that is important to your purchacing decision), it's not.., and you should know this.
As far as garlic flavored product for frying or sauteing..,it's perfectly fine...and that's just what I wanted!
The price overall,(especially if you get free shipping) great!!

Now...the pagkaging!!

This is terrible packaging..,(almost non existant interior protection)that's really the best you could say!!
As you can see...I'm not the first to complain. No one in their right mind would assume this is an acceptable method for packaging these containers!! One(of my four), was already leaking...the other three were severly dented! I transfered them to glass containers as I could'nt be assured they wouldn't leak in storage.
I would send them back if I had any thought that I wouldn't receive another identically poorly packaged shipment in return!
As was mentioned by another reviewer...DO NOT order these as gifts!!

Are there humans packing these boxes...or primates? Just wondering!!!!
242676242676B000BJKCH6AMHMMIV3YGBZHSue B.1151254096000The best!In 2007 my husband and I were in France so he could ride his bicycle in the P-B-P--an amateurs' ride. We discovered Lavazza coffee at a nearby Mall--where I asked the barista to show me what coffee she was using. I began looking for the coffee, and found that Amazon offered it. I've been buying the 1.1 pound bricks through Amazon's Subscription service ever since. It is not bitter, and has a deep coffee taste. We put 4 expressos (now you know why I use decaf!) into 20 oz. cups with heated, foamed milk and a teaspoon of brown sugar. Ambrosia!
242677242677B000BJKCH6AKA4AA8Y669BNseeker0051343174400yumI love this decaf espresso coffee it is a nice treat to have the taste of Italy at home. You will not be disappointed.
242678242678B002LIUPFYAH1X5QHYR2VEZDYBeck0141294617600Guar gum for the gluten intolerant stomachGuar Gum Powder, 8 oz. Great product, great price. As a person that can not tolerate, Gluten, corn in any form, soy, any form of emulsifier, or food color, I have to be carefull. I tried this and it really improved the texture of the bread I baked. My family is happy with it, The only reservation I have is that I was a little dizzy the day after I ate it so I will wait a week and test it again. I really hope I am NOT sensitive to this as non gluten bread is not so good with out it. I will continue to use it for the family as every one else have had good results from it.
242679242679B002SHLJ8UAPVJ87SVGQW2TL. Johnson7741288742400Great Taste!This syrup tastes very good. Not quite as good as Starbucks, but comes close.
242680242680B002SHLJ8UA11JUOCIOK1I7H. Wright1111322784000Medicinal AftertasteI read the one glowing review of 1883 Pumpkin Spice Syrup and decided to try it, as I love the pumpkin flavored coffees in fall and winter! I recieved and immediately tried a spoonful to taste, ugh, tasted like cough syrup, very medicinal and not at all like a lovely pumpkin flavor I was expecting. To give it a fair shake, I made a cup of my favorite dark roast and added a few pumps, still awful, no pumpkin flavor just medicinal again! Too bad I have a whole bottle now, and beleived the one reviewer. Please try another brand!
242681242681B002SHLJ8UA38GJR6XPV1K95Fran0011338854400Amazon verified purchaseI was not happy with this product. It does not taste even remotely close to Starbucks pumpkin spice as one reviewer had noted. It does not taste like pumpkin at all.
242682242682B000NLO5RAA3JVLTDFAA97CSC. Liston0051293753600Yummy and chewyI've always loved these. I thought I'd buy one last carton before my teeth get any older. I really enjoyed them. They don't taste like fruit, they taste like Jujy. Love em.
242683242683B001D6CXEGAIQDUKFB4X38MVonMalcolm0041349136000Large, Dense, Flaky CrystalsI would recommend this salt more for aesthetics than for taste. Though this salt isn't my favorite sea salt flavor-wise, every once in a while I appreciate its 'high-pitched ping' aftertaste. The hunky, flaky crystals can be as large as a single die and can be crushed in between the fingers, if one has strong fingers. Taste: 3.75 stars. Aesthetics: 4.5 Stars.
242684242684B001D6CXEGADQGF68CXJOTXMaxine "Max"1231262995200Good Clean Taste But Wet Salt Requires A Special Salt MillI didn't realize that this was a wet sea salt or that wet sea salt doesn't work well in regular salt mills. My salt mill produced very little volume when using this salt and even after washing the mill thoroughly it had to be replaced because of what I assume to be resulting corrosion. I did some research and learned that this is typical when using wet sea salt in a regular salt mill and that Peugeot has developed a wet salt mill to address this problem, however, it seemed to me that the reviews were mixed and I purchased a regular salt mill and dry sea salt.
242685242685B004XNBQ5IA2SB7QP43RNWC9S Davis2251328918400My favoriteYay, no more expensive Starbucks Chai Tea Lattes! I love a cup when my day is finished and I can sit and unwind.
Not too sweet, no after taste, just yummy
Also good cold as well.
242686242686B004XNBQ5IA329TGH42TRIMZB. Sears2251325116800How I broke the S***bucks habit! My new go to drink!This is delicious! I have found my new go to drink, low in caffine only 10 mg with rich flavor lightly spiced. Yes it is a powdered drink in a k cup but tastes incredible! I believe this is the best of its kind out there.
242687242687B004XNBQ5IAARGG475OAYIFPat Fish of Tattoo Santa Barbara "patfish"0051349481600wicked tastyI like to be able to offer coffee to my clients, or tea, so a Keurig coffee maker has become a tattoo studio essential. This tasty flavor means I don't have to keep half&half or creamer on hand, you get a perfect mild creamy brew instantly. Much of the time I like a black tea, but if I'm feeling like something more sweet and milky this hits the spot.
242688242688B004XNBQ5IA9FFDAJ95OPV6Canis Diligo0031343520000Like these but...I think these are good and find them very relaxing, but they're too sweet. I have to mix them with another unsweetened tea or the sweetness gets to me. If they would just take some of the sugar out, they would be perfect.
242689242689B004XNBQ5IA3C26HADK8V9RFMarilyn Meredith "Marilyn, author and avid re...0051339200000I Begin Every Day with a Cup of Chai LatteThis is my favorite hot drink. I feel deprived if I don't have my Chai Latte.

Everyone on Facebook knows this is my favorite way to start my day. I always offer a cup to anyone who visits and he/she are always delighted by the wonderful taste. It's just sweet enough and quite smooth.

I make sure I always have enough Chai Latte on hand and this is the brand I always buy.
242690242690B004XNBQ5IA1J8V8AU6IUZ5PDonna Lungo0051335052800Yummy:)This chai is really good. I love a nice warm treat at the end of the day and this does it for me. I highly recommend this product.
242691242691B0049IH9BMA1UERKU137O93Mcheckmate0051338681600MissbThis product is wonderful. I have made frosting with this product for cupcakes and used to put frosting on a bundt cake. I will buy again.
242692242692B007KPFTNGA7UH9TYMOKHXDwinterqueen2251339113600Coffee snob gives thumbs up!I love my single serve Kurig, but couldn't find a k cup to brew a STRONG 6-8 oz cup. This is the strongest roast I've found with the best flavor (closest to a triple shot americano I can find), plus it's decaf, so you get all the best experience of the coffee with less caffeine!
242693242693B007KPFTNGA10J7EGHNVRFD6L. Rutledge1151341273600Perfect!If you are wanting a strong coffee to make cappuccino, this will do the trick. I use the 6 oz setting on my k-cup machine and froth my milk with an automatic milk frother. Once combined, it is perfect! Delicious! You will not know it's decaf...very strong and flavorful.
242694242694B007KPFTNGA506HOOCVL8GWJ. Kurz "J. Q. Public"0051351209600BEST cup of coffee I've ever had!I thought I'd splurge and try this coffee. It costs much more than other decaf K-Cup options. But I hoped that meant it was better coffee. It IS better coffee. I've never had a better cup of coffee than this. It is excellent when compared to any other decaf or regular coffee I've tried.

If you like BOLD, FLAVORFUL decaf coffee try this coffee and you'll really like it.
242695242695B007KPFTNGA2HY9R5BVVWDXWOwen C. Jones "Owen C Jones"0041347667200A little harsh for my palateI love Italian roast coffee and wanted this in K-Cup pods to use in my Keurig maker. I have used San Francisco Bay's French Roast but could not get Italian roast in that brand. This brand is a close second to other, smoother brands of Italian roast and works well as a basis of my Latte's made with my HIC milk frother. My order arrived on time as expected with Amazon Prime.
242696242696B00523NRQEA3PUXHZAZDH998Wendi H0041328659200sucker is not 6 inchesI was going to say the same thing the other buyer said (I placed my order before her review.) Was hoping the suckers were 6" not the sucker and stick combo. Other sucker descriptions on Amazon say the sucker is 2.5" and the stick is 4" which is the case here. I'm disappointed in the description but still able to use them. Also the box and suckers have stickers that say "Oriental Trading."
242697242697B00523NRQEAZX1PZRBP1FJDME0041328486400Nice product, smaller than expectedI purchased these for my daughter's birthday party, intending to incorporate them into a centerpiece. The description says that the sucker is 6". I thought that would be for the candy part, but apparantly that includes the stick as well. I really wanted the larger version, so I was a bit disappointed. I will still be able to use them, just not as originally intended.
242698242698B0043WFDE4AQPEE9SK7C61EMary3351305072000Better Dog BreathMy two little dogs have better breath and their teeth look whiter. Small dogs have lots of dental problems---but this product seems to be helping.
242699242699B0043WFDE4A3U1RC86XQJLB8Brad F. Scarborough1111325203200Not so fresh....I have been using this product religiously for about a month now and cannot see/"smell" that it has done anything to help with the bad breath issue that my cat has. I measure the amounts exactly so there is no issue there. Maybe it will work all of a sudden right when I need to buy a new bottle of it?! I would have to say avoid this product at this point and try something else.
242700242700B006126FTQATH7PLSZEF7AMkiddio1151329350400German Chocolate Cake K-CupsI bought this item for my husband as it is his favorite cake flavor. He was indeed quite happy with it. The vendor shipped it immediately and it arrived in two days as promised. Will buy this item again.

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