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242731242731B0040J1OCAA235UFZGCFN3J5Eva1151335312000Impressive Gift Basket with Loads of Snacks & Sweet TreatsMy gift basket arrived in a huge box..actually it was in a box inside an even bigger box with plenty of paper packing and a clear plastic wrap seal so the basket and all the goodies arrived in perfect condition. I really liked that almost all of the sweets, snacks, nuts and treats are from local California companies. Everything was fresh and delicious. The Butter Cookies were amazing! Same with the Wildflower Honey and nuts. I can't choose one favorite. I think anyone would enjoy this basket for the interesting (and tasty) assortment of treats.

Basket includes: Tavolare Savory Snack Mix, Artisan Break 3 Pepper Water Crackers, Beth's Chocolate Chip Cookies, Holly's Bakery Traditional Recipe Butter Cookies, Napa Mustard Co. Sweet & Spicy Mustard, Marin Bee Co. California Wild Honey, Godiva Signature Biscuits, Spanish Manzilla Olives, Almond Roca, Cashew Roca, Box of Godiva Chocolates, Nunes Farms Mocha Almonds, Fontazzi Butter Toffee Pretzels, Sonoma Jack Parmesan Peppercorn Cheese Wedges, Nunes Farms Roasted Pistachios, Smoked Almonds, Dolcetto Chocolate Wafer Rolls, Artisan Bread Sticks.
242732242732B0040J1OCAA3U6J0DLLDEWM2Jason Stokes0041340928000Good basket - and huge.This isn't one of those rinky dink baskets with a bunch of products that have HUGE boxes and like 3 crackers in each. I've gotten those before, and they suck. It's so misleading, and so frustrating as a gift recipient to prepare to dig into something great only to find the box is all empty air with a small cellophane package inside!

- Proper sizes of actual foods
- Almost everything was actually pretty tasty
- The basket itself is huge. Seriously, this thing could send a full grown adult down the river. Made it actually useful for other purposes.

- The cookies were melty, and had to be tossed. Summer in St. Louis.
- Some of the items were just eh. Not great, but not terrible.
242733242733B0040J1OCAA2NUBL2UYWPBWRC0041340668800Impressive looking, good tasting and good packaging.The main problem with sending gift baskets is wondering how fresh each item is and if it arrived in good shape and was well-received by the recipient.

This basket fulfilled and exceeded expectations in that:
1) All items were well within expiry date. No stale items.
2) All items were in good shape, no broken, melted, crumbled items, or dented boxes
3) Each item was secured in its place by a combination of paper padding and the entire basket was shrink-wrapped in plastic. There were no bits of tape and glue sticking items together as is common among other gift baskets. Removal of each item from the basket was frustration-free
4) The gift basket itself was shrink-wrapped in plastic and then wrapped with a large burgundy wired-organza bow that held its shape.
5) The basket itself was double boxed for shipment.

In addition,
6) each item either came from California (the theme of this gift basket) or was from a Californian gourmet company.
7) All items were either brand name or boutique brands in CA.

While the actual sticker-value of all types of gift baskets doesn't come close to what is actually paid, this one seems a much better value than your typical gift basket in that:
8) there are full-sized retail packaged items
9) 2 of these full-sized retail packaged items are Godiva brand.
10) All items arrived in good shape.
11) The basket (oval not rectangular as shown in the product photo) is of a decent quality and can be reused.

Overall, highly recommended for giving to an office or a family as there is enough in both quantity and selection for all to share and to suit different tastes.
242734242734B0040J1OCAA2WW57XX2UVLM6Talvi0051337299200The first gift basked I've truly LOVEDI send a lot of gift baskets because I have friends and work colleagues all over, and I tend to receive quite a few as well. My favorite thing to do is empty all the containers at once so I can have a giggle at how little food is actually in the basket. I'm happy to say that the California Bounty Gift Basket lives up to being bountiful (though resonates with California, where I lived for 20 years, only to some extent).

As with all gift baskets, almost all of the food is inside a bag that is inside a box. It makes for a handsome presentation, which is part of the wow factor of receiving a basket like this. Some observations:

- Came in a basket that was rounded, sturdy, and big with handles
- Delightful assortment of items, a real tasting adventure
- Enough for my whole family of 4 to enjoy over two weeks (ok well the toddler didn't have much)
- Some really nice 'luxury' items like Godiva chocolates (more than 50% dark chocolate) and Godiva cookies

- Snack mix (cracker rounds, pretzels, etc mixed together): tasty and very crunchy
- Three pepper water crackers: nice with the cheese
- Artisan breadsticks: rather like mild Ritz crackers in long thin crunchy form
- Smoked almonds: very salty and smoky well roasted almonds
- Parmesan peppercorn cheese: typical non-refrigerated soft cheese spread
- Pistachios
- Olives: fancy and tasty small green olives

- Toffee pretzels: a combo of sweet and savory, very interesting
- Jar of Wildflower honey: this is a pretty big jar
- Butter cookies: not like other butter cookies I've had, these were more like molasses cookies but still good (and crunchy)
- Chocolate chip cookies: the chocolate was mild in these, they were a little more like shortbread cookies
- Godiva cookies (biscuits): some had the chocolate separated from the cookie, but were still delish!
- Godiva box of chocolates: boxes this size are very pricey, so I was happy it was full sized for sharing
- Almond Roca (2 pieces): love, just wish there were more pieces!
- Cashew Roca (3 pieces): still like the almond better!
- Wafer rolls: a nice light treat

This is a basket that not only looks impressive but also has a delightful array of goodies in good portions to enjoy.
242735242735B0040J1OCAARXTMLP4DNAK6Mick McClure "Mick" California Bounty Gift BasketSent to my sister as a gift and she said it was great and with her being a wine drinker that is a good thing:-)
242736242736B0045TNQXAA27GEE5SKRW4ZIMr D.0051330214400Smucker's Orchard's Finest Coastal Valley Peach Apricot PreservesI love a good preserve and this version of Peach Apricot is a great tasting one. I buy all kinds of preserves. I've tried national brands, store brands, foreign brands, specialty brands that I pick up while on vacation, and homemade. As far as the Smucker's Orchard's Finest, I have tried the Strawberry, Tart Cherry, Blueberry, and Triple Berry, and the Peach Apricot. I find that the Peach Apricot is my favorite. I have compared it with a number of other Peach or Peach Apricot jams and preserves and can't find one other that is as good. My wife loves it also and we go through a least a jar a week. In fact the only thing wrong with it is that the jar is too small. I wish they made this in an extra large version. We spread this on whole wheat bread and the flavor is strong enough to hold up to the whole wheat bread taste. I like to go picking fresh tree ripe peaches when in season and enjoy the super sweet taste of a fully ripened peach. This preserve has the right sweetness and flavor that brings that sweet taste to mind.
242737242737B002ZCK2V8A39TFA9DXF0BK2Tonya0051259884800Great Christmas GiftI bought this wassail mix to give to my friend this Christmas. Of course, I haven't tasted it, but it smells delicious. I love the cute little poem on the back of the box.
242738242738B002JVDS5CAM9ALFOPYQNU2David Edwards2251334707200Great authentic Upstate NY Spiedie TasteI'm a New York transplant in North Carolina, and when I found this marinade in my local supermarket I went nuts. Not because I had heard of the brand name (I hadn't), but because it brought back memories of years I spent in upstate NY during and immediately following college.

Spiedies themselves aren't anything new. They're just shish-ka-bobs. Skewer some meat and veggies, throw them on the grill, take them off and slap them on some bread (or maybe serve them over a bowl of rice) and there you go. Upstate New Yorkers seem to take pride in their spiedies though, and the marinades used are all very similar in style and taste, so the spiedie experience seems to take on a life of its own - and it is something that is uniquely New York.

My wife and I purchased a bottle from the store and marinated our chicken for several hours and grilled it up. Oh man, did this marinade hit the spot! It tasted like everything I remembered from those years of eating them in college. After finishing the chicken, we went back out and bought 2 more bottles and marinated our next batch of chicken for a full 24 hours. Wow is it good! You really should try this stuff if you are a fan of marinades and grilled meat. By the way, this would work wonders with lamb as well.

Look for it at your local supermarket. If you can't find it, order it here. You won't be disappointed, and you'll probably become a fan. Trust me. ;-)
242739242739B002HQIKL6A14SQHX8V04BE5KMac0051347148800goodwas quite good.
used this for several things and was very happy with it.
would recommend it for other folks...
242740242740B000H25WPEAFHYEO3Y1IIDDmaximum verbosity6641304208000Really good BASE for Amazing Tortilla SoupThis is impossible to find around here now and paying this price online is way out of our budget. But when we do come across a package, it's one of the best tortilla soups I've ever made - WITH my creative additions :) I use this as just a base. Standing alone, I don't think it's that tasty.

Here's what I do: I mix the soup according to the directions (omit 2 cups of water, you're going to replace it later) on the package and put it in my crockpot on med or high, depending upon how much time you have. The longer you cook it, the more flavor it gets but if you cook it too long on high, the liquids will evaporate and then it just tastes bad.

THEN I add:
3-4 large boneless/skinless chicken breasts
one can of Ro-Tel
one 8oz can of stewed tomatoes (with the juice)
one can of chicken broth (this replaces the cups of water you left out originally)

Let this cook to on med for about 6 hours, or until the chicken breasts are done. Remove the chicken and shred it, then drop it back in. At this point, add in:

one 8 oz container of sour cream
8 oz bag of shredded fiesta cheese blend, taco cheese blend (or whatever kind of cheese you like that includes cheddar)

Stir everything up until you're sure the sour cream and cheese is mixed in. Put the lid back on, turn the crockpot up to high and let it cook for about another 30-45 minutes, depending on how hot your crockpot gets. Once the "broth" is a creamy, smooth texture, it's done!

Serve in bowls with fresh tortilla chips or strips on top (or on the side to dip as you eat). This makes a very creamy soup, too soupy for dip, but a nice thick filling soup that is pretty spicy (the Ro-Tel makes all the difference).

Tastes GREAT heated the next day, freezes OK, but can tend to get a little watery that way, so I don't really recommend it.
242741242741B000H25WPEA2L01339XV496VPatricia Smith2251216080000DELICIOUS!Had this for dinner this evening and it was a hit. Served it over tortilla chips. It had just the right amount of spice without being too hot. I think next time I will add a can of chicken to it to meat it up a little but it really didn't need anything more.
242742242742B000H25WPEA2P74W2J3FZYKCGardenia1151294185600Surprisingly delicious!Very very yummy! I'm impressed with technology---how could they make a soup so good come out of a dry bag? Amazing!

We added chicken, of course. We also had it with a sprinkle of cheese on top and dollup of sour cream, along with our own tortilla chips mixed in. Absolutely delicious!

It is especially delicious while camping. We tried the potato soup by Bear Creek as well, but I wasn't impressed. This was a great hot dinner with a camp stove (didn't add anything then, but it was still great because we were camping!).
242743242743B000H25WPEAFNBNERWFOXSUC. Morehead1151276732800The bestThis is my favorite prepared food. I add some pulled apart chicken breast, broken tortilla chips (the fresh made chip recipe on the bag are worth it, but I don't always have fresh tortillas on hand), and a small can of Rotel diced tomatoes. My family doesn't stop asking for it.
242744242744B000H25WPEA3ENN12GLNTUAFJ. Kennel "marriagefanatic"1151267574400Another hit from Bear Creek!I try not to change anything the first time I use a recipe, but I added leftover turkey breast to this soup and it was delicious. You can spice up or add to the soup, but it is fine as is--very hearty with beans and vegetables in it. Taste is subtle with light flavor of cumin, so you can make it hotter or chunkier or just eat it as is. This is a great deal and makes 8 servings, so it will really fill you up quickly if you serve guacamole, sour cream, salsa, and/or chips with it. Great for vegetarians. Nice quick tasty meal to add a little more variety to eating meals on the run and on a budget. Eight thumbs up from our house!
242745242745B000H25WPEA1ODQ7ZYL7QATWMom "Kitchen Queen"1151246838400Delicious!!!!This is by far my family's favorite soup. I add cut up chicken breast, a can of organic diced tomatoes and a cup of frozen corn to the pot. Very flavorful, great texture! Tastes great with a dollop of sour cream and tortilla chips. Thanks, Amazon, for carrying this item as I can't find it in the grocery store anymore!
242746242746B000H25WPEA2HVJ2VE11XNKZE. Toler "CNSA"0051297900800this is absolutely the BEST soup--this is absolutely the BEST soup-- too bad PUBLIX stores quit carrying it -- but thanks to you i FOUND it!!
242747242747B000H25WPEAI9J6FFQ9JITCMichelle A. Cunningham "Shelly"0051234137600DeliciousThis soup is so good and easy and there are endless possibilities. I added cut up chicken breast and 2 cans of mexican corn. It is nice and thick and the flavor is wonderful!
242748242748B000H25WPEA3JJEBQKMC5ZXHJ. Edward Few "Happy Retiree"0611299110400Should be - 5 StarsBased on reviews, I bought this "stuff", even my dogs won't eat it.
Some one got me again, probably won't be the last time that I buy "STUFF". You know what I mean...right?
But...the next time I see 5 reviews, 5 stars and no other reviews, I'll run like the wind.
Should be labeled "STUFF"
242749242749B000ULU4PAA16AXQ11SZA8SQMamaBear007 "MamaBear007"181851217462400A great variety of sea salt!This was my first sampling of the varieties of sea salt out there. I didn't really expect there to be much difference between the products (other than the color of the salts), but I was *so* wrong. Here's a rundown of each salt's characteristics:

New Zealand Salt -- tasted the most like table salt, but it was SO strong! You definitely won't need as much of this salt as with regular table salt. Probably less than half as much to give your food the same amount of saltiness that you're used to.

Alderwood Smoked Salt -- like regular salt, but with a smoky barbecue-ey flavor. Even food cooked indoors tastes like you grilled it over an alderwood fire.

Alaea Hawaiian Salt -- the most mild of the three, with a slight "ocean-ey" flavor and aroma. I think this would be the perfect salt for seafood.

After trying these three salts, I realize that the different sea salts really do taste different. I now want to try them all!
242750242750B000ULU4PAA38YA15XTW6CWGL55512459744003 great salts, one great pricehaving grown up on morton, a recent convert to sea salt, this opens new worlds, will become a staple in my kitchen, the taste,color, and texture of these salts are excellent, esp at 12$ for 3tins. 3.75ounces is alot of salt. will need a salt grinder.
242751242751B000ULU4PAA1WMI43IJQ5MT0Opera Lover "bhutros"2251252972800Exotic salts are a real flavor enhancer.These delightful salts are wonderful flavor enhancers and are a great additional for any cook.

As the title suggest-they are quality products.
242752242752B000ULU4PAA238DDO8OF14KXAmanda1131333324800not in packaging as pictured on websitethe website shows a stack of pretty canisters tied with a bow. What arrives is three salts shrink wrapped long wise with no pretty label, bow or instructions about how to use the salts. Very dull. No idea if the salt is good as it is a gift. Which I will now have to pretty up.
242753242753B000ULU4PAA2S0PHY12RYUHHJohn S. Rice "johnr43"0051326240000Salt of the EarthThe alder-wood salt mixes well with the NZ sea salt for a more delicate flavor. Love this brand of salt and the neat containers it comes in. High quality salt.
242754242754B000MS9AJMA1IBAXVEJ38KQDbobthedog1151299456000Dilly Dilly...Like the Rosebud Powder found here: Rosebud - Powder - 1.3 OZ , I purchased this for incorporation into homemade Ras El Hanout. Since the floral component of this Multi-Spice is quite small (floral powders easily overwhelming other flavours if overused), I ended up with quite a bit left over for use in my perfume-making hobby or in sachets, etc.

I found this to be a high-grade powdered lavender, the floral 'nose' being greater than the (wholly expected and natural) bitterness of it.
242755242755B009J2GVPSA23Y4K8MNEK4C2Y. Nagler0011201737600do you like water?i am a fan of the tassimo machine, and many of the t-discs. however the signature blend should be retitled the signature bland. perhaps i just look a fuller bodied coffee particularly in the morning, but this one was exceptionally disappointing to me... take note of the different roast levels posted on tassimos website before buying discs that cost about $.50-$.75 per cup...
242756242756B009J2GVPSA3J8MMZ62R8S30Nancy Cornelius "Nanny"0051168819200Coffee Lovers!Try the Tasimo coffee maker and the T-Discs and you will love it! The selections of coffees and creamers, and the great service you receive from Amazon is fast and stays up to date with each delivery. Thanks Amazon!!
242757242757B0012ORCPYA348IT6M7H8A67Bufster3282951272153600Great Price on Saffron with Subscribe & Save!I just ordered this McCormick saffron and I can't wait to try it. It's a really good price on saffron. I like McCormick seasonings so I'm sure it will be good, fresh saffron. I like that it comes in a glass jar to maintain freshness. I use a lot of saffron so I need a good price on it.

I hope Amazon keeps it at this price.

4/29 Update: Saffron arrived yesterday. Sturdy glass jar containing saffron inside of a waxed paper packet which was inside of an envelope. Demonstrates care for delicate, expensive product. Expiration date on jar is for 2014, so very fresh. Looks and smells fresh.

5/05/2010 Update: I have been using this saffron every day and I am really happy with it. It is potent and fresh and gives that beautiful yellow color to my grains. I use it in all my grains: rice, quinoa, barley, kasha. I use it in my curried cauliflower and potatoes too. Great deal on the world's most expensive spice!

Subscribe & Save is a fantastic deal on this product.
242758242758B0012ORCPYA2YMCPP3KW9IXUUSMC85161651283040000Very pleased with this purchaseI can smell the strong, pungent odor of the saffron as soon as I pull the envelope of it out of the bottle. I just put in a generous pinch into my rice cooker, and voila I have a delicious smelling, looking and tasting saffron rice every time. I've used the product about 4 times, and there is still plenty of saffron left in the jar.
242759242759B0012ORCPYA9HC04KKCC81YBabe V9951275696000Great Saffron!I tried several Saffron from local stores, and they all came disappointment. Either they have a really bad smell or they are not fresh or flavorful. Then I decided to use a more expensive one (or probably the most expensive one on the shelf) and the result turns out great! the product was sealed in the little envelop inside the sealed glass can to preserved the freshness of the saffron. With just a little of saffron in the Paella, it make my Paella very flavorful and coated with beautiful golden yellow color. The taste was superior, I can taste saffron even with very little saffron in it. Combine this spice with other spices I brought from McCormick for paella, and they all are great!
242760242760B0012ORCPYAR7OO7L1VEFXMRod Hays162151317600000Saffron: An Important Spice for Brain HealthSaffron comes from the flower of the crocus plant (it's actually the plant's dried stigma) has a reddish thread-like appearance, and is a rich source of carotenoid antioxidants.

Used since ancient times for a variety of medicinal purposes (saffron is known for its immune-boosting power, among others), in the modern day it is widely used in Persian, European, Indian and Turkish cooking, both for its unique sweet, grassy flavor and its ability to add vibrant yellow-orange color to foods.

There are quite a few studies that reveal saffron's beneficial properties, and one of the most recent showed promise for treatment of mild-to-moderate Alzheimer's disease. In a 22-week, double-blind study of patients with Alzheimer's, a saffron supplement worked as well as the drug donepezil (brand name Aricept), but with significantly less vomiting experienced among the saffron group.

The researchers noted:

"This phase II study provides preliminary evidence of a possible therapeutic effect of saffron extract in the treatment of patients with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer's disease."

It is becoming increasingly clear that supplementing your diet with foods and supplements rich in a variety of compounds, such as vitamin E, folic acid, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), and ALA (alpha-lipoic acid), may help reduce oxidative stress and delay the progression of age-related cognitive decline. And it appears saffron is no exception.

Separate research has shown saffron to help prevent and treat dementia, and inhibit platelet aggregation (which can lead to blood clots) and lipid peroxidation (which causes cell damage). It's also known to have chemopreventive properties against cancer, which are also strongly associated with the common saffron alternative turmeric (which is often referred to as Indian saffron). While in China, Marco Polo in 1280 AD recorded information on turmeric in his diary:

"There is also a vegetable which has all the properties of true saffron, as well the smell and the color, and yet it is not really saffron."

So, turmeric has been used as a substitute for saffron (an old world spice) in Europe for over 700 years, and this spice has been found to have many of the same health advantages, including showing promise for Alzheimer's.

If you've never tried saffron, the reason may be because it's earned the moniker "most expensive spice in the world." There are only three stigmas in each crocus flower, and it reportedly takes 80,000 flowers (about the number of plants on one acre of land) to produce one pound of saffron. Turmeric is much easier to come by and is also much less expensive, while offering many of the same potential health benefits, as well as the same characteristic yellow color.

* Görseller ve İçerik tekif hakkına sahip olabilir