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242761242761B0012ORCPYA2NN26PTFX3KR5Maeve Corby "arctic-wolfie"2251310256000Convenient, reliable source for an elegant spice!Because of its premium price, Spanish saffron is almost impossible to find in the spice section of even the most up-scale supermarkets. Many stores have resorted to keeping this product in the "customer service" area where you have to wait in line and ask for it (who has time!).

I was delighted to find that I could subscribe to have McCormick Spanish Saffron, 0.06-Ounce Unit delivered to my home on my schedule -- and for a price that is lower than most market prices for the same product. I enrolled to receive a bottle every six months. I may have to increase the deliveries. Having fresh, high-quality saffron on hand has inspired me to use more of it than I did when relying on the cut-rate stuff readily available in middle-eastern or Mediterranean markets.
242762242762B0012ORCPYA56DJHDZOTJB7Yossarian2251302393600Great ValueSaffron is so hard to find at grocery stores because it's too expensive to stock. However, that's misleading because a little Saffron goes an awfully long way. Buying Saffron from Amazon makes perfect sense and McCormick Saffron comes nicely packaged in an airtight container so you know it's fresh. Saffron is truly the King of all Spices.
242763242763B0012ORCPYA2V02DXI2CFJHAElisa1151332979200Great SaffronMcCormick Spanish Saffron, 0.06-Ounce Unit

I just received the McCormick Spanish Saffron, well packaged and protected in a box. I could smell the saffron from the sealed bottle, it was a wonderful fresh scent and when I opened it..oh my!I thought I was in heaven. I have purchased many many containers of saffron, some very expensive and some not worth the price, but this one is certainly worth the quality and the price. I will keep ordering every two months..maybe every month...
242764242764B0012ORCPYA2KB3SGOPB6TK5lovespets3451327536000Great giftI gave this to my 90 year old grandfather as part of his X-mas gift. At 90, he has everything he needs, and is difficult to buy for. He makes a specific bread that requires Saffron and so I knew that this would be perfect for him. It arrived promptly, and he loved it!
242765242765B0012ORCPYA1PDK6P3S9IH7UP. Smith3451322438400SatisfactoryI'm not an expert on the flavor or varieties of saffron, but having a recipe which called for it, I was pleased with this saffron. I've found this same brand in the grocery store and the price was comparable. Overall, I'm perfectly satisfied with this purchase.
242766242766B0012ORCPYASY74JEAJIBGKArun S2351313712000Nice Product!It is very nicely packed and its fresh. My wife is using it daily as its good for health during pregnancy.
242767242767B0012ORCPYA3ZJAA7YUTMR7Dol Dapi0051344816000good quality productThis is an awesome quality saffron and great price for the quantity. totally satisfied with the purchase, and will be ordering more in the future.
242768242768B0012ORCPYA2SU854ZMRS0WDmrjig0021343088000disappointedPrice seemed good,service good.
I was pleased with the color produced in my rice but the flavor was very weak.

I have used Penzys Spanish saffron for years and pinch for pinch the Penzys is far more flavorful than the Mc Cormick.
242769242769B0012ORCPYA3NC0ZH2HQVU4FAms1341313366400GoodI looked for this item in all the stores nearby. Could not find it. Then I looked on Amazon.
I purchased 2 bottles first. I opened the bottles and the smell was awesome. I found it so good that I immediately ordered 4 more.
242770242770B0072BHX6OA2WJMYE4UR49IEZoie I. Squire "Zoie"0051345507200I love your coffeeI was recently staying at The Kenwood Senior Suites in Cincinnati, Ohio. The coffee they served was the best I ever had and I am the biggest Starbucks drinker. I pulled the waitress to the side and asked her what kind of coffee she served us over the pass 4 days and she told me Douwe Egberts. So, I had to track you down to purchase some. Thank you for creating such great coffee.
242771242771B003WO07LIA3AU9ZDZW970UKR. M. Johnson1151312848000Cheaper by the dozen?Personally, I prefer to make my own cranberry sauce, but my husband insists on the canned version; and it must be jellied, not whole. So every time I make turkey for dinner I have to go out and buy a can of sauce. The last time I did that, I paid $2.49 a can; I was "fit to be tied"! So, I decided to take a gander at Amazon and there it was, a case of my husband's favorite sauce for a lower price and what's more; an abundant supply. Yes, I realize it will be cheaper in November and I will stock up then. For now, I am happy!
242772242772B003WO07LIA1ZH9LWMX5UCFJK. Stuckey "kateling"0151290988800my favorite any time of yearI like to stock up on this around Thanksgiving time when the stores have it on sale. The tang goes with nearly everything from traditional turkey to pork and even fish. It's an easy way to get a serving of fruit and has the benefits of cranberry juice.
242773242773B001E5DY80A1HFZ47G5P9EV7David Wolf "davidwolf84"0051266537600Love this Coffee!Everyone in my house loves this coffee. Very fresh and has a nice taste to it. I enjoy black coffee and this is perfect
242774242774B0089XJ5WEAO0HPTFIKQE9BStephen R. Scheffler "Alki food connoisseur"0041350950400Fun product to snack on and for use as a toppingIf you like to scrape the pan after baking this product is worth trying. Brownie crunch also makes a fun ice cream topping.
242775242775B0089XJ5WEA3HEK9IO2P6QIISusan Kenyon0051342483200Brownie CrunchSeth Greenberg's Brownie Crunch is sooooo good. I put a cut-up banana in a dish with frozen yogurt. I then sprinkled the chocolate chip brownie crunch over the top. It added just enough chocoalte without making it a heavy dessert like an actualy brownie would. Since I like crunchy cookis I especially enjoyed the crunch of this.
242776242776B000H228UQA1LGZ8ID721L3FE. Simpson "The Legendary Bookworm"3351313971200Best chocolate I've ever tasted.When I was a little girl my grandmother would go to visit her mom in Germany. The best thing I can recall about it was when she would come back with these lovely little blue square chocolate bars that I thought were amazing. I still do. Eventually we could buy them at a specialty store here in my hometown, and now I can buy them at Target (thank you, God) when they're in stock (which is hardly ever, for the milk chocolate).

To say that this chocolate is the best I've ever tasted is a complete understatement. All those years ago I had no idea, really, because we got them so rarely - plane tickets to Germany not falling of trees, you see. I didn't realize exactly how much of a delicacy it was until I was able to get it regularly and believe you me, there is no comparison. Hershey's? Not anymore. Reese's PB cups? Only if I'm craving. Dove? Oh hell no. Godiva? ...Sometimes, lol.

Ritter Sport? There is no comparison. It really is the perfect chocolate. Smooth, creamy, melting just so on the tongue. Not a trace of bitter, not overly sweet, an exquisite balance of flavor no matter what part of the tongue it hits. I would recommend this chocolate to anyone, anywhere. There is none better.
242777242777B000H228UQA2ZHDJRQWW6PBXZhe S. Liu2251275696000One of the best ChocolateMy girlfriend loves European milk chocolate and I got this for her. She loves it, and I am a happy dude.

Its very smooth, almost melt in your mouth, and there is no small grains at all.
242778242778B000H228UQA2X3L31KCXBHCLWorking Mom "Working Mom"2251265932800Delicious German ChocolateRitter Sport Milk CHocolate bar is a basic milk chocolate candy bar. It comes in a rather thick brick divided into 16 squares. These are large candy bars, the nutrition information says it's about 3 servings, a child or small person would probably be happy with 4 squares (1/4 of the bar). Personally, I eat the whole thing, If I bought these by the dozen, I would not be small.

THe chocolate itself is wonderful, smooth and creamy. It has about 30% cocoa content. If you prefer dark chocolate, Ritter Sport's dark chocolate candy is wonderful too.

Last week, we ran out of chocolate chips and wanted cookies, so we all coughed up our squirreled away ritter sport bars and broke them into bits. THose cookies were the best we've ever had.
242779242779B000H228UQAL2JEO45HRN55C. Mucci0051349049600melt in your mouth!This milk chocolate is my absolute favorite! Although, 4 squares is a serving size, 1 is all you need to enjoy the rich chocolate taste. Warning for the dark side; this may not be for you. I do not like dark chocolate, therefore this is a perfect blend of smooth chocolate cocoa taste without the bitterness. I give it as spontaneous gifts to friends in order to communicate my appreciation for the sweetness they bring to my life. Always a delight!!
242780242780B000H228UQA5YO6D3KN7GDRthenautigal0051342224000Ritter Alpine Milk Chocolate BarsBoth my daughter and grandson love this wonderful treat. My grandson also likes the milk chocolate with almonds as well. It is an excellent quality chocolate and much appreciated by all. We order this from Amazon all of the time and have never been disappointed by the packaging or the swift delivery. Thank you very much!!
242781242781B000H228UQA2GHI0511X8OEERamona Carbona0051338854400deliciousI'm not a fan of chocolate, but I actually love the Ritter brand. I can't tell you if it is the alpine milk or the chocolate beans that make this exceptional, but it is the only chocolate I crave. The milk chocolate version has a unique honey-like flavor. It is not overpowering, but it asserts itself. If you like honey and chocolate, try this!
242782242782B000H228UQA7EJERNB7IK3ZCQ DX1251315353600Some of the BEST milk chocolate EVER!I'm a chocolate 'conoisseur', which means I love chocolate, and have tasted many worldwide brands over the years. I'll just keep this review short and say that Ritter Sport Alpine Milk Chocolate is easily one of the best milk chocolates I have EVER tasted in my 50 years alive! It has a very smooth, milky, creamy texture, much like the great 'Lacta' brand of milk chocolate from Greece. The taste is very Euro as well, with hints of vanilla and caramel. I am salivating like Pavlov's Dog just writing this review...
242783242783B000BF3AIIA3NFR606Q5II6PCatty6651234137600Amazing!!I can't believe this product has been around for so long and we've only just discovered it now! I opened my first can of Diced Chik last month with a little trepidation after buying it at a local Kosher grocery store for a whopping $5.99 a can. I opened the can, turned to the fridge to get some mayo, and turned around to discover my three kids chowiing it down right out of the can! The taste and texture really are so good that you truly can eat it right out of the can, no sauce, no cooking, nothing! There aren't too many meat substitute products out there that can boast that!

In the past month I've used Diced Chik in chili, soup, tacos, omlettes, a pot's great for kids who may not like the flavor of beef substitute products. I have yet to find anything you can't use it in. For my family of five, we definitely need two cans for dinner. Our brownie troop has several vegetarian girls and we are definitely going to be taking Diced Chik camping with us.
242784242784B000BF3AIIAXQIHSF9KK7CODody5551209340800Convenient Vegetarian ProductThis is very handy, especially during the summer time. My favorite use of it is for chicken salad, made with celery, onion, and mayo or salad dressing. Delicious!
242785242785B000BF3AIIA3QJT4ZPC09HGMA Customer5551168473600Diced Chik is a wonderful productDiced Chik tastes just like Fri Chik - except it's cubed. It goes teriffic in a homemade vegetarian pot pie or "chicken" salad. I have used it in heavenly rice casserole and it was perfect. I prefer using it in casseroles over Fri Chik because it seems to stretch farther and it is diced better than I could dice up Fri Chik. It has a tasty broth like Fri Chik, that you could do countless things with, like: make a gravy, add it to your recipe or save it in a jar for another recipe. I highly recommend Diced Chik.
242786242786B000BF3AIIAM48SSKLEWURXDarcy2251196035200Please Worthington....don't stop making Diced Chik!This stuff is great! I used to clean out my local grocery of this product when ever it was stocked. I was so happy to find it here on Amazon after more than a year of not seeing it anywhere. I hate that it's unavailable now. It was a unique product.....there isn't another one like it on the market!
242787242787B000BF3AIIAKR5AG83ATKBCJF1151282867200Why such a dramatic increase in the price?I order these quite allot and they last me for a few months. My last order was March 4, 2010. I purchased "Loma Linda Tender Bits, 19-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)" for $46.80 & "Worthington Diced Chik, Fat Free, 13-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)" for $52.43 Sold by:, LLC.

Now Amazon wants $62.95 for the "Loma Linda Tender Bits, 19-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12) and $63.57 for the "Worthington Diced Chik, Fat Free, 13-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)". Why such a dramatic price increase? Especially in this economy?
242788242788B000BF3AIIAASQ9A40DVN0Oddfellow81151266364800Tuna Salad-Chicken SaladDiced chick

Add mayo- can of peas makes a great imitation chicken salad or tuna salad without the NASTY smelling tuna.
242789242789B000BF3AIIAN83CYKOL46ZIDavid Andora1141264809600great for making chicken/tuna salad!I'm a vegetarian who has tried just about all varieties of meat alternatives, and this unique product has one purpose in my life. I use it to make a chicken/tuna salad that the texture is perfect for. I mash things up a bit and the taste and unique texture is perfect. There are many other better chicken alternatives for other recipes/uses, but this is really perfect if you are looking to make a chicken or tuna salad type recipe/sandwich, etc...
242790242790B000BF3AIIA3T8VK60RSHNBFJennifer L. Madison1141245715200Pretty Close to RealWhen used in a salad or recipe, you could probably fool some meat eaters with this. I have not been a vegetarian very long, so I do remember what chicken tastes like. The broth from the can is also good. I have used that in soups & such when I was using the Diced Chik for other things.

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