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242941242941B005K4Q4KGA3OAYBV9IQV33CRob141441323648000Not bad. Not bad at all.I have read some really funny reviews about this product. Some complain that there is noting left in the pod after it has filled the cup, so 'therefore' it must have been an instant mix! Brilliant deduction, Sherlock! What did you see choco-grounds in the cup? Yes, it is no doubt cheaper to go some other route, that's why 4 instead of 5 stars.

But the taste is what you want to know about, right? The Dark Chocolate flavor is fairly robust with little 'grittyness' to it. Plop a marshmallow in the cup before brewing and you'll have a real treat! It comes out strong enough on either the 6 oz or 10 oz setting of the brewer. Not surprisingly, the milk chocolate flavor is not as strong and a little smoother. Marshmallow trick has a little different effect making the milk chocolate not only creamier and smoother but a little dilute too. So, maybe a few mini-marshmallows instead of a full-sized one for this flavor. Oh, and definitely go 6 oz cup. My oldest granddaughter and I contest for the peppermint chocolate. She wins, of course, but it's pretty good when I can get one. No marshmallow needed. The hint of peppermint is just enough. 6 oz cup on this one is the best way to go, too.

I think I got the cups sizes right. If I didn't, you'll figure it out. Btw, I'd imagine the reason it's always out of stock is because people keep buying it! I've dipped into the supply well a few times myself. Pretty good. Pretty cheap. Pretty hard to get at times. I'll buy it again!
242942242942B005K4Q4KGA2GR7SRMJ54RG7Book Vamp212351321488000Perfect CocoaEveryone in my family likes hot cocoa. I was running plain water through my k-cup maker and using hot cocoa from a canister but my kids didn't really get the right measurements and more often than not we would have overflow. So I decided to try this for my kids and it makes a perfect cup every time. No overflow. The taste is good, its creamy with enough cocoa to water ratio for my kids. I will be ordering this product from now on for my family.
In the interest of product comparison, we have ordered Timothy's white hot chocolate, and Green Mountain Hot cocoa, Timothy's was great, but pricy, and Green Mountain didn't really taste all that great to our family. It had a watered down taste to it.
242943242943B005K4Q4KGA1J92I2HPUPAXTJ. Moore111141322006400Tasty and at a great price.When I weigh the convenience of a K cup against the price and the taste, I would characterize these as a winner. Not the best cup of cocoa on the planet but compared to making it yourself or using a packet, these are pretty darn good. They nice a nice chocolate flavor with no funny after taste that I've had with some other brands. Do not select 10 oz on your machine though. Make it only at 6 or 8 oz otherwise it will be watery in my opinion. All in all a fine cup of hot chocolate.
242944242944B005K4Q4KGA1TTREMB4DDEX7ShanyaG.111151321228800Much better than expected, great for the kidsI am actually surprised at how good this product is. I am a Cuisinart Keurig owner with two teens that love to drink hot cocoa and cider pretty much year round.

Price point: The price for these at the store ( exact brand ) is almost triple of what we pay here for the same amount, with subscribe and save this makes these quite affordable for my family use. In comparison to other more expensive brands it's a great bargain without sacrificing quality over quantity.

Flavor wise: My kids love it, and have already asked me to purchase more. My daughter says that the peppermint is right on and not too weak even if using a larger cup. I love the dark chocolate in my coffee to make a mocha ( 10oz coffee to 4 oz chocolate ) and it's much better than some other brands that I have tried in the past.

Overall impression: Great value, good flavor, excellent price point I will be purchasing more.
242945242945B005K4Q4KGA1KNF8V0TT4LW2W. Hoyt "Pee Wee Shooter"101051319587200Rich, thick cocoa. Surprisingly good!Ordered on a whim. My first "Grove Square" purchase. Great for the family's occasional cocoa desire. Being a K-Cup it's fast and easy. Was a little worried the cocoa might leave some after taste in my coffee, so far so good. Great cup of dark, rich cocoa. Maybe could taste a LITTLE better if it was from a gourmet brand you mix yourself with steamed milk. The ease and simplicity, and lack of clean up, make this a better option for me. Will order again. Nice to see it on subscribe and save.
242946242946B005K4Q4KGA1MVN7BGX0CYKDL. Silver "amazonophile"7751319155200Pleasantly surprisedMy box of Grove Square Hot Cocoa arrived today and I've just tried it. Delicious. Made a big cup [by mistake] but I'm happy with the flavor and consistency. No off tastes that I can discern. A little disappointed at high sodium content. Nice to have as fall starts to chill.
242947242947B005K4Q4KGA2B0NY2EROZMSOHal DeVore0021328572800Sucralose!I really, really dislike Sucralose. I don't like the taste, the aftertaste, or the after effects. I bought this based on it NOT saying it was "diet" or "low calorie". The first ingredient is Sugar so it's only partially sweetened with Sucralose. Sucralose is buried way down in the ingredients list but the taste is noticeable.

Sure wish Amazon contained the full nutrition and ingredients labels from all food products.
242948242948B005K4Q4KGA2Y8ISBLBKS74ND. Henderson "exploring my world"0051328486400Tasty and Good for Weight Watchers!OK - this is not the finest European chocolate. BUT, you can make it in your Keurig and all 3 flavors taste good. I've joined the "club" and get the lowest possible cost. No charge to join and no effort to quit. Why not? It's nice to have when you're dieting, because it's just enough chocolate to keep you on track. Non-dieters will like it for the convenience.
242949242949B005K4Q4KGAY6MB5S44GMH4Jolan0051328486400Yummy!!I've tried a few different Hot Cocoa brands for my Keurig... And have been disappointed EVERY time, until now! Cocoa brews smooth and full flavored-on either the small cup size or the medium! I add a splash of almond milk and I'm ready to go :) Perfect! I'll definitely buy this again.
242950242950B005K4Q4KGA158R7U24SFS1Tautoworker0041328400000Hot CocoaI recieved a Keurig K-Cup Brewer for Christmas with sample cups of coffee and tea but no cocoa so I tried this brand and I like them but I haven't tried other brands yet to compare with. I would buy these again until I find one I like better.
242951242951B005K4Q4KGA3912Y5CRG5D1AIcey Sparks0041328313600k-cupsI see a lot of complaints about Grove Square hot chocolate. I think it tastes ok considering it's a k-cup, not homemade and not gourmet. I don't have anything negative to say the company or the product, it's relatively inexpensive and the company didn't falsely advertise or make any promises about the taste.
242952242952B005K4Q4KGA15T9G38F589KMKay Hayes "knitting ninja"0041328227200Not bad, not bad at allI really like hot cocoa! I like it sooo much that I have a Cocoa Latte machine, which is great, but sometimes I just want one cup of cocoa not a whole pitcher. When that happens I used to put on the kettle and heat up the water, then pour in a packet of cocoa mix and stir, and stir, and stir. And after all that stirring, I'd still get little lumps in my cocoa. With the K-cups, I get smooth rich cocoa with NO lumps and NO clean-up. Easy and yummy!

Please note: THESE ARE NOT SUGAR-FREE. The very first ingredient in each flavor is sugar and I did not see any artifical sugar listed in the ingredients. Each cup has only 60 calories, but if you want sugar-free or are diabetic then this product is probably not for you.
242953242953B005K4Q4KGAXMBQBI7N8L37Michael J McCullough0051328140800TASTE GREATVery good hot cocoa. And price was right

Awesome and passing the word on the item. Will buy it again
242954242954B005K4Q4KGA12NJLAHKB8DVMTrudy Myers0051328140800Yummy!The thing I like most about this brand of hot chocolate is that once I remove it from the keurig, it doesn't leak all over the place. For some reason, all the hot chocolates I've purchased before leak all over when you remove them from the coffee pot. My coffee doesn't do that so not sure why that is. This is a great deal for the amount you get as well, and taste yummy!
242955242955B005K4Q4KGAW9KV1KKSBOY7Deidra Nickerson "Crazy about Books"0051327968000Best EverI found this brand and the fact that it was dark chocolate made it by far the best I've had for my Keurig. I will continue to order this particular brand.
242956242956B005K4Q4KGA1AVDAS4VK9FCLJoe H.0051327968000Good Hot ChocolateI love these hot chocolates. I think they're way better than the cafe express hot chocolates. These and the Swiss Miss hot chocolate are my favorite K-Cups. And the price of these are the best I've been able to find. My girlfriend and I have already gone through about half of them in about two weeks, and I never used to drink much hot chocolate.
I recommend these
242957242957B005K4Q4KGA3L4LBON8P64YQKool-aid0051327968000Yummy!I really enjoy this hot chocolate with a little fat free half & half for creaminess. Being that I am not a coffee drinker these k cups offer a nice change from tea. The local stores sell this as well but it's half the amount of cups and almost the same price. Buy from Amazon.
242958242958B005K4Q4KGALD467ZEFBPDFDenDen "Dennis"0041327881600Not bad for the price!I like to brew a k-cup cocoa into my coffee for a nice mocha. This dark chocolate flavor is quite nice, especially mixed with Double Black Diamond coffee. Though not the very best, it is good, and the price is right, compared to other brands.
242959242959B005K4Q4KGANTA6BNDLCQP5saschiesmum0011327881600NASTYSince I am willing to try alot of new things. I thought that I would buy this product.. And since I do like hot cocoa, I bought 2 boxes.. WORST thing I could have done.. This is bland, with very little flavour. It also has a grainy texture near the bottom of the mug.
Personally I will not buy this product again. I will stay with swiss miss or another hot cocoa brand for the Keurig K-Cup
242960242960B005K4Q4KGA2YLKQJOGJ8R85Pinkrabbit0031327795200Grove Square Hot CocoaDoes not have a rich chocolate flavor. Tastes a little watery. Not sure who a makes a great cocoa but this is not it.
242961242961B005K4Q4KGABR831QWGPDEEM. Dodson0041327795200Pleased with itTaste was decent, a little sugary, but very creamy otherwise. Very happy with this product. I will be buying this product again. Packaging interesting, as it's a giant box for the product to float around in until it delivers to your house.
242962242962B005K4Q4KGA32Q1A49UMZF8ZMichael Edwards0051327708800Grove Square Hot Chocolate is the best.Grove Square Hot Chocolate is the best K-cup hot chocolate. I read many reviews before making this purchase, and now I agree, and will continue to buy this brand.
242963242963B005K4Q4KGA1YDGQVKRRM1E4Amy B "AmyB"0041327449600Great hot chocolate and reasonable priceMy kids have been begging for hot cocoa k-cups and when I found these so reasonably priced I decided to give them a try. We all loved them.
242964242964B005K4Q4KGA22IQ8J47JT0D1Elizabeth0021327449600Tastes "off"This tastes like it has artificial sweetener in it and doesn't taste very chocolatey. The name brand cocoa Kkups are better, or just dumping a regular cocoa packet in a cup and running the water through into it is better.
242965242965B005K4Q4KGA19N2TU4D31BT6Lee Strain0041327449600Peppermint is our favoriteAll three tastes rich and chocolaty, not chalky at all. We were surprised how good they are, better than any other K-cup cocoa we've tried.
242966242966B005K4Q4KGA2CTJIFF789PIOBoyer800011327363200HorribleJust plain nasty!!! This item tasted like cardboard, very watered down and no flavor to it at all. Very disappointed
242967242967B005K4Q4KGA1INQFWF0KH8LSjro2020 "James to you"0051327363200Best K cup hot cocoaThis brand is by far the best K cup hot cocoa not that that says much, but it is thicker and less disgusting than the rest.
242968242968B005K4Q4KGA3N4FFGX8CCHLM. Miles "smilesonemillion"0021327276800Not goodThin, runny, and the fake milk powder used to add "creaminess" has an off flavor. Better off eating your ceramic mug.
242969242969B005K4Q4KGA1CYKFUPE5ZGBAMike G "Mike G"0051327190400Great Tasting! Great ValueYou can't beat this deal! 3 Boxes of 16 K-Cups for little more then $20. No other store can even match that price for Hot Chocolate K-Cups. Your normally going to be paying around $12-$16 for 16 K-cups alone. This package give you 48 K-Cups for a great price.

The Hot Chocolate itself is great tasting and can be used on mostly all settings for the B70 except for the travel mug. Low in calories and great tasting. Defiantly a must have if you own a Keurig brewing system!
242970242970B005K4Q4KGA2BBFUVBU808RIJennifer Bowens0041327190400TastyNot too sweet. The best K-cup hot chocolate I've tried thus far. The kids loved drinking and making the hot chocolate.

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