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243004243004B005K4Q4KGA189ECG9L1QRPEDale Borja0051325980800This hits the spot!Sometimes, I'd rather have cocoa instead of coffee at work. This meets my cocoa craving. I do not need to add sugar - just add water and brew!
243005243005B005K4Q4KGAE0UBGMCP5WRXLaura Monaco0051325808000Yummy!Everything you'd want from a Hot Chocolate...creamy, milky, tasty, makes you happy :) I can't wait to try the other flavors!
243006243006B005K4Q4KGA1U2OC5AGAYERGNaomi O0051325721600delicious!i have tried many brands of the hot chocolates but this by far has been the best. now, i realize it is thousand percent cheaper to just use the package you can buy at the store and add water but if you want to impress than this is the product.
243007243007B005K4Q4KGA1M4IW1VQIMD83K. Addison0051325635200Excellent Hot ChocolateHaving tried all the varieties of hot chocolate k-cups, Grove Square's are by far the best. They are very chocolaty, rich, creamy, and leave very little sludge in the bottom of your cup. Yum...
243008243008B005K4Q4KGAX5JN0IW5OIGMA. MOHR0051325548800Best Hot Cocoa EverI must say I was pleasantly surprised. I don't drink coffee and I was searching for more hot chocolates for my Keurig. I am a Milk Chocolate fan, but with Grove Square the Peppermint and Dark Chocolate are by far the better choice.Both have a sweetness I wasn't expecting. The flavor is great and I don't want to share. I am definitely reordering more.
243009243009B005K4Q4KGA10VCCF3QS34YLLogo0051325548800BEST HOT COCOA YETThis is by far the best hot cocoa I have found yet for the Keurig. I love the assortment and the peppermint is my favorite. I would give these try for sure if you are looking for some hot cocoa K-cups. All the other selections for hot cocoa that I have tried were just okay tasting. These are AMAZING!!!! LOVE THEM! I will order these for sure again!
243010243010B005K4Q4KGAM1A219XG2N0NCameron0021325548800Horrible Taste!I just got a Keurig a few weeks ago and wanted to get some hot chocolate for it as an alternative to coffee. I didn't have super high expectations, but these are absolutely awful. There is a very strong plastic/chemical taste to these k-cups. I tried all of them and tried putting some milk in them to help mask the chemical taste and nothing will help. The only reason I gave these k-cups 2 stars is because my boyfriend can "tolerate" them, but I don't trust him because he'll eat just about anything. In his opinion they are "not that good" but he will still drink the mug.

From what I've read of other hot chocolate k-cups, you'd be better off just buying a regular mix and doing it that way!
243011243011B005K4Q4KGA32HA9IME9E88VMargret Schmidt0051325462400So much better than Cafe Escapes!After being disgusted by the brown water created by the Cafe Escapes dark chocolate cocoa, we were THRILLED to find these dark chocolate cocoa k-cups. Delicious!
243012243012B005K4Q4KGA1UGOW7077WN1CMary L. Oreilly "Pemdas5x5"0051325462400THE BESTThis is the best Keurig K-Cup hot chocolate you can buy. I've tried others, but will never buy any other brand again.
243013243013B005K4Q4KGA3BUHBDXMI7ZSOSarah's Dad0041325376000Grove Square Hot ChocolateThis Hot chocolate tasted very good! The whole family liked it!!! It is a nice change to make Hot Chocolate instead of coffee inthe Keurig coffee maker. We wold purchase this again.
243014243014B005K4Q4KGAUH792DXLWGXWBeth(bookaholicmom)0051325116800Great Hot Cocoa!We had previously tried another brand of hot coca k-cups. We bought these since they seemed to be a pretty good value. We actually like the taste and flavor of these more than the other brand we tried. They have just the right amount of cocoa and sweetness. We like the variety of flavors in the pack also.
243015243015B005K4Q4KGA3UJC2AG9Z6CHXMelody Nye0051325030400great assortmentI am so glad that this hot chocolate is available for Keurig. Previously the brand of hot chocolate available was only so-so, but this is definitely better. The variety pack is just right for every mood and every guest. I never find myself with too much of any one flavor left over. Move over coffee lovers, we cocoa drinkers have found a home!
243016243016B005K4Q4KGA3E0OQIXU6S3CIRobert Foster "robfos9"0041325030400GOOD NOT GREATI have tried a few of the cocoa cups and find this product about average. Unless you stir the cup the cocoa will taste watery for a few sips.
243017243017B005K4Q4KGA1YCWZWOXLUAY5Mom of Four Sons0051324944000Yummy!I've heard over and over that people are having a difficult time finding a hot chocolate pod to enjoy in their Keurig K-cup brewers. The search is over! This Grove Square Hot Cocoa received four big smiles from my sons. They just went on and on about how delicious it was! I love having this new coffee pot where it's fast and convenient for all of us! Super happy with this purchase.
243018243018B005K4Q4KGA1CVQY61GRH0D5P. MacMillan0041324944000Good for the moneyReasonable in price, tastes good. Prefect for Keurig, which can be pricey. We will probably buy this again. It is mostly for the kiddos anyway!
243019243019B005K4Q4KGA2E7V2OVK745M2CC0051324771200yumm!!These are so nice and creamy! Usually I don't justify buying k-cups for things like cocoa that you can get cheaper in a packet, but this is so convenient and very good tasting .. way better than most powdered cocoa packets I've tried. As far as price comparison, it is equivalent to gourmet-types of cocoa that would easily cost $1+ per packet. I also like that it comes in a variety pack with 3 flavor options. Highly recommend
243020243020B005K4Q4KGA3D064ZZ78F7I3RiversRhapsody0041324684800Yum!I ordered this wanting to try a hot chocolate on my Keurig, and I am very happy with this product. I will definitely be ordering it again. That being said, I dislike hot chocolate made completely of water, so I do add a splash of Half and Half to my cup when I make this. Thus, I didn't want to give it a 5 star rating since I do doctor my cup up a bit at home (otherwise I would have). However, I won't even venture to make a cup of hot chocolate in a packet from the grocery store with water, I use 100% milk usually for those and they still don't measure up to this product from Grove Square. So, the fact that this tastes so good made with water and a bit of creamer to me speaks volumes. I do have to say that this is by far the best cup of instant cocoa that I have ever tried at home. Compared to the Swiss Miss in the cupboard this had a distinctly grown up taste to it. I'm a big fan!
243021243021B005K4Q4KGA2QVVTHWO6EKUZKaren Fish0051324598400Great Product!Great product at a reasonable husband's favorite! Loves the dark chocolate although we get the pack of 3 that includes light, dark and peppermint also. Shopped around and this is a bargain and surpasses the other cocoa k-cups we have tried in taste.
243022243022B005K4Q4KGA25FL6VLD7S23SOILMAN "OWEN"0051324598400EXCELLENT PRODUCTI bought this item for my elderly Mom, to use with the new Keurig Coffee machine I purchased for her. SHE LOVES IT!!!!!!......I WILL BE ORDERING MORE!!!!!!!!
243023243023B005K4Q4KGAXB71BWGYSWYWSasha8 "and Sam"0051324512000Tastes Great!Bought this as a gift and was told it tastes really great! Too bad I don't have one of those machines, otherwise, I'd try them out myself. I might have to consider getting one! If you really like it, you can save some money by subscribing to it for automatic deliveries and to make sure you don't run out.
243024243024B005K4Q4KGA1GO93ZN6M0AR5grannypat340051324425600yummy!!! And fro Amazon too..........This is great hot chocolate.....Not watery like some others and my husband really likes this one.....Thank you. Pat Greenough, Boise, Id.
243025243025B005K4Q4KGA28MNT19R5LP9RB1gD4ddy0051324425600Perfect Hot Choc Variety BoxWe love this variety box in our house, we subscribe to ensure we never run out. I use the 'Dark' to make Mocha, my wife loves the 'Peppermint' and i drink the 'Milk' whenever i fancy a hot chocolate.

The Dark makes a great mocha, just do half a cup of the Dark Cocoa and half a cup of your favorite coffee, add whipped cream on top, delicious. Also worth noting, you can try some of the flavored coffees in your Mocha and rustle up some great combos. I am not a fan of flavored coffee, i struggle to drink a cup but as a Mocha, delightful.

Drinking the Peppermint or Milk as a hot chocolate, we add a little milk and whipped cream on top, delicious.

I highly recommend this variety box if you are considering buying it. :-)
243026243026B005K4Q4KGAF3ZIGIYXZUMHK. Te "Gadget lover"0021323820800You get what you paid forWell you get what you paid for. While this milk chocolate k-cup is pretty cheap $12.95 per 24 (54 cents per count) but it is not good. It tasted like watered down chocolate (as if you put in too much water and not enough milk or chocolate/cacao for that matter). This thing is sweet tho, in fact kinda too sweet for my taste (i am beginning to think half of the powdery content is sugar/sweetener). I thought it was the amount of water that made it taste watered down so I lowered the cup size from 8 ounce to 6 ounce on my Keurig brewer and it's the same thing.
243027243027B005K4Q4KGA4SUQHLSOX6BTCarla L. Brandy0051323648000The Best of All of ThemI've tried ever single brand of K-cup hot chocolate and this is absolutely the best one. It is the only one that actually tastes like the real stuff.
243028243028B005K4Q4KGA49ON55UBX8GEpatricia0051323648000hot cocoa cupsgreat price for the 24-count, my dad will love this gift since he loves hot chocolate and drinks about three cups a day, quick to receive.
243029243029B005K4Q4KGA1AFSBZ63FL8YAT. Gunby "Tanya"0041323561600Surprisingly goodIt appears a little watery, but the taste is not bad at all. If you have kids that are as fascinated by the Keurig as you are, they'll probably enjoy this.
243030243030B005K4Q4KGA2PPWMMZER5JTTtootsie0051323388800Very good hot cocoaI enjoy this cocoa very much, the children love it and drink it often. I would purchase this product again.
243001243001B005K4Q4KGA2V8W49S1JDBZNCourtney0051326067200GreatI bought these for my mom and she loves it. She mixed eggnog with the dark chocolate. She enjoyed melting pepermint candies in too.
243002243002B005K4Q4KGA1SK9O1C7KOLMHThomas A. Juarez "Tom"0051326067200Great!I bought this mostly because i wanted the peppermint hot cocoa, but i fell in love with the milk chocolate one. The peppermint was pretty good as well...good cocoa!!!
243003243003B005K4Q4KGA1KASP8RYZ60A2katyroadpink0011325980800So bad I had trouble giving it away!I tried to find the ingredients for this hot cocoa before I bought it, but couldn't find anything online. Turns out it has one of those mile long ingredient lists, and yet, that didn't help the taste at all. It is awful.

I had three boxes of the stuff sitting around for a month and couldn't find any takers. I finally got rid it of it at the Christmas White Elephant gift exchange at work. I put it with a nice cookbook, which was the real present, and wrapped it real prettily. Unfortunately, the boss ended up with it. I haven't asked him if his family enjoyed it because I don't want to put him on the spot. Judging by the reviews, there are a lot of people who like it - hopefully, he will, too. Maybe it just depends on how your taste buds are trained. Mine grew up with hot chocolate made on the stove, with milk, cocoa and sugar, and maybe a tiny pinch of salt. Compared to that, this stuff tastes like a chemical experiment.

Anyway, instead of trying one of the other brands, I now heat some milk in the microwave, stir in a couple spoonfuls of Hershey's cocoa and some sugar to taste. It takes about three minutes, and it's delicious. Now, where did I put those mini-marshmallows?

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