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243091243091B005K4Q4KGAUBRIJEO0DY7Fmonicalemon3351324512000Wonderful Hot CocoaGREAT! Hot Chocolate! By far the best Kcup hot chocolate I have found. I use a little milk or half and half and it's so..... good. I definitely will order again! Thanks for the super FAST SHIPPING!
243092243092B005K4Q4KGACR6QJNQON47XCB1233351324339200DelishMy whole family loves this product, often times we struggle to find something like this that we can all have (some members of my family have severe nut allergies). This product is nut free and clearly states what the ingredients are.
243093243093B005K4Q4KGA3J56VQ11MKTJTD. Janz3341323043200Very acceptable K Cup Hot ChocolateUnlike some others, this is actually IN a K Cup and not just an overpriced version of Swiss Miss. While the flavor is not super premium like a Godiva or Ghiradhelli, it is better than your average instant mix and much better than the other weak K Cup versions I've had. The sucralose does give it an aftertaste that reminds me of the sweetness of a commercial cake mix, but it isn't unpleasant.

I like to brew this on the smallest setting (4oz) and then add milk to fill the cup and warm it in the microwave, I think that gives a richer taste. The peppermint is my favorite, followed by the dark and then the light chocolate. They are all very good. My only wish is that I could buy the peppermint on its own and not in a combo pack only.
243094243094B005K4Q4KGAK8XIWE6OCE3ODragon_Lady3341322352000Pretty goodThese are the only kind of cocoa k-cups I have tried, as I have a fairly new machine. My only complaint is that it seems like the taste of chocolate in the milk chocolate version needs a bit of a boost. However, I usually add another teaspoon of regular cocoa mix and the taste is great. The peppermint and dark chocolate k-cups are delicious. Definitely worth a shot for this great price!
243095243095B005K4Q4KGARAKTT5M3DDYAJustMe3351319587200Good StuffWhole family liked all three flavors. We've had some of the other brands of hot chocolates and they were good also but just couldn't get myself to pay that much for hot chocolate. The price was right on these for sure but I was skeptical after reading reviews on the coffees made by this brand. But it's just hot chocolate so I figured what the heck. All three are actually plenty chocolaty on the biggest size serving. Honestly, I think they're a little bit better than the other brands we've had.
243096243096B005K4Q4KGA232R554J2QZR1James C. Boland5651320278400nice flavorWhat I really like about this selection is the choice of three different hot cocoa chocolates. My favorite is the mint chocolate for it not only tastes like mint chocolate but it has the aroma of a hot mint chocolate. The milk chocolate and dark chocolate are equally flavorful as well. The price through Amazon is very reasonable.
243097243097B005K4Q4KGA35MXI294400EWA. Henderson2251328572800Wonderful!Very good hot chocolate. Nice rich flavor. We used the smallest setting on our Keurig, and made sure to shake it to make sure the powder was loose in the K-cup. The K-cup was completely empty after brewing. There is sucralose in it, but I could not detect the aftertaste of it. I'm pretty sensitive to that aftertaste. I will buy this product again.

Here are facts on the box:

Calories 60, Fat (Saturated)2g, Sodium 220mg, Carbs 11g, Fiber <1g, Sugars 6g, Protein 1g (if it's not listed it is 0)

The ingredients list for this is:
Sugar, Glucose Syrup Solid, Cocoa (Processed with Alkali) Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (may contain Coconut, Soybean, Sunflower, Palm and/or Canola), Nonfat Dry Milk, Modified Whey, Maltodextrin, Salt, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Caseinate, Cornstarch, Lactose, Dipotassium Phosphate,Sucralose, Mono- And DiGlycerides, Silicone Dioxide, Silicon Dioxide, Soy Lecithin, Artificial Color. Contains Milk and Soy.
243098243098B005K4Q4KGA3EDHHNA8R84S6Siannaj2241325548800Good Chocolate!The price is wonderful! The Hot cocoa tastes great in 6 and 8 oz but 10oz was a bit watery to me.
Dark Chocolate: YUM
Milk Chocolate: Is very yummy
Peppermint: For me wasn't enough peppermint but I just add a candy cane to mine.
I would recommend this again and plan on ordering more soon!
243099243099B005K4Q4KGA1NUBEE4QFU1YRBarb H "Barb H"2211324512000Not my favoriteWe prefer the Swiss Miss brand K-cup. This one was watery in both milk and dark chocolate. This is my least favorite of all k-cup brands.
243100243100B005K4Q4KGA2KM0NWZ830SRPCountry Mama2211323302400Good Price, Bad TasteNice price, and glad to see a subscribe & save option on k-cups. However this was undrinkable in our opinion. Didn't seem to be too watery like another reviewer said, just a bad off taste.
243101243101B005K4Q4KGA120BPRX233DLLGreg "smitz0327"2231323216000I like it but the costI think the hot cocoa taste great but my wife thinks it is watery. My wife is a big Swiss Miss drinker and knows her hot cocoa. Not sure I will buy again because of the cost of paying for the k cups. Sometimes I think you are better off buying Swiss Miss packets and just use the hot water function on the k cup machine.
243102243102B005K4Q4KGA35MLHJG9ZRWL7Roxie "Roxie Muzic"2241323129600If You Are Wondering???Unlike the other hot chocolate(s), this one does not have that obnoxious after taste. What a relief. When I purchased my Keurig it came with a box of 16 hot chocolate K-Cups (name not used to protect the guilty), that have the most indescribable, particularly unpleasant after taste, all due to the "fake" sugar that seems to comprise most if not all of the product.

This manufacturer does use some sucralose, but no where near the amount that "other" uses. In fact, it actually tastes like hot chocolate during and after the sipping. WhooHoo!!!!

Will be ordering more - Thank You for my Kuerig hot chocolate reaffirmation.
243103243103B005K4Q4KGA38AK9ROCL1UN6Deanna M. Mcdonald2251321833600Winter delight!!What a fun winter treat! This is a perfect cup of cocoa in seconds! We like to put a tablespoon or two of heavy whipping cream in the bottom of mug before brewing! A family favorite.
243104243104B005K4Q4KGA387PIZQDJCK23Robert D. Gregory "Sgt Bob"2251320710400Excellent Hot ChocholateWas skeptical about the quality of hot chocolate from a K cup but Grove Square is amazing. It is just as good as making it from scratch but without the fuss. The milk chocolate is mild, the dark has enough bite to make it interesting and the peppermint is perfect for after dinner.
243105243105B005K4Q4KGA2C494FJ3TX9DIDanielle Clayton2251320451200Great!I love these! The price is VERY good...all the flavors are really good! The peppermint one is my favorite and I would gladly take more of that before the others. Though the others aren't lacking at all, I'm just a peppermint fan! Will be buying more when my others get low! Thanks so much!
243106243106B005K4Q4KGA2RKL3Y3YV0D50Susan Kornblut "marathon woman"2251319587200Grove Square Single Serve Hot Cocoa For KeurigI like this hot cocoa very much it has a very rich taste compared to the others I have tried.Just bought some more of these.Grove Square Single Serve Hot Cocoa Cups, Milk, K-Cups for Keurig Brewers, 24-CountA+++!!!!cocoa!
243107243107B005K4Q4KGASGWEAO5R1NI7Janet W. Lindsey2251319500800Delicious!!I was skeptical about buying this because all of the other hot cocoa items I've purchased for the Keurig have been awful. I was pleasantly pleased with this! It is simply delicious! I will definitely reorder!
243108243108B005K4Q4KGA1BYJS65KM4PWUC. A. Miller2241319414400Really good!This is a really great K-cup cocoa. I had been drinking the Cafe Express but they have really gone up lately so this is a good buy . Nice creamy chocolate flavor so I switched to this. I found it at Walmart but this price is better here for the 3 pack. Give it a try :)
243109243109B005K4Q4KGA2U74VFUK2XO3NMogg2251319414400Great tasting cocoa for your KeurigFor those who do not drink coffee, this is a great compliment to the teas and ciders also available for your Keurig.
243110243110B005K4Q4KGA2YHXAZLCLDT8DMark Smith "Food lover"4551319068800Great cocoa !!Super good price and the best k cup cocoa we have found.

I am glad I found this for our family before the big cocoa season hits !

love it
243111243111B005K4Q4KGAUVUTAC87UL1XLisa Chu "twin_mommy_in_CA"1131350950400It's office hot cocoa - but add milk and it's halfway decentI didn't expect much from powdered cocoa in a cup, but here's a tip: put on 8oz setting, then add a 1:1 ratio of heated milk. It tastes amazingly good!

Of course if you add a little Baileys Irish Cream, it tastes even better.
243112243112B005K4Q4KGA1GD2URTB9KU4XHolby1371151335484800very yummy hot cocoa!we have bought several types, brands of hot cocoa k cups. These our definitely one of the best! They have a great flavor and everyone in my house liked them, even my 9 year old who only likes some hot cocoa loved this. It is creamy, it actually tasted like a melted candy bar, very good taste, not watered down like some of them. Of course the price is amazing, but don't let that fool you! This is one of those products that is actually good even though it isn't very expensive.
243113243113B005K4Q4KGAG8XXURGEVC3Greg Acuff1151334620800Yum!Wow, I did a lot of reading trying to make a good decision on a K-cup hot chocolate, and of course taste is something that is very subjective. If you read all the reviews on every product you'll discover that nothing gets past everyone and maintains a perfectly spotless reputation. So I decided that even with some bad reviews I'd try this one since it has a lot of good reviews. I'm just going to say that there are some real hot chocolate connoisseurs writing reviews in this thread. Some discerning reviewers say it has a slight taste of sugar substitute, or some such thing. All I can tell you is I must have under-achieving taste buds because all I can taste is yummy hot chocolate. My family burned through the first box and I just ordered two more. If you don't like this I feel sorry for you. Better to have numb taste buds I guess. Enjoy.
243114243114B005K4Q4KGA3H3ALAMEZUBEFV. Crown1151332806400Excellent FlavorWhen I got my Keurig brewer last month, I bought two different types of hot chocolate. The Grove Square Hot Chocolate is far superior. I have so far brewed it on 6oz and 8oz with good flavor at both sizes. The flavor is rich and it leaves no residue in the bottom of the kcup (the other brand does, maybe I got a bad batch?). Overall, I will happily buy this one again.
243115243115B005K4Q4KGA18ZB4D4Y35516JerryW1151332720000Great CocoaI got these cocoa cups based on my sister-in-law's recommendation. It has a great flavor and is inexpensive. Quite a good combination. I'll be ordering more very soon.
243116243116B005K4Q4KGA2CWO64OI8D8TNcoffee queen1151332201600smoothThis is excellent hot chocolate for those of you that love love hot chocolate- go for it - you will love it to... I would purchase this again.
243117243117B005K4Q4KGA34LILWGBUXLIJSteven Grimm1141331769600Best K-cup cocoaI've tried all the available brands and flavors of hot cocoa for the Keurig, and this is the only one I keep buying more of when I run out. Of course it's not going to be as good as melting your own chocolate in a pot of fresh milk, but I find it at least as tasty as any non-K-cup cocoa mix I've had. It is richer than the same company's milk-chocolate cocoa (which would, however, be my #2 pick of K-cup cocoas).

One star off because of the fact that if you prepare a small cup, there will usually be some cocoa goop left behind in the K-cup, which you have to move to your mug if you want maximum-strength cocoa. Shaking the K-cup first to break up large chunks of powder as recommended on the package seems to help some.
243118243118B005K4Q4KGA15IX824PPP1JWJ. GOFF1151331596800yummy hot choc--olateI love the flavor and the speed of this cocoa I drink one at night and each is the same good stuff.
243119243119B005K4Q4KGA1UA8WGUYKYH7Gkylred1151331424000The best tasting hot cocoa I have had!I am very pleased with this selection. I have not tried the other hot cocoa brands for Keurig but this one is awesome! I bought the milk chocolate.
243120243120B005K4Q4KGA2HL2BY512HTVQStarsy1121330646400Gave it a try, but not as goodThought I'd try these because it's a good price, but the chocolate flavor is not that good. And the sucralose taste is very strong. I like the Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate ones better, even though those have sucralose too, you can't really taste it.

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