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243194243194B0009YF43KA2GJ8E2JIJW08EG. Staffiere "Commercial & Graphic Artist"0041252800000Not everlasting but greatNot Quite Everlasting but my Bluetick Coonhound and Majestic Tree hound loved them. The treats did last a couple of days which is far longer than most treats in my house with 2 hounds over 100 pounds each. I will be buying more.
243195243195B0009YF43KA2RHLT79JORQXAM. Nyhus0051236384000Dogs love it!My dogs like this flavor the most. They go crazy for it. It does not smell as bad as the chicken flavor.
243196243196B0009YF43KAYKG9PJK91VG1D. Taylor "coffee nut"0051231200000This is my Golden's favorite everlasting flavorThey quickly pop it out of the large everlasting treat ball, and still remain entertained by it for some time. I've never had any abdominal problems from this product, like you can get from rawhides, bones, and especially the Greenies (which dogs cannot dissolve and so can create abdominal obstructions).
243197243197B0009YF43KA3PCDKZFGAIFLIjlk0031226448000Everlasting TreatGreat if the dog doesn't get the treat out of the ball when its first inserted...Hard to insert so it amazes me how the dog can achieve the task of getting the treat out of the ball when new...Like the buy three deal and get the fourth free...
243198243198B0009YF43KA1P8D9TDOSRRCMS. Musselman0051215129600Great to keep dogs busy!I bought the initial treat ball at my vet's office, and after it kept my golden busy for a LONNNNNG time I knew I had to find the refills cheaper than they sell them! She LOVES them - when she sees me get it out of the package she follows me nosing my hand trying to sneak it out of my hand. She works at them for awhile, and pops them out of the treat ball, but they still keep her busy. Would be excellant for dogs in crates.
243199243199B0009YF43KA11WGJ92OZ33NPE. Binder0051210032000Works great WITH everlasting ball!! A++Our dog LOVES these, but we only use them in the everlasting treat balls- worth the money if you have a chewer! They last forever if they are inserted into the everlasting ball because only the end sticks out- perfect to entice them to chew the toy :)
243200243200B0009YF43KA2T66Z9VGCWXQAS. Bailey0021209340800Everlasting? uhhhhhh NOThese are decent treats to keep your dog busy for a while, but if the word "everlasting" is what's making you consider buying...move on. I have two german shepherds. They aren't mega chewers but enjoy a treat. These things last about 10mins MAX with them. I have two types of "holders" for the treats and the dogs manage to crack the treat part in a minute or two then just gnaw on it for a few more minutes until its done. For the price they are asking on these, definitely get something else.
243201243201B0009YF43KAFHIOZC7DNAIKathryn B. Krieger "DejasVues"0051173312000Great treat for a great toyMy dog loves this flavor and seems to be one of his favorites, along with the chicken flavored one. These cooklie inserts are hard and durable, taking a long while to get through, thankully! They are obviously very tasty because my dog can't get through them fast enough, though it does take him about a week just to finish one of them. The good thing about this cookie is that the dogs can only scrape off a small amount at a time, rather than being able to gulp down big bites.
243202243202B0009YF43KA2LIK125C3B7PCN. Agler "Island Gal"0111168473600Everlasting Treats - Wrong sizeI ordered the product and thought I was getting the large size. I called the shipper, no returned calls and I can't really use the item shipped as I needed the large item.

How do I return, the shipper doesn't return the calls. Not a happy customer of this product.
243203243203B005WX1M4SAZ0WOJJ128MFIM. Ahmed "Desi Cowboy"4451345680000RAW shilajit with 45% Fulvic Acid? AwesomeOk so here is the deal. Most, if not all, of the companies offering shilajit capsules dont have but 5% fulvic acid. The shilajit used in those capsules are not extracted from top of mountains, but somewhere from bottom. FYI... shilajit found on top of Himalaya is much mush more potent....

The shilajit smells like tobacco-ish and kind of metallic. This powder is 100% pure raw shilajit in its most potent form. Shilajit is not cheap. So companies offering shilajit for $5 for 100 capsules have nothing but fake stuff in there.
243204243204B005WX1M4SA21I83YY8UA97LModern Fix6751340841600Powerful stuffBe extremely cognitive with shilajit! It's expensive but you need just a tiny bit for it to be effective. It is dark brown, and has a smell like smoke, unlike some of the cheap shilajit products sold out in the wilderness.
243205243205B007NPVZFYA1JI6P6K952K37CAROLINE HARDIN0051342483200Chow chowThis Chow chow has an amazing flavor, I am going to purchase some more. I want to try the hot also. thank you
243206243206B00181UQKOA1PYIF0VVWNJU1Robin "RDH"0051233619200Mmmmm!!! This is better than StarbucksDidn't know what to expect. Some flavored coffee aren't at all what they smell like. This is excellent with flavor and is fresh. I can't wait to receive the beans to grind to see what that pot of coffee will taste like.

Excellent and fast shipping!
243207243207B00181UQKOA1AL41R6E6JIXQueenofCheap Books "QueenofCheap Books"0051233100800Just might be the Best in the WestI discovered Pear's Coffee two years and I like it better than Starbucks, Peets, Archer Farms, Millstone, or anything Folger's. My favorite everyday coffee is Cinnamon Nut Swirl--rich and caramely and spunky and delightful--which I drink black and fulltest. I wouldn't have thought of Omaha as a source of great beans...but here it is! At holiday times, they have special flavors. The Chocolate-Raspberry was heavenly. I've been buying Pear's at the grocery store in small packages. Was glad to see I could get big bags via Amazon. Not sure why Consumer Reports in their March 2009 ratings of America's Best Coffee didn't include Pear's. It is fully as excellent as the top rated Columbian coffee.
243208243208B000MF888YA3VGOSF8S6MYOAJack T. Riggins "Silicon Valley Jack"0041350000000An amazing sauceI add this sauce to many dishes. My favorite is pizza
243182243182B0009YF43KA1V9T5XNV17GTCJulie E. Beuler1131319587200Not Everlasting....My 2 year old inteligent Red Heeler had this treat out of the puzzle ball and devoured in about 25 minutes. However, my 12 year old "not that smart" Chow mix couldn't get the treat out of the puzzle and licked the treat for hours, until the Red Heeler got a hold of it. So, if you have a "not so smart" dog this is a good product. But if your dog is smart it's not worth the price.
243183243183B0009YF43KA3HGCIX56XCMSBCentral PA1131316217600keeps an aggressive chewer busyUpdate: Sadly, my pup figured out how to get this treat out of the holder. He chews with his back jaws and is able to flatten it pretty quickly and then somehow gets it out. This used to last a day or two but is now only good for an hour or two. If your dog is not a problem-solver, it can still be a good product but if he figures things out, then it quickly becomes a very expensive 1-2 hour event.

Previous Review: My young dog is an aggressive chewer when it comes to toys (not people!). He can deconstruct almost any kind of stuffed toy and he can EAT any size of rawhide treat. Rawhide is a disaster for him because he chews off big chunks and then swallows them. The rawhide doesn't digest well and the big dummy gets diarrhea. I was actually worried he was going to get an intestinal blockage from rawhide so we banned the rawhide when we found this product.

It is very hard to get the discs into the rubber treat ball. I have to stand on them and even then they don't seat in very properly. However, the dog has an equally difficult time getting the treats OUT. He has to chew sort of sideways on this rounded treat using his back molars. They must be tasty too because he keeps working on these and they last for days.

We will continue to buy this product. It keeps our pup busy, seems agreeable to his stomach, and compares very favorably to other chewy treats.
243184243184B0009YF43KA3AOXHRT66WZBJR. Stamos1151218153600Love em, and so do the dogsThese work great to occupy our dogs while we are away. Using them inside the chew balls, which seem indestructible, keep them occupied for hours on end. Their attention stays with the chew balls. Excellent
243185243185B0009YF43KA33C7KY5E3V0XChristine R. ONeil1141204329600Treat is long lastingThe treats were shipped on time, and as described. The dog loves them, all three flavors and they last longer than other treats.
243186243186B0009YF43KA1BOATOHPT7EG8Nikki2321183680000Tiny, gone in a few secondsThese treats are much smaller than I thought they would be, and they only lasted a few seconds with my dogs. For the price, I could have bought a whole bag of treats and the dogs would have gotten the same enjoyment. I gave them two stars only because my dogs did seem to like the taste. But then, they're not exactly picky.
243187243187B0009YF43KA2UCZAWAN5QMJQThomas F. Harper Jr.0051338508800Our dogs second favorite everlasting treatI'd have suspected that the vanilla mint wouldn't be the favorite between our four dogs, but it is with this barbecue version coming in close second! These treats fit into a variety of the everlasting treat balls. We have the large blue one that takes two 'dog hockey pucks' and two orange ones that take one each. These are about the density of bone, and are made of not particularly nutritious stuff but are excellent for cleaning teeth and giving the jaws a workout.

We have a very old, very big malamute, another pretty old pointer, a big...err...we're not sure what he is exactly, part rotty, part small bear, part cat...and a black lab puppy. Everyone loves the everlasting treats, but they really prefer this flavor and the vanilla mint. The malamute isn't much for chew toys, but he absolutely mauls this like he was 12 years younger. Everyones teeth look considerably better after a few weeks of these treats.

Update: The malamute figured out if he sawed away at one side until about 1/4" was demolished, that he could then pull the whole thing out and just eat it. Takes him 5 minutes to eat three of them now. Good while it lasted! :)
243188243188B0009YF43KA3S0KYDLS2CMVYRon0031330473600Great treat but...this i believe is a great dog treat the only problem is i have yet to find a toy that will outlast the treat the toys designed to use with these treats seem to be made of a soft rubber that my dog chews into pieces the treats seem to keep him busy better then the toys themselves I gave this 3 stars because it is a good treat just has no use if the toys designed for them cant keep up I would suggest a ever-locking treat for a good chew treat for your pooch
243189243189B0009YF43KA1DPJ5YQBDCDWManimalmom0031317254400Very difficult to get into ballI have actually stopped buying these because they are so hard to insert. I had to use a screwdriver to get it into the toy! Even my husband had problems getting it into the toy. We have 2 of these toys-a large one and a smaller one-and the smaller one has already been chewed on by one of our dogs. Our big dog lost interest after the first couple of times and I just gave up on them. They do keep the dogs busy, but 20 minutes to insert one treat seems a little too time consuming.
243190243190B0009YF43KA1BD342U8BF3UCBritney0021314230400My dog isnt into these.Sadly i got really excited when i saw this and the toy these go into that i bought a few flavors and the toy ASAP. She isnt into them =[ hopefully she comes around and starts to use it but we will see. If she does i will make an update!
243191243191B0009YF43KA36Z7R1B3SYG9XLinda Boston "lluvpugz"0041302480000Everlasting Treat - BarbequeMy pugs love the Vanilla Mint and Chicken so far. They are a little hesitant with the BBQ, but they are getting to like it.
243192243192B0009YF43KA16O12FU52VK67Deb0031295136000Yummy but pricey...If the treat would stay in the toy for awhile it would be fine (which it would the first couple times I used the toy) but the toy must stretch a bit or something because now my pup can get them right out and it's gone chomp, chomp. So after I use these up I'll probably not buy them anymore and just let him get the little treats out of the middle of his toy.
243193243193B0009YF43KA1559GP68CU8G5craig l dorse0051294617600Barbeque treat creates dog anti- frenzyI purchased these for my dog and my sisters 2. They are all large dogs (46 lbs. and up) Until these they were running around, getting in each others face - JUST DOING WHAT DOGS DO. I gave them the "EVERLASTING TREAT' and they went to seperate places and did not move for over an hour.

There is only one thing - with these dogs - NOTHING IS EVERLASTING. They loved them and I will definitely buy more.

As usual - You can go wrong - when you go AMAZON
243209243209B002065DOAA3TVNAGFH62DFGRND0051340236800Great pasta and penneThis is the BEST pasta/penne of the entire whole grain family. It makes great ziti - baked and even eaten cold the next day.

Unlike most whole grain pastas, this is perfect for a low glycemic index, which works for the blood sugar levels in people.

Highly recommended
243210243210B0000DK59AA6NPVGUI0KXL3M. Saso0051183766400MMMMThis oil for our candy making is great and it shipped rite away. Very pleased

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