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243451243451B00305L330A3BMNVZJLOCSEOfairytaleprincess0611276560000Ugh.Urg. This stuff was just nasty. I made it with water. Then I put the jar in the kitchen at my office hoping somebody would take it. Maybe it would have been a little better with milk, but it still would have been a mess of undissolved clumps of bad-tasting stuff. I have the Blender Bottle (the one with the little whisk-ball), and I shook it for a long time, and then I shook it some more, but it never dissolved. Nevertheless, dissolved or not, I didn't like the taste. Love Andrew Lessman's "Secure" protein drink, but that isn't available on Amazon.
243452243452B00305L330AAU4QJLBJ3P02Anna Nicole "Fit Queen"21111311206400Complete CRAP nutritionally!! Buyer bewareOk, for starters I have personally spoken to the guy that owns this company and had asked him about some nutrition information about his product. Needless to say I was treated like a 2nd class citizen and was told not to call him and bother him any more! WHAT?!?!?!?! I did further research and many of the ingredients in this product are NO BETTER than a FRAPACHINO from STARBUCKS! I train for fitness/figure competitions and can tell you first had this product is full of crap ingredients. Save your money and the deciet and go to Starbucks, at least you know what you are getting there and WITH A SMILE! :-)
243453243453B00305L330A1NVEO213YBKF7Dawn E. Reilly "deadgirrrl"3351279324800The BEST, By Far!Nothing--and I mean nothing--compares to Click. The creater of this product is a genius-espresso AND protein? And chocolate? Wow.

Don't buy this expecting it to taste like a SBux iced mocha, cuz it really doesn't compare. However, for what it is (a bona fide protein shake) Click is a darn close second.

I haven't tried it hot yet (you kidding me? It's 110 in the shade where I live!), but I mix it with cold water when I'm looking for "iced coffee" and skim milk/couple of ice cubes when I want a meal replacement (around 30 grams of protein/280 calories when made with 14oz of skim milk). It is tasty either way. Click mixes very well in those blender bottles (with the little metal whisk ball). I've never had issues with clumpy shakes.

I am waiting on delivery of the new Vanilla Latte flavor, but I bet it's just as good.
243454243454B00305L330A6L34XF2EBB2Lcamacho3351278720000protein and espressohits the spot,not humdrum,great hot or cold tastes like a treat and an added kick of energy for me,i got it for the protein after gastric bypass but i seem to have been making extra being that my hubby likes it too,awsome product!!!!CLICK Espresso Protein Drink Vanilla Latte Flavor (14-Servings), 16-Ounce Canister or mocha.i have never commented on a product but click deserves to be product of the year ,wish i found it sooner.
243455243455B00305L330A2A43BX5WE2QRFBeth F.3351267056000Delish!!I HATE powder protein mixes and I LOVE coffee. Well, let me tell you I was in HEAVEN when I discovered this amazing product!! I have never tasted anything so delicious let alone it being a protein drink. I had gastric bypass in July of 09 and wish I found this mix so much sooner. I can not get enough of it. I look forward to it every morning. I like it both hot and cold! It give me that "ahhhhh good morning" feeling that I used to get from my first cup of coffee every morning. I recently signed up for the auto ship because I never want to run out of this heavenly nectar! If you have been on the fence about this product don't wait any longer!
243456243456B00305L330A243WG123LPNW2Diana "DA"2241300320000Just as good as hot chocolateI usually put a tablespoon of powdered hot chocolate in my morning coffee. A friend gave me a sample of this and now I use it instead. You do have to occasionally stir the coffee a little more to keep it from settling on the bottom of the cup but, it is better for me then old Swiss Miss.
243457243457B00305L330AMKB5BLXTF36PS. Robertson2251287360000Bye-Bye, my local coffee shop...My sister turned me on to this protein drink two weekends ago. I am an excessive coffee-drinker. It's my vice. I love espresso drinks and coffee. And spend far too much $ at my local coffee shop I have frequented for 10 years. Usually the first thing in the a.m. on my list is to brew a pot of coffee and mix a soy protein shake from GNC. But not here lately. Now first thing I do after my feet hit the floor is to pour 10 oz of milk into the handy shaker and mix 2 scoops of Click, shake it up and voila. It's delicious! (Did I mention I no longer brew coffee in the a.m.?)
Another important factor for me is that I don't eat meat. I am a Pescetarian. So, as a rule, I don't get enough protein in my diet. That's probably one of the reasons I drink so much coffee, is because my energy wanes during the day. I used to get a stomach ache daily that I just sort of got used to - was it too much coffee on an empty stomach or the soy in the protein shake from GNC?? Who knows.
What I do know is that today, for example, I drank two Click shakes back to back with my supplements I take every a.m. (Omega 3, multi, Acai, B complex...) and I feel great. No stomach ache, no jitters, energetic and content.
I would highly recommend this product. I've just ordered two more canisters! Enjoy!
243458243458B00305L330A2FO56XDF8RL1Qbluespoet2251278201600Not just for protein drinkers...This makes a excellent cup of iced coffee or frappuccino... (the hot coffee is ok too). Milk is already an ingredient, so just add water if you're watching carbs. Also try one scoop Click and one scoop of your regular vanilla protein mix in the drink or frappuccino if you want a lighter taste and less carbs.

I've used it in the morning when I don't have time to brew coffee (or eat) and have to run out the door. It's actually a good post- exercise recovery with the carbs and protein if you want to switch your mixes up. Plus to me it's kind of like a guiltless pleasure for those days you just don't feel like downing a protein drink.

At my house a McDonald's Frappe/Starbucks Frappuccino drinker and the kids both love it!
243459243459B00305L330AN391HEORUYSJMishelle2241276992000Helps make the protein go downI like the flavor of good coffee. I do not bother with coffee that is less than tasty. Now when it comes to getting protein in, that has been a challenge. Most protein powders have a terrible taste and smell to them making it less than desireable to drink. With Click Mocha, I add it to a cup of milk, half cup of water, ice cubes into a blender shaker bottle with a scoop of protein powder (such as EAS or Syntrax Chocolate or vanilla) and one Click scoop of Click - two scoops is a serving. Shake it up and go, this is my morning routine every single morning. And I do mean every single morning. I am NOT a breakfast eater, so this helps me get some protein in and lasts me until I'm either ready to eat breakfast or lunch depending on the time.

The coffee flavor is not strong in the mocha, so I do add some instant decaf espresso ( I try to limit my caffine daily, if your not limiting your caffine then add leaded instant espresso) Bustello is my decaf instant espresso of choice and is more economical than Starbucks Decaf Via (Got a box of this for my birthday so I have tried using half a serving and still get AWESOME coffee flavor)

If I just want a little afternoon pick up, I will use cold brewed coffee and add some milk and a half a scoop of click to make my iced coffee creamier. Yes, there are many ways to make click - I prefer mine cold - shaken not stirred!
243460243460B00305L330A3USZJUQ3H3UOKDana C. Turner "My 2 cents worth"2251276905600Best coffee drink ever!! With the bonus of added protein!I've been using this stuff for months the Mocha and the Vanilla Latte are excellent. I drink mine by adding 1 scoop of each flavor with 16 oz. of vanilla almond milk. OMG! Sooo good!It blends well in a blender bottle. I add a scoop of ice as well and drink it really chilled. Oh yeah, with the added caffiene it's like drinking 2 cups of coffee. I just love it and use it everyday.
243461243461B00305L330A1YCVGUOF7EXYMP. R. Anderson "IronPam"2251276387200a bit dusty but terrific ...i was looking for a protein powder to mix with my muscle milk light that contained caffeine, tasted good & was lower in calories than some other options out there ... well both click flavors fit the bill perfectly ... so often with these items you only 'get what you pay for' so it worth the money ... i shake it in a sundesa blender bottle with some ice & occasionally lowfat milk & the whole concoction rocks ... i drink it after i lift & the results are outstanding ... i highly recommend
243462243462B00305L330A4S9C4TNAHCRKK. M. Carr2251276300800Love this protein drink!This is actually the only protein drink I've tried. My diet is sorely lacking in protein, and I thought this would be a perfect way to get more... especially since I love iced coffee. The taste is fabulous, the vitamin & mineral count is good. After a month of having Click for breakfast, I can really feel a difference in the way my body is functioning. I would recommend Click to anyone who needs more protein in their diet, and is not worried about the caffeine.
243463243463B00305L330A3MHU03R6QHUD1Lin4511326585600Sorry, but I don't agree...I have tried many protien drinks, and there are loads that I like - the taste, texture and mixability. This one was spit out. I read all the reviews and gave it a try, but I find there is a nasty and bitter taste to it that lingers long after it is gone - much like the taste of artificial sweeteners for me. I realize that it may just be me - I also can not tolerate the taste of any diet drink for the same reason, so take this review for what it is - my opinion.

I also, however, found it very difficult to mix, and found it had a waxy consistency which I found very unpleasant. I did give it several tries - cold, luke warm, hot. Used a blender, a shaker cup, an immersion blender - all with the same taste and consistency results. Sorry to sound so negative, but I did felt the need to share my experience - as it differs so much from the norm!
243464243464B00305L330ATY1TGX2BDL53Rachael Towle "Rachael the Jedi Mommy!"1151343692800I'm in love!I purchased this because of the reviews, the low calorie count per serving, the caffeine, and the protein. I then decided against it but I couldn't cancel the order (I was a minute too late). But I am SO GLAD I received the item.

The Taste:
Imagine a Starbuck's Frappachino with added vitamins. Yes, there's that vitamin taste, but that's the nature of shakes like this.

The Caffeine:
I usually eat this with my lunch to give me the added boost I need to make it to my 530pm class and back home. I tried having it for dinner one night. Bad idea. I was up until 3am. Yes, there's plenty of caffeine in there but I won't drink it after 1pm.

The fill-up factor:
Fiber is the best filler. Protein is great with those who have to watch their glycemic level. I developed gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my twins and was borderline diabetic at one point. I NEED protein in high amounts to keep my blood glucose levels at an even keel. This works. It staves hunger and has the fiber and protein to help me forget about being hungry for an hour or two.

I would recommend this to those who are looking for a way to stave hunger or get caffeine with added vitamins and/or protein.

I would also suggest getting a mixer bottle with the wire wisk ball. Click makes one, but here on Amazon, you find find it a little cheaper (and free shipping if you do it right, either super saver or for Prime members like myself).

Again, I highly recommend this and am about to do auto-ship!
243465243465B00305L330A3CA4J6CUHCTLB3VH1151336867200ClickAbsolutely love it! Gives me vitamins, caffeine and fills me up until lunch, what more could I ask for? All I do is fill a shaker up with water, add a heaping scoop of Click and shake. Easy and quick.
243466243466B00305L330AZJ572MRYR2GOMiami-mamma1131327536000Tastes too fake/"metallic" is right on...One of the 1 star reviews says there is sucralose and hence metallic? i didn't look at ingredients (i guess i will), but i agree that it doesn't have a good after-taste.
I really wanted to like this. I bought it, right? but i think it's just "meh". It tastes fake. I made it with milk to make it nice and creamy - consistency is fine; (i blend it in blender with ice).
I just finished mine and these few minutes later i still just think "i don't like it!"
Sooo... that's great that there are tons of 5 star reviews, but it's definitely not for the taste. :)
ETA - i came back after a week. it's not all THAT bad, it's just not as yummy and creamy as i would like. It seems like a large majority of the 5 star reviews are from weight-loss surgery patients? that might influence them b/c i guess they are limited by what they can have?
i will confess i actually look forward to my shake now -but i AM on a diet and i look forward to the caffeine also. I stand by the slightly metalic-y aftertaste. It's probably 3.5 stars. I LOVE My source of life energy shake. that's not chocolate though. that's the kind of drink i give FIVE stars!
243467243467B00305L330AKI3JN3C7PDHWM. Calvin1121327190400doesn't mix wellI read such great reviews of this stuff, so I decided to try it. The flavor was good, but it doesn't mix well. Getting clumps in your mouth is just so gross, I will not order this again. Also seems quite over priced for the amount you get.
243468243468B00305L330A1DV5IZL5STZY4Rabbi1151321315200zoom zoomI'm always in a rush in the morning, getting a suit on and a toddler to preschool doesn't leave much time to eat. This shake fits nicely, easy to mix, tastes awesome, and gets me buzzing. I'm not satisfied through lunch, but that expected. Great product all in all, thinking I will add some additional protein tomorrow.
243469243469B00305L330A2QUKCW69I9JUPJill H Anderson1151318982400love it, love it, love it!I was looking for something that would satisfy my iced mocha craving each morning but with a healthier twist. Enter Click espresso drinks! In place of my breakfast and iced coffee I now have a Click mocha espresso. I make mine with half milk & half water. I also bought a shaker cup to mix it & it works great, tastes great and is actually healthy! I love it so much I signed up for the automatic delivery each month (2 canisters) where you save an additional 15% through Amazon :)
243470243470B00305L330A27CQN9RB4HFS6Jackie2623 "MeMaw 2623"1151316822400Great Espresso DrinkI found this product a few years back, then lost it. Thanks Amazon for having it available at a wonderful price.
If you like a mocha, chocolaty drink, then you will love this. On the days where hot coffee is not what you want, this
will fill the bill perfectly. I am a Weight Watcher and this is only three points, and well worth it.
243471243471B00305L330AQ2ABTCF2FCZGHoll-ster1151316390400BEST Protein Powder on Earth!This is the best of the best. No aftertaste at all! Wonderful espresso taste with the added punch of mocha! I can't start my day off without this stuff. It is seriously life changing!
243472243472B00305L330A178WGRR9NVFGLLinda West1141311724800Click Espresso ProteinI really like this. I had Bariatric surgery in September and this is now my morning cup of coffee. I drink it every day.
243473243473B00305L330A3E2ZJOEOH2IRVNonna Deb1151311206400Warning-Highly Addictive!First of all, I NEVER write reviews, and nope...I'm not an employee of their company either. But if I'm going to write a review about anything...CLICK is it. If you like coffee, strong coffee like Starbuck Coffee, you'll LOVE CLICK Mocha Double Cappuccino. It's strong, but without the choking bitterness of too strong coffee. CLICK makes a perfect morning wake up, and I've been a "gotta have a pot of coffee to wake-up" person for many years. CLICK is great! Two scoops, stir it around in your cup...zap it in the micro for 1 minute, stir again...another 30 seconds, and all done...simply perfect eye opener. I drink this first, while my pot of coffee is brewing, and within 15 minutes I'm human again. No guilt either, because this has 15 grams of protein and all your vitamins and good stuff to get you going. It's like one of those trendy 1 oz. power shots, but only better because it's also a meal replacement.
After buying two canisters at my physician's office for 24.00 apiece, 16.00 per canister (plus free shipping) when you buy from Amazon scheduled shipping, is quite a deal. That averages less than 1.25 per serving, far less expensive than a Starbucks daily, or even a local fast food coffee. That's my justification anyway...and I'm sticking to it :-)
Coffee and Chocolate...who could ask for more!
243474243474B00305L330A27774S9FY7PUODiane aka Busy Grandmother1151309478400My favorite morning drink - OH and it's healthy tooThis stuff is so good that I would drink it even if I wasn't trying to lose weight.

I started drinking it 18 months ago and have lost 116 lbs. True, I have had to do other stuff also, like eat less and work out, to lose the weight, but I start every morning with Click. It gives me the caffine shot I want and the Protein I need and it is yummy.

I know that a few people have said that it was difficult to mix. I use one of those mixing bottles with the little metal whirly ball in it and it mixes in seconds without any problems. The final drink is rich and flavorfull and not at all thick. It has that smooth creamy texture of a mocha latte.

I have, on occasion, added sugar free vanilla flavoring, but usually I am in such a hurry that I just mix and drink. It is the perfect breakfast for someone on a tight schedule.

I recommend this to all of my friends and have even handed out samples. Everyone thinks that a protein shake should taste "proteineee", but believe me, this one is great.

[ ... ]
243475243475B00305L330ATX33OVXAC4G4Momtojasev "momtojasev"1151308355200For a great tasting Iced Caramel Latte...I pour about a cup of Calorie Countdown into my Vitamix, 2 scoops of CLICK Mocha, about 2 ounces of sugar free Caramel (Torani brand)and about 6 ice cubes. Blend this for about 30 seconds, pour it into my "Starbucks" plastic cup, top off with a little bit of sugar free whip cream and I could swear that this was just purchased from Starbucks, without suffering the ill consequences of fat or in my case, dumping syndrome, since I'm a gastric bypass patient. Try it you won't regret it, even my husband who never purchases these drinks from Bucks or Dunkin, loves this imitation. Doesn't hurt that you get added protein and a burst of energy.
243476243476B00305L330A27BMPIJ2SX3VLori Amendola1151299628800Yum!I usually have coffee first thing in the morning for that wake up burst. Click does it better! Tastes great and has that caffeine jolt. This will be my morning drink of choice!
243477243477B00305L330A2UMVYC42HXNVGDarlene Lopez "Metaphysical Practitioner"1151298937600Wow - ExcellentThis is the first protein shake I've ever had that tastes yummy. I've tried lots of different protein shakes and have found some to be tolerable but this is one I can actually crave.

I did take the suggestion of another viewer and mix it with milk instead of water and I've only purchased the Vanilla flavor but I'm ordering the mocha now.

You won't be sorry for trying.
243478243478B00305L330AFPEJ2T76DAJ4T. Scott1151298764800click is my crackI've been using this product for over a year now. Wouldn't do without it. The taste is great and I've consumed many types of protein drinks. The caffeine boost is perfect. Not enough to get jitters,but pushes you through a workout. Also, easily digests to be able to workout within 45 minutes of consuming.
243479243479B00305L330A2II8064PRN4P2Carla D. Cooper1151298592000Better than Hot ChocolateBlended in my Magic Bullet, heated in the microwave on high for 1.5 minutes... oohh so delish... much better than Hot Chocolate... yummers...
243480243480B00305L330A311RLDDK8DMCUamanda1151298246400YUMMYI use click as part of my daily protein intake and love it! I mix it with a scoop of chocolate whey and I have a really yummy, healthy coffee drink!

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