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243481243481B00305L330A10JO9WKWDOS8DC. Mikes1151297900800The best protein out there...I have been using Click for almost 2 years now and it is the best product out there. I am a mocha flavor person and I mix it w/a banana and fat free milk. I get a good amount of energy throughout the day after I drink this.

I recommend this product to anyone and everyone!
243482243482B00305L330A38ZYO80N8CA8IRebelswtie1151297814400Amazing!!I kept hearing about this product, and finally decided to order it. WOW!!!! It is amazing! So much so that I've already ordered a second one (after less than a week) because I don't want to run out! It has replaced my morning coffee. It's not one of those you have to make yourself drink, it's actually really delicious and enjoyable! Definitely a must have!!!
243483243483B00305L330A16BOSA0PF4S7Otweeks1141297641600Tasty!One of the best tasting protein mixes out there! Even if you don't like coffee, you should try this one! If you do like coffee, it is outstanding!
243484243484B00305L330A2PBIKZYBHMHPEphantastikjourney1151294704000Holy Click! This stuff is amazing!My first shipment arrived today and I am soooo pleased! I mixed mine with 1.5 cups milk and shook it for 60 seconds. Tastes like a chocolate milkshake with a hint of coffee. I drank it down to the last half cup and it was chunky at the bottom. I shook it another minute, still chunky. Added a bit more milk, shook another minute - still chunky. Fortunately the chunks are very tasty. Tomorrow I will try it in the blender and see how that works out. If I don't like it I think I will have to invest in the shaker cup with the mixing ball because I'm sure I will be drinking this every day. I drank it at 11:15 AM and by the time I got to the gym I felt euphoric - definitely enough caffeine for the 1-cuppa-day-kinda-girl that I am. I buzzed through my hour long circuit training class like never before! I didn't start to feel hungry until about 3 PM, ate an apple, then still had enough energy to do a 20 minute zumba class on my wii. Phenomenal!! I have my amazon auto shipment set at once a month, but now that I see that there are only 14 servings in a container I am switching it to every 2 weeks. I never want to run out!
243485243485B00305L330A2EPTR9S204QC1Koko1141294272000For what it is, it's great.I'm not expecting my protein drink to actually taste exactly the same as a mocha from the corner cafe. I think that would fall under the category of "unreasonable expectations". But if for some reason, you must supplement your protein intake artificially (as I must), this is a very nice option. I frankly can't begin to understand the complaints here about it being hard to prepare. I add two scoops to about a third of a cup cold, nonfat milk, stir it smooth (just using a spoon, with no problem), fill the rest of the mug with water and nuke it until it's drinking-range hot.
Note: Do not heat it to near boiling and then sit it by you to slowly cool as you sip, like you might with a real coffee drink. Too much heat curdles protein, powders, and *yuck!* (I think this is what's been happening to those who complain of its lumpiness, or "boogery" texture.) Just heat up it to the temperature that feels comfortable to drink.

I really look forward to my Click every morning, just as I used to with my morning coffee. Now if only it was so dang expensive.
243486243486B00305L330A2EM4BDF5J654Mjeterway1151294012800Love this stuffI drink this every day - gives my protein drink a great flavor. I am not really into fruity flavors for my protein drink so this is a great alternative. I sometimes change the flavor up a little bit with da vinci sugar free syrups but this is always what I start with. Been doing this for about a year now and still love this stuff.
243487243487B00305L330A33XJ2SJHB9LAPL. Doubek1151288137600Yummy treatI'm getting ready for RNY (gastric bypass) so I'm trying out all the protein powders and trying to lose some weight before surgery as well.

Came across a review for click on one of the RNY websites I frequent and they rave about Click so I thought I'd try it.

It's 2 scoops of yum! It's not really something I'd drink each day for my protein requirements but more like an additional - instead of my coffee or maybe instead of the local "fourbucks." It's great in a bullet with some ice and tastes just like a frappy type drink. You can also add it to your regular coffee as added protein.

I'm happy that I found it. I like the Vanilla more than I like the Mocha and I'm usually a chocolate lover.

Great product, worth the money. Great for a splurge and to shake things up.
243488243488B00305L330AGMPWRRTDUJG0Tracy Alloway1151280361600Love This Stuff!This is a great way for me to get breakfast when I'm in a hurry, and they taste like an iced coffee!! Yum!!
243489243489B00305L330A1OBNKC65876WBEvelyn S. Bobo1151278892800MochaliciousSince my WLS, August of last year, I have searched/tasted many a protein drinks and this is it......awesome.
243490243490B00305L330A3QXA0S9VV5AIBE. Yueh1141278460800Very nice flavorMy husband hates protein drinks and he gives two thumbs up to this product. We drink it daily! Try it you won't be sorry, promise! The Vanilla is a nice change from the mocha because you can add ANY flavoring to it and make it whatever you like flavor-wise. I like to mix 1:1 on the mocha and vanilla myself with some soy milk and ice, blended. Delicious.
243491243491B00305L330A1WZ7QHXPKIJ6E. Smith1151277164800Great, but lactose intolerant beware.This is a very tasty protein shake and give you a nice burst of energy from the caffeine. Unfortunately I wasn't very careful in reading the ingredients before I purchased, and didn't realize there was so much milk in it. I'm lactose intolerant and unfortunately even though I took 3 lactaid tablets, it still upset my stomach. I hope someday they put out a lactose free version, otherwise it's fantastic!
243492243492B00305L330A1UQX1O5CKA7AJJJ "Art Girl Jan"1151277164800Works for me...and is delish!I was looking for a coffee replacement and this fits the bill perfectly. I had subscribed to this for every other month and now I have to change it to twice a month. It's yummy! And the subscription price cannot be beat.
243493243493B00305L330A2WAYRRI6PQA2KHollinsprincess1141276646400Tasty Protein!I am a lap-band patient and was having a very hard time finding a protein shake that I actually could stomach, but this one is the winner. I use fat-free milk, and some vanilla almond milk to mix mine up. Its quick, tasty, and gives a nice jolt with the espresso already in the mix! I have yet to try it hot, but for quick and easy cold mixing I highly recommend one of those blender bottles. I also like their new flavor: vanilla latte.
243494243494B00305L330A2BEKIS40C9PV7Ali1151275523200This is the best protein drink I've ever triedThis is the tastiest protein drink I've ever had. I'm particularly sensitive to the taste of most of protein drinks and can't handle them as they are so dense to drink. This one is great and doesn't have the after taste of other products. I have tried it both hot and cold and they were both great.
243495243495B00305L330A2TR2SGA7XXO3ZSuz1151269907200Makes a Great Frapuccino!I put 12 oz milk, 1 heaping scoop of Click! and some crushed ice into my bullet blender. It's fabulous! Click recommends 2 scoops, I'm good with 1 heaping scoop. Every bit as good as the 'bucks and loaded with protein.
243496243496B00305L330AMO6KB39OR2LKW. Behrends1151269820800Excellent energy source!Click is a perfect combination of sustainable protein and caffeine! For years my husband and I have a mid-afternoon protein shake as well as a caffeine "fix" to get us through the day. With Click we get our protein and caffeine fix in one drink along with the added bonus of other nutrients! It's VERY easy to mix, no blender necessary, and a great taste...LOVE the new vanilla latte addition!
243497243497B00305L330AH7RNH33T8AE4Amy C. Ramsay1151269388800Best Protein Powder: No clumps, No aftertasteThis is my favorite morning protein supplement! I start everyday with Click. My favorite part is that it is GREAT made with water as directed--unlike other powders that don't have great taste or texture unless mixed with milk. It mixes really well and as long as you stir half-way through heating (as directed) and don't over-heat (scald) the consistency is great. I'll take this anyday over fancy coffee drinks from a coffee shop!
243498243498B00305L330A19SAKPC66TB2YS. Constable "Mother of 6"1151267660800Really Nice, Mocha Flavor!I am post lap-band and I have tried quite a few shakes. I love the taste of this! It only has 120 calories!! This is the only one I buy regularly. I mix it with cold water and add ice. I add a little extra water as it is a little too thick and sweet for me mixed as directed. Really tastes like a treat, not a nasty protein shake.
243499243499B00305L330A2A8ZT8PQSZXWLScott Landseadal1151266537600The Godfather of ClickI am THE original drinker of click and what I mean by that is I am a personal friend of Greg Smith (owner) and have been drinking click since he invented it and gave it to me at the gym in a mason jar probably 3 years ago!! This has been a great healthy alternative for a person who was a regular customer at Starbucks every morning, and better yet it is cheaper!! I crave click every morning over any coffee!! After my early morning workout it gives me my vitamins, minerals and most important the espresso boost I need to jump start my day. My preferance is to drink it cold, it mixes well in water and if you want some extra protein just add milk, an egg, or my personal favorite is a scoop of muscle milk protein.
243500243500B00305L330AVAW0HU8BXXKTzemes1131266278400Too sweet and messyThe taste: B+

This drink is quite tasty. It isn't the best instant coffee drink I've ever had, but close.

But it is way too sweet for my taste. I put only one scoop (instead of the recommended two scoops) in a glass of water, and it is still too sweet. But this comes from me who usually drink black coffee, so may be just my personal preference.

The fact that this drink uses primarily fructose instead of glucose doesn't help either. The recent studies show that fructose is "more bad" than glucose due to heart disease and diabetes concerns. (I provided a scientific link here, but it was edited out by Amazon. But you can search on the Internet.)

Primarily because of the sweetness, this drink is enjoyable at the beginning, but by the time you have had just a few sips, it becomes tiring, as if the only remaining dominating flavor is its sweetness, and there is very little other fragrance left. In contrast, a good espresso or latte drink maintains a strong fragrance all the way.

However, it is an energy drink, so it is unfair to compare it with espresso or latte on the taste department. I'm just reviewing on this so readers may have proper expectations.

The convenience: C+

You shouldn't buy this just for its convenience, which is lacking for this product. It isn't easy to prepare this drink at all. For a hot drink, for example, it takes many steps, including mixing, shaking, microwave, stirring, microwave again, and shaking again. It isn't terribly difficult to do if you really want to have the drink, but frankly, I find it easier to prepare real espresso on my automatic espresso machine.

In addition, it can be quite a messy experience to have this drink. Must be because it's a protein drink, the container becomes very dirty and very difficult to clean even if you try to clean it right away.

The nutrition: Don't know. Supposedly good.

But to be fair, I believe most people buy this product for healthy reasons, not for its sheer taste or convenience. I'm not exactly sure how it performs in the energy department, as I have no trustworthy way to measure, but the nutritional ingredients in this drink would indicate that it is far more nutritious than regular coffee.
243501243501B00305L330A2T467SYIX3Q3ZM. Kerns "mm....k"1141263427200Cravings for ClickClick is a fantastic protein drink. I don't give it five stars because when its made by the directions it really is only mediocre. But make it with 14oz of skim milk and pour it over ice it is as fantastic as the other reviews rave. I don't recommend blending it with ice it separates in more powerful blenders and gets a bad tasting froth. I make it every day and would gladly choose Click over other beverage indulgences like hot chocolate or a milk shake, not just because its a healthier choice but because it tastes as good.
243502243502B00305L330A1AN3F1GSDID7ZJames A. Wolfe1151250899200Confirmed Click-a-holicAs a recent weight loss surgery patient, I found that my tastes had changed significantly after surgery and I could not use any of the protein supplements suggested by my doctors. I tried a dozen alternatives and found that I could not use any of them and this is a very bad thing for WLS patients. I then tried Click as recommended by the good folks at BTV ([...]) and I was hooked. It tastes great, like a mocha from Starbucks but with only 120 calories per serving. I got 15 grams of protein. I got a buttload of vitamins and minerals as a bonus and I cannot recommend this highly enough. The energy boost works well since I substitute a Click for breakfast. A kick in the pants to get me going, 120 calories and enough protein that I don't get hungry. What's not to love?
243503243503B00305L330AYN3WCB7W95TEPaying Attention2341296691200Taste is Good-Mixing Is NotTried this to have a high protein beverage at work that I could quickly mix and drink when I did not have time for a "real" lunch. I have tried this hot and cold and the taste is good. The problem is it does not mix well. It does OK with a blender or one of those special blender bottles with the interior ball for mixing, but not by just shaking. It takes too long to get it to mix and even then there are clumps of stuff. The clumps make it hard to clean up (very sticky on the containers used). I might as well just heat a can of soup.
243504243504B00305L330A1L7NHY38W04IGHonestAbe "hope this helps"0051351036800I can have coffee coolata again!When I started dieting and working out I looked for substitutes for all my favorite foods. Coffee Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts has about 700 calories and 80 grams of sugar, I had to eliminate it from the diet. Now I put 10 oz of silk milk, 3 scoops of Click Espresso drink, and a pint glass full of crushed ice in the blender and some stevia and voila! Healthy protein, low sugar iced coffee slushy.

I also like adding other vanilla or chocolate protein powders, instant coffee, vanilla extract, or regular coffee.

I prefer the vanilla to the mocha, but both taste excellent.
243505243505B00305L330A3AIZBR5FZ8N34zjuice270051350259200Click Espresso Protien drink Vanilla LatteThis is the best stuff! I drink it everyday for breakfast! I don't know what I would do without it! I never get sick of it!
243506243506B00305L330AUMFLHNPN9GHIRuth's Opinion0051348617600Click Espresso Protein Drink - the BestI never write reviews, but made the exception, because I Love it, Love it, Love it. It is Espresso, so it is strong but absoloutely delicious. If you don't like the unique flavor of good mildly sweet Espresso, may not be for you. I always mix it with ice and blend it for my morning "coffee" and breakfast, so more like an Espresso Milkshake. I'm, addicted.
243507243507B00305L330A18D5FFS8O9LCAResa0051348617600Love this protein drink!Having my CLICK Vanilla Latte Expresso Protein drink is part of my morning ritual I look forward to everyday! It is a delicious way to get protein!
243508243508B00305L330A2YMPD8VTUY941Jamie D. Smith0011348444800Click Vanilla LatteI did not care for the taste of this product and could not return it. It had a very strong taste.
243509243509B00305L330A3JXQNAS6USADMHappy Buyer0051348272000I love Click!!I absolutely love Click! I have tried several protein drinks, wasted tons of money and were are all gross! I can tolerate two and Click is one of them. It's smooth and the coffee flavor covers up the protein flavor for the most part. I add a little sugar free syrup or a dash of pumpkin spice and a little pumpkin and I have a satisfying drink that wont take 500 calories out of my day. I do use a Magic Bullet to mix mine though, but with that I have never had an issue with mixing it. I have also never tried it warm, so I can't comment on that either. I have been a loyal customer for over a year now and will likely remain so.
243510243510B00305L330AGN88BWLD8L5PMichele Jordan "mashugana baker"0051348272000Morning Protein shakeI have been using Click for almost a year now as my daily routine. I I blend up a yummy frozen morning protein shek for my ride to work. caffeine and protein in the same drink! WIn Win!

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