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243533243533B001CUGD9YA2HL75GPH9GY8ARichard B. Johns252651305417600Ships to APO AddressesI agree that this product may cost more from Amazon, but that's not a deal breaker for me. The reason I buy from here is because my wife has 18 months of a 2 year tour in Afghanistan left to go and Amazon will ship certain food items directly to her APO address. This is less expensive than me buying cases of the stuff and having to re-wrap and mail via USPS (neither Fedex nor UPS ship to APO addresses). Even where she is, she has access to a microwave and bottled water, so these make a nice snack for when she has some down time and needs to eat. Way to go Amazon! I'm a Desert Storm veteran, and there isn't much better than getting care packages from home. My wife took care of me when I was overseas. Now it's my turn.
243534243534B001CUGD9YA27X8D2LN4XSC4Sara Bear3341332374400Good ol' Ramen!Everyone else seems to be reviewing the shipping of this product, so I'll switch gears and review the product itself. I love it! I grew up eating this stuff and still do so on occasion. My tastes are a little more grown up, though. Now I like to make it with poached eggs and hot sauce. I break the eggs open and let the yolk act as a sauce for the chicken-y noodles. Yum!

It's just as good as when I was a kid. Maruchan has done a smart thing by not fixing something that isn't broken. I'm glad that it's stayed more or less the same. I wish the sodium and MSG contents weren't so high, but I suppose there's not really a way around that. To remedy this, I often throw the flavour packet out and season the noodles myself.
243535243535B001CUGD9YA370Z6I5GBWU44M "CultOfStrawberry"3341303948800Great for a quick mealA common choice for college students and those on a low budget, this meal is really easy to prepare and cook. It is not something that should be a daily food choice due to its amount of sodium, but is a great meal once in a while when you're pinched for time and need something quick. You can add other stuff to the meal like a fruit or a vegetable to make it a more complete meal, but I like mine with crackers. Yum!
243536243536B001CUGD9YA3FANEDY18EP5PAustin B Alexander1151298246400Cheap and DeliciousRamen noodles are a staple for those that have no talent for cooking and little money to waste on experiments. All they require is boiling water.
243537243537B001CUGD9YA1KZXA2NHYZM12J. Hitachi0041342396800DecentI'm not the biggest fan of ramen, but I will eat it if I need to make something quickly and cheaply. This flavor is actually pretty good, although I wouldn't suggest eating it too often because of the amount of sodium. I usually end up being really thirsty after eating it.
243538243538B001CUGD9YAKN19A28XUWNZSuperbug Safety "Full-Throttle Metabolism"71151226880000Good food at a cheap priceThough not as famous as Top Ramen, Maruchan Ramen Noodles are still good eats when you're on a budget. As is usually the case with Ramen soups, the beef flavor is the best, followed by pork, then "oriental" flavor, then chicken. You can find many different ways to "dummy" it up, but it's best served in a bowl, soaking in those delicious juices. You can also make a fine spaghetti using these noodles, ketchup, and sliced hot dogs. Not gourmet to be sure, but still a decent meal.
243539243539B001CUGD9YACLB4XW415VALM. Kitchel "Sorry, Coca Cola, I switched team...406211270944000WAY TOO EXPENSIVEThis is ridiculously expensive for raman. Even at the high-end, over-priced grocery store by my home, these little noodle packs sell for 20 cents a pop, and I find THAT to be too much. Amazon is trying to sell these at 58 cents a pack. I think not. Sure it's just pennies. But if I'm going to spend 20 some dollars, I still want to buy as much as a possibly can. So, really don't buy this. If you really don't care about the cost, save the money and donate what's left to a worth-while cause.
243540243540B001CUGD9YA3QJS6UKP4KR4QSylvia61051230595200W00t!In Comprison to Maruchan Ramen, Nissin's Top Ramen tastes like crap. My favorite flavor is the beef and then oriental. The Chicken flavor is more popular for kids because its hardely spicey at all when the others have a slight zing to it like medium salsa. When i cook it i like to drain out practically all the water before adding the flavor powder to make the taste stronger and i don't eat it like soup, more like a pasta dish.
243511243511B00305L330A170Y5BJPE4JTAC. F. Villanueva Allen "The Grammar Queen"0051348099200Lots of options for CLICKI drink this after a hard workout just mixed with water and it's fantastic. Great taste and filling. I'll also mix one scoop with lowfat almond milk, a T of natural almond or peanut butter, a banana, and ice for a healthy, lowfat lunch. Mixed with 1/2 C oatmeal, egg whites, and banana, it makes excellent protein pancakes. I'm sold on CLICK protein drink!
243512243512B00305L330A26TPDC7BUYZ7Mfluffyfeet0051348099200CLICK Espresso Protein DrinkA+ ... I have been using CLICK Espresso Protein Drink with PB2 for over a week now. Before purchasing I had been using another whey protein powder that was NOT very tasty, but none of them ever are, they are just a recovery drink for after I run. So, I was curious to see if this one would be any different as so many were saying.

They are right, it has a wonderful strong coffee taste, not bitter, no aftertaste and I had no problems with mixing it in the CLICK shaker that I purchased with this. I like the size of the CLICK shaker, its small & measures easily ~ my other shaker for the health food store is too big. I'm not sure why others say it doesn't mix well, since I had no problems. I did try to put it in my coffee to see how it would taste & it was a no go. It did not mix in hot coffee very well, but then again, that's not what it's meant for. I do use room temp bottled water when mixing, as I am a freak of nature & do not care for cold water, but, for the review, I chilled after mixing & it stayed mixed up and maintained it's great flavor. If you add PB2 expected very small "nutty" residue to remain from the PB2 and not from the CLICK. This is not an issue, just worth mentioning.

Energy rush is not so prevalent for me, but I can see where someone could be speeded up with this drink, so if you high blood pressure I do not recommend this. I do NOT recommend this for kids or teens because of that fact. I just like the good coffee taste in my protein drink. I do recommend the PB2 for a healthy additive to this protein drink as well.
243513243513B00305L330A2443NJLDROEIXD. MIKOLAY0051348012800Scrumptious every must haveThis is the BEST!! I mix two scoops with a s amount of cold water to make a paste. This helps eliminate clumping, then add my hot coffe to it. Mix and drink. Yummy...sometimes I'll also add a squirt or two of sugar free chocolate syrup by Torani. Try it you'll love it!!
243514243514B00305L330A1PLDG8K13L2FYJamie0041347926400Pleasantly SurprisedI really like the idea of getting my coffee to go along with my protein shakes and this product delivers. I enjoy these for breakfast or lunch and I really don't mind starting my day off with these.
243515243515B00305L330A1JC22V7OF8QPsunwoman0051347494400great producti love this it helps keep me away from the coffee shop at work. great for people who have had gastric bypass surgery.
243516243516B00305L330A34IL07H7BR9CUmonkeydevil0051347148800Love this protein powder!I order this product four canisters at a time because I use it every morning. I make a coffee-flavored high protein smoothie using 1 scoop of the Click Espresso, a same-size scoop of NOW Foods unflavored whey protein (that I also order from Amazon in the big 5 lb size), ice, water, a splash of skim milk and a squirt of coffee syrup....whir it all up in the blender and I get a huge drink I can sip on for half the morning. Love this espresso powder because it has great coffee flavor without any bitterness....and I don't even drink coffee!! Highly recommend.
243517243517B00305L330A2DC48FKBGFW4ZMy name is Shake-zula. "Lilliana Gamez."0021346716800Half empty.I haven't tried it yet.. but so far not pleased with the idea that it's half empty looking.. Especially for the price. Haven't tried it yet since miraculously the day it's delivered we have no milk..
243518243518B00305L330A1XYKO38JK6N8Knorthkona0051345939200Mix up early, enjoy laterI'm new to Click, I love it! I have learned to mix it up about 2 hours earlier, and just let it sit, either on the counter, or in the refrigerator. You get a smoother drink. I'm using a shaker with the wire ball. Second tip, this does have 12g of carbs if you're counting, but the good news is a half-recipe is actually a good size, which is ONE scoopful with ONE cup of water, and then poured over ice. It's perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up. It's not necessary to make the 2-scoop version unless you're hungry. I havent used it in a blender yet, I'm still just pouring over ice, but one day I'll make up a frappe. You'll be pleased when you see how the dry powder more fully blends with water if you just let it "set a spell." Of course, you also get twice as many drinks if you train yourself to have a smaller one.
243519243519B00305L330A1777HCY44T5J4chardewey0051345766400Tastes like Choc milk w/ Coffee boost!This is amazing stuff! Does not taste like a typical protein shake, yet it isn't over-powering with coffee flavor. When mixed with water (12oz) it gets a nice chocolate/coffee flavor. I've mixed half black coffee, half water and it gives an extra caffeine boost. Definitely helps curb appetite and a good addition for protein in my diet. Love the Mocha flavor and the Vanilla is just as good!!
243520243520B00305L330A3H4TUA8RNNDIEBlueraven600051345680000Best Protein Supplemental Ever!Until now protein powders have given me a lump in my throat. I've tried and tried to drink them. I've spent hundreds of dollars on canisters of different powders, different flavors, only to give them away to my grown kids.

Then I saw an ad for Click. I thought, "Why not. Let's try another one. The kids will drink any protein powder I don't like."

When it arrived I mixed one up and realized that this is not your average protein powder. It was smooth and didn't leave that huge lump in my throat. I added a little non-dairy creamer and poured it over ice and was astounded! Wow! What a great glass of iced coffee!

The kids don't even get offered a glass, let alone get a canister of this stuff.

I like the vanilla even more than the mocha and they now have a decaf version.

The bottom line: This protein supplement tastes like a nice coffee and not a protein powder.
243521243521B00305L330A3DSRZ7IS2CC3ST. Hamrick0051344556800Best protein I've hadThis is my absolute favorite protein mix. I mix one scoop with 8oz of really cold milk and just sit back and enjoy. It almost reminds me of coffee ice cream. You can actually use this stuff in ice cream to make a less sugar/higher protein treat. You can bake with it as well. You can drink it hot or cold. There are so many different flavors that can come of it when you use flavored syrups. Bariatric friendly, for sure. 2 years post gastric bypass and no negative effects.
243522243522B00305L330A2WQJXZKGAXPPUAlycia0051344297600LOVE this stuff!!!Great tasting!! I usually hate these protien drinks and the taste but this stuff is great and I am ordering MORE!!
243523243523B00305L330A3RY03Z5E51P9Zredbird0051344297600Awesome flavor!!!!First time I have tried "Click Expresso Protein Drink" it was delicious! Mixed well. The only thing I do different with all my protein drinks is mix it with skim milk and ice in a blender. Will def buy again!
243524243524B00305L330A181BPD3WU23IKC. story0041343779200All In One - Espresso and Protein!This is a good drink mix w/ good coffee flavor. Tastes much better than many protein shakes. Mixes easily w/ water in shaker. So far, so good!

Only con: It's a bit pricey.
243525243525B00305L330A18LM9AWCHBL8UChristy M.0051341878400Best Protein Drink Out There!As a weight loss & fitness blogger and runner, I've tried so many protein drinks. CLICK is by far the most delicious - yes! it's delicious - product out there. The mocha is my favorite, and for only 120 calories per serving, I know it's not going to blow my diet. It's great pre- or post- workout, as a meal replacement (made with milk), a snack, hot, cold, blended. You name it. I always feel great when I drink CLICK, energized, never shaky.
243526243526B00305L330ANJMBEV8866HRCharles Stevens0031340582400Tasty but not enough coffee for meThis is a nice subsitute for a morning protein shake, but I have to add a package of instant coffee to it to make it right. I realize that taste is very subjective, but I like my coffee (and espresso) to have a little harder kick. Nevertheless, it is good and I will probably buy it again.
243527243527B00305L330A1MATYN3DMKP71Kelly McDowell0051340496000Favorite protein powderI have tried so many different protein powders. Having had WLS I needed to find a protein powder that I liked and I love coffee so this was the one that works for me. Very easy to make and I love the vanilla flavor and if I want to add more flavor, I add some SF coffee syrup to it. Is very yummy blended up too. Would recommend this product to anyone!
243528243528B00305L330AY7ZRBGPYYP1QCoastalpinky0051339372800Click EspressoTastes great with water or milk. You can drink it like hot coffee or iced. I drink it every morning at work.
243529243529B00305L330A22FCTQX3V1MFYKimberly Kaye "Busy Mom"0051337040000Caffeine fix with needed proteinThis is so yummy! Tastes just like my morning coffee, but with the protein I need. So glad I found Click!
243530243530B00305L330A10YND7Q5XSZNESteven0051336780800Its Click-a-refficFunny that I got the email to review Click Mocha, as I just made a shake and sat down at the computer. This stuff is wonderful. I prefer mine cold with soy milk, ice, water, and some Torani Sugar Free Syrup. I drink a click shake every day, often two times a day. I had gastric bypass surgery in Jan. 2011 and Click helps me get some needed fluids in and gives me that little boost of energy. I've always bought it from Amazon via subscribe & Save as they have it $10 less pluss free shipping than I can find it anywhere else, even from Click. Get that yummy coffee drink without having to deal with the snobby girl who seems insulted that they even have to work, just because you are there to spend money. Make it yourself, many other ways to enjoy click than my choice to make it a shake.
243531243531B00305L330A1XOC2GL2EIM0FM. Cohen0051334966400Yummy Chocolately Mocha ProteinDelivery is quick, price is reasonable and Click protein mocha is yummy. The only negative is Click provides less protein than some other brands. I mix Click mocha protein with another protein product (Unjury vanilla) that offers higher protein per ounce and the combination is very good.
243532243532B00305L330A3J2R4QQTO3T3QSecretivef0051334534400So goodIt taste amazing and is easy to make. It will also save me money since I can now give up my starbucks habit.

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