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243598243598B000F4GP3CA2SCCCVJ6SSUW0romanysoup6831198713600Gluten-free?!I don't think that products should be allowed to use "gluten-free" on their labels if they are "Manufactured in a facility that may make other products containing wheat". If they share the equipment, no matter how well cleaned there is a substantial risk of them being contaminated with gluten, and therefore, especially for the most sensitive celiacs/gluten-intolerant people, NOT REALLY GLUTEN-FREE!
Gastro-intestinal roulette?(It only takes a small amount of gluten equal to the size of one grain of rice to do damage.)
This product and others like it should be labeled "wheat-free" only, not "gluten-free".
243599243599B000F4GP3CA1J2JXJLPXQOPSStarbird1141294185600brown rice crackerswell, be nice if they had brown rice crackers with sea veggies to give them a more salty flavor....or at least use sea salt. but couldn't find those. so...these are thin and crunchy and tasty and gluten free and reasonable enough price.
243600243600B000F4GP3CA1N7PTBE588Q9HAerobic Queen3441206144000That's the way the cracker crumblesI love these brown rice snaps. They are very hard to find in my local supermarkets(the unsalted kind). The only problem that I had was that 1/2 of the snaps in each package were broken. It's very hard to have crackers and cheese with broken crackers. It's hard to find packages of these snaps in the supermarket with all of the snaps intact. They are very delicate. There has to be a better way of packaging these snaps so that they won't get broken in shipping. But....if you are looking for an unsalted cracker....they are very good!
243571243571B0000DIYKEAQTBQG93SIP60Jsullivan250041324598400not bad.ordered this for a gift, mostly. ordered four bags. ate one and sent the other three as a gift. this candy is very tasty and good sized pieces. does stick to your teeth a bit, but overall i would give it a thumbs up.
243572243572B0000DIYKEA2KIYHQIUKRJP8Kevin Braun "kb"0051292025600best on here. cant put tge bag down its so goodFirst product was not so good. Tried this one and love it. Priced fair and tastes excellent. Only problem im having is honestly once I start eating it I cant put it away. I've ate an entire bag at one time. It never made me sick but im sure not a good idea. You'll live this stuff it's one of those over the top good things
243573243573B0000DIYKEA2X1Z0U5VAWD5DVT Fly Angler0051270598400Nothing beats Kookaburra on a fishing trip!A good trout fishing trip starts with a couple of bags of for the ride and black for on the river! Tight lines.
243574243574B0000DIYKEA3DGDYF9FZCCOQLisa M. Stewart0051256515200excellent. speedy and deliciousThis is my daughter's favorite. I ordered her a large box and had it shipped to her at college. She was delighted.
243575243575B0000DIYKEA2PHX8PPD53JPFDhallax Valentine "Mr. MtDew"0051239494400Blows Twizzlers Away - Worth every penny!!!Worth every penny and more!!! You'll never eat Twizzlers or Swedish Fish again. Too bad the serving size is so small - 4 pieces - then again, that'll make the bag last more than a week!!! Buy-buy-buy.
243576243576B0000DIYKEA2LVE7B8QLPVM5James C. Griffith1251168387200kookaburraThe licorice was great and if the ordering systems gets worked i might consider ordering again
243577243577B0000DIYKDA1IU7S4HCK1XK0Joanna Daneman171841109289600Insanely delicious licoriceFirst: to review the contents. Kookaburra is an insanely delicious licorice--the flavor can only be compared to dark, dark chocolate. Ordinary domestic licorice you may have eaten in the past is a pale, anise-flavored ersatz shadow compared to this. If you remember how licorice tasted years and years ago, this is it. Kookaburra actually HAS licorice root in it; American licorice uses cheap anise oil and thus has barely any real flavor. Warning; if you tend to high blood pressure, excessive real licorice can be bad for you--causes water retention. Aside from that I can't think of a reason not to enjoy this treat.

My only complain is that the price for 10 oz. is a bit steep. This is one of the best licorice out there, however, and for a real addict of this herbal treat, there is nothing like it.
243578243578B0000DIYKDA1JJWQ03C5D57Lj-bone5312143110367360010 oz bagsI enjoyed the Kookaburra black licorice, but shop around because the bags from the Candy Depot are only 10 ounces. Other online retailers are selling 16 oz bags, and there's not a lot of difference in price. Also, make sure the retailer isn't trying to make up the difference by gouging you on shipping cost. Next time I'll be more careful.
243579243579B0000DIYKDAYHW6HJSUCSAE"insolent_shoeshine_grrl"111351072656000Fantastic Real Licorice From The Land Down UnderI recently purchased a bag of Kookaburra Black Licorice at Target (of all places) Real licorice lovers in US know how difficult it to find REAL black licorice here, so I was delighted to find this product at a retail store AND at my fave online store. It is "gourmet-priced" candy, but still a reasonably priced treat that's well worth it. It is far, far better than the crud that's passed off as black licorice in this country! (no wonder so many people say they dislike it!)

Kookaburra Black Licorice is the real, old-fashioned licorice deal, in HUGE pieces that are perfect for a mid-day licorice fix.
Buy a bag for your fellow licorice lovers, or invite a supposed black-licorice hater to try the real deal--they just might change their minds...This would also make a great, inexpensive just-for-the-heck-of-it gift for an elderly person who fondly remembers the taste of REAL licorice.

Oh yeah, one little word of warning though: Real licorice can have a mild laxative effect in some people. :)

243580243580B0000DIYKDA2E4WYF1P5XSW3lil*bo*peep "lil*bo*peep"7931086134400I've had betterIt is very difficult to find really good black licorice. This is good tasting black licorice, but for me, this isn't the best licorice in the world.

Mostly, I didn't care for the texture: chunks of sticky, not very chewy, solid rope. I was hoping for a texture similar to Red Vines: hollow sticks with a bit of chew-challenge.

Once upon a time, my local candy store would get very very fresh licorice sticks in weekly. I am trying to recapture that pleasure, and this wasn't it.

243582243582B0000DIYKDAVD8R8WBGI98TApril J. Fox1151320364800The Best Black Licorice!I've been eating black licorice since I was a kid and my dad introduced me to the bitter, English variety. Loved it. However, I have to say that the Kookabura licorice is even better, and definitely easier on the teeth since it's softer. As for the latest scare in the health news about black licorice and fluid/electrolyte abnormalities, don't worry. I'm an M.D. specializing kidney diseases (a Nephrologist), and you would have to eat a grossly large amount of licorice over several days to induce the problematic hypokalemia, metabolic alkylosis, and fluid retention. People with underlying kidney dysfunction may be more at risk. The licorice also has to be made of real licorice extract; the licorice-flavored varieties have no effect on the aldosterone receptors of the kidney. So, enjoy this fantastic licorice, but just don't be a pig about it!
243583243583B0000DIYKDA32EHQBL9SG0KFThe Scottsman "The Scottsman"1151264809600strong flavorA co-worker offered me a piece a few months ago and I went WOW, I have had many licorice products before but this was something else. very strong and great flavor, I just wish it did not have so many calories. The good thing is that you only need a couple pieces to carry you for a while
243584243584B0000DIYKDA8L0GS3JM2BZRD. F. Dehart1151191024000Best Licorice on the PlanetKookaburra is the very best licorice. Soft, yet chewy, nice creamy finish. It was delivered timely and in perfect condition all the way from Down Under. You a licorice lover? Get this product.
243585243585B0000DIYKDA21V2K8NPZZQ8RMs. Hart1151168905600YummyMy dad asks for these all the time and he loves them. Excellent for the true licorice lover!
243586243586B0000DIYKDA29VW1OZ9FFLTQChristpher D. Quye "Cidjack"1151168732800Much better than store bought brandsThe Koobaburra Black licorice is a flavor rich product. Even buying this four pack, it didn't last a week. Anyone that likes Black licorice must give this a try.
243587243587B0000DIYKDA2JERBCC1XT2MTM. Lamphier1121168214400A little thin and pastyI've tried a number of different kinds of Australian licorice and for me these really came up short. The licorice taste is rather thin and weak, and the texture is very pasty. There is a nice lingering aftertaste, but this was about the only positive.

It is possible that there is a lot a variability among batches, but I tried several bags and each was similar
243588243588B0016511JWA8YIFBQR516DOL. Miller "Hounds Rule"0011344902400YUCK!I saw that these cookies were made by Nabisco, so I figured they would be nice to keep on hand as a snack. Figured they would be similar to a Chips Ahoy cookie, also made by Nabisco. I loved the fact that these are single serve packs, keeping them fresh, and couldn't wait for them to arrive. I was excited when then arrived...that is until I actually tried them. AWFUL is the only word I know to describe them. These have absolutely no flavor, few chips, and the chips that they do have don't even taste like a chocolate chip...maybe the really cheap imitation chocolate chips you sometimes see at the dollar type stores. If I was to put flour in a bowl, add a little sugar, and a few imitation chocolate bits, it would probably taste something similar to these cookies. I usually don't mind the bargain cookies in the stores, but these Nabisco cookies are so tasteless and bad that I did not even finish the first cookie out of the single serving pack. Cancelled my subscription and will be throwing the rest away...not even worth donating to someplace. My advice, save yourself a few dollars and do not buy these. I could not be more disappointed in Nabisco for making such a poor quality, tasteless cookie.
243589243589B0016511JWA30F5082HKX2NSJenshuttle1331326326400Surprised and DisappointedI ordered these cookies, thinking that they couldn't have too high of a calorie count(at the time I didn't see the calorie link on this page)and thought they would make a nice convenient snack. The price seemed to be good. I received them yesterday, tried them and still didn't see a calorie count. They were pretty good, and I figured they would be a nice addition to my healthy eating plan. Today I look on here again and see a confusing calorie count that makes it sound like each of the two very small cookies has 115 or so calories! Considering their size, that's pretty disappointing. These may get donated to a friend or relative because I can think of many more things that are much more satisfying for 232 calories. These are good and convenient if you aren't counting calories, but if you are, you might consider one of the other great offerings here on Amazon.
243590243590B001BOMRF0A2BPM51UN51LJ9mls1701151301270400Guru reviewWhen taking all factors into consideration this is best energy drink by I've had hands down. The taste is unique, not artificial at all. The effect is more of a smooth climb with a bonus increase in mental awareness. No initial energy jolt and no hard crash. That being said if you have been up for two days you will not reap the full benefits of any energy drink, get some sleep.
243591243591B001BOMRF0A23Q4A4NKB0KT3A.R.0051320624000great tasting energy drinkGURU Energy Drink provides a nice boost of energy and tastes great all without artificial sweeteners or HFCS. The mild carbonation is pleasant not overpowering.
243592243592B000F4GP3CANR2W2SZR8LF8Ankasha4451248739200the fat free crouton!I'm on a sodium free/sugar free diet with an avoidance of wheat. These are not only just a great crunchy healthy snack, but they also make a terrific topping for salads and soups in place of fat laden fried tortillas or oiled and glutenous croutons. Love 'em!
243593243593B000F4GP3CAZTUM371YYJNENumber Six "I am not a number"4451246060800If you're into crunchy, and no salt, these are for you!I've recently been placed on a very, very restrictive low-salt, low protein diet and rice is been my savior. I love crunchy things, so I've tried both the Unsalted Plain and the Veggie Low Salt crackers (from the same manufacturer) and found I like these Unsalted ones best. I've reordered the 12 pack three times now! I've doctored up my Tofutti (soy-based cream cheese) with jams and spices and used these crackers for breakfast, snacks, etc. A serving is 9 crackers and they're little bit bigger than a U. S. silver dollar. If you're looking for a lot of flavor in your crackers, this might not be the one for you--but to me it's just a crunchy delivery system!
243594243594B000F4GP3CA39SCU7KSK7330FOREVER student of Life:D "Always learning co...4451187827200Great snack cracker, crispy!!!I don't do as many junk foods now.
I know I shouldn't give a lot of stars, then they wont be available like some other items I want now, I keep seeing "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock"
I use these for something crispy with the almond butter I do now. Can't do dairy or peanuts now :(
They would be wonderful with cheese! Other topping you can think of! They have a Salted version which is good too!Edward & Sons Brown Rice Snaps, Assorted Original, 3.5-Ounce Packs (Pack of 12)
243595243595B000F4GP3CA14WS9NGPJWOUPLou3351288051200rice crackersI really like the crispness of the cracker. I have to watch salt and since they have no salt, it makes it easier. Mine always arrived with no broken crackers and arrive promptly and as promised. I never have any problems with the crackers staying fresh. I highly recomment these crackers. I am always on the lookout for salt free or low salt foods. Finding one that tastes so good is always a treat.
243596243596B000F4GP3CA1OUQU7BBA9GR7F. Butler "stable secretary"2241297036800Brown Rice SnapsAmazon tells me that Unsalted Sesame Brown Rice Snaps are no longer available, so I'm trying Brown Rice Snaps, Unsalted Plain with Organic Brown Rice. Unsalted and gluten free are requirements and having them made with organic brown rice is definitely a plus, but I miss the sesame seed addition from the originals. They are not shipping well, however, as a lot of the crackers in the outside packages arrive broken. As I am not making a presentation with them but just consuming them at home, this isn't a big deal. If they were intended for a public offering, only part of them would qualify. They're crunchier than the Sesame crackers, which were quite crunchy enough themselves. I will continue to order them unless the Sesame Crackers reappear; then I will go back to the sesames.
243597243597B000F4GP3CA4NDPXCYKRCY2Janet R. Miles2251254441600Brown Rice SnapsThese crackers are gluten free, fat free, and sodium free. They are so flavorful and crunchy. Brown rice is much more nutritious than white rice. GREAT PURCHASE!!!!

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