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243763243763B003FDFU5EA3Y5EKX8GSFEnana61151306886400Awesome Indian spiceThis is the second time that I have purchased Asian Home Gourmet..."Indian Tikka Masala". The premeasured packets are double wrapped for freshness and are very flavorful and easy to use. I love making Shrimp Tikka Masala the best. You will LOVE IT!
243764243764B0000DIYK4A3QRKLBVQRDA4TElaine Bonaventura0051282435200YumThis licorice was so good. We've been looking for peach licorice for some time and it was great to finally find it. The vendor sent the product quickly and it was fresh and delicious.
243765243765B0000DIYK3A15N8GRLOBYQT5dao0051308614400Pretty yummy eye candyI love this Licorice Bridge Mix. I remember my Nana always having some of this around when I was little. I bought it to put in some Apothecary jars for decoration. I love the bright colors mixed with the pretty pastels and the black licorice jelly beans. My favorite pieces by far are the multi-colored sprinkle covered gum drops which I wish there were more of in the mix. Because there aren't very many of the gum drops, I place them around strategically to show them off better. This bridge mix also tastes good too. The little pastel pieces remind me Good and Plenty. Yum!
243766243766B0000DIYK2A2F9NC195MKRO1kalyea30051231718400Great Gift!My husband loves these little licorice pastels. We have only been able to find them as part of a mixture with other licorice pieces that are not his favorites. For Christmas I did a search and found these packages of pastels by themselves. I bought them for stocking stuffers, and my husband loves them. This was one of my really successful surprises. The candies are of high quality, and were shipping to me in a timely manner during the holidays, and arrived before Christmas.
243767243767B0000DIYK2A35USZDQJRTMKZEric Naevdal "Chromosome"1241168646400For the European living in USAI am Scandinavian and like most of us I love licorice. This is the only decent licorice that I have found in the United States. Well worth the money.
243768243768B00008DFPYA165LHVF8B1AJ7kay1151330041600Kaiser lovesSo i got all three flavors of the jerky naturals and they are a hit with our puppy kaiser .... all he has to do is hear the bag move and he is all ears and trying to find out what he can do to get a treat. ..... and if your not looking and have the treat bag down he sneaks off with them .... pretty cute to see him get so excited over a treat
243769243769B00008DFPYA2SDX3T7BSRUXJChristopher N. Antonneau "Thrifty Guy"1141206748800Good Treats at a Good PriceOur dof loves these. Then again she loves all treats. These seem good for here thou. Pretty sure they are made here too so no lead.
243770243770B000EMAQ4EAQ5DOLCW77FEEChristinaJoy "Christina"171751226188800A bit different, and wonderfulThese peppercorns are a beautiful rosy color, which clues you in before you even get a chance to open the package that they're not the peppercorns you've known all your life. When you do pull open the bag and inhale their aroma, you'll find they combine the scent of pepper with a wonderful fruity, almost floral overtone. It's hard to describe, and even harder to imagine until you've experienced it. The lovely part is that the flavor profile doesn't diminish in use; when I ground and steeped these Sichuan peppercorns for a dark chocolate mousse (grind finely, and steep in the heavy cream for 30 minutes before straining the cream into the chocolate) their vibrant peppery fruit/floral scent was the top note of the mousse. It was a memorably different flavor. Now I'm looking for ways to add them to more dishes, to see what new nuances they can impart to old favorites.
243771243771B000EMAQ4EA1F6BHEYB7R6R7James Braley121231316044800Very fresh, but short weight.This came packed in 4 plastic bags inside a "Bubble Envelope". The weight of the entire package - unopened and undamaged - was 14.2 ounces. Don't know about China, but in the USA that's well short of a pound. Not going to bother with trying to get my money back, but you need to be aware of this.
243772243772B000EMAQ4EAUU45LWKPAUO1Lee4451282089600Great PeppercornsI searched everywhere for these peppercorns and i stumbled upon them on and I was just thrilled to death and I will alsway order more of these, great product.
243773243773B000EMAQ4EA3BSVMER6NG7QRKenneth Green4441273881600This product is of desired qualityThe peppercorns arrived just a few days after ordering. The husk is all there is, just like it should be. However there are a few of the black pits left, but the are very few. It is just like the couple of stones you find in a pound of lentils. I am happy with this product and will probably order other spices from this company.
243774243774B000EMAQ4EA1BMQET3MD0GWASB "SB"2251336521600good purchaseI weighed the peppercorns upon receipt as one reviewer said he received less weight than the package was advertised. The weight was exactly 16 oz, the peppercorns are good, the shipping was quick. I am satisfied with my purchase.
243775243775B000EMAQ4EA1OKSCYVZRDNU8HIK in PA "Loves Books"2251336003200Wonderful aroma!When I opened the package a wonderful aroma was greeting me! This was the first time I experimented with Szechuan Peppercorns. They are not really peppercorns but husks. You have to dry roast them for a few minutes then grind them. I used them in a oil based marinade for my chicken dish...very yummy and pleasantly unusual. Delivery was fast and the peppercorns appear to be super fresh.
243776243776B000EMAQ4EAXMSBGCAMF2S6Sara Oppenheim1141338336000Not seed-freeAlthough these are said to be "hull-only," there are still a lot of seeds--so much so that I can't cook with these until I have sorted through and removed all the little black devils lurking amongst the delicious hulls. If you find that your dishes have an unpleasantly gritty texture, the seeds are to blame. Delicious, but not as advertised.
243777243777B000EMAQ4EA2ZYU6P46NZ03PYML1131332028800Lack flavorI thought I wrote a review but it magically disappeared. Anyway, here it goes again. These peppercorns are okay but lack the punch of better ones I have had in the past. Those are hard to find though. You taste them in dishes like shuizhurou in authentic Sichuan restaurants, also hard to find.
243778243778B000EMAQ4EA3DL511MHO62E8kitty reinbold1151322524800greatSzechuan peppercorns are different than anything within the usual American spice repertoire. If you haven't tried them before
243779243779B000EMAQ4EAT050AMICV57Jmavis j.hintermeister "Mavis J. Hint'"1151303776000Szechuan PeppercornsMy, oh my, what a deliciouos aroma pours out of this bag of peppercorns. Nothing has the taste of a toasted Szechuan peppercorn. They arrived in excellent condition and very, very fresh. Love them!
243780243780B000EMAQ4EA3B66EFJW9XF9Ususiespends1151302134400Szechuan peppercornsJR Mushrooms earned my undying devotion when they noticed I had clicked the order button twice and ordered two pounds of peppercorns. Just as I was realizing this, they emailed to ask if I REALLY wanted two pounds. Great Work! The peppercorns came quickly and are fresh and fragrant--and a lifetime supply. Since then, I ordered vanilla bean pods too. Also, good value and quickly delivered.
243751243751B005AP4E48ATV21ZVLVH0JRSugar Cookie1111347321600MADE IN CHINAFooled again! Thought this product was made in the US. IT IS MADE IN CHINA!!!! I will never feed my dogs something from China! Buyer Beware.
243752243752B005AP4E48AZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"1151333324800great productlooks to be a good quality product. the packaging is very good. i can see that there is plenty of chicken wrapped around the individual sweet potato sticks. mine said freshness date march 24 2013. the sweet potato looks very fresh and brightly colored. i can see the quality of the product from the front of the package. it looks very nice to me. ingredients: sweet potato, chicken, vegetable glycerin, soy protein isolate, salt. the package also says "inspected and independently tested". to me that is very important.
243753243753B005AP4E48A1SMU8R3MET82BAimee A. Roseland "12bawriter"1151331683200High quality, great value!My little dogs go CRAZY for these treats! The two pound bag was only FOUR DOLLARS more than the one pound! Great value. I cut the treats in half for my little five pound babies so that they can each have three treats a day. This bag lasted six weeks, I will continue buying!
243754243754B005AP4E48A39PBL244W88IRBig Al0051348704000Dog TreatsThese sweet potato /chicken treats are one of my dogs favorite morning snacks. I can no longer get them at my local member warehouse store so Amazon saves the day again. Although she's a little spoiled, it never hurts to feed her the best.
243755243755B005AP4E48A13M4K9VAI1RMRbmc0051347494400Oklahoma Scottish Terriers commentsMy Scottish Terriers, (3) of them, love these and have been eating these for over a year now.. These treats are healthy, and are always fresh.. Thanks, highly recommend to all.. those dog lovers out there.. Brenda in Okla...
243756243756B005AP4E48A36OXNTLN1JIO3kevin gramley0051345334400every dog lovesmy dog loved them and 2 pounds will last awhile i always take thm when i visit my family with dogs too never found a dog yet that doesnt like my neighbors cat ate one lol great buy
243757243757B005AP4E48A2KSP2NXQD7Q6PK. COGGINS "DarnRedhead"0051341878400The Dogs Say YUMMY (aka: WOOF WOOF)I do have 7 dogs so buy in bulk since handing out treats to so many I like to give them the same treats. But some of my 7 dogs (kids) are older and have tooth issues and can't chew on the harder treats such as the Chicken Tenders, which aren't tender but yummy to chew on. So for the soft pallets and hurting teeth this treat is soft enough for them to enjoy. This is my GO-TO treat which ensures all my kids have a good healthy treat! WOOF WOOF - YES!
243758243758B005AP4E48A3BP0RXQQXE191A.S.0011340755200Don't buyThe meat is really dry and the whole treat is too hard. It's also made in China so I won't be feeding it to my dog. Wish I had known it was made in China because I would not have bought it.
243759243759B005AP4E48ASVF01XIOPZAHGayle Mishler "gallivanting gayle"0041340582400great dog treatsMy little dog absolutely adores these treats. The sweet potato is very good for her, and she'd like to have them as her only food if I'd let her. My only concern is that they are made in China, though Cadet insists they are tested regularly and are excellent.
243760243760B005AP4E48A2VD7NGNH1KPDZBig Daddy0051339977600Very good serviceVery good service & as for the product, well it goes with out saying my kids love it. One of the best things is its low fat (3%) content. I have three & they would eat a 2 lb. bag a day if they could get it.
I would recommend it to my friends.
Cadet 2lb Sweet Potato Chicken Wraps #1417
243761243761B004BRIYQAA3NC6TLEO6TZFPNatasha Loder1151332288000FabulousThis is a family favourite, and buying these on Amazon is the cheapest option out there. The Cherry Berry are also great.
243762243762B004BRIYQAA2OQ1DXMGYEKOSTerry L. Cormier0051347062400Excellent ProductSweet, crunchy and healthy. The kids love these and so do the adults. I do wish the pieces were a bit bigger but still love them!

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