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243781243781B000EMAQ4EA3LF1ONVFERT1QOathead1151269302400numbing goodnessSichuan peppercorns are magical. If you've been to a good Sichuan restaurant you'll hopefully have at least one dish that has the great flavor of Sichuan peppercorns along with the strange and wonderful tongue numbing sensation. If you're interested in making great Sichuan style Chinese food at home, this is a must have ingredient. They come well packaged, and it's enough to last for along time.
243782243782B000EMAQ4EANJDNFGY4EHCIB. H. Berg1151233100800ExcellentExactly as described and extremely fast shipping. Came two days after I ordered. Very impressed and very pleased customer!
243783243783B000EMAQ4EA1K66K3J9E0NTEMary Jacobs0051337040000GreatI'm very pleased with my purchase of Szechuan Peppercorns. They are perfect. I don't use them every day but they are here when I need them
243784243784B000EMAQ4EARYSDAZNRXN6GA. Crafton0051329523200GREAT Product!I ordered an 8 oz. package of, just wow...that is a LOT of peppercorns. Unless you expect to use these a lot, think about a smaller package! I may be using these in the nursing home.

My package arrived quickly, and was well packed. Looking at a previous review that insisted the package was lightweight, I weighed my bag of peppercorns upon arrival and it was exactly 8 oz. So I wouldn't be too concerned about a lightweight package.

These peppercorns are beautiful, with a lively flavor and plump appearance. They are not shriveled like many peppercorns. I used them to make Kung Pao chicken and ZING they about burned my face off! But in a good way. Such peppery, fresh, citrusy hot flavor. Love them!!!

If I ever run out (ever)...I will reorder from this seller!
243785243785B000EMAQ4EA2JBGG8ZHICFPUAdventure Scott0051324339200Good Peppers!Peppers arrived in good shape, sourced from Olive Nation - checked the weight before opening because of other reviewer's concern and it was dead on at 8oz net, and the aroma/taste were very good. There are a few black centers still but it's much better quality than the local Asian grocery at roughly the same price. As someone else noted 8oz. is a LOT of pepper -- it may take a while to use all this up.
243786243786B000EMAQ4EA1O95JWY92COCLmarcia e harbaugh0051323129600Szechuan PeppercornsThese are wonderful! I've had a recipe for many years for roasted turkey in a brine including these peppercorns. In the past I have just used black peppercorns, not knowing the difference. When I found these online, I decided to use the real thing. I am so glad that I did! My Thanksgiving turkey was so delicious and a big hit!
243787243787B000EMAQ4EA2CBP9IPSHKYTCespadrille fan0051321056000Spicy flavorful peppercornsI bought these peppercorns to make Asian dan dan noodles and the noodles came out great. The peppercorns add a definite spicy flavor, very tasty for those who like spicy foods. Will plan to include these peppercorns in more dishes.
243788243788B000EMAQ4EA3UQNTRC96R4H7A. Alden2531224028800Interesting, exotic perfumed peppercornBeautiful pink and reddish color, exotic scent, very floral. I bought this to make a chinese pickled cucumber dish, but 8 oz. of this product is a LOT of product. I ground them in my mortar and pestle as per the recipe, but the peppercorn shells stuck in my throat and made me cough. Next time I will take the time to remove the shells afater grinding.
243789243789B000EMAQ4EA2BO49OKVUGZRASunnie1451183507200Best on porkThis is the best spice on pork you have ever tried. You will never want to be without it.
243790243790B00028Q95AA8CZNLAX7VB49Jacqueline A. Lewis0051308700800Tea with good tasteI am not big on peppemint so have tried a lot of tea. But this one has a mild taste and I love it.
243791243791B00005C2M3A352B00WSC8AFPAllan7711331251200Buyer BewareBeware! It might say 10 packages, but you'll only get one!! Don't expect to get the other 9 anytime soon. I tried that and all they said was "oops. Sorry we're all out of that product, can I interest you in something else?" So stupid. If I wanted something else I would have bought something else.
243792243792B00005C2M3A35VM9NSVM4E8WM. Schaeffer "Matt S"6611329955200Warning! Not as advertised!I thought this looked like a pretty good deal for 10 ice cream sandwiches. One review talked about what a good deal it was, and I agreed, so I tried. I found that I paid $11 for ONE single ice cream sandwich. I am in the process of filing complaints and trying to get this fixed, but considering that another person posted with the same problem, I am suspecting that this is something of a scam. If it isn't a scam, then they have poor quality control for their shipping.

The single package I got looked good and was foil wrapped. Unfortunately I can't eat it until the dispute is resolved. Oh, and it took nearly 3 weeks to get that one packages sent via extremely thin packaging that left the ice cream smashed to bits by the postal service. We'll see how the resolution goes, but I don't expect to order from this seller again.
243793243793B00005C2M3AAWC8CNTG8Y4AMarian121511293321600disappointedThe "ad" for the product said a package of 12 ice creams. I received one.
Not happy about that but too frustrating to try to track down the seller, fight with him/her and just gave up.
So upsetting.
243794243794B00005C2M3A3RWGXHVVULGSMike Schmick0051346284800Awesome!Just received our box and all 10 Ice Cream Sandwiches are present and accounted for. They feel broken in the packages (seems they were already broken when packed - not a result of shipping) but since you break them up to eat them anyway I don't mind at all. They are great! Taste just like a "real" ice cream sandwich!
243795243795B00005C2M3A3QGSODFJLMEXCS. Patton "Firenze"1251298592000I loved it.The blocks i received were broken up into small pieces. You have to break it up to eat i any how so it didn't matter to me. I when to NASA as a kid and fell in love with this stuff. I like sharing it with my family now.
243796243796B00005C2M3ATHTE6NUL4QA0AstronautWannaBe1351295481600Loved the Astronaut Ice Cream SandwichI like all of the Astronaut Ice Cream flavors, especially the Ice Cream Sandwich.
The vanilla ice cream tastes very creamy.
The sandwich was broken a little, but it made it easier to eat.
It's fun to pretend to be an Astronaut!
243797243797B00005C2M3A33BL538BKBA0Sgirlabouttownl33t1451301443200Breakfast of champs, or great present!Buying this much is the most cost effective way... and since you have a lot, it makes a great unique present for you homies :D Or in a packed lunch. Then you can eat the rest for yourself, its yummy.
243798243798B001LQNVOEA2ZG3CIBKDJGTNL. Berman0011349740800ugh!This coffee is undrinkable, even though Sumatra is one of my favorite coffees. I'm about to toss it all out and replace it.
243799243799B001LQNVOEA15TIQSRJFRW1WLaura A. R. Wingfield "whodunit"0051303862400I hate wimpy coffeeI like strong but not bitter coffee. Most pods I've found don't live up to that, these do. I make a huge cup so I use two pods and send the water through twice to fill a 22 oz mug and get a really satisfying cup of coffee. I am a repeat customer for this.
243800243800B001LQNVOEA22H4SESG2CKOWC. Shearer0051286841600Great CoffeeGreat smooth coffee. Our whole office enjoys Baronet brand a lot more than the other brands.
243801243801B001LQNVOEA2F6X1S20ZYO9GJeff Dowd "Samba Lover"0051260316800Best pod everI recommend the Wolfgang Sumatra pods. In my opinion they make the best cup of pod coffee available. High quality coffee and more coffee in each pod.
243802243802B001LQNVOEA301PYWT96H4AXMs1211348876800Weak Watery CoffeeThese pods produce extremely weak watery coffee, even when using two pods and six ounces of water. I tried the pods in a different coffee maker and they produced the same extremely weak, watery coffee. As an experiment, I even tried boiling one in 4 ounces of water in the microwave, still weak and watery, but with the added smell of burnt coffee. Not even worthy of the one star rating. Buy with caution.
243803243803B001LQNVOEAE5M4LBQD36DUAllen Bains1251327190400Baronet Sumatra Dark Roast - great coffee!!!If you like a bold, rich coffee, this one is for you. I have a Senseo coffee maker, and Baronet is my brand of choice. The pods are a little large for the single pod holder, and they are a tight fit, but they work well. The Sumatra Dark Roast is very bold in flavor, with hints of cocoa, a slight smokiness, and a creamy finish that lingers on the tongue - one of my favorites! This is excellent coffee.
243804243804B001LQNVOEA3K4HQATN61O1LBuckeyesouth0151342483200Smooth and StrongI love Arabica coffee and this has been one of the best for my pod machine especially decaf. You need to use the double insert because there is about twice the normal amount of coffee in the pod - which makes this strong but with no bitter after taste. A truly great cup of coffee!
243805243805B001LQNVOEA3JJOUVMIIXLFQL Willis0151335657600This is very good coffee.We like our coffee strong but not bitter. This is a very good coffee. If you are using a Senseo, you will need to use your double pod holder with this. The pod is very thick. We will buy this again!!!!!
243806243806B001LQNVOEA3CQ2EJEU8LBN1Nikki Bradley0111329609600disappointedI love Sumatra Coffee, but when brewing this pod, even two at a time, the coffee is very watery. I would blame the coffee maker, but other pods seem to be fine.
243807243807B001LQNVOEA12NP4A2IIJXVDJ. Schmanke0141323561600A Good BrewThese pods were bought for my Senseo, and couldn't ask for a better tasting brew. I also like the fact that they are individually wrapped! Word of caution though, these pods are 10 grams, which fit really tight in my machine-it almost feels like I am going to break the Senseo when trying to close the lid, and I wasn't able to use two pods using the double pod holder. Baronet does sell an 8 gram pod so that is the on that actually fits the Senseo a lot better, and not so much this 10 gram pod. Amazon should mark the pod size plainly in the product description, I will say that the 8 gram pods are packaged much like Senseo's, just loose in a bag and not individually wrapped. Happy Sipping!
243808243808B001LQNVOEA3LJRUFG1CWVHIAnabell0141310428800Sumatra SmoothI would give this blend 5 stars for the smooth start but it does have a little bitterness in the after taste. Some people love this in a coffee so I would not say it hinders the quality of the Baronet Coffees. They are individually packaged for freshness and that is a real plus. I do enjoy the richness and I can get an 8oz cup out of just one pod.
243809243809B001LQNVOEAIBI4DXSQCTDNDiane Bailey0221334102400Baronet CoffeeI tried to replace my Mellita pods with the Baronet coffee pods. It tastes better but the outer covering is too dense. When the highpressure water tries to filter thru the coffee basket, it sometimes spews out the front of the coffe pot. The water could burn someone.
243810243810B001LQNVOEA2VVBCTZDPC872John J. Hiemenz0221292976000no consistency between productsThese are 'senseo' style coffee pods. I ordered these for a different flavor in my 'ESE' pod machine. I had previously been using the Baronet Espresso roast pods, which are 'ESE' pods. Packaging and description on both products simply state 'coffee pods'. It would be a better benefit to consumers if manufacturers could at least properly identify their own product so we can make informed purchasing decisions.

If you need senseo style coffee pods, these might be a choice for you. If you need ESE coffee pods, stay away.

'Senso' style coffee pods are large, loosely filled, and about 70mm in diameter.
'ESE' style coffee pods are smaller, tightly packed, and about 52-55mm in diameter.

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