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244013244013B003TRFSG2A1UWHYHADNLBA9D. Vanhoose "Concerned Reader of Reviews"1241336608000Updated re: (Good but doubled price since last two orders)UPDATE: 2 DAYS AFTER ORIGINAL REVIEW, THE PRICE WENT BACK DOWN TO WHAT IT WAS BEFORE. Great, because Walmart has 3 packs for $5, and I wasn't about to pay the $24 that was showing the other day. Well, I guess my review is correct - still watch your subscriptions people! Don't get caught when it's $24 for a week. :)

I like this MAYO because I think Hellmann's is the best, and I love Olive Oil (plus its good for you) - not that you can taste it really. I find it to be high quality, and has the Hellmann's taste I prefer. I put this on subscription 6 months ago, and have received 2 shipments at $11.99 each (for all 3 bottles). NOW, it's more than doubled!!!!!

Be sure to check your subscriptions on things people - when they go up, I don't see a notice or email (maybe missed it getting so much email these days), which I think they should do ESPECIALLY if a price DOUBLES. Most of my can-goods did the same thing.

One other note, packaging on my first order could have been better. One bottle was dented enough that it opened, and I didn't notice until I finished one bottle - and then found it was rotten. As for the bottles, they have a nice shape, with a wide mouth you can get to if you take off the lid so that you can still get knife/spoon inside if you need or want to.

Off to check all my subscriptions!!!
244014244014B003TRFSG2AY9HCZXUS17Z3carrefour0131325721600Broken BottleThis product came in a pack of 3. One bottle broke open and made a disgusting mess of the other items in the shipment. One of the other bottles was severely dented in on top but luckily did not bust open.

Overall, the product was as expected - this is our favorite mayonnaise. However, I paid this price for three bottles and only two are useable due to poor packaging. Luckily, the other items in my shipment were packaged well enough that they weren't ruined.
244015244015B005TL9LDCA3365BFRYW8MRDJ. Wolak1151322524800Best Kona CoffeeI sampled just about every type of Kona coffee when I was in Hawaii with my sister 3 years ago. This was a favorite for both of us. Since I've been home, I have purchased directly from Jean Fike and she ships very quickly. I am very happy that Fike Farms is now featured on the Amazon site. I couldn't resist getting some for my sister for Christmas.
244016244016B005TL9LDCAZ6V5OHTHG3V1Travelinprincess0051323129600Fabulous Find From Fike Farms!While vacationing on the Big Island of Hawai'i we picked up some whole bean coffee produced by Fike Farms and brought it back home to enjoy. After searching for a really good, memorable 100% Kona coffee for several years, we found it in Fike Farms. Smooth, flavorful, with no after-taste. We enjoy both the Estate Grade Medium Roast (sold here on Amazon, as well as from the Fike Farms web site) as well as their oh-so-wonderful "Extra Fancy Medium Roast" (available from them directly via their web site). My communication with them from afar (via telephone & email) has been an excellent, pleasurable experience. Excellent order-processing and shipping and handling. I selfishly hope that not TOO many people jump on the Fike Farms Bandwagon that they won't be able to produce enough of my favorite coffee for ME - LOL! Happy Sipping!
244017244017B001GQ3E32A2Q7M5BMJZF9LRV. Milton171751247529600The Heat Is On, and it's great!I picked up this peanut butter on a whim one day, and it quickly became my favorite. The heat comes from chilis and cayenne, but it's not overdone... just a mild glow. I first tried it on crackers, and that was great. Next I tried it in a sandwich with cherry preserves--wow. Cherries and chilis complement each other nicely. I've used it to make spicy peanut noodles and it was a hit. It's even terrific on a spoon out of the jar. Peanut Butter and Co. peanut butters are quality spreads, with a fresh peanut-y taste and a nice consistency. The Heat is On is my favorite variety.
244018244018B001GQ3E32AVZEY71RU2JDAJB6651291161600Just the right spice.I wondered how this would taste before ordering. I enjoy spicy foods, and peanut butter why not? I really didn't want to get stuck with 6 jars of a peanut butter I did not like! I gambled and went for it just based on the possibility of how good it could taste. I actually made a good gamble for once. This peanut butter is awesome! It tastes good on crackers, in PB&J sandwiches, and PB & Cheese sandwiches. (I would have never tried the cheese part if a friend didn't make one when I let him use my PB and he had a pleasant look of delight on his face after his first bite) I'm sure the possibilities of what to eat this on, or cook it in are endless.
The heat to it is just right. The oil tends to separate if it sits for a few days without being stirred. However, this is not a problem, it stirs up very easy and your ready to go. If you like it hotter you can stir it less and leave more of the oil on top.
244019244019B001GQ3E32A1XJZH6Q17FWWNShawn G. Doughty5551286236800FANTASTIC!This is one of the best peanut butters I have ever tasted. A bare minimum of sugar and exactly the spice level I would have expected. To the person who gave it a one star, common, that is ridiculous. You should have atleast given three stars for innate quality and being a product that actually lives up to the label. OMG spicy peanut butter actually being spicy, who would have thought!
244020244020B001GQ3E32A2NJWP8RDAAGN6G. Johnston "Roy Orbison Rules"4451284508800This peanut butter packs a punch.Holy cow. I read a review here and saw that this peanut butter came with actual peppers. So I had to give it a shot. What an absolute surprise to find out that it freaking works. It is spicy, very much so. Yet the taste is so satisfying that it keeps you wanting more. The best part? It's all natural, and healthy peanut butter. Say goodbye to those salty salsa chips. Say goodbye to needing to go fast food for a spicy snack. And say hello to the best spicy snack you have never tried. Do yourself a huge favor and try this. I'm glad I did.
243991243991B000I200OGA2CE6Z4DX4K6DGDavid1121326499200Chalky Chocolate TruffleI purchased the product for a Christmas gift and assumed that coming from Bellagio it would be perfect. The person I gave it to tried one packet and gave the rest away. She said it smelled great but tasted chalky and wouldn't drink any more of it.
243992243992B000I200OGA1XZF9Y0O61CMHMwaa "sister321"1151322524800I got the 2-lb Bellagio Chocolate Truffle!Hey, every culture has their ideal preference in cocoa. Look at the humble Nestle Milo or even Ovaltine---every nation has variations. Made in Singapore or anywhere in Asia is sweeter than their Latino counterpart. Mexicans or Colombians like that strong cocoa taste.

Ive also tried Neuhaus, Chirardelli and other store brands, but I prefer Bellagio because there's no need to mix in milk for that smooth Belgian taste.

Belgium or European chocolates are different from America's Hersheys brand. Their chocolate mix is not overpowering.

Bellagio Chocolate Truffle reminds me of Starbuck's Signature chocolate drink with less calories (thhe company phased out this brand because of high caloric content -- 700 calories for the venti)

So if you're on the go or a busy mom like me, Bellagio choco is the best comfort drink this cold season.
243993243993B000I200OGA2T4WR29EG7O7Gwootiegirl1151296604800My favorite hot chocolate. 5 starsI keep trying to find a hot chocolate I like better, but I haven't found one yet. Traditionally, I am dark chocolate fan but this is an excellent, rich chocolate drink. It is also my mother's favorite and she is very direct with her hints that it's time for me to send her some when her stock gets low.

I read a review that someone thought the Bellagio brand had a chemical taste. The reviewer might have been referring to other flavors. There is a different taste that seems perhaps spicey, but not chemical. I also like the fact that it contains non-dairy creamer because I do not drink milk.
243994243994B000I200OGA2JT0X3G7KPL86mrs.nava1141290988800mmmmmmmThis chocolate is wonderful! I prefer the Belagio Sipping Chocolate, but for people who aren't as keen on dark, rich chocolate, this mix is great!
243995243995B000I200OGA3NTKHZEGLVC0GNadak0031335052800MehI use hot chocolate packets to stir into my coffee. I normally use Land O'Lakes hot chocolate, but I've had trouble getting some of my favorite flavors, so I wanted to try something new. I ordered the Bellagio Chocolate Truffle flavor, and I suppose that it gets the job done. But to make my coffee taste chocolatey enough, I've been having to mix in the Bellagio cocoa with a K-cup hot chocolate. The flavor's a little flat, and the texture is pretty watery when compared to Land O'Lakes or even regular Swiss Miss. I don't hate it, but there are better options out there, so I won't be ordering it again.
243996243996B000I200OGA1FFKT4NEFW0P0Rachel0051325203200My boyfriend LOVES this hot chocolate!!!Every year for Christmas I have given my boyfriend different gourmet brands of hot chocolate as stocking stuffers. However three years ago I got Bellagio hot chocolate and that is the ONLY brand he wants. He especially loves the caramel praline and the chocolate truffle. They are smooth and wonderful in warm/hot milk! It's never an over whelming or under whelming flavor. Always delicious. Whether you are sipping it reading a book or having it with friends after a great meal. I highly recommend it!!!
243997243997B000I200OGA192TSWNUK1F80Edward B. Pullen Jr.0041319155200Bellagio French Vanilla Hot Chocolate reviewExcellent taste and decent price until Amazon hiked it several months ago by 50%. Other chocolates are comparable to this one. Very good.
243998243998B000I200OGA1CLJCJ63RHI71Christopher Gross0051292544000DeliciousI got this for my wife, she really likes it! I've had a cup myself and it is very good! The vanilla flavor blends well with the cocoa. Give it a try!
243999243999B000I200OGA32IPG5KW84G6SD. A. Krantz0051290038400GreatThis hot chocolate does not have the strongest flavor, but it is incredibly creamy and smooth. Definitely worth the price for that much.
244000244000B000I200OGA2BIJMB2BITQUMJames Ridgway0141288828800Very nice hot cocoaThis is a great hot cocoa - dissolves quickly and fully - great flavor, very rich and creamy even with just hot water. Far better than the typical hot cocoa.
244001244001B000I200OGA1H7DPQRTC8HGWTamazon "hope755"1311290988800This Hot Chocolate is Horrible or maybe it is the batch I received...I am a true lover of hot chocolate and this chocolate is not that great. The taste is flat and does not taste that chocolaty. I was truly disaapointed so I shared it with a co-worker and she stated that she did not like it either. Her exact words were, "This has a unusual taste...not good".
244002244002B000I200OGA17BNXSBGMUO1ZGraeme2611324857600Food or a chemistry lab?What offends me most about this product isn't just the ingredient list that sounds like it comes straight from a mad scientist and takes a lot of reading to even reach anything that sounds remotely like food: I've come to expect that from today's mass market food. What offends me is the blatant misleading marketing. Not only does the package look fancy and have a fancy name, and not only does it say "A European Classic" (this is an American product), and not only does it say "Gourmet Hot Cocoa" (because at an expensive restaurant I always ask the chef for "corn syrup solids"), but worst of all "Savor the flavor of old world style chocolate": because I'm sure in the old world they mixed a nice helping of partially hydrogenated soybean oil and silicon dioxide into their hot chocolate.

Someone gave me a package of this stuff and I'm debating whether or not to eat it, so I can't comment on the taste. But the misleading advertising alone, combined with this chemistry lab of ingredients, deserves one star no matter how it tastes.
244003244003B006EV8ZEWA17OBI0G3NY4UPBill0011350345600No Mocha to thisNo Mocha taste to this coffee what so ever. I would not buy this again. If you want a strong coffee then this is for you.
244004244004B003IM0B8SA27BPCC6D5ZBNJJoseph M. Lynn "Joe"1331312675200Maya-KASHMIRI CHILLINothing wrong with the product. However, if you mix cayenne pepper with a good smoked paprika and you can save some money. Very little to distinguish this product.
244005244005B00032HPBWA6BEGBCEN3YCOWendi0051334880000Best Rub !!!!Can't seem to find it in the grocery store elated to find it on AMAZON !!!! Emeril's Steak Rub is by far the best steak rub there is....and we've tried a lot !!! Like the previous poster, we buy it and give to others....
244006244006B00032HPBWA350W8SOVC92FMBriana Bryant0051333065600Best rub on the market 10 years & count inTried this by accident once, never found a better seasoning rub in 10 years, this & olive oil & you too can be master of the grill, I find ordering steak out a let down after this, I buy it by the case.Use as stocking stuffers.
244007244007B004LAYP92A1XM3JGZRAPZHLSharon Hills1151322524800Cat foodMy two cats, aged 22 with failing kidneys, and 8 with heart disease, love this food! I tried several others, and they ate it, but not happily. I need to crush their medicine into the food for them to take it, and they take it happily with this! I will continue to feed it to them. Opening the can, it sure looks like a healthful food!
244008244008B004LAYP92A1E2WF5VERYZW8Judith Kroll "French Woman"0051329436800GOOD FOOD FOR CATSThis is one of the few cat foods that is "GOOD" for my cats that they will actually eat. They refuse to eat most of the other human grade brands.!!! The stew/food works well for my cats. For the most part, my female cats will not eat the vegetables, but my little boy loves vegetables. He is a crazy cat!!! He loves peas, carrots, corn, and his very favorite, green beans:)...If your cats do not like vegetables, I recommend that you smash them up or pick them out before you serve them this nutritious food!!!
244009244009B004LAYP92A2AJYFRM2Q4CIAPamela M. Gladstone "Welsh woman"0051327795200Halo is the BestAgain, my cat just wants plain chicken.

He doesn't care for the beef so shuns the whole meal.

Don't use my cat as a yardstick though!
244010244010B00759NCN6A1KSHGBWUU5197cyndice0051349222400Mild and PleasantI have been purchasing different mono-floral honeys, and was looking for one with a very mild flavor to use in my yogurt. I didn't want a flowery taste. I had tried Alfalfa. It was indeed mild, but still had that traditional honey taste of flowers. So I tried this Acacia honey, and I was pleasantly surprised. It's very good (in a mild sort of way). There are no floral tones (at least to my uneducated palate). It's simple, sweet, mild, with a slight kick towards the end with a somewhat earthy tone (when licked straight off the spoon). I've decided I prefer this over Wild Raspberry honey in my yogurt. Raspberry adds an enjoyable distinctive bright, clean flavor that isn't too overpowering, while it seems the Acacia sweetens the yogurt without flavoring or overpowering it at all, although I seem to sense a pleasing vanilla note. It lets the flavor of the yogurt come through, and that slight "kick" disappeared completely. It's so good. (It makes me think of Christmas for some reason!?!?!?) I think it's my new favorite. I'm finally enjoying my homemade yogurt again! Yea! And it tastes good with peanut butter, too...I never thought I'd say that about any honey. I haven't tried any other brands of Acacia, so I can't say this is the "best" Acacia honey out there, but I did enjoy it and will probably be buying more. Breitsammer is a very popular brand in Germany. Honeys that haven't worked for me for sweetening yougurt: Costco's (blech); Mild Buckwheat (better in coffee); MeadowFoam (too distinctive a flavor, but great for meringue cookies); Star Thistle (nice, but too floral in my yogurt); Alfalfa (too floral); Wild Raspberry (good; great with chocolate). I don't think you'll regret buying this honey, unless you're looking for a very strong, assertive "honey" flavor.
Many people rhapsodize over Acacia honey. Please don't let my lack of phrases like "Oh my, this is like a taste of HEAVEN", stop you from enjoying this honey. I am not a honey-lover, myself. In fact, I don't like it, but am forced to limit my sweeteners to only honey. But I consider this to be very enjoyable, which is A LOT from a former avowed honey-hater. (And now I'm enjoying my yogurt for dessert it tastes so good.)
244011244011B003TRFSG2A385M2ZVHROKDFC. Markle "cjm"8911325635200this is not the mayo you are looking fordon't be fooled by this despicable product. it is not made from olive oil, it "has" olive oil in it, so they can sell it to people looking for a healthy alternative to the high omega-6 standard crap. look at the list of ingredients and you see soy oil listed first, before olive oil. helmann's knows people want this without soy oil, so they came up with a way to fool the casual buyer. i would say shame on them, but obviously this is a company without shame (or scruples).
244012244012B003TRFSG2A28YV07R2VUJNUKelly A Riser0041322784000Low Fat Mayo Is FineWhen I opened the box I was a little concerned because I had not realized this was reduced fat mayo. I bought it for my husband on whom I find it hard to sneak reduced fat & calorie food. However, he tried it on a sandwhich & said it tasted just fine to him. I haven't yet tried it in a large amount in something like egg salad but I think it should be fine because we both like the taste of olive oil. Good thing he likes it since there are 3 bottles! The posting could have been a little more clear that this was a reduced fat product. It's interesting that the olive oil seems to have made the mayo lower fat since mayonnaise made from scratch is made from olive oil (very labor intensive if you've ever done it yourself, which I have).

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