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244021244021B001GQ3E32A1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"3351302480000New Taste Sensation In Peanut Butter*****
This is a peanut butter you can feel truly good about eating, but BE FOREWARNED--it is very, very spicy. I personally love it, but if you don't like extremely spicy foods, you can always buy plain peanut butter and dilute it to get it to the heat level you enjoy. The blend of different peppers is a taste sensation that is really hard to describe--not just hot, but "tasty hot"!

This peanut butter is made with "palm fruit oil" is extremely healthy.. There is no added sugar in this peanut butter.

No matter if you are a commercial peanut butter consumer or a purist who loves unsweetened raw nut butters--you will find much to love here--especially after you research all of the benefits of palm fruit oil. My husband is a junk food and fast food man and he also loves this...My two favorites are this and the same company's "Cinnamon Raisin Swirl". This ("The Heat Is On") is more versatile since it is less sweet and can be used in cooking, mixed with other peanut butters or almond butter for a hint of spiciness, or many other uses.

Highly recommended.
244022244022B001GQ3E32A1J9CX4O67LAWBBarbara Stohi "Barb Stohi"3351254268800I'M ALL GROWN UP!And this is the peanut butter for grown-ups! Just hot enough, a nice texture, & a great taste! Kudos for this product!
244023244023B001GQ3E32A3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"2251326412800Perfect For Cooking - Highly RecommendedThis Peanut Butter & Co "The Heat is On" peanut butter is tasty, it is indeed spicy, and is perfect for cooking Thai Chicken Satay. My daughter loves to cook and the whole family benefits when she does, so we gave her this to try and it worked out very well. The spice heat is on upper side of what most casual spice eaters will like, but it is well within the tolerance level of my spice loving family.

It can also be used as a dip and is great spread on celery. We also have some spicy jelly and a sandwich made with both is truly an experience.

Highly Recommended!

244024244024B001GQ3E32A2WEY1YI337PBPburgerwoman2251323648000This stuff is FANTASTIC!With some reservation, I tried this product and am so glad I did. I love it on pretzel nuggets, but I'm sure it would be great on apple wedges, celery or carrot sticks. Sometimes the most unlikely combinations turn out to be the best, as in the case of peanut butter and peppers. If you like spicy foods, try this. If it's too spicy, just dilute it with regular peanut butter. Enjoy!!
244025244025B001GQ3E32AMHY9DA73ZZ4YD. Parker "Eckankar"2251323129600Holy cripes this stuff is hotwas referred by an email friend to get this, she loves it. I burned my mouth on it, hot. I can't eat it as it is but use it in asian dishes diluted. I won't buy again, but not to blame the company, they do tell you it's HOT. Ouch...too hot for me, but great flavor.
244026244026B001GQ3E32A3Q6BY9K8P2PILSTEVE SCHUMACHER1151328486400Hot peanut butterAs advertised, this stuff is hotttttt. Some separation, but not a big deal. All healthy stuff; no cheap soybean or corn oil. It is pretty much as described by the reviews. If you like hot stuff and you like peanut butter, you'll like this. My personal choice is spreading it on celery.
244027244027B001GQ3E32A1T08G6HBDUTYTLauren K1151317081600Very SpicyI bought this for my boyfriend, because he loves everything spicy. He loves hot sauce on almost everything. I made sandwiches for him, and he absolutely loves them and this peanut butter. I however, would only use this for cooking.
244028244028B001GQ3E32A6C56IQX6IZRLD. Bourland1151280016000Best PBThis is one of my favorite PB's to date. I ran across the brand when living in the northeast...but the military commissaries only carry the 2 chocolates and the raisin (also good). I checked out the site and set out to find the other flavors. If you like spicy, give this a won't be disappointed.
244029244029B001GQ3E32AHMWBQG5CRRILChezna Warner "Nupur3000"1241300147200A must-buySpicy food and peanut butter are staples of my diet so I had to try it. I love it. I can't rate it perfect - would take a half star off if I could - because my personal preference would be sweeter; it is much less sweet than most "natural" and certainly any Jif-type PB. That is 100% my personal preference, however, and I just make my standard PB and honey sandwich and it's perfect.
I'd love to see them try a spicy chocolate PB!
244030244030B001GQ3E32A20ZMQBR3KHYNZSilvergirl0231327795200Hot, hot, hotI'm giving this 3 stars based on my personal taste only. My husband & I love both hot food & Thai food. I ordered this thinking to use it in Thai recipes. IT IS HOT!!! I think I can still use it in my Thai food, but sparingly. Also, to me the heat overwhelmed the peanut taste. If you really like super hot, go for it. You'll probably give it 5 stars. Just be aware.
244031244031B001GQ3E32A3G7MDJ2PC4921Mr Thomas0331306368000Brings the heat, but not very usefulThis peanut butter is definitely spicy, which makes it perfect for cooking Thai or other Asian dishes. Unfortunately, that's really the only use I can think of for it. I have a pretty high tolerance for spicy foods and I think this provides a good spice level. You really do have to like spicy food or you will not enjoy this peanut butter at all.
244032244032B001GQ3E32A1UE15X3SNLJ57Linda "Linda"51211260662400Overkill on the SpicyI love all of the Peanut Butter & Co peanut butters except this one. I expected a far more subtle hint of heat not the overpowering spiciness you'll find here. The texture, because of the dried pepper skins and seed bits, really bothers me. It was very disappointing. This is not to say you won't like it, IF you know what to expect and find those characteristics appealing. I just can't imagine it tasting good on anything, it's way too hot and the flavor and texture are just not good. I may try to use it for Thai peanut sauce but I'd put it in the blender to smooth out all the skins and seeds. I have 6 jars, that's a lot of peanut sauce...
244033244033B002F86LQ2A3TKHDSGMELGZ5Eliezer Franca0051331683200Awesome!Very good item and arrived on time. This formula has worked really well with our daughter and we know that we are giving her healthier formula compared to the more mainstream ones.
244034244034B001POF1T0A3G5OZD8J9L7NWW. Drake Dorosh2251279929600My Son Loves this Stuff.My Son loves this stuff. I serve it with whole milk and organic demera sugar. Made from wheat and barley I am confident that it is a healthy breakfast lunch and dinner. He can feed himself if he is hungry. Hide the sugar and only leave out enough. He ate the better part of a box in one sitting and for a short period it was the base of his food pyramid. Until the cupboard was bare.
This stuff is hard to find. When we saw some in the local supermarket we bought it all but they would not restock it. Amazon cancelled my order due to availability too. I will not pay ten bucks for one box of cereal so it is too good for me.
Good news it is made in the United States too and distributed through Barbara's the Puffin Cereal people. I ordered a case but you may be able to find Weetabix in the organic food isle next to the Puffins.
244035244035B001POF1T0A338KF4ZG6NHGVjulie1151314057600healthy cerealWeetabix Whole Grain Cereal
excellent source of energy.It is so tasty and will help you crave for it when you are really hungry . It can be used for breakfast or has a healthy snack with fat free milk. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves healthy cereal and this is one of a kind
244036244036B001POF1T0A3GMVN27TF6XS0Nicholas R. Bessmer1211342656000excellent cereal rip off priceThis is Weetabix from The U.K. Therefore, you are paying four times the price if you bought the cereal Canadian version right at Trader Joes. Beware!
244037244037B002MFTFDYA3VKBFC5K2INR4J. Kruger "veganmania"0051280361600Very Pleased with this CoffeeI browsed the coffee selection on amazon looking for fair trade, organic blends. I have tried three different varities from Paramount. I think this might be my favorite so far. I have plans of trying more but i do have this on auto ship for once every two months to rotate with a different blend they have. This is a bright coffee. It is smooth and a great way to start the day. This is more of a medium blend so for all you rich deep roast fans you might want to try something else. But for those who would like to have an everyday blend give this a try.
244038244038B000VK8CFEA13IS2QV88Z5JODog Lover1131279065600Good Food but Cans --> All Deeply DentedSince I purchased a case of this, it arrived to me shrink wrapped. I put the entire case on the shelf. When I opned it weeks later, I learned that each and every can was dented, some severely. When I tried to return this to Amazon, they declined saying that too much time had passed to return it (about a month).

Unfortunately this has turned me off of Lick Your Chops brand. They were clearly dented before they were shipped, not by Amazon. Is their quality control that bad?

Lesson learned: when purchasing a case, open it immedately; perhaps I could have returned it then.

I regret not being able to give the product more stars as the food inside has been historically good. But I won't feed anybody food from cans with gashes in them.
244039244039B000VK8CFEA2WBZC9E0HG63QBarf bag "Mike"1141241308800Kind of natural, at least my dog doesen't throw it upMy dog pukes on just about every canned dog food. I can feed her a little of this on some dry food and she almost always keeps it down. As far as being natural, it looks just about ( and smells) like all the other dog foods. But you do see an occasional piece of rice or vegetable in there, if those are expensive parts of this dog food, I guess it is better than whatever the other dog foods put in that make Brandy throw up
244040244040B000FLUZ9KA1ZZBAHWGTNMADC. Thomas "Straight to the Point In Colorado"4451305763200Yummy - I mean Yummy Caramel Covered PopcornMy title - pretty much says it all. Yummy though is simply not enough of a description. Its crazy fresh too. And creamy. Yes creamy. The caramel is wrapped in a buttery flavor - just below the flavor of the caramel. And then - there's more - because you get to the popcorn yum. And then there is even more - the crunch of the caramel - all which provide a fully yummy mouth experience.

I bought a 3.5 gallon bag the first time and did think it would go stale before the two of us - plus the occasional guest - would be able to finish it. It was after all the first time ordering and I was doubtful it was going to be that good, in spite of the other reviewers who gave it very high ratings. It took me no time at all to realize that we would not be sorry to have purchased it, or even that if we liked it - we would probably get sick of snacking on it. But neither occurred. We were not sorry and we did not "get sick of it".

This is just the best caramel covered popcorn I /we have ever consumed.

So buy your yummy here today! Oh - and we got it very quickly. A huge plus when ordering a "snack" that sounds delicious that you know you are going to have to wait for.

There is only one real downside, which is the cost of shipping, which appears to be the same for all of the sizes of popcorn. I would like/love them to see what they can do to change that, at the very least for the smaller "bags" of their product, so that people who might be interested in trying their goods, could do that and get to know what they like - without a huge shipping cost investment.
244041244041B000FLUZ9KA1Y09QLADQYQJGThe"older than dirt"Time Traveller "&...1151347408000I recommend ordering THIS popcorn!I ordered two, each, of the two-gallon & 3.5 gallon sizes.
Never HAD this brand, but since it was the only one I could
order that'd SHIP to one of us dummies in uniform, abroad,
I doubled-up on my order... in gratitude!
Thank YOU for YOUR service!
244042244042B0048KD6Z4A3HMUMF0RR7FPFPeggy D. Wirtjes1151318636800Best Diet Ginger AleThis is the best diet ginger ale there is, but your price is too high and the shipping cost more than the soda. The soda is all real and has zero everything encluding no sodium and only uses sucralose as a sweetner. I will use nothing else as a sweetner. I can get this at Trader Joes for about $2.99 for 6 cans. although I have to travel about 40 miles round trip to do so. P.S. Be careful when you first take your first drink because it has real ginger in it and if you inhale it, it will make you sneeze.
244043244043B001F3J854A2SA9L044N4FUGJim Hogue "jmscooby"7731322611200I've had fresherI hate to not leave an overly positive review, but I bought these thinking they would be uber-fresh. They tasted like old Jordan almonds. The price was good, but if you are looking for good ones, I'd find a local store, not these. Too bad, I was disappointed.
244044244044B001F3J854A132WR7YWYE2SOsmackshoe2211332374400poorI ordered these jordon almonds hoping I could get a good product using Amazon Prime. These are not good at all. they have a very hard thick coating that could easily break a tooth. The coating taste like hard sugar and you can not taste the almond at all. Very disappointed. Sorry.
244045244045B000HCMRI4AXKZF8HC3GSMLJennInCT6731261440000Quick and apparently yummy toyIf it lasted, it would be a good chew. It's a little smelly but compared to a chew-hoof it's Chanel. Puppy took it from my hand and went straight to work, and it lasted about 20 minutes. He's a bigger chewer now but at the time he was not the most ferocious, and it would last maybe 8 minutes now. No mess on the floor - little nibbled bits that stick to your socks - like you get with real bones. No loose stool either, but there were some FUNKY smells going on in his vicinity a few hours after each bone.

For a more durable chew without the stinkies, try an antler. I'll post a review on those if I can find them in my order history.

Based on the dogs I've owned, this would be great for a Sheltie, spaniel, bichon or other small- to midsize- puppy that isn't a serious chewer but needs a job to do to keep him out of trouble.
244046244046B000HCMRI4A3MZNRSDQ32UUHimsocrazy "frenzied reader"3351283040000YummyMy dog loves these bones. He's very picky and usually turns his nose up at everything. He gobbled these right up.
244047244047B000HCMRI4A3I9VGZK188D0ZRandy2251320192000My dog loves these bonesHealthy edibles are a great treat for our 5 year old Yorkie
she has tiny teeth and these treats are perfect for her our
Vet said any treat that can bend is soft enough for dogs to
eat and digest. This product is a great value and the company
shipped them out quickly. Would certainly purchase from them
244048244048B000HCMRI4A2702QQVSR5CXBT. Mueller2251317600000Num num bacon num numI bought these bones for my adult dog and a couple of young teething puppies I was fostering. My adult dog was able to devour these things in no time (I eventually got him the larger sized bones so it would at least last him a good minute instead of seconds). The puppies loved to chew on these things and were determined to eat them as fast as they could. When one puppy managed to finish, she would go after her sister's if she still had some left. These things actually smell good enough that you might almost want to eat one. haha They don't last too long but they are a good treat for a dog, especially one who is teething. They still don't last more than 5 minutes but if you want to spoil your dog, this is a good way to do it.
244049244049B000HCMRI4A1BD342U8BF3UCBritney2251313884800My dog likes these.... and cats? ha!My dog loves these. One lasts her about a week. i put one in her crate while im at work and she nibbles at it. its funny because my cats like them too, i found them stealing them from my pom and licking them. i will be buying these again.
244050244050B000HCMRI4A2A5YRK8XOF1J9sam1141340928000great!great product. my lab loves it. but she goes through it in 15 minutes. thats what scares me!!! she breaks it up into bits and I am always scared that she will choke on one. otherwise, dogs love these.

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