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244110244110B00029F5E0A16X1P8RU00KPRRob "Free TV Fan"0051304035200Great ProductCytoSport is the preferred complete whey protein product for good reason. Its taste is superior, it mixes very easily (unlike many other protein powders), and offers optimum nutrition. And the price here was outstanding.
244081244081B003WEHO6EA1VXI7HM39YRV2J. J. Kitto0251321920000They are called Jolly Rancher for a reason!Good candy and excellent service from
I love Amazon'. Happy Holidays to you all. I always recommend this site to everyone, can't beat it unless you live next to a wall-mart ', I don't '!
244082244082B001EO6EQKA2AQ8YQUECN8CHJan "goober"2251213574400JanetThis pepper is the best I have purchased in many years. Buy it. You will be glad you did.
244083244083B001EO6EQKAJKEHUQEA778FR. Lenart2451258416000great bold tasteIf you like the taste of pepper buy this one.Great bold taste and comes in a nice shaker not 1 but 2 i use this everyday will buy again
244084244084B005GYJUHOA2PT69UHII4YMRLINDA1151347062400GREAT TASTING SYRUPI purchased this product because i'm a diabetic. I love vanilla coffee and was using a creamer from the supermarket. It said contains no sugar and I started using it on a regular basis. Since i'm on an insulin pump and test my blood often, there was a significient rise in my numbers. I looked for a long time for sugar free vanilla syrup and came across your product. My sugar is under good control thanks to your product. People out there, don't hesitate to make the purchase. Linda
244085244085B005GYJUHOAEWYUPCNDV7HYModern Blue Argonaut1151346889600The BEST sugar-free vanilla syrupI've tried all of the major varieties of sugar-free syrup, and ended up leaving a little in each bottle for comparison. This was head and shoulders better than any of the others. It's sweeter (so you need less) and has a vanilla frosting flavor, which reminds me of a bakery. I love adding this to coffee, espresso, drizzled over whipped cream and berries, a little extra added to sweet recipes as well. Be sure to get this one, FRENCH VANILLA vs. any other vanilla syrup out there.
244086244086B005GYJUHOA32W29OUW8N4TWDINGO0051350086400I own several bottles nowThis makes my mornings complete without having to drop a lot of dough at a coffee shop. It's the only way to go.
244087244087B005GYJUHOA1753EGTGV3G93Candy0051349654400yum!Torani is ultimately my favorite coffee syrup! The French vanilla specifically because i can enjoy it alone or mixed with just about anything. In the fall i like to add a sprinkle or two if pumpkin spice. Yum!
244088244088B005GYJUHOAT83DAJJCZJEUFelicia Anderson-Sean "akaFlea"0051347235200Great Sugar Free SyrupI love this Sugar Free French Vanilla syrup. I subscribe and get it auto-shipped for the most convenience and never have to worry about running out. My morning vanilla latte would not be the same with it!
244089244089B005GYJUHOA3EMN2GC9VIFLVK. Parent-Lew0051344384000Yum Yum YumThat's almost all I can say. This is THE best french vanilla syrup I've tried. It is even better than some of the regular sugar filled ones. The flavor is excellent. I drink it in my coffee every morning. Now I don't buy high priced creamers that are loaded with partially hydrogenated oils which are very bad for our bodies. I just use this and either almond milk (my favorite since it is thicker) or soy milk. My grand-daughter insists on putting it on her ice cream which I don't mind since it doesn't add any calories. It is so good I could literally drink it from the bottle, but I will show restraint and not do such a thing. By the by, I bought a case.
244090244090B005GYJUHOA1QP9HA4ZIYGRFSarah "Sare"1251331596800Great Price on a Great ProductFirst off, I love these Torani sugar free syrups, it's a great no calorie way to sweeten and add flavor to your coffee. I purchased my first bottle locally in a gourmet shop, for about $13. Buying the three pack on amazon is like getting a bottle for free. FYI, bottles from amazon are plastic, which I don't mind at all - less likely I'll break them while stumbling through my morning routine. :)

Great price, fast delivery.
244091244091B005GYJUHOA1V5XPD7J7HVF8Bonnie E. Rogers "psych nurse"0151331769600Perfect for coffeeI can't imagine a cup of coffee without this delicious syrup added to it - calorie and sugar free too! It starts, middles and finishes my day!
244092244092B00029F5E0A13QWVCU87ZCWCChristopher Graber121251197590400The RundownThe Seller: All Star Health is great to deal with. My Brother-in-law and I have used them many times. They ship relatively quick (3-5 days). They always have competitive prices. Until they recently bumped their price on the 10lb container it was the cheapest buy on the net. Now 2 5lb containers are the cheapest way to go.

The Product: I have tried Vanilla and Cocoa. Per serving Vanilla has 18 grams to Cocoa's 16 grams of protein. Both Mix INCREDIBLY well. I have a shaker cup and do not use it with this stuff. I use a spoon. Thats it. Vanilla tastes really good. Compared to other brands this is the best vanilla I have had that is not loaded with fat and other junk. The Cocoa is my favorite. It was not at first, It is not Chocolate. It is Cocoa. There is a distinct difference. It came to be my favorite, however, when I warmed up the water in the microwave for about a minute and a half and then added the protein. It tastes just like hot chocolate and mixes even better in the hot water. So now every protein shake is like a large glass of hot cocoa, and when you live in Minnesota, thats a really great thing :). There are a bunch of good amino acids in all of these flavors. I really honestly have nothing bad to say about this product. The only annoyance is that it appears like everyone is steadily raising the price on this stuff. I purchased 10 lbs from one place online for $47 within the last year. The next time I went to the website it was $67. I went to all star with my last purchase and the 10lb tub was $51. Now it is in the 60's. Even at the price it is now, the product is all I buy as far as protein supplements go.

Summary: You will not be disappointed.
244093244093B00029F5E0A1HLBEARELLDVQWally "Wally"8841230508800One of the better products out there...I have used Complete Whey for over 10 years now... I am an avid cyclist and it's great for rebuilding/recovery after a hard training day or during a multi-stage race. I specifically prefer the Vanilla Bean flavor over the others. I mix it with 12 oz skim milk, a banana (potassium) and a 1/2 cup frozen blueberries (anti-oxidants), throw in a few ice cubes too. I also throw in a Centrum vitamin and a Joint Matrix supplement as needed. I've tried the majority of recovery supplements out there and this is the one that works best for me.
244094244094B00029F5E0A33YMTWRDJQ29IJohn W. Gilbert6641297728000Dear God in Heaven it Tastes Horrible! rating of 4 stars instead of 5 is due only to the taste (I've tried the strawberry-banana). It does NOT taste good. I almost have to plug my nose to down a 5 oz glass of water mixed with 1 scoop. That being said, it is a good product. They haven't packed it full of sugars (to make taste better) or things you might not want (creatine). It does have the necessary ingredients you will need before and after any intense workout. So, my advice is mix it in a blender with a banana or some yogurt to ease the pain of downing this gruel! I had my wife try it as well......she laughed at me and would not take a 2nd sip. I'm sure a few people might like the taste, but I would suspect that some of the 'flattering' reviews of the taste you read on here are probably spam to get you to buy it. Anyways, it has what you need.....if u can get it down your throat!

Update: Gotten used to the taste. Find myself almost craving it before and after a good workout!

1 Year Update: Ok.. I was probably a little harsh in my title. When you get used to it, the taste isn't that bad. I wanted to give some help on how to mix it. Probably the best method would be to put it in a small blender (like a magic bullet) and do it that way. I did this a few times, but it takes have to clean up your mess, etc. so I stopped because the 5 mins. it takes to clean everything is more hassle than it's worth. I had originally just put my one scoop in the glass filled with water and then mixed. It probably diluted 95-98% that way. However, the small globs that didn't/wouldn't dilute was a bit annoying. Here is a better method: put your scoop in the glass, have a dinner fork in the glass ready to mix it (not a spoon)-AS YOU ARE ADDING THE WATER stir vigorously with the fork until glass is full! Not sure why, but this will nearly fully mix the protein. I've also tried that method with a few other brands as well and it works great! Seems to work better when I use the water from my refridgerator (the jet spout) than slow moving tap water from your sink. GL
244095244095B00029F5E0A3DHNS7GJ30NXJM. KWON "jkwon"5541165104000great dealIt's a good WPC product.

It's cheaper than Optimum nutrition, but it's quality is equal, if not better.

The taste is much better (especially chocolate) than Optimum. And it mixes very well in water. You only need to swirl couple times and there are no clumps.
244096244096B00029F5E0A1LW5YK1GUKS2ERhona A. Hanna "rhona"4451201046400Best Whey EverI've used a ton of protein powders over the years and this has to be one of the best ones I've tried. I'm in college, so I oftentimes don't have time to whip out a blender to make a full fledged shake--but this powder mixes easily (and really mixes, not that clumpy stuff you get with other powders) and tastes great. In fact, it tastes exactly like cold hot chocolate. It's really fantastic and just...unbeatable. I'd give it more stars if I could.
244097244097B00029F5E0AT5M1QKKFS9EXdmron3351270252800Awesome productI love this stuff. Take it in combination with a carb supplement (I use Carb Slam) before and after weight lifting, and the results are amazing.

Taking it before your workout helps you work out longer, and taking it after helps your muscles regenerate much faster. It almost completely eliminates any soreness you would normally get from lifting weights, and your muscles build up FAST.

The first couple of months I was lifting weights, I wasn't taking any supplements. I was trying to eat more natural protein but that was it. I was building muscle for sure but was always sore for a few days after lifting and after a couple months I felt like I completely plateaued.

Once I started taking this in combination with Carb Slam, my strength absolutely exploded and continues to consistently grow week after week, and I'm never ever sore. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

The only downside is it doesn't really taste that great. Muscle Milk tastes 50x better. I use Muscle Milk as well, but that's more of a meal replacement type thing than a pre/post workout supplement. (Read body building forums - almost everyone feels the same way).

It doesn't taste BAD but it's just not really that great. Hopefully they will improve it in the future, but even if they don't I will continue to use it because the results are phenomenal.
244098244098B00029F5E0A16HVB58W7NYW7L. Denson6851185494400Best whey protein I've usedI'm an old guy and I've used whey protein for a lot of years. I tried "Complete Whey Protein Vanilla Bean" about 3 years ago and I haven't used any other brand except one time when I ran out. That just made me appreciate CWPVB even more. I'm in my 70's and have always stayed in pretty good shape. I can truthfully say that my muscle mass is as good as it was 40 years ago.
244099244099B00029F5E0A3UKE7LXFHH4BTPeter A. Pickett II1141327449600Compared to Muscle Milk Chocolate...This product has a few advantages over the Muscle Milk Chocolate. More protein (20g vs 15g per scoop) & fewer calories per scoop.(110 vs. 150 per scoop)
The flavor is not as good as the Muscle Milk chocolate powder. It is generally lighter in texture and I think has a hint of coco-nutty flavor. The aroma of the powder is pretty powerful to overwhelming. In my opinion, Muscle Milk Chocolate has set the bar pretty high for any/all chocolate protein powder drinks.

The regular Muscle Milk has tons of extra Vitamins and Minerals that this Whey product doesn't have as a meal replacement (see the image I uploaded for the label). So although you could use this product for weight loss, you wont be getting the vitamins and minerals that regular Chocolate Muscle Milk has.

It is up to you, but you might want to email the company and ask if they can send you a sample of the product before jumping into spending a lot of money for a large container. I am going to finish out this container, but i think I may go back to Muscle milk on the next purchase.
244100244100B00029F5E0A3NGN8XSKR4IXImrsmay "mouthsense"1121302998400New Formula? Big Disappointment...I have used this products for 6-7 years and always loved it, until today....I ordered this from Amazon and received it a few days ago. First I noticed a new label on the tub. OK, but then as I scooped out my first scoop I noticed a color change..instead of being the color of something like Nestle Quik powder my protein was a very light shade of tan...bad sign. Still, I gave it a chance..after mixing and tasting I felt duped! Different texture and WEAK flavor - where did my rich Cocoa flavor go? I could have picked this product out of a blind test after having it every day for that many years.... the new version is awful....did I just get a bad batch? HELP.
244101244101B00029F5E0A2TJON94Q1NT7XJ.P. "J.P."1131198800000takes 3 scoopsIf you're not big on taste, this is a pretty inexpensive product. I've tried Myoplex ($60) , ProNos ($50) and finally this stuff. I use a shaker that takes more than 20oz of water, but I used all three in this shaker. The thickest and most palatable was the ProNos it has a very rich flavor.The Myoplex and the Cytosport were on the watery side, very similar, but the Cytosport I liked the least taste-wise. I also found that the Myo packet had over 40 grams of protein and two scoops of ProNos had the same. The Cytosport has 16 grams of protein per scoop, so you'd have to use three scoops to equal what you'd get in the serving size of the other two. The ProNos comes in a three pound tub and 19 servings per container at over 40 grams of protein.The Cytosport has 209 servings per container (divided by three scoops per 48 grams of protein = 69.6 servings) so you're getting more than three times the protein for about $25 more. Being that you can always add something to the mix better the taste, if you're on a budget, this product is very inexpensive compared to most.
244102244102B00029F5E0A1VMU3U15B2MDGslam it3431200960000Not bad but not greatThe protein is high quality and appears to have all the right ingredients, but the taste isn't so great and it doesn't create a very thick shake. I prefer Met-Rx whey protein over this, as in my opinion it tastes better and keeps me full longer.
244103244103B00029F5E0A2DIOWTBQRJ1YTyler0051337990400Solid Protein, Tastes GoodDecent protein, almost all protein, not much 'other stuff'. Tastes pretty good. Mixes fairly well, haven't tried with water, but good with milk.
244104244104B00029F5E0A12ILJM21W7E8YJason0051332720000Good Stuff!This protein is great quality for the value(around 55bucks for 80 or so servings). Aside from that, the taste is great and it is easy to mix with a spoon and some cold water. I would definately buy this again.
244105244105B00029F5E0A2RU3BPQME5988Dragonfly0051332460800WOW!! Not bad!!I got this stuff yesterday and was a little nervous to try it. I didn't know what to expect with the mixed comments. Well when I first opened the container I was hit will a very pleasant sweet smell of strawberry and banana. It made me think I was going to be eating a strawberry banana yogurt. It smelled very sweet but it isn't sweet at all. But it isn't bland either. No chalky taste. I mixed it with 6 ounces of refrigerated water and 2 ounces of 1%milk. I also added 2 ice cubes in the shaker. It helps mix it up and keep it cold. I will be getting this again.
244106244106B00029F5E0AXR469N6JJJD21swimmer0051327708800good protein and tastes goodthis stuff tastes yummy and is good for you plus you save $$$ over buying in store. Makes your workout twice as effective by simply ingesting this after your workouts
244107244107B00029F5E0A2XPHTD8NFO4D7daniel g buehring0051319760000DeliciousTastes great, mixes well and I am getting stronger. My only concern is that the carbs in this are essentially from corn or starch and not really well used other than caloric intake, but its ok if your working out.
244108244108B00029F5E0A2B79X7HROANPCShelly Mathie0051315008000Complete WheyGreat tasting protein! Mixes well and is a great source of protein! Best pricing found through Amazon! Love that I can auto-ship and not have to worry about running out!
244109244109B00029F5E0AWBXMKDCH1LNTLawless0051314921600Good StuffI've been using this for about a year now. Good quality, low fat and low carb, mixes easily and tastes great. If you're on a diet, this is the best protein to use.

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