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244111244111B00029F5E0A1FQOKC3TZSYVTBee0051303084800CytoSport Complete Whey Protein, Cookies and Creme, 5 PoundBest protein powder I have ever had and such a great value! How could I miss it? Plus it got to me in 2 days flat :)
244112244112B00029F5E0A1QKWPKP7RL93GNewbieToShakes0031281744000not bad...This is the first time to try protein shakes. Strawberry banana is not bad, but not great. Can't wait to try the other flavors.
I can't comment on Whey protein versus the other and dissolving is not an issue when mixing. I am quite content with my purchase.
244113244113B00029F5E0AX1FTNVJT2YY5Jennifer T. King "J King"0051281571200Favorite Protein by leaps and boundsI have tried many different types of protein and Cytosport makes the best by far. This was the first time that I tried the "low fat coco" and it is so yummy. The fact that it is low fat was icicng on the cake for me!

This seller offered a 10lb tub for an amazing price and I was more than pleased with the cost, and shipment.

(However I did recieve 2 5lb tubs v/s the one 10lb tub)

244114244114B00029F5E0A1J86S22ZARRC5Patrick Nolan0051267833600Tastes GreatI was a little hesitant to buy the cocoa bean flavor after reading the reviews saying that it's not the same as chocolate, because most of the proteins I've been using are chocolate flavored. I'm glad I ended up with cocoa bean. I took the advice of some other comments to heat it up and it really does taste good as hot chocolate. The other thing I like about it is that it mixes very well with water. When I'm at the gym I don't really have a choice between water and milk, but it's not a problem with this protein.
244115244115B00029F5E0A6D9PZB05D931JLU "Elvis Fan"0051265328000WILL ORDER AGAINAlways on time or ahead of schedule. I love that is only has 1 carb per scoop. I will definitely order again - on my second now.
244116244116B00029F5E0A3FP540F4TQYWQMichael Hollinger0051261526400YummyGood product. Mixes well with milk or water, and tastes really good too. Plus got it alot less on Amazon than I would have from my local Golds or a supplement store. Enjoy!
244117244117B00029F5E0A1AI45LROK78R0King "Carcossa"0051243987200Quality Product that's Surpassed My ExpectationsI chose this product because it's shipped quickly by a wonderful company, and the product is top notch. In addition I wanted a protein powder that's free of all the junk, i.e.: fat, excessive calories, creatine, and stimulants. Aside from basic whey protein, it contains a laundry list of crucial/helpful amino acids that are crucial for weight lifters, athletes, and body builders. In addition, they've added smaller amounts of calcium, and potassium for good measure! Of all the protein powders that I've used this one mixes the best! Does it still cake a little bit?...The answer is yes. You CAN mix it with a spoon but I'd still recommend a mixer. But let's be honest, when you're trying to make protein powders dissolve easily you're working against nature. Be that as it may, it contains what I'm looking for, tastes WONDERFUL, and is aiding me in my body building. I'm currently enjoying Cookies 'n Creme and it's very palatable. I look forward to trying other flavors in the future. At 17-18 grams of protein (depending on flavor) and 90 calories per scoop I prefer mixing this with skim milk for additional protein, or doubling the dose for a larger pack of protein. It's also convenient to have a dose an hour or so prior to working out, and making sure you get a second serving within 10-20 minutes of your completion. Bottom line: it tastes great, and is ideal for those looking to build LEAN muscle mass without all the fat and calories.
244118244118B00029F5E0A2DYD9G3YKVT8YNicole Geisen "Herbalife Independent Distributor"0051234742400Meal Replacement ShakeI have customers tell me that they are looking for options when it comes to shakes because they want a protein shake that tastes great and has low or no lactose. Cytosport offers a very low lactose product that I wanted to try for myself and I think that its great tasting, very low calorie and did keep me feeling full. I offer a lactose free shake product, however, if someone can tolerate a small amount than I will recommend the Cytosport shake product.
244119244119B00029F5E0A26004OJM22EV7Mark Twain0051234137600whole family loves it!In our family, mom, dad and 2 teen boys work out often, and we need protein. We buy the Cytosport 10 lb. vanilla bean and it works great for us. The taste is good, and it mixes well in milkshakes and oatmeal.
244120244120B00029F5E0A1RJR0N2U6GA11OKC. "John h."0051220054400throw out the twinlabthis is a great product..I have been loyal to twinlab for 15years, but I kept seeing the retail going up on twinlab so I decided to try this brand and wow..great flavor does not clump like some other brands,and the price is right. after buying my first jar from amazon, their price jumped up by 10 dollars, so I bought my second jar thru Allstar health I beleive and even though I paid shipping it was still cheaper than amazon. 32.50 plus 5bucks shipping. also shipping was very fast.
244121244121B00029F5E0A3TBTAX85OYRKPHappy Crafter0051218153600Very Good!This is very good whey protein and tasty too! Even tasts good when mixed with just water for a quick protein drink. Will buy again! Great price!!
244122244122B00029F5E0A3L9GZSZHOHIR5TC0051210896000Great Company, Great ProductFirst off, I've been ordering from All Star Health for a couple of years, and usually I receive my stuff a lot quicker than the shipping that I pay for.

I've only tried Cytosport Whey once and it has quickly become my favorite brand. It tastes great and the 10lb container is very convenient to use.
244123244123B00029F5E0AFC0UE4FIH9GYp reek "Trish"0051204329600protein mixA really great product. Tastes great- mixes instantly. By far the best I have ever used. Try it once and you will agree it is excellent.
244124244124B00029F5E0A3L7PWSEXX3J3TRosanna Costa0051171670400Great Product!I bought this product for my boyfriend who absolutely loves it! I've tried it before, it has a GREAT flavor, just like drinking chocolate milk! The shipping was quick too!
244125244125B00029F5E0AHVA3Q3YB4IUJulie Pickett1221306281600Nutrition label incorrect on websiteI have been using this product for almost 2 years now and when I received my tub with the new label, I noticed that it has 120 calories. The "old" label listed 90 calories. On Amazon's website it lists 96 calories - which is correct? It may not sound like much of a difference, but it needs to be accurate. What else is incorrect???
244126244126B00029F5E0A1QVK4GS5XBV0ZDavid1251208476800great tasteGreat taste, Ive tried many types of protein, this one was by far the best Ive ever had.
244127244127B00029F5E0AAO0RY5MGQR87Ezc0151302825600Excellent Taste, Easy to MixGreat tasting product with lots of servings in a 5lb tub. I love the taste of the cocoa bean and will probably trying the cookies n creme flavor next.
244128244128B00029F5E0A2467PUOM46PDIcarb0n0151301616000CytoSport = A+ proteinIf you're reading this, you're in the right place. You want a protein thats good for the money, tastes great and mixes well. With most proteins you only get 2 of those 3.
CytoSport has all of them. I will NEVER switch to another protein. too bad it took me 5 years to try it out.

Quick breakdown:
-Cocoa tastes like chocolate. Some crazies say otherwise, but the planet im from, chocolate comes from cocoa. GREAT TASTE
-MIXES GREAT. I still cant believe how well this mixes. If you happen to not mix it all the way, any clumps present are silky smooth, not puffy and dry. its
really weird how it works but its great. i usually mix 1 scoop with 8oz of warm water and the other scoop with milk.
-Protein prices are going up, but this 5lb tub should last you a while. i give it a 4 star on the price. it could be $10 cheaper

Do what i did and get a blender. i was tired of my shaker cup everyday. throw in a handful of fruit,yogurt,and milk. add your protein. its an INCREDIBLE shake.
244129244129B00029F5E0A3I73WTX1Z4SHXDaen0151300924800low carb protein shakeProduct works well , tastes good in shakes I normally mix a few other things in too, I like the low carb aspect
244130244130B00029F5E0A3AFCKKTPM41BNFrank Ladolcetta0151188432000Great ProductI have bought this twice, and both times it arrived fast and lastest forever (enough servings for 1/3 of a year if used every day). This was the best price that i saw anywhere else, it provides more protein than any other ounce for ounce... Plus its about 1/2 the price of any other...
244131244131B00029F5E0A2EYU94BK579X9d2531311724800This Is NOT muscle milktyped in muscle milk in the search bar and this popped up, with a pic of a muscle milk can. It got to my house and the can was not as it was in the pic. it was the normal cytosport with yellow and white.
244132244132B00029F5E0A2FPIUHNC1YVB8RG4911220572800YUCK!Don't be fooled by the label "great tasting". When mixed this stuff tastes terrible! If you want something better tasting "Muscle Milk" is the way to go.
244133244133B00029F5E0A2FPIUHNC1YVB8RG2911220572800YUCK!Don't be fooled by the label "great tasting". When mixed this stuff tastes terrible! If you want something better tasting "Muscle Milk" is the way to go.
244134244134B0018CJIX4A1ECIT3IBKPQCVBlaqueniss1151345507200Five Meow Stars!My little boy absolutely loves this stuff. He has not been so excited about his food since he was a kitten. I have tried almost all the premium cat foods with little satisfaction and this one is by far the best. All I can say is keep up the good work, you seem to have found the kitty-cat magic ingredient. I am extremely pleased with your product; you have a pleased and loyal customer!
244135244135B0018CJIX4A3M9TSL4J8RR04C. Postlethwait1151332288000Paws down, the best.It took me forever to find a product that my cat could keep down (let alone touch), but after much searching and after seeing the search results for top cat food brands on I decided to give Natural Balance a try. It was, shall we say, purrfect. I've even tried other high-quality products since then (including the #7 pick, Newman's Own), and Natural Balance is still the only one my cat will touch. He absolutely loves it!
244136244136B007Y5ORBCA1RXLZY53ZQ6UTSusan "Susan"0051344211200Pooch is LOVIN" His Treats!!If there were one thing that our sweet pooch would eat and nothing else, it would be these..and he's so worth it!!
244137244137B000EMM9O4A3IYE30NQHLE0ZD2232411193184000Poor QualityI purchased this item because I wanted the tea chest. The item description is completely inaccurate. It states that it is a "Wood Grain" tea chest. The chest is a cheap box that is very poorly covered with a wood grain contact paper. I say poorly because the faux wood contact paper has ripples and bubbles all over it. Please don't waste your money or time on this item like I did.
244138244138B000EMM9O4A1DTFU3BNADDWPJ. Swenson141411162598400Tea boxLiked the idea of the box but the tea tasted/smelled like glue or paint or both. Once I removed the tea from the box, it was OK.
244139244139B000EMM9O4A1SVNCLWF5LUUEChef Tell "Cooks Maven"131311178841600Tea no tasteI found the tea to be bland. Thank goodness the box can be reused for other teas in the future otherwise it would be quite expensive for the quality of tea in the box.
244140244140B000EMM9O4A13T8DKC4KI627H. Mai8821174953600Tea chestI received this tea chest as a gift and am just now getting around to trying the teas. The chest is beatiful and will be great for future use; however, I am thoroughly dissatisfied with the tea. Although the bags are highly aromatic, the tea is very bland, as if the bags were old. I am sure Bentley teas are usually fresh and tasty, just not the box I received.

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