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244141244141B000EMM9O4A2FSEVA2BFN17OJen G5531191801600good for priceI wanted a tea box that I could actually put my own tea in, so this review is just on the box. The box is nice, but the slots are too small for other brand tea bags (Which was the whole reason why I bought it). This would be a nice gift since it is a good price, but you have to refill it with the same tea or small tea bags.
244142244142B000EMM9O4A38TBA28NHTDLXSherry Kull4451179187200just what I wantedI was looking for a wooden tea chest that was reasonably priced. Some products are $50 and up. So, when I ordered this one for $20, I hoped that it would be a decent product. I was glad to see that the box is quite nice and the tea is tasty. It was exactly what I wanted.
244143244143B000EMM9O4A22RXDI9C5A90NS. Irwin4411201046400Cheap BoxWhat a disapointment. I should have taken heed to the negative review saying it was a cheaply covered veneer box. It does NOT look like wood. There is a horrible smell when I opened the box. Unfortunatly being a food product it is not eligible for return.

I would not recommend this item for a gift or for a nice display of tea. I'm hoping that the tea is worth the cost of the entire item. . .
244144244144B000EMM9O4AWJ1GTN5W2R6WROKAW146 "ROKAW146"3331187395200Ok Product, Very Plain TeasI should have listen to other people before I bought this item.
If you are looking for something cheap, this item maybe good enough but if you are a serious tea drinker, this item isn't for you.
244145244145B000EMM9O4A1WDO8YCJW2TWFT. Leonatti2211200614400Very Poor qualityI'm very disappointed in the quality of the box, so much so that I haven't even tasted the tea. The product description says it is "wooden with full velvet lining", when in truth it is cheap pressed cardboard with wood grain contact paper (or something similar). Very flimsy (cheap) hinges and clasp. I considered giving it to someone as a gift but I would be embarrassed doing so. Don't waste our money, especially since Amazon won't let you return it.
244146244146B000EMM9O4A23O9ZXQSC9079Christina L. Grumblatt "bookworm"2251174867200Bentley Tea BoxI love this little box of tea bags and use it quite often, especially when I have a get together in my home. People love the choices and the taste, and often ask where they can get one just like it.
244147244147B000EMM9O4A25QJBWISD080TL. Marcotte6811204848000This Box is JunkThis item deserves no stars (it forced me to give at least one, which I only did so I could write this review and warn people away from this product).

The box is embarrassingly cheap; the tea is old and flavorless.

I wouldn't present this tea to the stray dog down the street, for fear of offending his sensibilities (even he has his standards; something Bentley's clearly lacks).

I have been taken advantage of with this purchase. Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. No more Bentley's for me.
244148244148B000EMM9O4ALF4KTH0K6OE4Roxana L. Naranjo "Chez Roxy"1141217203200Tea boxI got this as a gift for my mother in-law who loves tea. She was really happy with the flavors and with the apperance of the box. It was a really elegant tea box.
244149244149B000EMM9O4A1NKJ9S826ALKEhelpful hinter1151171584000Tea BoxBeautiful wood tea box, costing very little and contains 60 packets of delicious herbal tea. Wonderful bargain, great gift.
244150244150B000EMM9O4A1RNCEPKS3C3APGiovanni De Sanctis0051336867200Exelent teasThe product is well presented very well desgned and the teas are very good and I srongly recommend them, I am sure that you will love them even if you are not a tea lover
244151244151B000EMM9O4A23H4798USI8JLBabz0051313539200My Favorite TeaI would say that this tea is probably not for everyone, but as a tea lover, I was happy with the flavors. It has a unique scent and the box isn't as poorly constructed as some of the other reviews claim. Tea chests can cost a lot and for the price, this product is reasonable. I will order again.
244152244152B000EMM9O4A1HLJTDDZ8YJPBT0041312848000GreatIt arrived quickly. The item was just what I wanted. The only problem was a slight chip on the outside case but other than that I am very satisfied.
244153244153B000EMM9O4A353U0L2HAMSHVCricket "Living life and loving it!"0051221264000What a wondeful gift for a tea loverI bought this as a gift for a family member that loves tea. When it arrived I was very happy with the way that is was packaged so that there would be no chance of damage during shipping. The chest is very nice and the tea packaged inside looks very pretty. I can't wait to give this to them.
244154244154B000EMM9O4A353Y7VBQHHW0Twackygirl "wackygirl"0051219363200Great Gift ItemI have gotten this item and several other tea chest from Boston/Bentley Tea company. The boxes are excellent and the tea is good.

Great Price!!!
244155244155B000EMM9O4A41AW0ZKYBLYCStephen Mclean "Stephen"0051198540800Very NiceThis was a gift for my sister-in-law... she loves the selection and the teas have great aroma and taste.
A perfect gift in a great wooden box -- Nice Buy!
244156244156B000EMM9O4A20K95494Z3SCWJ. Godwin0051191283200Nice gift setI liked this so much the first time I bought one, that I decided to buy another one for a gift. The tea is great, good price, and the box is very attractive and durable. Have refilled it many times with tea from the Bentley tins, which is even more economical.
244157244157B000EMM9O4A2Z34RBGT4LZPLB. P. Murray0051184198400What a Pleasant Surprise!!This wooden tea chest makes an excellent gift, and is an elegant, useful piece in any dining room setting. The teas are mild but not bitter, each distinctive in its own right, and perfect as a breakfast tea or afternoon sipping tea. The tea chest compares quite favorably to the more expensive chests, without the cost!!
244158244158B000EMM9O4A1QOIRVAD3WUHPami Sue "Perky"1251171238400Bentley's Teas Woodgrain Tea ChestI had purchased a few of the tea chests as Christmas gifts for my neighbors. I thought it was so beautifully made that I purchased another for myself! The wood chest is really pretty and the tea variety inside is great. I put it out every time I entertain.
244159244159B000EMM9O4A4R65K7TUUW3Mtea lover1331170806400nice chest & teasI really like this chest. I think it makes an elegant presentation and has a good chance of being useful and attractive after the tea is gone. However, one of the corners on the box was very badly dented. Since this is a gift, it is a bit of a problem. I hope the seller can rectify this, as I would like to purchase more as gifts, but I can't have the boxes arrive dented to my gift recipients.
244160244160B000EMM9O4AVV75ZWXTO8OJMrs. Lois Ann Carlson1541163030400Tea BoxVery nice wooden tea box. Will make a nice present. I have not tried the teas, though.
244161244161B00629Z2BUA3CSU1VF2EYKERmakemeadeal0051329782400GreatThis was the best Jam!!! My kids love this Jam. They talk about it all the time. We have tried several other ones from other places but this one is off the charts....
244162244162B00629Z2BUA1H0JF4W0TK0AIDisappointed0011324771200Too sweetThis was a Christmas present, VERY disappointed. The jam was too sweet to eat, I threw away jam, kept jar. Nice jar.
244163244163B001E5DY6WA13WTW1IQFI0GFD. Partner7921189728000Good coffee, might be betterI received this coffee from Amazon in mid-August 2007, the best if used by date on all three bags was Sept 2007. This is the third time I've ordered food products from Amazon that have been short-dated. The coffee, though old, was still very good so I can only imagine how really good it might be if fresh.
244164244164B001E5DY6WA2PNOU7NXB1JE4Peggy "pab920"1131247616000It's okayNormally I buy whole beans, I bought this ground Emperor blend since it was on sale and organic. The date allowed enough time for me to finish the 3 bags, so no complaint there. As for flavor, and we all have our preferences, I found it okay-not bad or bitter, but not impressive either. It tastes like red can Folgers. The only complaint is this coffee ages fast in my stainless grind & brew coffee maker, whereas other brands I've used have not.I prefer ASIN:B00199CEM8 Larry's Beans Fair Trade Organic Coffee, House Blend whole bean, 5-Pound Bag at a little over $8/lb. w/ subscribe and save. I usually drink 4 cups of coffee in the AM, so taste and endurance matters to me.
244165244165B002IG22YQA2WTCQBBVA1IM2Keila0051337817600best flavored cheez-its!been buying hot and spicy cheez-it's for years and now that i can find them here makes it all the better. these are a must buy and are great to eat or used as breading for chicken!
244166244166B0053T153EA235EY6S2D1SG0Sue B.2231308700800USA made!These Barksters by Loving Pet are the the only product on their line that is made in the USA. My dogs loved the Loving Pet Sticks but when I read they were made in China, I threw them away and refuse to buy Loving Pet's many other products until they are made in the US. As for these Barksters, they are made with only four ingredients and all are healthy ingredients. All of my picky Chihuahua's love the treats, or I should say they loved the crumbs. I rated these healthy treats 3 stars instead of 4 stars because the crisps were all broken up and were in crumbs.
244167244167B0053T153EA3O7EA25KI37N5J.T.0041339113600Barksters Sweet Potato Krisps Dog TreatI have a 12 1/2 year old Golden Retriever who has worn her teeth almost completely down. The Barkster treats are very crunchy and yet very easy for her to chew as they break apart easily. Also, due to less activity due to her arthritis, the Barksters are low in calories which is a big help. I really am pleased to have found them available on Amazon. Thank you.
244168244168B0053T153EA1MKTCYB15OGOTtaneshia carr0051325289600dogs love thesesafe and tasty treat.i would assume these are like puffed cheetos for dogs. popeye loves them and i get a kick out of hearing him actually crunch and chew instead of woofing down his treats whole and risk getting i think these melt in his mouth if the peices are too small for him to crunch.
244169244169B0053T153EA3MUK3JWGX90YQMya0041318550400Nice, Healthy Treat for DogsI love these healthy dog treats. My dog has trouble with a lot of processed dog foods and treats. These are a great way to give her a little something extra when she's a good girl and not have to worry if she will get sick or have an allergic reaction. I will warn you, though, they often arrive broken in pieces, even though they are packed fairly well. They are very delicate, crispy treats. I usually break them down into pieces anyway, so it isn't much of a drawback for me, but it may bother some of you.
244170244170B0053T153EA3OA2TMA35LFNPJosh.Yeager0051315180800My Dogs Love These!Ok, let's be honest. "Dogs will be dogs" and mine love just about anything edible, but they go absolutely bonkers for these little crisps. I feel good about giving them these as snacks or for training, for a few reasons.

First, just like the box says they're "guilt-free"; made with brown rice and beef, they're wheat & gluten free, low fat and only 12 calories per treat -- so I feel good about not giving them "junk food", per se.

Second, they're light & crispy -- like a puffed rice, so the pups aren't being weighed down by a heavy dog biscuit full of corn & sugar. Lastly, the dogs REALLY like/crave these, so they've been a great tool for training, when I use the crisps as a positive reinforcement for good behavior. When I'm doing repetitive action training over & over again (like teaching my one dog how to shake), I'd rather give him 10 of these than 10 pieces of hot dog or chemical-laden mushy dog snacks. These brown rice & beef Barksters accomplish both of our needs and I'm actually rewarding him with something good for his body and his spirit.

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