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244321244321B0030VBQ5YA3AEQ3BVEWCM4IMom2thePookies0041336435200my picky kid loves this!My almost 2 year old hates veggies. This is a great way to sneak some veggies in his diet. He seems to prefer these over the Peter Rabbit Organics, which we switch back and forth between. Happy Tots has more pouches than Peter Rabbit. Great product!
244322244322B0030VBQ5YA1Q7NGKRJ8VWFMBretzhome0051336176000LOVE Happy Baby!My daughter is now 2 and we have been buying Happy Baby product from Amazon since she was 6 months old. They almost always have the best price and best selection! These are the best portable snack for a active toddler! My daughter loves the taste and I love that it is a healthy snack. A added benefit I have found is that the extra fiber helps keep her digestive track in check. She has had constipation problems since around a year and these have been the key to keeping her comfortable. For the best price Join Amazon Mom and subscribe and save. Lifesaver for those of us who live in Very rural communities!
244323244323B0030VBQ5YA3HOL00VHFLZ6Jhrwvegas "Heather Whelan"0051335744000Great productLove the product, it provides healthy fruits and veggies to my 20 month old son in a convenient package that tastes good so he'll eat it!
244324244324B0030VBQ5YA1UBD1SY9V21Z4Jen0051335657600What's not to love?- Packed with nutrition
- Organic
- Convenient, especially for an on-the-go snack
- Reasonable price on Amazon
- My daughter loves it!!
244325244325B0030VBQ5YAANVI4Z54NFIJtexas doc mom0051335657600Amazing and totally worth the price!These are amazing pouches. My son will usually eat 1-2 per day, which is at least 100% of the vitamin A and C that is required for his age. It's not always easy to get him to eat vegetables and fruits, and this is a nice, convenient way to encourage healthy eating. I HIGHLY recommend these! This is the most nutritious version of the HappyTot pouch, as well.
244326244326B0030VBQ5YA3E45TK37HKE0MVB0041335571200Happybaby Stage4 Sweet Potato, Apple, CarrotsI absolutely love this flavor and so does my son. He normally does not eat sweet potato but this one he does.
It makes me feel good too that he is eating some healthy veggies & fruits and not any junk snacks.
244327244327B0030VBQ5YA1T7U7G0T1BGF6Loving Mom0051335312000Great ProductThis is a great way to give your child fruit and vegetables either on the go or as a snack. Saves time and can be served chilled or room temperature. It has protein as well, which is hard to find in a combination fruit/vegetable like this one. My daughter loves this, she has 2 every day.
244328244328B0030VBQ5YAF3YSJTX25BVPAndria0051334534400Good way to ensure daily fruit and veggie for the new solid food eaterI love these for my son (he is now 14 months). He likes these because he can do it himself - he's very anti-other people feeding him at this point, so with these he gets to do it himself - they're fairly clean but every once in a while when he's in a particularly "playful" mood he realizes that he can squeeze it out and fingerpaint with them - still much cleaner and more efficient than trying to spoon feed him these days tho.

I also use the subscribe function so these (along with two other varieties of these) get delivered every 3 weeks to my house - amazon gives a little bit off the cost as well and then i don't have to worry about it - its also MUCH cheaper buying in bulk this way via amazon as opposed to something like $1.50 each in the grocery stoe
244329244329B0030VBQ5YA225HEECW3MIE1TeamBeach0041334448000Great Product, Wrong Size from descriptionLove this product. Perfect for babies while on the go. We actually purchased these specifically while on vacation (usually I just have a few on hand for occassional use). My daughter gobbles these up. I just wish they sold a variety pack! I find myself filling with with individual ones of a different flavor here and there cause I can tell my daughter gets tired of it.

Although, along with a previous review, I too, received the 3.5 ounce package rather than the size stated in the description. BUT, Amazon has amazing customer service and immediately fixed the problem. And that's the only reason I give it four stars (and the fact that I wish there was a variety).

If you are thinking about buying these, totally worth it.
244330244330B0030VBQ5YA152P9Q4AX5TUFAmber0051334361600lovemy daughter love this
244331244331B0030VBQ5YA38QLE5S89B5CHandmadeCardsAndMore0051334188800My babies love itsuper easy and fun snack for the little ones, its especially great for travel. Also my 3 year old loves them as a bed time snack
244332244332B0030VBQ5YA1UB19C9FUQ2Q0Zozo's Ma0041333324800IndispensableOur Zozo has loved her mango pouches from before she could ask for them by name. Nowadays, she goes through the small Happy Baby mango pouch in seconds so we introduced the Banana, Mango and Peach to add to her breakfast/snack repertoire. She loves it! I don't know why I was even remotely surprised. Happy baby is a happy tot, with a happy mom and pop.
244333244333B0030VBQ5YA21S097UHG2RXMchemteacher0051332892800Fav flavor!This is my daughter's favorite flavor of the happy tot pouches. I just hand it over and she gobbles it down. The diaper bag always has one of these pouches in it!
244334244334B0030VBQ5YA3FN2SVVVTPRW1Hi0051332115200Best stuff!My 3 yr old Daughter luvs the taste of these ever since her first one at 1yr old! I luv the ease of use, organic, minimal processed ingredients. They are worth every cent!
244335244335B0030VBQ5YA1ANIY6VATQXC3JK in TX0041330992000Baby loved it, convenient pouchLike others have said, the consistency of this stage 2 combo is very thin, but it could be thickened with oatmeal or cereal. My 7 mth old loved the flavor and impatiently waited for more, which she doesn't do with all baby foods. I like that it contains spinach for iron and fruit for antioxidants and to sweeten it a bit. I wouldn't use these everyday while I'm home because they are somewhat costly per pouch, but they are a terrific option for travel or when you need something easy on hand to feed baby. I tried squeezing the contents of the pouch into her mouth, which she didn't particularly like, but I think that's just because she's used to being fed with a spoon. An older baby could squeeze and eat this themselves and if you find yourself without a spoon, it's a great option.
244336244336B0030VBQ5YA1W30EZX8E74WHGratefulMama0051330905600Sneaks veggies into toddlers!This is one of the few ways that I can sneak vegetables into my picky toddler! He *loves* these pouches! If you give your child more than one pouch at a time, be sure to give her the less sweet pouch first, or she may reject the second one.

I keep these in my diaper bag so that I always have a healthy snack on hand for my little guy!
244337244337B0030VBQ5YA3NL2PY3UXN5G6beibei0021330646400Sent me the Wrong Size.!This flavor is the only kind of pouch my baby girl likes. I used to order the 3.5 pouch. now she's 14 months old, I decided to order the bigger pouch.. However.. they sent me the 3.5 ounce pouch instead. I didn't bother to return it and order again... I thought people make mistakes sometimes. But I see other reviewers having the same problem... I hope they send me the right one this time because I just ordered.. if not... I would think they are doing this on purpose.. and they have a problem.
244338244338B0030VBQ5YA1WQG1ZWVDSRGShollie0051330300800my baby is happy!a bit runny but baby loves it! I can add a little oatmeal to thicken it. It is very sweet. I thought it would be more like a veggie, but no it's a fruit taste.
244339244339B0030VBQ5YA1SXCWI4UGSHS4RCH0051330300800One of his favorites!I absolutely love this blend. It is one of my 8 month old son's favorites. I wish it was a little greener, indicating more green beans and peas, but he loves it and I'm thrilled with that. His favorite meal I think is a pouch of Chick Chick and a pouch of this. As long he continues to love it, I will make sure to keep it stocked for him. Love it! I also love the convenience of this style of pouch since you can just squeeze it straight onto the spoon and save what you don't use for later.
244340244340B0030VBQ5YA3IW5VKZH9LH2QJes Hughes0051330128000A convenient and healthy snack!My two-year-old devours these. We've tried all of the different flavor combinations Happy Tot has to offer, and this is by far our favorite - incredible, really, when it's nearly impossible to get my son to even touch peas or green beans. Like most fruit / veggie pouches, these travel well and are convenient for on-the-go. The lid screws back on as well in case your tot doesn't finish his / her snack. The Subscribe & Save price is right for us as well - at barely over $1 per pouch, these are the cheapest snack pouches to be found!
244341244341B0030VBQ5YAHPHSRL0OJ2JUappleinlove0011329436800Did not receive the size indicatedI love this product, but I received the 3.5 ounce packages instead of the stated 4.2 oz. It is still a good price if you use the subscribe and save, though.
244342244342B0030VBQ5YA32OMXDQ1IAHF1mamaoks0051329177600Great on-the-go snackI love HappyBaby fruit/veggie pouches! They all taste great, have good nutritional value, and come very handy when you have a cranky hungry toddler on your hands. The pouches still don't replace the real fruits and veggies, of course, but serve well when traveling or outside and need not make a mess.
244343244343B0030VBQ5YAR3ENU4Y10EMHNine0041329091200the new favoritethis is now Baby's new favorite food. She would take it out of my hands and feed herself pressing the food out of the pouch with her hands. I am not sure this was intended to be fed that way but when you have a picky eater ...This is still very fluid and well mixed- no chunks.
244344244344B0030VBQ5YA3PJPW0SBJXFRWLa la "bean"0051328832000Only way I can get some veggies in!Insert picky 20 month old who is anti veggies and a frustrated mom who is willing to try anything. These really are a life saver when it comes time to making sure my daughter is getting in some type of veggie when she eats. She use to be a great eater but once the toddler stage came it all went down hill. Sure they are pricey but I know that she will always gobble this up when offered. We don't eat these everyday just a few times a week and Amazon has the best price!
244345244345B0030VBQ5YA19SE9SX2BPS1QDragonD0051327968000My little girl's FAVE flavor of TOT HappySqueezesI love the variety of flavors and fruit/veggie combinations HappyTot offers. Being a foodie myself, I don't really expect my little one to want to eat the same flavors or items every day so knowing I can offer her a variety and great combos like the Banana, Mango and Peach pouch has been a great saving grace since she really likes to try different things almost weekly. This flavor seems to be her favorite one though as she'll eat this one or ask me via 'sign' for this pouch more then the others. With it being organic, all fruits and with great vitamins, I'm thrilled to have this readily available for her to enjoy.
244346244346B0030VBQ5YA2MWS313JWTMZWBarbara OLoughlin0051327622400Good priceThis is a good price and my very picky son eats this. Tt was delivered on time and i used the amazon subscription to get the price a little lower.
244347244347B0030VBQ5YA35X3Y1TY19K5Pmichelle0051327536000Great for picky eaters!I can always count on my 1 1/2 year old twins loving their HappyTots. Even on the days when they throw all of their other food on the floor. It's nice to have these around so I at least know they are getting some organic fruits and veggies (with none of the yucky additives that so many other kids foods have!) I also find that the squash & apple flavor makes a nice addition to oatmeal, muffins, and pasta sauces (a great way to sneak in even more veggies!)
244348244348B0030VBQ5YA1SR28GSP1AJ8KMom2JPC30051327449600Love these!These pouches are a godsend. I keep a stockpile in the pantry and in the car. Even on days when my two-year-old is feeling particularly picky, he will eat these up without blinking an eye. I love that they are made with organic ingredients with TWO green vegetables -- peas and green beans -- in one pouch, not to mention the pear for fruit. I also like that the salba is included in these pouches for the omega 3s and extra fiber. I had never heard of salba before, but it is a very nutritious grain that I'm glad to have in my son's diet. These pouches are dairy-free, nut-free and gluten-free too, so I never had to worry about them affecting my son's food sensitivities, although he has now outgrown most of them. All in all a great product and the flavor is a winner, even with my picky son!
244349244349B0030VBQ5YAM4B1IMJMO5PCColleen S.0051327276800Easy, safe, delicious baby foodI have been ordering Happy Tot food for the past six months via Subscribe and Save. My son devours all of the combinations. They are so easy to use. Recently my son stopped taking food from a spoon, but he will let me squirt the pouches into his mouth. I've also used the fruit blends in my older sons' smoothies.
244350244350B0030VBQ5YA3CUFOB7L6ZHAEmamahall0051327190400so easy- both baby & toddler LOVE it!I needed an alternative to making my own baby food when I found these pouches at Target. It was SUPER easy to warm up the food just by putting the pouch in warm water, then serve to my baby. First I gave it to him using a spoon, but then he was reaching for the pouch so I just gave it to him! He absolutely loved it! I think the novelty of the pouch is so much fun for him. And I was happy that he was getting organic fruits and veggies for the day. Then my 3yo wanted to try it-also bc of the novelty- and she loved it too! I never thought she would eat "baby food" and spinach at that! But in the pouch, it's a great on the go snack or meal and it's healthy and we are all happy.

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