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244351244351B0030VBQ5YA3A0DJF0OK1JUMmojobear0051326931200Innovative, healthy and YUMMY!We love these HappyTots! The flavors are wonderful and the added Salba grain is a great way to add nutrients. My son is in Kindergarten and he asks to take these to school for snack time. The pear added to this combo is especially nice since it adds sweetness not found in the veggies - a very nice balance of flavor. Also, the convenience of the pouch is so great, I keep some in my bag, in my car and at the grandparent's house so I know a healthy snack is always available. Highly recommend trying this product and flavor if you are looking to add tasty nutrition to your child's diet.
244352244352B0030VBQ5YA3A9U6L4UF50S8Mommyof40051326844800The BESTI have a four year old, three year old and 18 month old that love these. When I buy them, I have to get very creative with hiding them or they'll eat them all at once. I didn't know what they were and was very health concious with my slightly chubby and younger daughter. One day while on a walk, we saw these at Target so I bought them each one. Ever since we can't even drive past Target without being asked to stop and get them. We do a lot of traveling and I love these. My oldest is very picky, never ate baby food and was always a "junk foodie". This is the 1 healthy thing that goes down with out a fight. In fact she'll ask for more, then fight her little brother for whatever he still has left in the pouch. We do a lot of traveling and I always pack lots of these, quick, easy and healthy snack on hand.
244353244353B0030VBQ5YA3M2K3416XHOP8Heather0051326585600DessertMy toddler loves this food so much that we have to keep it out of her sight to keep her from refusing whatever other food we're trying to feed her. I can't for absolutely sure say it's this, but since these squeeze packs were introduced into her diet she will poop more than the usual...Just a friendly warning.

These are amazingly handy to take with you when you go out since it gives them a dose of fruits and veggies all without needing a spoon. My 1 year old has no problem holding the pack on her own and sucking the goo out of the pack.
244354244354B0030VBQ5YA1BNIDCGMBUMDLKrisp000011326240000Good food, wrong product!!!I ordered this for my 7 month old who LOVES this food. I ordered the 4.22 oz pack of 16, but received 3.5 oz pack of 14. I'm about to return it and ask for the correct product to be sent, but had I not looked closely, I would've just accepted this. Just be careful and make sure you're getting what you ordered. It says it comes from Amazon, but I'm wondering if there's a Happy Baby problem as well...the nutrition facts on the box don't match the nutrition facts on the pouch for the same 3.5oz serving. For example, the box says there's 100% daily value of Vitamin C while the pouch says 27%. I'm wondering if anyone else sees any discrepancies? I would think this would be illegal?
244355244355B0030VBQ5YA3LIYBSAHM6TOYSatisfied0051325980800VeggiesWe have enjoyed a lot of the Happy Baby products. And as our child gets older this has been a great way to get some veggies into the diet during the day!
244356244356B0030VBQ5YA219WUOP4BNUX1C. Jones0051325980800Nutritious and Delicious!My daughter is 4 and STILL loves these! She takes them as her snack to preschool and her teacher recycles the tops. I love that they are blend of a fruit and vegtable with the super grain salba thrown in for added nutrition. They are also easy to pack for the playground or pool!
244357244357B0030VBQ5YA13EIMV3GRV5MUKathy Carter0021325808000My toddler would not eatMy 2 year old loves the squeeze applesauce so I was looking for a healthier alternative. She loves the plum baby blends but this one she would not eat. It has a grainy texture and bland taste.
244358244358B0030VBQ5YA1Z6IC9NU8WFB2Extreme Road Trip0051325203200Fantastic!You can smell the spinach! It seems fresh and tastes wonderful. I fed it to my 2nd son when we were on the go during his babyfood stage and gave it to my preschooler as a snack. Now both often reach for these as a snack and I'm happy to offer them something other than cheerios or graham crackers when we're on the go.
244359244359B0030VBQ5YA2W45VDPHSDEPXtgalyean0051325203200My son likes this flavor, despite it being mostly veggiesIt can be hard to get your infant/toddler to eat veggies. My son likes this flavor of HappyBaby, and I'm happy because he's getting more exposure to veggie flavors that can be hard to get your kiddo to eat! I'll definitely buy it again.
244360244360B0030VBQ5YA2LVOHZT9PTNBChris0051324944000Tastes great, so convenientMy 13 month old baby really likes this flavor pouch, in particular. I have tasted all of the pouches myself and this flavor is one of my favorites, as well. I never leave home without several pouches. They have been super helpful when traveling and when out, in general. My baby now sucks the food out, which makes it even more convenient than using a spoon.
244361244361B0030VBQ5YAG836EO1AULUNgottwins?0041324166400YUMMY HappytotsI love these for on the go snacks. They are perfect. A great price through amazon. My twins love these!!
244362244362B0030VBQ5YA2HTY2NPARONVHC. Jones0051323302400Our son loves these!He loves the fact he can quickly feed himself or do it while he's doing something else. He also likes the flavor. They are very easy to take anywhere and have a quick snack for him.
244363244363B0030VBQ5YAM4BBGZL4JY77Pilar G. Vargas0051322524800Spinach never tasted so goodMy baby doesn't really like spinach, but he does when it's in this format. It was really easy to get him to eat his green leafy vegetables this way, besides the fact that Amazon Mom made it easy to get it on a regular basis
244364244364B0030VBQ5YA1TRXOFG4XVIR8Eliz "EO"0051322352000We love these!My 17 month old boy loves these, I don't give him as much of these as I used to since he is now into table food more than purees, but I would mix half of this in his oatmeal in the morning or if we are out, I'll use these as a snack or dessert. They are a good handy pouch to throw in your diaper bag and can sit there for days, if not weeks! I love all the ingredients in this one, baby seems to enjoy it too!
244365244365B0030VBQ5YA1TRXOFG4XVIR8Eliz "EO"0051322352000We love Happy Tot!My 17 month old boy loves these, I don't give him as much of these as I used to since he is now into table food more than purees, but I would mix half of this in his oatmeal in the morning or if we are out, I'll use these as a snack or dessert. They are a good handy pouch to throw in your diaper bag and can sit there for days, if not weeks! I love all the ingredients in this one, baby seems to enjoy it too!
244366244366B0030VBQ5YANIEIVK8LN1H9Me Opinion "viOP"0051322265600Great for Toddlers - this flavor is the most nutritious.Our toddler loves this brand. We have tried the other brand of pouches, but she always goes back to these. The flavor and texture is the most favorable to her. We just recently subscribed to this item, because you could not beat the price. Target and our grocery stores have all increased their prices on this line, so they are no longer competitive with Amazon. There is also the bonus convenience factor since our stores were constantly running out of this brand.

This flavor is the most nutritious. The pale green pouch comes second, but this combination really has by far the most nutrients than all the other flavors. Toddlers are of course picky and fickle, but our toddler very rarely turns down a "pouch" when all else fails.
244367244367B0030VBQ5YAKFIAOIN67MMLVW880051321574400Multi-benefit poucI love these pouches! From their ease of use for the baby (who just sucks it out of the pouch), to the easy-carry little-mess take-along value, to the interesting combinations of food. The combos are perhaps odd, but good. I love that some have the grains too, as that is what is needed to keep baby fuller longer. I take at least one everywhere we go. Needed one for the 6 yr old the other day who was hungry while we were out. She loved it too.
244368244368B0030VBQ5YA4ONPTKOHKXPBBayMan0051320969600My son loves itMy son loves that counts for a lot, he has an easy time getting it out so thats a good thing too. Be careful when giving it to your child, they may accidentally squeeze it out all over themselves. Oddly, he really likes this flavor and not its a repeat keeper for us.
244369244369B0030VBQ5YA18EXBM5U6KSQBOrganic Mama0051320624000Happy BabyI love this product! My kids are always asking for a second one! Organic, GMO Free and is so perfect for on the go or for lunch boxes too.
244370244370B0030VBQ5YAJDVI7W9BO2K3brad440051320624000Great... BUTI love the convenience that these pouches offer. There isn't a flavour my 15 month old doesn't like.

BUT!!!! You can get these at target for ~$0.25 less a pouch. How come so much online?
244371244371B0030VBQ5YA2X0X9RERPSN3Xamazon mom shopper0051320364800My Baby Loves ItMy baby loves this combination. It is relatively high in iron becuase it has spinach and it contains omega 3 from chia seeds. This is the only way I can give my son a green leafy vegetable. It tastes really good. Most baby food that you taste is very bland, this one is really good.
244372244372B0030VBQ5YA1WRJ1DBU1OVWAkBen0051319760000Son loves thisThis is delicious and nutritious and a little more affordable than the Ellas which he also loves. Perfect for when we are on the road because he can feed himself and there is no mess.
244373244373B0030VBQ5YA2F4VTT5U6UKB6K. Weber0051319673600I wanna kiss the person who invented these!My 14 month old can feed these to herself. I throw them in my purse and always have a healthy snack for her. They make my life so much easier. My only complaint is that they don't come in variety packs.
244374244374B0030VBQ5YA13DOLMII1JPXConecutepugdickey0051319587200FOR THE MOM ON THE GO...I absoutly love these things!! And so does my 13 month old.. Perfect for when we are out and about and he gets hungry.. just pop the top open and my son will suck all the goodness out in a matter of minuites!! Then Put the cap back on and he will play with the pouch for quite a while, so dual purpose!
Also when he doesnt feel good (which has been qutie a bit because of teething) he will have one of these with no fuss.. So when he wont eat anything else I as least know he is gettin something good in his tummy when he has one of these.
244375244375B0030VBQ5YA3KM3402ULMILCakmelcher0051317859200So ConventI got these for my son and they are so convent to put in the diaper bag or my purse and make a great quick health snack for him, I am always on the lookout for items that make being a mom easier and this is one of those products. These are also great or in between meals because they are a little larger then the others.
244376244376B0030VBQ5YANYD5OP35KI3Amommy of twins0051316995200kids love itMy kids love most of the Happy Tot flavors, including this one. The price is great with subscribe and save.
244377244377B0030VBQ5YAZBBP4LNXOX97Ambrocia "Ravenous Reader"0051315440000Amazing!For my first child I made all her food. Now for the second one I feed HappyBaby! They are so good and healthy! My daughter loves this flavor. She flaps her arms and legs and signs more more more after she tastes this one. Wish they carried more of the green vegetable flavors on here!
244378244378B0030VBQ5YAVXFFAQ7JAY3Snrg100051314921600so simple and hassle-freei take these with me everywhere! my toddler and my young one both love it. most of the time, its messy-free unless the young one squeezes it everywhere. it taste great!!
244379244379B0030VBQ5YA1G4S9A5F6ZG5Hmmmmmm0051314835200FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is by far the BEST baby food ever! i have 4 kids and with this food theres no more faking saying " yummy" when u feed them. it really is yummy!! i ran out and for a whole day before my order came, my daughter wouldnt eat other baby foods. none of them! its so convenient, yummy, and so good for them. even the packaging is envirementally healthy. way to go happy tots!!!! im a costumer for life.
244380244380B0030VBQ5YA2KH0LR5G24O1YJen0051314576000favorite baby food product everI love all of the Happy Baby products, but this one is my favorite. Some highlights:

- It is packed full of nutrition (and it is organic)

- It is very convenient. When my daughter was younger we would mix these with cereal for breakfast. Now it is a great on-the-go snack and she eats directly from the pouch. (She is 16 months old).

- My daughter loves it! She always asks for more.

- With the subscribe-and-save pricing on Amazon, it's a good deal.

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