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244440244440B0030VBQ5YA1I8T7799NTSLTT. Austin1141330300800Great for toddlers! They are yummy, but don't completely mask the veggie flavorMy son is 16 months and, while he is a balanced and good eater, I still feel he needs more vegetables during the day. I try to send portions of canned veggies to day care (which, sadly, are his favorite -- I think it's because they're soft and he only has 5 teeth -- I buy the "no salt added ones"), but I don't think they really worry about whether he eats the veggies as long as he eats SOMETHING. WELL, with these pouches I don't have to worry as much that he isn't getting the nutrients and exposure to the flavor of the veggies. He will drain these pouches in a second and then keep handing it back to me to so I can squeeze it to get the last drops to come out. Sadly for him, he can already get the last drop out on his own so I have to tell him it's all gone.

And, just in case you're worried they are mostly fruit, you're probably right. Pear is listed as the first ingredient with peas and green beans listed after. But, I did taste this one and it tastes exactly like pear sauce and pea puree mixed togehter. It was pretty sweet, but so are actual peas. I was impressed that the pear flavor didn't completely mask the pea flavor, so he is still developing a taste for vegetables, not just fruit. Bottom line -- he loves these and it is better than no veggies at all!

I give it a 4 only because they are (too) pricey. I get that they are organic, so maybe they have to be that expensive, and it's expensive packaing, but $1.50 per pouch is a bit much. You can buy pouches like this from Motts and other companies (in boxes of 4) that are just apple sauce or apple/strawberry sauce for much, much cheaper. Likewise, Beechnut makes some with sweet potato and pumpkin that are $.99. The thing is, none of those products include any GREEN veggies, which is why I shell out the $ for these. I suggest buying in bulk because it will save you a little $ and you're going to want to have one for every day.
244411244411B0030VBQ5YA2KWVAZGB1WSARSharon Lewis "yoga chic"005130403520020 month-old loves these, and 5 yr. old does too.These are great! I give them to my 20 month old for preschool, and she can feed herself with no mess (past the age where the caregiver will feed the children). My 5 yr. old son started stealing them from her, so now I let him take one for lunch every day too (he does not like many veggies... so double plus!) I found them at Publix for .99!!! So check around.
244412244412B0030VBQ5YA3JY1YRJGA5DFVMin Jung Shin "mindy"0051303430400very convenient.It has more calories and nutrients compared to other products.
reasonable price. easy to carry. (you don't have to bring a spoon. just sqeeze it.)
My baby loves it.
244413244413B0030VBQ5YALICKLGKVROMFToni K.0051301961600Awesome for on the goMy 10-month-old loves these, and I do too. With a little help holding the pouch she can drain one of these pretty quickly through the straw cap so we don't need to worry about bowls and spoons when we are out. Although if you want to use a spoon, the travel spoon tip that boon makes for plum organics fits the cap on these also. These are a little expensive for everyday, but when we are going out I love that I can just throw a couple of them into the diaper bag. Then there is the fact that they are organic, healthy, without added sugar, and in BPA-free packaging. And my daughter really likes the taste. If I could give them 10 stars I would.
244414244414B0030VBQ5YA2P168G7J966L5A Walker0051300060800Excellent food for a highly independent tykeThese pouches are wonderful! My son has enjoyed the spinach-mango-pear and butternut-apple flavors since he was 11 months old. They are easy for him to feed himself with, and now that he is 18 months old and wants to do everything by himself, I don't have to worry too much about him making a big mess. They're also excellent for during church or on long trips in the car.

The only problem I'm having with this product is that they've become very popular over the last couple of months and I'm having a hard time finding them in local stores lately. So, I suppose this is a good thing for the company, but not so good for when I run out.

I would highly recommend this product to other mothers needing a less-messy, healthy meal/snack for their young ones. And I hope that with the increasing popularity, it will be more widely available in stores.
244415244415B0030VBQ5YA1D1V7UIHX26F6Nannette0051286755200Unbelievably GreatMy now 14-month-old son stopped liking pureed foods at about 9-10 months, but he is devouring the Happy Tot pouches, even this one with spinach. He squeals when he sees them and can suck the pouch clean. He even enjoys their Stage 1 pouches! Great idea! Great product and a great way to get more produce in my child!
244416244416B0030VBQ5YA28M7ITKLXVZHFAthena Locke0051284336000Delicious to My Picky 15 month oldMy 15 month old loves this product. I mix this in with food he does not like, in an effort to get him to eat, and it works sometimes. If it fails, I let him have the pouch, and he sucks it right up, and begs for more.
244417244417B0030VBQ5YA4PPG5W3RJM1BMoriah Brooks1221320278400Didn't realize it had "Chia Seed" in itMy son LOVES the happy baby pouches, so I bought a box of these. I thought the only difference was the size, but these Happy tot pouches have Chia Seed and it REALLY affects the flavor. He used to suck down the happy baby ones, but when I gave him this one, he took a taste and then refused to eat the rest. I tasted it and was put off, too. I bought him another flavor that he ate a little more of, but still not much. I'm really sad I didn't realize the extra ingredient, I wish they would have just left them as fruit and veggie pouches.
244418244418B0030VBQ5YA21S097UHG2RXMchemteacher0151332892800Yum!My daughter loves this flavor! We started using the squeeze pouches when we were traveling because spoon feeding a nine month old on a plane was quite a mess. Now we just hand her the pouch and she sucks it down. Great way to get some fruits and veggies in while traveling or on the go around town.
244419244419B0030VBQ5YAC57NCZZMO67OA. Pearson "LA Girl"283041292284800Great product, can get cheaper at Target - CHECK FOR RECALLED POUCHES!We love Happy Tots food. My 12 month old has tried many varieties and loves them all. He has not had one sour face yet! I'm surprised at the price here, you can get this item at Target for $1.09 per pouch which is much less expensive. I guess buying it online is helpful for people who don't have access to a Target or Health food store, and in that case, is worth the price.

*** as a special precaution ***

A baby food recall just issued by the FDA (Jan. 2010) may have some of the most stomach-churning details I've read in awhile:

"Swollen or leaking pouches may indicate problems with the product, including possible contamination by bacteria that can cause illness, or that the packaging has been compromised and is at risk of bacterial contamination."

The recalled food is made by Happy Baby, and it's a mix of the baby and toddler lines that parents should be throwing out. The recall covers:

* HAPPYTOT Green bean, pear & peas, NET WT. 4.22 OZ. (120g), UPC 8 52697 00127 9;
* HAPPYTOT Sweet potato, carrot, apple & cinnamon, NET WT. 4.22 OZ. (120g), UPC 8 52697 00128 6;
* HAPPYTOT Spinach, mango & pear, NET WT. 4.22 OZ. (120g), UPC 8 52697 00129 3;
* HAPPYTOT Butternut squash & apple, NET WT. 4.22 OZ. (120g), UPC 8 52697 00130 9;
* HAPPYTOT Banana, peach, coconut & prunes, NET WT. 4.22 OZ. (120g), UPC 8 52697 00131 6;
* HAPPYTOT Banana, peach & mango, NET WT. 4.22 OZ. (120g), UPC 8 52697 00132 3
* HAPPYBABY Mango, NET WT. 3.5 OZ. (99g), UPC 8 52697 00134 7
* HAPPYBABY Spinach Mango Pear, NET WT. 3.5 OZ. (99g), UPC 8 52697 00139 2
* HAPPYBABY Apricot Sweet Potato, NET WT. 3.5 OZ. (99g), UPC 8 52697 00136 1

The foods are sold in plastic pouches with plastic caps, and none are set to expire until late this year or even next year, so check through the stuff way back on your shelf. No illnesses have been reported so far, and Happy Baby's CEO Shazi Isram said in a company statement that this is a voluntary precautionary recall.

If your pouches are leaking or swollen, the FDA advises you keep them away not just from baby but from your pets as well and wash your hands if you've handled the packages.

Happy Baby directs parents to return them to the store for a full refund or contact them at 718-852-7606 or
244420244420B0030VBQ5YAILQOMSHD5K9YJ. Cho8841314057600kids love itso my 1.5 year old eats this as a snack and my 3.5 year old daughter always sneaks in a few "sips". i long since stopped using a spoon to feed him out of these packs which is the MOST CONVENIENT thing! my kids just hold it and suck on the tip like a straw. whenever we go on a slew of errands i throw one into the diaper bag (nothing else needed) and feel better about giving him this as opposed to some kind of "empty calorie" cracker with GMOs. HOWEVER, with this product and the other happybaby flavor i purchase (spinach, mango, pears) i don't like how it appears on the front that the veggies are a predominant ingredient. the ingredient list on the back (and the color of the food itself) tells you that there isn't as much vegetable in there as there is pear. for something with green beans AND peas, you would think the color would be closer to a light green rather than just pear. but in the end, if he's getting organic pear with a side of organic veggies and a dose of omega 3s, it's better than goldfish crackers any day!
244421244421B0030VBQ5YA367RKSM6DA1H2X. Avalos6651318809600Healthy, Delicious, Convenient!So my 3 year old son gulps these down like there's no tomorrow! He loves them. I LOVE them because he's getting spinach a long with a ton of other nutrition. I tried getting him to try some of the other brands' pouches but he didn't go for it. Plus Happy Tot is the only one that contains protein, through a grain called Salba. I googled it to find out more about it...holy moly! Check out the nutrition facts on Salba![...]
So I never even tried looking for an alternative after that. Plus I found other amazing uses for it like using it instead of jelly on sandwiches, adding it to cupcakes etc. and...are you ready for this? Happybaby partners with an organization called Project Peanut Butter where they feed a child in Malawi, Africa anytime you buy one of their products. Sweet! LOve this stuff!
244422244422B0030VBQ5YADJJ5RN06HIIOS. Veronica "superstar"3351306800000My 9 month old love this stuffI'm a new convert to pre-packaged baby food. I typically make all my son's food but even with glass jars with lids its a little messy to tote my homemade stuff when we are out and about. I saw these at Target one day and decided to try them. I LOVE this stuff now :) I love the fact that it's all natural and the packaging is free of any of the gooky stuff I don't want to put in my kid. When we are out, I don't even take a spoon. My son just sucks it straight out of the package. He is breast fed and occasionally bottle fed and he had no trouble figuring out how to suck these out of the package right away.

The flavors I've seen are all mostly fruits with some veggies snuck in. This one tastes mostly like apples (yes, I did taste it :) I taste all my son's food). I would like to see some more flavors that also taste of veggies so they don't get too stuck on the sweet stuff.

I also like the fact that if he doesn't finish all of this in one sitting, I can put the cap back on and save it for later. One negative is that on some of the packages I found that the first little bit that comes out is a little nasty looking. The rest of the package looks good and my son has not had a negative reaction. I usually just squeeze that bit out first and let him eat it from there.

The price here on amazon is the best I've seen. With subscribe and save I'm averaging $1 or less per package compared to in stores where they average about $1.50 per package.

I would recommend this to anyone, whether you make your own food for your baby or consistently purchase baby food. It's a winner.
244423244423B0030VBQ5YA2YT23UU79VLG4tl_c3351300492800Perfect.You mean you didn't know about HappyTot Organic Superfoods for Tots? Well, I can see how that's possible since it has taken *forever* for this company to keep these pouches in stock anywhere! We ALWAYS have these "fruit squeezies" (as our two-year old calls them) on hand in our pantry and in the diaper bag for a quick, wholesome snack. They're portable and easy. We just pop off the cap and he eats straight out of the pouch. I also love that they've added the supergrain so that the kiddo gets a dose of omega-3s. If you compare the nutritional information on the back of the product with other organic fruit-pouch brands, you'll see that HappyTot pouches and the other HappyBaby brand pouches actually have nutritional value in them. Some of the others (I'm looking at you, Revolution Mashups) hardly have any nutritional value at all--not even vitamin C in some flavors. I gotta say that my son loves all of the HappyTot fruit-veggie combos, though my palate not so much. Doesn't matter; as long as he likes them and he's getting something more nutritious than the plethora of junk food on grocery store shelves, I'm a HappyMom!
244424244424B0030VBQ5YA396RL40NVBVI8H. Miller-Ford3351300233600Wonderful product! Way overpriced here!My daughter LOVES this baby food! She actually reaches out to grab the pouch if I am not feeding it to her fast enough. I wanted to see if I could buy it in bulk. I was shocked at the prices Amazon was selling it for! I went to Target and found them anywhere from $.89-1.49 a pouch. Way cheaper! Sure hope Amazon realizes this and does something about it. This is an amazing baby food. They have a wonderful variety of products and I intend to keep feeding them to my daughter. Love that they're organic, easy to take with you, have fiber (which babies often need when they start solids), and the flavors are delicious (my other two older children and myself tried them).
244425244425B0030VBQ5YA22JPB2MPWOU4LHappy So. Fla. Mama3341294790400Great Snack ItemMy children (almost 3 & 1-1/2) love squeezable fruit & veggie pouches. This product is a great way to sneak in veggies for picky eaters and a great way to have variety and meet your daily values when out and about; I also find them to be a great snack. However, it is very difficult to find pouches with veggies at the local stores; mostly fruit pouches are sold, not many organic ones. So I went to Amazon. While I was happy to find Happy Tots by Happy baby (one of my favorite brands) the price was not that great. I later found it for substantially less ($2 less) at a local organic market. As to taste, while i've tried all other flavors and levels/stages, I will say that there is a particular taste to the Happy Tots because of the addition of a particular grain (Salba). Give this product a try and see if your kids like it.
244426244426B0030VBQ5YA2GA7EQWTHXNATHelen Bernstein3351291852800Great tasting veggiesAdding pear for natural sweetness makes the two green veggies go down so much easier. Really yummy.
Happybaby Happy Tots - Green Beans Pears and Peas Organic Baby Super Food for Kids - 4.22 Oz pouch
244427244427B0030VBQ5YAMWT1TL8J4WEQJen Gosnell "review junkie"3351262476800Good ingredients and tasteOur daughter is 9 months old and loves this food. She can sometimes eat a whole container at one sitting!

In addition to it being organic and having interesting flavor combinations (without getting too bold with the spices, which can turn our daughter off), I like that the food contains salba seed. According to my research, salba is fibrous and absorbs water, so it helps with digestion. If your child tends toward constipation, as ours sometimes does, this can really help move things along without being harsh. I also like the combinations of fruit and veg used in these pouches, which keeps the food from being overly sweet yet makes some of the trickier vegs more appealing.

We have tried four different kinds of the Happy Tot pouches and all of them, even the one with peas in it, have passed the test. She actually gets excited when she sees one of us coming with a pouch in our hands!

I make it a point to taste everything that I am feeding to our daughter. I think these foods taste good and have no reservations about giving them to her.
244428244428B0030VBQ5YA1KNA0DLOIMZ5FSummerMama2251327968000AmazingI am amazed..I just bought a case to use as a preschool snack and I took one out to try and my three year old sucked one down in less then 30 seconds. I was shocked! I am goito try the other flavors. It has never been this easy to get a veggie in my little picky eater!!
244429244429B0030VBQ5YA1W92IOBND0VD4DL0131310256000baby ate it all, but it stuck to him when it came outMy baby seemed to like the flavor since he ate it all in one sitting...but each time he pooped, the 'grains' seemed to stick to his bum...must be the salba? If this didn't happen, would have given 4 starts. Love the convenience of the pouches!
244430244430B0030VBQ5YA3O04HB0XRZN1HFoxface1531294444800Nutritious but not tastyMy 16 months old is practically living on cheerios and Plum Organics pear & mango. I wanted to add something more to his diet. I tried Happytot superfoods because it was so nutritious. But he hated it. I've tried several times and it came right back out with a spit and a cry or frown. I finally tried it, and I didn't find it too tasty either. I don't know what to do with the left pouches. I wish I would've bought a single pouch instead of 16 pouches. I guess I can save them to use them as fertilizer for our garden when spring comes.
244431244431B0030VBQ5YA1Z2XFNF0TJV07Jo - Minnesota0411329782400My Grandkids will not eat thisI have 3 Grandkids (3 different families) all 2 years old and I can not get any of them to eat this stuff they all hate it. I'm not sure what brands their parents by them from the local grocery store but I will have to see if I can give these to someone else because they will not eat it ugh. What a waste of money
244432244432B0030VBQ5YA34UZV5L3Q1ZTKErika L. Donica2251326844800my picky 4 yr old will eat thisI love that this product is organic and whole food. I can't even make this great of a meal for this price. it is great knowing my 9 month old is getting quality nutrition. My very picky 4 yr old is even stealing these from the cupboard...even better. the portability of this product is fantastic as well. don't even need the spoon, they suck the fruits and veggies out of the pouch like a gogurt. Love this line.
244433244433B0030VBQ5YA1CXDEDBNO35I2SRoberts2251314748800Happy MamaI love all of the HappyTot pouches! I discovered them sometime within the last year for my daughter who is almost two now. She has always been a great eater, but still isn't sure about the texture of some fruits and veggies so these are a great alternative. I am normally short on time since I work full-time and bring her with me most days so we use them alot in the car to and from. They work well anytime we need a snack on-the-go. I'm sure that we will continue to use these for the next few years to come.
244434244434B0030VBQ5YAILQOMSHD5K9YJ. Cho2241314057600both kids love it!so my 1.5 year old eats this as a snack and my 3.5 year old daughter always sneaks in a few "sips". i long since stopped using a spoon to feed him out of these packs which is the MOST CONVENIENT thing! my kids just hold it and suck on the tip like a straw. whenever we go on a slew of errands i throw one into the diaper bag (nothing else needed) and feel better about giving him this as opposed to some kind of "empty calorie" cracker with GMOs. HOWEVER, with this product and the other happybaby flavor i purchase (green beans, pears, and peas) i don't like how it appears on the front that the veggies are a predominant ingredient. the ingredient list on the back (and the color of the food itself) tells you that there isn't as much vegetable in there as there is pear. for something with spinach you would think the color would be closer to a green rather than just pear/mango. i've made tons of baby food at home and anything with a good amount of spinach (since they place it first and list it first on the FRONT, but the ingredients show otherwise) turns green! i suppose they keep it to a small amount to avoid deterring kids by the color.
in the end, if he's getting organic pear with a side of organic veggies and a dose of omega 3s, it's better than goldfish crackers any day!
244435244435B0030VBQ5YA8549NGGY4K0PMaria M.2251296259200My kids love it but I can get it for less at TargetMy kids love this. The first time I fed it to them they asked for another pouch. One is very picky and both hate veggies. They are 3 yr old twins and eat big kid meals, but I love the portability of this pouch and it makes a great nutritious snack to take on the go. I especially love that it is Organic.
I want to note that I did NOT buy this product on Amazon. I found it at Target for 99 cents each. I thought I could find it on Amazon in bulk for less, but instead it cost almost 3 times more. I'll buy it at Target instead unless that changes.
244436244436B0030VBQ5YA3DCRRXL3Y4J1TJoshua Schroeder "Josh"2251285804800Wonderful complete meal - great for on-the-go!I love all of these products. This is my favorite "flavor" to give my 11 month old. I use a spoon at home, but if we're out, I just hold it in his mouth and he sucks it all right up! It has veggie, fruit, and grain (super grain Salba) all in one. My older son never got the variety of veggies that this one is getting from these products!
244437244437B0030VBQ5YA2JJTN8KZ47E10Marisa Lopez "marisa"2251270080000Tastiest Baby Food - Approved by Picky BabyMy little guy won't eat much of anything else, but Happy Tot pouch foods. Besides being tasty and organic, he loves sucking the food straight out of the pouch! He just doesn't seem to like being spoon fed, and although he likes feeding himself - he doesn't get much when he does it. With my help, he can eat almost an entire pouch in one sitting! One big problem is I can't seem to find them anywhere!
244438244438B0030VBQ5YA35NG5JJWZD0VV3JKs1151340496000Great snack for toddlers too!This is a great beginning food for infants and a great snack for toddlers! My 2-year old son loves them and asks for one a couple times a day. It's a good way to get extra fruits and vegetables in their diet during the picky eater years. If you get them through Amazon subscription services, it's a big savings. I also used them in baking instead of applesauce to replace oil or butter AND add extra nutrients.
244439244439B0030VBQ5YA2IXK6L302O7XIKathryn Douglas1151335225600Happy TotsThis Happy Baby pouch is wonderful for both my young children.(approx 1 and 3) I use it frequently for quick snacks on the go. I try not to use it as a replacement for my 10 month old experiencing real food textures - but it's hard b/c he loves them so!! This is our favored flavor of all the pouches(plum organics, elles kitchen, etc). It is sweet, but not any sweeter than a plain ol banana!!

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