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244496244496B0030VBQ5YAWQOVL4BT32SAcwiley0051344211200We LOVE these!My 2-yr-old son has been eating HappyFamily products consistently for over 6 months now and this packet is one of his favorites by far. I'm so glad we can throw these in the car for last-minute snacks (my son has thankfully never seen a drive-thru thanks to HappyFamily packets). I appreciate that there are vegetables (sweet potato & carrot) in these while he loves the taste of the apple. I especially like the twist of adding cinnamon, probably why it's one of his favorites. He now knows how to squeeze every last drop out of these and often asks for more. They're also great for putting in his pack for school for an optional snack (because not all schools can afford 100% organic foods). Not to mention they have BPA free packaging and no GMOs. These also diminish the need to make and package your own food (I'm so over those days). Genius!
244497244497B0030VBQ5YAMNBTRK20X6VNSavvyMom0051343952000We LOVE HappyTots!My 5 year old and 1 year old can't get enough of these! They are great to take when we are headed out the door and I love knowing that they are getting some extra fruits and vegetables in. And I love that it has Omega3s in it too. I even eat them...they are that yummy.
244498244498B0030VBQ5YA3EPC08TVAPA0NKrissia0051343779200Delicious and oh so convenient!I bought one of these at whole foods one day while running errands. Daughter seemed hungry and I knew I wouldn't be home for a bit so I gave these a try. My baby was 9 months at the time and she easily held and fed herself. From then on my daughter and I were hooked! I was loving the convenience and easy portability that young babies can eat these straight from the pouch. I love that its organic and the packaging is free of everything harmful. I now buy multiple flavors in bulk from amazon! So happy to have tried this food. A++
244471244471B0030VBQ5YATOEBBOWB6ZQJB. Christian0051347148800Awesome!My 18 month old and I LOVE this pouch. Now, she's not picky, but I am: you just can't beat the nutrition and quality for the money. This little pouch has 90 calories, with fiber, protein and Omega 3's! I've got these suckers on Subscribe & Save - LOVE 'EM!
244499244499B0030VBQ5YA2YNIKQDLZR2WWLaura Steenhagen "Laura"0051342137600Tastes WONDERFUL!My baby loves these and I have actually gotten my 3yo and 5 1/2 yo to eat these as well. They are so nice I just open and give them the pouch and they "drink" it. Love this flavor!
244472244472B0030VBQ5YALQLAPBFDB2VDStew0031346803200Kid test - Fail...I picked this product because it's healthy and sounded yummy. It had lower sugar than most and a good amount of protein. I was hoping my toddler (as a quick smoothie-type snack) and my 7 month old (as a meal) would both enjoy it. I rated it a 3 since my baby seems to be ok with it...but my toddler won't touch it! Good thing they have a long shelf life!
244500244500B0030VBQ5YA2YNIKQDLZR2WWLaura Steenhagen "Laura"0051342137600So convenient and good tasting tooMy baby loves these and I have actually gotten my 3yo and 5 1/2 yo to eat these as well. They are so nice I just open and give them the pouch and they "drink" it.
244473244473B0030VBQ5YA2E1YZADIMSH5IJennifer P.0021346716800Taste not to my child's liking.The pear, pea, and green bean flavor is not a winner in our house. My 13 month old spit out the first taste. I've tried it several times with her, even chilled from the fridge. But she doesn't like it. I tasted it and the pea flavor is prominent.
244474244474B0030VBQ5YA2IXVEIYYPHHIHME0041346716800My picky eater (with food allergies) loves this!My son loves this product - it is healthy, convenient (packaging) and since he refuses all other greens we've tried, this is a good way to encourage him to eat green veggies. The one drawback is that the price is on the high side. I am now wondering if it is worth the value, and will probably try other alternatives if price continues to go up.
244475244475B0030VBQ5YAUJEAYBFCWAHOmama0051346457600YummyMy daughter loves this flavor. Her favorite of these products. We carry them everywhere with us, where ever we go. I also like the chia seeds for extra nutrients.
244476244476B0030VBQ5YA19SE9SX2BPS1QDragonD0051346371200Happy Tot Squeeze Pouch: Apple & Butternut SquashYUMMM! We found another yummy flavor from Happy Family Brands! So my daughter whose three eats these like they are a smoothie and with them being so easy to put in your bag or her backpack, it's such a reassurance that she's enjoying a healthy snack even away from home and at school. Withh their easy twist top, even if she doesn't finish the whole thing, it is a nice feature you can put the cap back on for later; though it is so rare that she doesn't finish it all up.

This may be one of her new favorite flavors, she really likes seeing what is in her pouch each time and asks for this flavor a lot. I think the size is great for a toddler, so glad they combine fruit AND a veggie; plus being organic, I'm a happy mom :)
244477244477B0030VBQ5YA2HTY2NPARONVHC. Jones0051346371200Yummy & easyMy baby loves these. & we can bring them anywhere since they're not glass and we don't need anything since he can just suck on it as is. & have to love the fact it's organic.
244478244478B0030VBQ5YA14QHYO3ERMM54Organic Mommy0051346284800Organic MommyI cannot say enough about these Happytot pouches!! My toddler loves them! I have to remind my daughter (who is in elementary school) that these are for her brother and I have other snacks for her! I love that it contains the salba. Anyway that I can get the Omega 3's in my picky toddler's diet I am all for it. I am also very happy anytime I can find healthy foods that are gluten/dairy free. I have actually tasted these myself and I think they are great too! When I compare the ingredients to other organic pouches they are by far the healthier choice.
244479244479B0030VBQ5YAKOYMM5TTRIHQamandap0041346198400love the pouchesGreat way to get your child to eat veggies without them knowing it! Easy to take anywhere and they are a family favorite. Great snack!
244480244480B0030VBQ5YAKOYMM5TTRIHQamandap0041346198400love the pouchEasy snack that you can throw into your purse on the way out the door. My daughter eats them like they are going out of style. I am so excited to sneak in veggies!
244481244481B0030VBQ5YA2V9INB3YNERSINC Mama of 30051346198400After the gym treat!I have recently started working out again and the happy tots are an easy way for me to get a healthy snack in on the way back to the office. I don't miss lunch and the taste is delicious! The butternut squash makes it super creamy, but the sweetness of the apple sauce helps it go down smoothly -- I love this flavor.
244482244482B0030VBQ5YA3CUFOB7L6ZHAEmamahall0051346112000super Salba!Delighted to find a baby food that gets my full seal of approval! Convenient- check. Organic- check. Gluten-free- check. NonGMO- check. Nutritious- check. BPA-free minimal package- check. Delicious- check. PLUS Salba, so I know my child is getting plenty of omega 3, protein, antioxidants, and fiber. PLUS it's Kosher. This is BONUS baby food - the very next best thing to garden fresh homemade. LOVE!
244483244483B0030VBQ5YA1Q8T57IWZYDC8S. Cantor "Makin it look EZ"0051346112000Versatile PouchAll Mom's know how convenient these pouches are for snacking on-the-go and to encourage self-feeding. I also pack it in lunch bags. NO JAR, SO NICE! However, I also use it as a spread with cheese on a sandwich. It's a great way to hide the veggies for my younger son who is so picky about veggies. Another reason why I love Happy Tots is because they sweeten up the veggies with a fruit. This definitely appeals more to my younger son more than the pure vegetable pouches.
244484244484B0030VBQ5YA2EQD5K8P5N6WXCarrie0051345939200Veggies on the go!Organic green beans, pear, and peas, in a portable bpa free pouch? Yes please! Best idea ever. To be honest, I do not like green beans, therefore don't cook them at home. My kids do love peas though. So, when I saw this, I thought we would try it, since that's the only way my kids will get green beans from me. And to our surprise, this is really good. I love the fact that HappyFamily adds organic vegetables to their food, and not just fruit, like other companies. Also, I love how they add the super grain SALBA (from the white chia seed) to some of their foods. This is a great way to give my kids the protein, fiber, and omega 3's they need. Plus one of my kids is gluten free, and SALBA is a GF grain she can eat. Great job HappyFamily.
244485244485B0030VBQ5YA35B8J7GX8DSHUrreeves0051345939200Love The Flavor ComboI love this baby pouch. I feel like some of the baby food flavors aren't very creative. I love to cook and plan on having my kids eat what I make for them each night instead of cooking them their own 'dinners'. Having unique flavor combo's like Banana, Peach and Mango, helps my baby to develop his taste buds. You don't see Mango everyday in baby foods. I use it all the time in smoothies and as snacks for my toddler. Sometimes I don't have the time to cut up fruit, sit him in the highchair and then clean up the inevitable mess that follows. Giving him one of these pouches, I know he is getting all the goodness of organic fruits and veggies. We kept them in our freezer this summer and used them as a treat in the afternoons. Just let it defrost for about 10-15 minutes and it becomes easier to get out of the pouch, but is still icy and cold.
244486244486B0030VBQ5YA2WQ1333D4AC3NChandra Giovanni "Miracle Nanny"0051345939200Super easy and yummyTHis is soooo good! I bought one to try from Target and my daughter didn't finish it, so I put it in the refrigerator and pulled it out the next day! It is so good cold! It was such a nice refreshing snack! I love these pouches when we're on the go! My daughter doesn't even know or notice that she's eating healthy with these pouches. And she eats them fast, so it helps keep her from crashing due to low blood sugar. LOVE LOVE LOVE, did I say, LOVE these!
244487244487B0030VBQ5YA1YDKMFWXDD8NSMillie0051345680000My daughter always asks for moreWhat can I say... most portable baby food, with a resealable screw top. Tasty organic fruits I trust and great nutrition in a pouch. My daughter has been loving these since she was 8 months old (she'll be two in two weeks). It travels very well and doesn't take much space in the diaper bag. If she doesn't finish it (which is extremely rare), I can always put the cap on and refrigerate for later.
244488244488B0030VBQ5YA3LKXSHXGVCFQRkpadilla0051345593600Fabulous product!My son is 16 months and loves this product! It's so difficult to get him to eat fruits and vegetables by themselves, but in this little pouch, which has both, he will eat it every time hands down. He loves it! And I have not found another company out there that can give your child what this one does - antioxidants, omega 3s, fiber, protein and Salba, this awesome super grain. Not to mention it's all organic. This particular one is a favorite of ours because of the cinnamon. Philip loves the taste of cinnamon. As a first time mom, it's great to know that I have an option out there for a tasty snack to give my son that is super healthy for him. Not to mention this on-the-go type pouch is really convenient. I highly recommend it.
244489244489B0030VBQ5YAT4TEQ216VX3KJohn0051345161600only store bought baby food my son will eatMy son has been a little spoiled with homemade baby foods, but I've needed something that I can keep in the diaper bag that I don't have to worry about keeping refrigerated. I have tried every jar of baby food on the market. I got a free sample of this and tried it without much hope of it appealing to him. I was in for a great surprise, he loved it! I will definitely be getting more.
244490244490B0030VBQ5YA2FZYZ1U6Q8OIGMilitary Mama0051345075200Finally Found SomethingI love these flavors! Finally found something great to add to meatloaf! Gives it a great taste with fruit and veggies also in there! My son loves these when we are at the park.
244491244491B0030VBQ5YA3U1GDHTWZ4N06Made in Miami0051345075200Gotta Love These PouchesI started purchasing these for my daughter when she was about 9 months old. We started with the Happy Baby pouches and she has been a fan ever since. I'm a fan because these pouches allow her to self-feed without a lot of mess. This is especially great when in the car. I love the combos of the pouches too. I even tried a few of them myself and they don't taste too bad! Since my daughter's gotten older, I have started to be a little adventurous and add these pouches to things like pancakes and oatmeal in the morning! She's getting an intake of fruits and veggies without even knowing!
244492244492B0030VBQ5YA1R8M093QMT8G5PairSquaredMom0051344902400An organic option that my kids loved!I have 4 kids and I do try to offer them healthy options as much as possible. I was happy to find this product at my local Target and my kids really liked this flavor. Now I keep them on hand in my purse and in the car so in a pinch I can offer them an organic snack. Plan on checking out the other flavors as well.
244493244493B0030VBQ5YA3KZ8Z6593WREQsparksx020051344902400LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCTI love this product as much as my son. My son loves to drink it out of the pouch, as well as out of the bowl. I feel extremely happy when he eats it, and that he is getting enough nutrients with the vegetables, fruits and the amazing salba, no to mention that this product is organic and gluten free. I would absolutely recommend this product to all the moms out there.
244494244494B0030VBQ5YA330U5W5Q5EITTJulie Franks0051344556800Great pouch for babiesMy 15 month old still enjoys these pouches. He has been eating them for several months now and seem to be his preferred snack. Very happy baby indeed.
244495244495B0030VBQ5YA3A0DJF0OK1JUMmojobear0051344556800Our favorite Happy Tot!Everyone in our household likes these Apple Squash Happy Tots. My son takes them in his lunchbox, my husband sucks them down on his way out the door and I use them as a baking substitute all the time! (you can omit veg oil and use equal amount of this). They are a miracle moistener for the muffins. We all enjoy the fruit/veggie combination and think the flavor is so fresh. The added Salba is such a great bonus, especially when we are on-the-go, which these are PERFECT for!

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