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244531244531B00389TID0A38VQEYO0AUJ69kathy c0051346284800!LOVE THESE!I LOVE these! They are my favorite instant noodle dish. I have tried most of 'em! I like the flat noodles better than most curly ones, and the flavor is natural. I enjoy the veggies in the broth, too.
244532244532B00389TID0A1WA291YWO8GZGpamela Springer0051332460800D to the E to the L-I-C-I-O-U-SMmmh these things are DELICIOUS!!! I have a bowl every day lol. Not only are they cheap, but they actually fill you up! I love both flavors (chicken and beef).
244533244533B00389TID0A1K4UAWKG3AHQGAnime Addict0011327363200Stick with MaruchanThese are really nasty. The "soup booster" is just a packet of oil and fat. Maruchan makes far better ramen products.
244534244534B00389TID0A11X7Q140YQLL1Juan0021326672000Bland noodles, yuck soup.The noodles are very bland, and the soup is extremely artificial. Leaves a horrible after-taste of plastic, and the soup has nothing else besides water, and noodles.
244535244535B00389TID0ALE46XAVVJW5Bpassionatecooking1010051322956800great soupthis soup is so flavorfulll my husband and i love it.he tried it first and was bragging so on the booster mix. that i had t try. AWESOME
244536244536B00389TID0A2I17ZJTP2NJCSD. Mar1421272672000Nissin, stop making Americanized ramen!The only plus to Nissin Bowl Noodle is the dried vegetable packet. It's too salty and the noodles are flat noodles instead to the regular ramen noodles. You're better off buying the traditional Nissin Top Ramen than this.
244537244537B002LCABR2A1XS21L3D5GOZ4Agent English6651255737600Tim Tams are delightful & low in saturated fatMy friend from Sydney Australia is here visiting and she brought 3 different Tim Tam varieties over. The original (light chocolate), the mint (with a mint filling and some crunchy mint bits covered in chocolate), and the carmel filled. All were delightful! NOBODY sells them in the U.S. that I am aware of. I am hoping will sell them. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! They have a cookie like biscuit similiar to a twix - but not shortbread - they are chocolate and then a light filling - like chocolate - mint - or carmel. My friend says they have a honey one as well! Mmmmmm!! They eat them with tea - I just eat them!! I went through all my packs already and want to order some!!! It's a MUST TRY ITEM! Start out with the original - but if you LOVE Mint - try to get the mint ones. Yum! Buy a variety and impress your guests :) Please amazon - SELL TIM TAMS!!! It's worth paying the international shippping fee! These biscuit cookies are made by Arnott's.
244538244538B002LCABR2A2S7CRFCDO57CRTori [Book Faery]6751274054400A+++++ Customer Service & ItemsIf you're buying the $22 "Arnotts Tim Tam Indulgence Pack" from SIMPLY AUSTRALIAN, then don't worry about the price for it. When I received my package, these are all items that were included:

1 value pack (pictured)
1 regular Tim Tam pack
1 caramel pack
1 double coat pack
1 black forest delight pack

This is definitely worth the price! If you're worried about what you'll be receiving, don't hesitate to contact the seller. They're professional, reply right away, and are so incredibly nice. Thanks Mike!
244559244559B000Q0NMIGA174N61OTOW83PBailey2251259712000Yum Yum!I have had licorice all over Europe and in the United States. There are many varieties, and some are truly wonderful. For me, though, RJ's is the best tasting, most fun to eat licorice of them all. This licorice is impressively good. Yum Yum!
244560244560B000Q0NMIGA2X3AHOQ05PSUTOldma "Nike"2251255824000The BEST licorice in the whole world!RJ's licorice is, without a doubt, the BEST licorice around, and I've tried them all. The individual pieces are weighty and substantial in the hand. The stuff is tender to the feel, with just the right amount of give between the fingers to let you know what you are in for when you take that first bite. And boy, is it good! The flavor blooms on the tongue, whether you chew or just roll it around, but the texture begs to be bitten. The taste is full, along with the aroma, and remains robust to the very end. I never tire of eating this stuff. I only stop because I think I probably should, and look forward to getting into the bag the next day, or at the least, a few hours later...I got a bag of RJ's that was so soft and tender that I downed all but a very few pieces in the first sitting, not too much to say that I was wild with delight over the experience. I went back to the market to buy some more. Over a few days the licorice loses just a touch of the original softness, but this doesn't detract from the flavor or the enjoyable bite. I store it in a plastic bag. And last, but certainly not the least important issue about RJ's- the ingredients are ALL natural-nothing artificial about this stuff, and no corn syrup-just the best of the best. Whoever worked this recipe out deserves every penny they can make off the stuff. Thank you to RJ's for bringing it to the world!
244539244539B002LCABR2AKLC0LZ05MROMFibonacci1232351302220800Tim Tam a Real TreatLooking for an unusually tasty and irrisistable biscuit to go with your tea or coffee? Tim Tam is just the thing. You will not be disappointed with the rich, choccolatey flavour of Tim Tam Original.

But be sure and not tell folks around that you have 'em or they'll surely go fast.

The Tim Tam Indulgence pack contains twenty deliscious biscuits sure to tempt your taste buds and compliment your coffee or tea.

Very much worth the price so treat yourself to Tim Tam and be sure to get 'em from Aussie Products.
244540244540B002LCABR2A1KP6W48940842jkmomma0021350345600SlowThis product is made in Australia and came via SINGAPORE. Made no sense!!!! Took more than 4 weeks to arrive. Tim Tams tasted good as usual, but crumbled and fell apart on the first bite..... disappointing One more complaint is that the shipping was outrageously expensive; we won't do that again.
244541244541B002LCABR2A3NE313D7JNZ4Djimmy egan "jimmy egan"0051350086400Tim Tam SlamThe Tim Tams were the best especially with coffee and doing what is known as the Tim Tam Slam. Will be getting more...
244542244542B002LCABR2A3RZZIH5YPUX3UJames Conley0051342828800The best thing to have with coffeeAfter a Australian co-worker brought these back and I had my introduction to Tim Tam Slams (note: don't laugh while doing this-- it is painful), I tried to find these in various stores. One a lark I tried Amazon and not only are the prices really good, the variety is excellent. Stay away from the poor imitations (cough, Pepperidge Farms, cough). My favorite is still the original flavor, but all of them are pretty good.
244543244543B002LCABR2A27IKUXQ7WIJPACheryl A. Brown4751261353600US Tim Tams by Prepperidge FarmAfter living in AU for a couple of years, I really missed certain food products and Tim Tams were high on my list. I was shopping at the local Publix supermarket this morning and found them branded by Pepperidge Farms, and labeled Australia's Favorite Cookie. The sell for $2.50 for a 7oz package, the come in chocolate creme and carmel.
244544244544B0080XSES4A175NWZTB95DZORobert0051340323200ReviewICV D-47
Saccharomyces cerevisiae

This strain was isolated from grapes grown in the Côtes-du-Rhône region of France by Dr. Dominique Delteil, head of the Microbiology Department, Institut coopératif du vin (ICV), in Montpellier. ICV D-47 strain was selected from 450 isolates collected between 1986 and 1990.

Oenological properties and applications
The ICV D-47 is a low-foaming quick fermenter that settles well, forming a compact lees at the end of fermentation. This strain tolerates fermentation temperatures ranging from 15° to 20°C (59° to 68°F) and enhances mouthfeel due to complex carbohydrates. Malolactic fermentation proceeds well in wine made with ICV D-47.

Recommended for making wines from white varieties such as Chardonnay and rosé wines. An excellent choice for producing mead, however be sure to supplement with yeast nutrients, especially usable nitrogen.

An excellent choice for dry whites, blush wines and residual sugar wines.
244545244545B001XWNIASA348IT6M7H8A67Bufster391021274313600Good Price Nutmeg BitterI find Simply Organic spices to be a good value but I do not like this nutmeg. It is very fresh but the more I use it the more I keep ending up with bitter food. I thought that I was adding too much mace so I deleted the mace all together. That did not get rid of the bitter taste. So I tasted the nutmeg and found it to be very bitter. Then, to make sure, I have made things leaving out the nutmeg and then with it again and have confirmed that it is this nutmeg that is the problem.

Watkins nutmeg is so sweet and so much better. In fact I have never had bitter nutmeg before. I'll have to throw out the rest. So disappointing.
244546244546B001XWNIASA2TZ49EZO6RNCGThomas Lyman "Thomas"0051347667200Simply: ORGANIC!I have been purchasing Simply Organics spices and herbs for years.

Fresh and taste good. What else is there say, except the good deal on Amazon, 3-pk. (Cinnamon 3-pk & Nutmeg 3-pk)
244547244547B0057FSVGSA33AQPJYH7UUXRDesert Gypsy "A Brooklyn Girl Out West"0041326499200a handy way to make a lot of masalaUpdated to reflect correct product 01/26/12 - This is a large catering size pouch, 53 oz "Indian Tikka Masala Sauce" made with sweet potatoes and coconut milk. This is a mild curry sauce with nice vegetable undertones; if I had this at a restaurant it would generally be referred to on the menu as "butter chicken". This would be a great size to feed a crowd for a party but it was also easy to transfer the contents to some smaller ziplock bags and freeze the rest for another day.

{If you noted a prior review here, there may have been some confusion between two products by the same company: this is not Peshwari "Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce" that has double cream in the first five ingredients, usually found in a 14oz bottle.}
244548244548B0057FSVGSAVDR2ZYFOIGG8Christine Shuck0011324857600This is NOT the Tikka Masala sauce you find in the storeI am so horribly disappointed.

I am a self-confessed Chicken Tikka Masala addict. I LOVE the stuff. I buy it at my local grocery store for $5.99 per 14 ounce jar. I buy the jars four at a time, because I actually get rather frantic if I run out.

Saute up some chicken, add some almonds, steam some rice, and add the creamy sauce. Yum!

This container? Is NOT the same thing. It's sharp and overly spicy, and it doesn't have a lick of the creamy tomato taste I have grown to love.

And worst of all? They added BELL PEPPERS to it. WTF? Where are my onions and creamy sauce? This is NOT the sauce that was advertised!
244549244549B008Y54Q8KAVF06892OWGJUWm0051346976000guilt free nibblesIt is important to me to eat food that does not harm the body in any way, so my wife and I search, and research natural foods. These ginger snap cookies are the result of our research - Organic, raw, and tasty, I fend that two cookies are sufficient to take the edge off the nibbles.
244550244550B005KKXCPAASU13F74D4NEWMary Ann Peddicord "MaryAnn"0051335571200GREAT - WE LOVE THEMYes, these shells are thin, but they hold together and have a great flavor. My husband and I are both diabetic and watch our Carbs VERY closely. These shells are perfect. Hold together nicely, taste great and LOW Carb. I wish I could find a low carb bread that tasted this good! I am so glad that I found this shells!

244551244551B005KKXCPAA13E8F6XEOFFONSharon "revshare"0011335484800Too thin to hold anythingAlthough low carb taco shells are a great idea in theory, these shells are just to thin to hold anything and get soggy before you even have time to fill two. I have one box left that I am wondering what to do with.
244552244552B003UNDMA4A7VW0FW3F7NUREast Coast Resident0051302307200Very EffectiveI purchase this locally from a brick & mortar store and it works very well. It typically takes about 12-24 hours for the effects to kick in, but once they do cramping & bleeding is significantly reduced. It's not a magic cure, but it makes things bearable enough that you can function and get through the day without becoming homicidal or having to lie in bed curled up into a ball of misery.
244553244553B000XQCNL0A9C007711YXKErin Elizabeth Quinn1141327881600Good productThis product was good. WHen my dog was using it, she got a little pep in her step. I could tell that one of the dogs didnt enjoy it very much, though, and ended up switching her back to the regular AvoDerm chicken and rice formula. It had nothign to do with the product! I just have one spoiled pup! I highly reccomed this food for a canned weight control food!
244555244555B005FL5H8EAGJUD1THNM4V7John Yanotka3351315872000Fantastic roses,fantastic customer service!I wanted to send some flowers to my girlfriend at her work, she is only in the office on Mondays and Tuesdays.
They set it up so they would be delivered when she was there. And the roses? She said that they are absolutely beautiful!
When I need flowers again, I know where I will be ordering from.
244556244556B005FL5H8EA2MZGDLCH3XSSHkilmer1151330646400Beautiful flowers!Flowers look great and very fresh considering how far they came from. They smelled great and lasted a long time. Can't complain at all.
244557244557B000Q0NMIGA13GDOI7PGLCROR. Totah5551198195200Best licorice - half way around the worldI bought my first RJ's Licorice when I was flying out of New Zealand and needed to spend the rest of my money in the duty free before we took off back to the USA...needless to say, I wish I bought more. I agree with the first reviewer, this is the best licorice, its expensive, but its a long way from New me I had to fly home from there!
244558244558B000Q0NMIGA33QHDQ55ZTFHBRosanne E. Reynolds4451184889600Simply the best licorice you will ever eat!I am a black licorice freak, so I know. Every licorice fan that I know who has tried this brand is hooked - beware! For all of us, it is now impossible to eat any other brand. And sadly, none of us can make it through one day w/o devouring the whole bag, once it's opened. It's expensive and not too easy to find, so be very sure that you're willing to be addicted before you try it.

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