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244561244561B000Q0NMIGA17CC5CVPW6LGZR. Liechty0051245715200The bestRJ's Natural Licorice definantly lives up to the hype. The texture is terrific. It's smooth and delicious! Wish I had another bag.
244562244562B000Q0NMIGA2MSQNPTNAAGL1P. Cannon0051232755200Nothing comes close!This is without question the best licorice you will ever try! I've tried Kookaburra which I did not like at all and Panda which tastes great but not the best texture and many others that just can't come close to this absolutely perfect licorice! Best real licorice flavor from a natural product with the perfect chewy but not sticky texture. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!
244563244563B000Q0NMIGA2TQCO03YESQI4S. Miller "s72par"0051226102400FantasticI bought my first RJ's soft licorice log today and it is absolutely the best black licorice I have ever tasted!!
244564244564B000Q0NMIGA1H15F6W62K2TADonald Worley0151279584000This is great stuff!!I felt a bit foolish buying candy online......but I've been a big licorice fan ever since I was a kid, and it's all but vanished for some reason. I thought I'd take a shot at this product......and, believe me, it's the real thing. I'll be back for more when my supply runs out!!!
244565244565B000Q0NMIGA3LYT8N3CJ1O6Bsattva0611284163200absolutely delicious--- and potentially dangerous tooI was enjoying some of this yummy licorice just now while at the computer, my first experience with RJ's. I became curious about the medicinal applications of licorice and searched "licorice health". I was stunned to find that licorice root and extract are implicated in a number of potentially serious health problems: hypertension, potassium depletion, heart and kidney failure, fluid retention and swelling of the face and limbs, hormonal imbalance, and muscle destruction leading to pain and weakness. Licorice can reduce thyroid gland activity and lower basal metabolic rate. Pregnant women should avoid licorice because of danger to the fetus. From the "People's Pharmacy" web site:

"It appears that individuals vary considerably in their susceptibility to adverse reactions from licorice. Some people experience negative symptoms within days, while others may ingest excessive licorice in candy, chewing gum, chewing tobacco, or herbal medicine for months or even years before they realize that they are suffering damaging effects. Women appear to be somewhat more susceptible than men, and oral contraceptives may increase this sensitivity.

Paralysis of the legs (and in one case, of all of the limbs) has been reported. A sixty-four-year-old man developed pulmonary edema, signaled by fatigue and trouble breathing, after eating four packages of black Twizzlers licorice candy in three days. This case demonstrates how quickly a serious reaction can arise."

Interestingly, most licorice candy sold in the US is made with anise, not licorice flavoring. RJ's however is made from licorice extract... tasty but not worth the risk to me personally as one with a family history of circulatory disorders. Be aware.
244566244566B001BR7IECA2N0TQR7RYUSQQCassandra Leathem "Mama Cass"3351247529600Excellent ProductColumbus Salame Company Artisan Finocchiona Salame Grab N Go 10 Ounce
This is the most amazing salame you will ever taste.
Nothing like the generic bland store mass-produced salame, this is full of fresh flavor and spice.
I slice it for a cheese and cracker plate, and watch it disappear. No one has tasted anything like it, and they become as addicted as I am!
Thank goodness it is not available in stores here, I would eat nothing else!
244567244567B001BR7IECAS5GMHY0RYSROT. H. Rausch "Tallison"00513253760005 stars compared to 97% of "salami" out thereA chunky product like most artisan salame, for which reason I prefer thin slices off a larger chub than thick silver-dollar size cuts off the 10-ounce, but the latter presentation is much more practical, for which reason I bought five 10-ounce chubs, which should last me through the end of Spring. My all-time favorite remains Molinari Sopressata, but the fennel renders this a close second - both five stars compared to the majority of spam that passes for salami in the U.S.
244568244568B001BR7IECA3NS91H4U26YY8427Cobra0051292976000Tastes greatExcellent 'old world' flavor and style. It has been years since I had salame this good or natural. No MSG, etc. Almost impossible to find anyplace else. I wish someone locally carried it, but I am glad I can get it online.
244569244569B001BR7IECA3GVXDL46N9XKKErika Muschaweck0051282435200Finocchiona SalameFriends had tasted finocchiona salame during their stay in Northern Italy and told us about this specialty. I have always liked fennel and looked for it on the internet. The salame we received from Columbus Salame Company are genuinely Italian, they taste wonderful with a great light fennel flavor.
244570244570B0006O4OIOA3T6E0EA2L2DFIT. Oberg0051344816000Mmm MmmGreat candy. Difficult to find locally. I've tried several varieties of Claey's candy and have not been disappointed in any of them.
244571244571B005CV7V68A3B79PG29QSNU9P. Head "gadget gal"0031325030400Not all that original!I love Ritz crackers, the "Original" type. However, and this is in no way Amazon's fault, the manufacturer somehow have them mixed up with the low-sodium variety, which are quite blah, and I've been lucky to get one original stack out of the three in the box. Will I order again? Of course, and hope for better luck next time!
244572244572B000Y4146GA3NW5B04GU0A36Castle "Castle"2241249862400Merrick Pig SnozzlesI have a Great Dane and two Dachshunds.

Pros: My dogs loved these! Apparently they were a fantastic treat.

Cons: My Great Dane could eat one of these in about 2 minutes. My Dachshunds took about 10-15 minutes. If you are looking for something to keep them occupied, this is not it. They are also kind of gross looking - being that it is the snout of a pig that seems to be ripped off their face.

Even though I'm giving them a high rating, it is only because my dogs loved them. I wouldn't necessarily recommend them because 1) they don't last long and 2) they are quite expensive for a dog treat that lasts a few minutes.
244573244573B000Y4146GA3ARVWLRF8WPPZLilly Miller1151335139200My Dog Can't Get Enough for Whatever Reason.... Almost like Rawhides!I have a very picky rottweiler mix who is not very food motivated and does not like a lot of "hard" chews that would last her a whiile. (Even the chews she loves she usually gives up on after 20 minutes or so, so there's no such thing as giving her something that lasts hours, unfortunately) I originally purchased these at the store one day as I had long ago realized that the only way to find out if she likes something was to try it. I actually didn't think she'd like them, and intially I don't remember her liking them as much as she does now. I would simply rotate them into the schedule (I usually leave her with one "chew" when I leave the house even though she never touches it when I get back)

I'm not sure when she started really going nuts for them, but suddenly she absolutely can't get enough of them! I'm giving her almost one a day now and she's still going crazy for them. She has a thing with "licking" (licking the carpet, the couch, etc) if she's bored and giving her these completely distracts her from doing it. Perhaps that's why she likes them so much - she likes to lick them before she actually eats them.

It actually reminds me of how my now-deceased (and food crazy!) boxer mix would treat regular rawhides - she would lick and chew them until they were soft and chewy and then ALL the dogs would try to get their paws on it! My dog loves to chew it down until it gets mouth sized and then she will chomp on it until she swallows it.

Of course not all treats are for all dogs - but these work well for my dog and are pretty cheap. They probably wouldn't work well for very aggressive chewers but for a soft-mouthed dog like my own they aren't very messy and can still keep her occupied for about half an hour or so. (which is the most I can get from anything whatsoever) She does have a tendency to leave little stubs of it lying around when she can't finish it, but sometimes if I pick them up and give them to her when I run out she'll be satisfied with it. Also, and this is gross to admit, but I kind of like the way it makes her breath smell after she's been chewing on it. (It doesn't have a strong smell that I can sense until she's actually chewing on it.)

I can actually (for once) actually find them cheaper at the store than on Amazon.
244574244574B000Y4146GA277ERJUOBNROAJude "lit hag"0021332028800Not For My DogI have a Lhasa Apso puppy that weighs 6 pounds, so not a huge dog. It took her ten minutes to devour this treat, so it's pretty expensive for a snack. Furthermore, it made her vomit several times afterwards. I'm sorry I didn't do the research beforehand, but apparently vets do not recommend these pork products as they often cause dogs upset stomachs. In fairness to the seller, the product was shipped free and had a VERY rapid delivery rate. But I would not order another.
244575244575B00473NG70A3315AAN855HYGA. River0051337299200YummyPicked this up at my local Aldi. Refried beans are definitely worth making homemade, but for a busy person that doesn't have the time, these do just fine! I make burritos, salads, dips, and sometimes even spread some on my sandwich bread. Nice quick way to add some protein to the lunch. The consistency is creamy and smooth, just as it should be. No onion or garlic taste in these, just very bean-y. I prefer this over the Frito brand refried beans.
244576244576B000HZRW04A1USQ3SFNZM7S3M. Davis "Timber"0021350432000Sadly this didnt do it for meCulinary Teas Gourmet Teas Pumpkin Spice Tea

Price: >$16 (4oz bag shipping added to my total) Purchased through amazon

Caff-O-Meter: Undetermined, I'd estimate 15-30 since the base is not all black tea
Luxury Black tea, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Almond pieces, Cinnamon pieces, Rooibos, Vanilla pieces, Apple pieces + Natural dried Orange, Sunflower + Calendula petals, Triacetin, Natural flavors.

-Smell (.5) - The smell is not very strong nor does it remind me of pumpkin or fall. Scent falls flat


++Hot (.5) - Does not taste like anything other than normal tea.
++Iced (1) - again no flavor is present aside from just tea to me
*I prefer my teas Iced and 1 cup to .5 packet of sweetener. So unless it wows me, without sweetener will always be lower in points so to compensate I add .5 points to the unsweetened taste average.

++Hot (1.5)- Adding the sweetener (.5 pkg of truvia) usually makes flavors stick out, and until I added the sweetener I didn't detect anything other than just black tea.
++Iced (2) - So Iced with sweetener is the only way I find this tea to be enjoyable.

2nd Steep (2) it maintains its flavor through a second steep but I'm still not impressed.

Summary - I really wanted to like this tea but it just didn't do it for me. The tea was very weak, perhaps I will try to double the strength in a few days and update my rating. to me it just tastes very bland.
If you must have some pumpkin tea now, here is a decent method to get you by (don't expect a miracle of flavor). Pumpkin pie spice (I prefer 1 tsp per 16 oz water) "steep" it for 5 minutes hot water then add your preferred tea for a normal steep time. Strain/Sweeten to preference. I use plain Lipton loose leaf for now but I can't wait to try this with plain rooibos when I get it.

I have many other tea reviews so keep checking back. To get a better idea of whether or not we have similar tastes in teas check out my profile (I used to actually hate tea).

*** I have spoken with the seller who has assured me the tea is not old. You cant make everyone happy flavor wise and this was just not for my palette, I have a feeling it may be due to tea having no sweetener added and I prefer a sweetness to my tea. I am very pleased with the professionalism of the seller and I will be giving them the full rating.
244577244577B000HZRW04A2ZZP59MNLUVXSdashful0041348790400Fragrant & DeliciousI bought this tea because I was jealous of my husband's pumpkin coffee. It turns out, it is the perfect fall tea. It smells fantastic, and is full of the tastes of pumpkin spices. The only downside is that I had to wait about two weeks between placing the order and receiving the product.
244578244578B000HZRW04A2VOZYD03LH6GYM. Bartell0051168473600Great Gift!I bought this as a gift for my son's Hallowe'en birthday -- in keeping with a "pumpkin present" tradition. Both he and my daughter-in-law report that it is in fact excellent tea, and a most welcome addition to their tea collection.
244579244579B000LR7QUEAD7CVEBA0WKJCBar 7R Ranch0051344902400Delightful pop!This salmon roe caviar is both affordable and delicious. Each little pop of salty roe atop a blini or water cracker is devine. Also good paired with raw quail egg, ponzu, sake, scallion, sea urchin roe and tobiko for an "uni shooter"...Yummmmm...
244580244580B005HEEYVAATABCLCBQJDPOAutumn0051322006400Awesome Pasta FlourThis is wonderful pasta flour! We missed the fresh pasta that we had in Europe and I wasn't able to recreate the taste/texture with regular flour. This flour is exactly what I was looking for!! For 2 people, I use 1 large egg (45g), 100g flour, 1/2 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp olive oil. Mix together and knead dough BY HAND for AT LEAST 10 minutes and then process using the dough roller/cutter with the Kitchen Aide mixer. Boil pasta 20 seconds max. Oh how wonderful!
244581244581B002Z08ROOA1WX42M589VAMQMir404251274832000Great in the tall can, horrible in these small ones--edited review: don't buy these cans, get 17.5 oz ones!Please see update at the end of this review. For fairness sake, I'm leaving original review I did when I tried the 17.5 oz cans intact. But the smaller cans do not contain the same quality product. Whether bad batch (one time) or just bad distributor/supplier for small cans (ongoing), I'd beware. Now, the original review, then the updates:

This is far and away my fave coconut water now that I'm self-exiled from the horror that is new Zico (they ruined a terrific product by making it from concentrate).

Note that this comes in cans, not tetra paks, and the cans are BPA-free. These are recyclable (well, as long as your area accepts cans.) Note as well that Amy & Brian's coconut waters are flash-pasteurized (like ONE and Zico and others). Unless you wanna risk crazy bacteria, coconut water must have some sort of pasteurization.

I've been sampling various amazon-available coconut waters looking for my new staple. History: I was a loyal Zico subscriber/drinker for a couple years. They changed. It's awful. I canceled my subscription. I've had and enjoyed O.N.E. in the tetra pak and Nature Factor's organic in a can. I've had and not liked as much VitaCoco and Harvest Bay. But all those are fine depending on your own taste preferences. Previously, I had also tried supermarket brands like Goya and Conchita. I'm always willing to try coconut water, looking for good price and great taste. I decided to try Amy & Brian's cause I learned about them from googling "coconut water taste tests" due to wanting to see what others thought of the brands out there. One taste test comparison mentioned this one tasted most like the actual coconut that was used in the taste test for comparison. Another taste test gave A&B props, too. So, yeah, got my attention.

This one is now my new fave. I have subscribed to the A&B pulp free in both can sizes.

Second fave based on flavor alone (not processing, container, etc) is Nature Factor's organic one. After that O.N.E. VitaCoco is good for those who prefer less sweetness, more of a slightly sourness. Something out there for everyone, right?

I can say this to coconut water lovers: those above are definitely worth trying to see if you enjoy them, too, before you decide on a permanent subscription. But do try this one if you enjoy a bit more sweetness. So good. But if you hate any sort of higher sense of sweetness in your beverages, this isn't for you. I'd recommend ONE or Vitacoco for you, or maybe Harvest Bay.

What makes this one a bit different than the good brands I've named:

Big can option or small can option: 17.5 ounces vs this one that's 10 ouncnes. I buy both now, cause some days I want the bigger can to take with me to Pilates.

Sweeter: Maybe it's where they get their coconuts from, but this brand has a delicious sweetness that is lacking on ONE, VitaCoco, Zico (old and new), and Harvest Bay. Nature Factor's is a bit sweeter than the previous, but Amy and Brian beats them all. I like sweet. :D Because another reviewer called it "unnaturally sweet", I emailed Amy & Brian via their website to ask if this is from concentrate or has sugar added or manipulated. I was told it's juice as it came from the coconuts, not from concentrate, no sugar added. So, I'm content.

Some facts:

8 oz = 76 calories
This is more than ounce per ounce for other brands, but this is probably explained by the sweetness (meaning more natural carbs). Worth noting for those who are on low-carb/carb-conscious diets. For the rest, it just means MORE FLAVOR.

I wish Amy & Brian would put the potassium count on the label, though. This matters to a lot of us, including those who need to watch K intake due to drugs that spare potassium or folks who have high blood pressure and want to see how much K in their diet controls it. To the manufacturer: PLEASE add potassium to labeling under the sodium. Thanks.

I love, love that amazon offers this on subcribe and save. Makes life easier. Thank you, Amazon, for this wonderful addition to your S&S coconut water offerings.

Enjoy and be healthy!

Update: I emailed Amy & Brian after I posted this review, and lo and behold, they will be adding Potassium and Magnesium to their labels. FYI, here are the counts:

Potassium: whole can: 780, 8 oz serving: 360
Magnesium: whole can: 31.2, 8 oz servinng: 14.4

I confirmed that A&B is "flash pasteurized", and got email from them to prove it, which is the same pasteurization used for the tetra paks, as I understand it, so the nutrients should be comparable. They heat their at a lower temp than, say, Zico's, but for a bit longer. If you google "Crossfit Adventure" and this coconut water brand name, you'll see the article about the specifics: A&B heats their juice to 160-165 degrees for 15-20 seconds so that the nutrient content is undiminished. Also, the can is not BPA - it is Aqualure 900~19%. The other brand I liked the taste of, Nature Factor, does heat up their CW to a very high degree, so that one may be of concern nutrients-wise. Not A&B.

They use Thai coconuts. :)

Addendum: For carb watchers-- The carb count for A&B is roughly twice that of others. I used the brands I had at hand at home (and a calculator) to save you time making comparisons. The number stands for carbs per ounce:

Amy & Brian: 2.375
Nature Factor Organic: 1.6
O.N.E.: 1.33
New Zico (from concentrate): 1.07

I think Old Zico was more like ONE in terms of carbs per ounce.

I wonder if the selection of coconuts can give higher sodium (see new Zico's much higher sodium count), then can the selection also be chosen to have higher carbs/more sweetness?


UPDATE: WHOA! Talk about variety. I have to say that my second order of Amy & Brian's is not as nice-tasting as the first. My first batch was really delicious and natural tasting. The second order tastes like candy-water. Seriously, it has an unnaturally sweet, unusual flavor. It's still not as offputting as the sour/cereal taste of the bottled Zico, but it's not something I'd recommend. So, a warning--you might get a great batch or a not so great one. But I thought you needed to know that flavor is not consistent (and it wasn't with original Zico, the one I used to drink the most, as coconuts will differ, coconut from coconut, therefore coconut water will have certain inconsistencies unless it's "jiggered" for consistency.) I hope, if you ordered, your batch is wonderful. But I am reconsidering my subscription, cause this variation is just a bit too disparate (a little change is fine, but from amazing to odd-sugary-candy-water will not do.) I have to amend my rating to three stars. HTH.

Update July 12, 2010: Okay, I couldn't resist the sale this month that gives me A&B for half off, so I ordered the large/tall can in the pulp version. FANTASTIC. It seems that every case I've gotten in the Tall cans is great. All the cases in the small cans are horrible. So, take my advice: skip these 10 oz cans and get the tall version of A&B, either with or without pulp. Delicious. A&B needs to research why those small cans are so bad versus the tasty and coconutty tall ones.
244582244582B002Z08ROOA3ENC5EMOGCON0Bikerider7811275523200This does not taste like coconut waterHaving grown up in the Caribbean drinking coconut water from the source hundreds of times I can tell you unequivocally that this does not at all taste like coconut water. I got this today because earthfare was out of the brand I got last time, which was O.N.E. That tasted more like pure coconut water. This has a really odd taste to me and not in a good way. If the taste is so different, you have to wonder if the nutritional content is also not the same.

On a side note, the O.N.E. brand coconut water was all gone but this brand was on the same shelf at earthfare right next to it fully stocked, so interpret that however you will.
244583244583B002Z08ROOA32VSVD3Q4XNNZJ. Ma6711278460800Something is very wrong with these smaller cans...I'm actually a big fan of the 17.5 ounce Amy & Brian coconut juices. I was ecstatic when I found them cheaper here on Amazon (shipped, no less!) than from my local Whole Foods. I ordered a case of both the 17.5 ounce cans and these 10 ounce cans (which I've never seen before), thinking they'd be the same, except in a better size for a single serving.

But nope!

They are either produced by a difference producer for the same brand or I got a bad batch (although from reading other reviews, I doubt this is the case as there seems to multiple reports of this) -- it has this weird burnt, cotton candy flavor to the water. It definitely does NOT taste like the clean, sweet flavor of coconut in the bigger cans.

I would avoid these!
244584244584B002Z08ROOA5Y7D7BOFA572MNN3311275696000Terrible tasteDon't know why, but this version tasted terrible. So far, out of 24, I've dumped 10 cans after a single taste. It has a terrible after taste. But, the 17 oz version with pulp tasted great. Go figure...
244585244585B002Z08ROOA37X6WWJJ5KUILAGurich "Alli"5651263513600Amy & Brian ( NEW ) 10oz cans in 6packsdescription is is 4-6packs or 24units not a pack of 4! Amazon can you fix this!! This is the best tasting of all the natural coconut juices carries. Don't take my word for it order yours today.
244586244586B002Z08ROOA2JH0O2AUUABV9A. Maniar2211279324800Tastes horrible dont buyI like coconut water and have tried many brands but this one has the worst taste. Tastes like water with bad tasting electrolyte powder. After openning the first can decided to thrash all 24.
244587244587B002Z08ROOA2JP9E1H0SF392CDubya4511275177600Odd unnatural flavorNot sure why the flavor is not the same as their 17oz coconut water but this 10oz size does not taste like coconut water. It is like someone concocted an artificial candy drink. I cannot recommend this product!
244588244588B002Z08ROOAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson1131343520000A Bit Sweet And Rich, Unlike Other Coconut Waters.Lately, I've been trying a few different brands of coconut water drinks which I find at a nearby Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market. I find them quite refreshing and I like the high potassium content to balance the sodium in my diet. Well, tonight there was a new bran and it came in six packs of 10-ounce cans: Amy & Brian Coconut Juice. Hmmm, the others are listed as coconut water. Well, I had to try it. the can says all natural and lists young coconut water as the only ingredient. Strangely enough, the ingredients don't list the potassium content, a usual bragging matter for coconut drinks. Well, this coconut juice tastes somewhat sweet and a bit rich. In a slight way, it's almost a bit candy-like. It's a good juice, but I don't like it as well as several of the other lighter brands which I would regard as more refreshing. Probably, I won't be buying a second six pack. Some people may prefer the taste, so don't let my taste deter you.

Gary Peterson
244589244589B002Z08ROOA1N5WB38ACIJDTGreen Grower1151313712000Nectar of the GodsThis coconut juice is excellent. Hits the spot when you have worked out or just need a boost. Rich in potassium and all natural--no sugar added!!
244590244590B002Z08ROOA2TDW3X2K1BK55Barry M. Neal1151308009600There is no such thing as coconut juice, but this is great.There is no such thing as coconut juice. When a coconut is opened, inside one finds a liquid, that liquid is called coconut water. When coconut water is mixed with the meat of the coconut the result is coconut milk; there is no such thing as coconut juice. That said, I like this coconut juice. We have a box of Amy & Brian's Coconut Juice delivered by Amazon monthly ala their monthly delivery service wherein money is saved for using the service (assuming a box is ordered every month anyway).
So before ordering Amy & Brian's Coconut Juice by the box I did some research. I found that this coconut juice is one of the few on the market that does not add sugar. By taste tests I found that this coconut juice seems to be of the highest quality available (afaik). The ingredient list is simple: "Young coconut juice". Some coconut juices have a watery taste, yet Amy & Brian's has a body to it you can taste, it can be described as a sort of caramelized, natural body. I like it chilled, my step-brother likes it warm. My Mom has expressed many times how refreshing it is. I like the 10 ounce size of the can. We have had a case of this product delivered monthly for about 6 months now.

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