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244591244591B002Z08ROOA23OGECLOG00SGStephen Biles1131306886400Too sweetI know it is pure coconut water, but somehow I don't find the taste same as from a real coconut. Amount is just right for good rehydration. Will keep buying.
244592244592B002Z08ROOA1OUVRO9SUM3DKDr D3411278115200liquid cotton candyI ended up buying this because Zico is now from concentrate (yuck) and based on reviews and comments from others who stopped buying Zico. Not sure what the others were drinking but it couldn't possibly be what I got. Amy and Brian's tastes like cotton candy. I love Thai coconuts even more than South American coconuts - in fact I go to Chinatown every chance I get to stock up on young coconuts just for the coconut water. This tastes NOTHING LIKE a real Thai coconut. I wouldn't even use this to make a smoothie. I guess it's back to Vita Coco until there's a good product on the market again. Or I suppose I could get a second fridge just to keep filled with green coconuts. Now I need to figure out what to do with the other 23 cans of this stuff.
244593244593B002Z08ROOA3H1E2PUJYP4HAStanley J. Zhang "NYC"3411271808000Worst taste ever, tastes like artificial water with sugarThese taste really sweet, eventhough the manufactory claim it is all natural, no sugar added, I do not think so. This coconut juice tastes so different from the natual coconut juice. I do not recommend it to any one. I recommend you try to buy one in store.
244594244594B002Z08ROOA3KZXMJJ7WRV34C. Hall2321272758400Unnaturally sweet twice as much carbs than others
244595244595B002Z08ROOA1J2JXJLPXQOPSStarbird0051333152000coconut waterwe've been purchasing, consuming and sharing this particular brand of coconut water for years now. it's nice to purchase a "clean" product that isn't owned by pepsi or coca-cola. it's also fun to turn folks onto other options besides sodas in order to satisfy thirst and provide an energy boost.
244596244596B002Z08ROOA2DDC7EAPMFAW5hajidontsurf0051313625600Excellent tasteI drink this between brazilian jiu-jitsu and submission wrestling class to recharge. Taste great. Lime is my fav.
244597244597B002Z08ROOA1YLKRLKH3WRS4John Lewis0051310774400Love itI drink this instead of the nasty processed crap in the stores. As a Raw Vegan, this is great in those months I can't find a Coconut around.
244598244598B002Z08ROOA34JYKR4D5OMP9Sam W.0011308614400Sugar added?I just received the 10oz.cans of this coconut juice, and agree with previous reviews,this is unnaturally sweet. The natural coconut flavor is definitely lacking compared to the other brands that I've tried. I also did a comparable taste test with the bigger 17.5 oz cans that I got at Whole Foods, and this is definitely not the same thing. I wasted my money on this one! After shipping costs, it's not worth the trouble to return this.
244609244609B002Z08ROOA2YHXAZLCLDT8DMark Smith "Food lover"101911270166400buy a canned coconut do not get all the good stuffI have read this about the brand..Amy Brians, like all canned coco water this brand is "cooked" coconut water. Unlike tetra paked coco water (vita coco and ONE)which is only flash pasteurized for 3 seconds, canned coco water is heated at extremely high temp for long time which cooks out all the vitamins and minerals and electrolytes. So there is no potassium left. Its basically like goya (really cheap brand that has been around for years) canned coco water without the added sugar and pulp.

If you want all the good stuff and TASTE.. I would rate them
vita coco ..10
ONE.......... 8
Zico......... 2
244599244599B002Z08ROOA3U6ZT9EL1PRP0D. Ford0051300320000Great tasteThis product tastes better than other coconut juices I have tried. I love that it is not sweetened. I would prefer it come in disposable cartons rather than cans but to me the taste makes it worth purchasing. I like this size also because the larger sizes are too much for me to drink at a time. The size makes it great for lunches and snacks too.
244610244610B000WEMIFYA383XURHVF8ON6Mrs. Kilo Delta1151218585600More chewing sessions for your hard-earned dollarI have a sheltie who loves the Dingo rawhide/chicken jerky combo bones, and thought I'd give Wag'n Wraps a try. Even though Zoey is only 30 lbs and barely knee-high, I decided to get the JUMBO size of the Wag'n Wraps, as Zoey prefers a large chew.

Each "retriever roll" is an inch and a quarter in diameter, and just shy of 10" in length. There are 2 rolls per package. Zoey chewed on one of these last night for about half an hour and maybe only took off an inch or inch and a half of the retriever roll. Each roll lasts through six 30-minute chewing sessions for Zoey. In comparison, Zoey could go through an entire 5" long Dingo Dyno stick in half an hour, and Dyno Stix only come 3 to a pkg for roughly the same price as two Jumbo Wag'n Wraps. I believe the Jumbo Wag'n Wraps are a better deal, and I store the partially chewed Wag'n Wrap in a large ziploc bag for the next evening's chewing session.

When you first look at the end of a Wag'n Wrap, it looks like it's a single layer of rawhide over a thick meaty center. This would be too easy for my dog to chew through. I'm glad to say that there are many layers of rawhide to this treat, and that the meaty part appears to run in a thin strip down the middle of the roll, with some of the meaty mixture thinly spread between the rawhide layers. Much more difficult for Zoey to chew through, but she still gets the meaty satisfaction.

The smell of these chicken Wag'n Wraps is of the liquid smoke ingredient.

From the package (I really like that there's no meat by-product in these!):
Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min) 80.0%, Crude Fat (min) 1.0%, Crude Fiber (max) 2.0%, Moisture (max) 14.0%

Ingredients: Rawhide, Chicken, Pork, Rice Starch, Chicken Flavorings, Water, Corn Sugar, Salt, Liquid Smoke, Potassium Sorbate (a Preservative)
244600244600B002Z08ROOA1QCJOGQL05KRIJaw0011295481600nastywow, this stuff is bad. i drink all the brands, all the time. Tonight i opened one of these from a case, i guess i've never had them before. It's awful. what is it?? It doesn't taste anything like coconut water. it tastes like it's spoiled. If i hadn't seen the other bad reviews, i would've thought it was bad, i mean like, salmonella or botulism or something. I'm throwing the whole case away, no way to drink this.
244611244611B000WEMIFYA2QSY9RFY2BXS8Lab lover0021238630400My Lab loved it but...don't expect it to last for more than one chewing session. Our 65lb. 14 month old pup put one of these away in just under 90 minutes. It's back to the drawing board for something that will keep her occupied for a couple of hours.
244601244601B002Z08ROOA2YNIW0EPPKFGOMichael A Sevilla0021290211200BLAH! Don't buy the 10oz cansHow did Amy and Brian mess up an amazing product like their 17oz cans by putting them in 10oz ones? Save your money and either buy the 17oz cans or a different product. The coconut water in the 10oz cans taste sugary, almost syrupy. Nothing like the 17oz cans of which I'm a huge fan. I still have a few cans left of the 10oz and find myself adding tap water to dilute the sweetness of this product.
244602244602B002Z08ROOA1I0N6LEPYLW5AC. Rodas0021285286400Too sweet.. most people will like thatIts too sweet. A lot of people will like it, but it is closer to a soda then it is to drinking straight out of a coconut...which is why people will like it. I will stick to ONE or naked coconut water.
244612244612B000WEMIFYA9NXTC0HTPSDOMaggie0041231977600Dog Likes ItMy dog likes these bones. They last a while which is always good for my pcoketbook. : )
244603244603B002Z08ROOA334X06O9QX4YQj "Foster"0051283299200Love it!No issues with this product, which is my favorite coconut juice. I have to wonder if some of these reviews (e.g., people saying it "must be" sweetened since it tastes sweet) are somehow trying to skew the ratings to support another brand, esp when they specifically recommend another brand. This is a new and growing segment of the market and some players do play nasty!
244604244604B002Z08ROOA6EW25KGVULIStopspingirl0011282867200gross - sickly sweet weird tasteI've tried several of the coconut waters available and this one is by far my least favorite!!!! I hate the overly sweet flavor that makes it taste artificial. Even though its all natural, the flavor just doesn't taste like the coconuts I had in Thailand. I won't ever buy this product again.

I prefer the O.N.E product, which is mildly sweet. If you like sweeter, you can try Vita Coco. And if don't like sweet at all you can try Zico which is not sweet at all, but yet still refreshing.
244613244613B000WEMIFYADSOX9IT7ICWJKelli Wightman0051223769600Dingo Wag n' Wrap's are deliciousDingo Wag n' Wraps are delicious. My dog loves them. They are great treats for your pets while also helping to clean their teeth. These are the Jumbo sized and are intended for bigger dogs. My dog is 85 pounds and I let him have 1/2 of one per day so this 2-pack can last 4 days. There are smaller sizes of these if you have a smaller dog.
244605244605B002Z08ROOA1W826X5Q5B771karM niawT0021281312000Suspicion of sugar or sweetened in productAfter you drink all types of coconut juice including fresh juice from real coconuts you can figure the taste of coconut juice and its slight variations. This juice is too sweet and most likely artificially sweetened or sugar was added to it. Or it tastes like it was sweetened severely and its all in my mind.

Well, I emailed Amy & Brian and got no response. Just ignored my inquiry. Guess a company who wants to be "all natural" does not care what the customers think. All respect down the drain....literally.

Conclusion: Buy VITA Coco, ONE Coconut Juice and stay away from this garbage.
244606244606B002Z08ROOA3FXCXUEJ1NEE2tess0051281312000naturally sweetI find this product with the coconuts from thialand to be naturally sweeter than the coconuts from brazil. Very, very nice.
244614244614B0018CJNZ2A5CVR2GPPY28RT. Y. Erskine "Dejah Thoris"5551304899200Quality food without the unnecessary additivesCats are carnivores. If you check out the ingredients list for many of the common brands you find at the grocery store, you'll see the first couple of ingredients are *not* meat, but rather grains. As well, the meat typically is made up of by-products, which are not suitable for human consumption. Yes, I know, we're not going to be consuming our feline companion's food, but the reality is with cats and their funky digestive tract issues, their food should not contain grain or meat by-products, plain and simple.

There are a number of outstanding grain-free cat foods out there, but this one in particular our cats eat happily. One of our cats was significantly overweight, and with NOW recommended by our veterinarian , my fiancee gave it a try. At the time he began this food, we were actually living on opposite coasts and I hadn't seen the cats in roughly 8 months given my travels. When I saw our cat after that absence, I was shocked to see how slimmed down he was and how healthy he had become. Using this food, in combination with that feeding bowl in which the cats have to stick their paws into to retrieve the food (looks like a flying saucer) has been the key to success!

Unfortunately, this product is not widely stocked at pet care places in our area, but I am delighted that Amazon carries it. I've been able to order it, trouble-free, and the food arrives fresh and ready to be consumed. I highly recommend this brand and encourage you to read the ingredient labels on anything you feed your pet-companions.
244607244607B002Z08ROOA35YSZNOF1ZI6TElizabeth Mark "Elizabeth"0051279411200This juice is deliciousI saw the sale available, and even with such a good deal I was hesitant to purchase because of the bad reviews. I have to say, that I'm very happy that I made the purchase. This juice is delicious. My son and I both love it and It's a great drink to have on a hot Phoenix day. I'm a true believer that people are more likely to write a review, if they dislike the product than if they don't and I truly believe that this juice doesn't deserve the low rating that it has. If you get a bad batch please contact Amazon and they will replace it for you.
244615244615B0018CJNZ2A3CYP45QBT478QAnthony Gavin "Anthony"5531294617600Great ingredients, I think.I bought a small bag of this to try with my cats. One is 16 years old and the other 10. Both seemed to enjoy it as a snack, so I went back and bough the large 10lb bag, thinking I was doing them a favor. The ingredients are impressive, however, as I slowly moved them over from their traditional Purina One to this product, both of them developed a severe case of the runs. So, I portioned them back to a larger portion of the Purina One thinking they needed more time to adjust to this new food, however I can't seem to get them back to normal. So, I have 95% of this bag and am not currently feeding them any of it. I also had to get some remedy for the diahrrea, which is taking time to kick in.

As I mentioned, they seemed to love the taste, but it has been a big problem for their digestive systems.
244608244608B002Z08ROOA36FEPUTDN12KAa cute bear "TNM"0121283817600I trust Mir so i am not trying this oneI tried the tall can with Pulp 17 Ounce Tins (Pack of 12) after read the Mir's review and i love it . I have ordered it 3 times and love the natural taste of Amy&Brian Coconut Juice.(Not the short can).Just trust Mir and read her reviews.
244616244616B0018CJNZ2AVZVLJNEO6ZWKbandita pandita3351323648000Great for older cat with sensitive skinAbout a year ago, my 12-year-old cat developed an itchy rash on her forehead. The vet ruled out more serious health issues, and speculated that it was an allergic reaction or food sensitivity. And so began a year of cat food experiments...

We tried a range of grain-free foods with various protein sources. Some didn't help the skin; some she didn't like. The local pet food store suggested this. The big selling point was that it doesn't have any "meals"-- no "chicken meal" or "fish meal" or "turkey byproduct" or whatever. She has been eating this for the past 6 months or so, and her skin has cleared up remarkably. And the fact that she taps on my cheek until I wake up and feed her in the morning suggests that it is also quite delicious.

It is expensive, but it has helped her skin issues enough that it's been worth it. (A trip to the vet costs quite a bit more!) If you have an older cat that seems to have developed a food sensitivity, this is definitely a good option to try.
244617244617B0018CJNZ2A5CVR2GPPY28RT. Y. Erskine "Dejah Thoris"3351308528000Outstanding food, grain freeAs any cat owner will tell you, cat digestive systems are a royal challenge. Now! Dry Cat Food is a unique product that doesn't have any fillers, no grain at all, and the meat that is used contains no by-products. Essentially, it's human-grade.

Cat's are carnivores, plain and simple. And this food addresses that beautifully.

This particular formula, for senior and overweight cats, has made a huge difference in the quality of our cat's health. My cats love the taste, never turn their nose up from this product, and my formerly over-weight cat is now looking terrific, and both he and his brother are very healthy - healthy coat, bright eyes, etc.

Unfortunately this product is not sold every where (yet)but I am grateful I can get it here on Amazon! I highly recommend this brand.
244618244618B0018CJNZ2A2SQMFPFI0X8CUM. Ennis2251333065600Great for cat with Irritable Bowel SyndromeI've purchased the Now! Grain free (10 lbs) turkey with duck & salmon dry cat food 3 times now over the past 4 months. Wanted to see how our cat with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) would do on it. He loves it, and will chow it down to the point where he would get fat, if we let him. Have to portion it out to him thru the day. Other cat loves it, too, and she no longer vomits on a regular basis. Definitely a good quality product which is sold at our veterinarian's office, but I buy it online with Amazon for better price. Sidenote: we're gradually starting to reduce the amount of budesonide medicine given to our cat with IBS problem to eventually see how he does without the medicine & if he's okay just being on Now! grain free food.
244619244619B0018CJNZ2AKM9BCPIKJH6VNicholas Capozzi "jaguarboy"2251314316800greatThis mix is grain and filler free and Busterboy eats it all up.Best food around though a bit pricey but only the best for our Boy
244620244620B0018CJNZ2A1CYFO4AFXJGDHnetlander2251304812800Great tasting, balanced protein & fat, LOW phosphorous, great for cat with kidney problemMy cat just love them, chomping down the kibbles. He has started to gain weight & muscle back, and I am very happy with the results. I also add 1/4 cup of NON salted chicken soup after the food. I'll be doing another blood test in 6 months. Will do future update.

My two years young cat has high blood level BUN (60) and creatinnine (1.9), vomiting and not eating, and vet recommended changing food. He was on high protein diet, and I was surprise to learn that some type of cat are more sensitive to protein/phosphorous level. Chose "Now! Dry Cat Food for Adult Cats, Grain Free Turkey with Duck" because it has the lowest phosphorous dry adult cat food I can find, without going the prescription food route. The phosphorous level is 0.65% dry matter, considered to be on the low but acceptable. The protein(30%) quality is high, grain free and acceptable fat(18%) level. Most other non-prescription dry kibbles phosphorous range from 0.60% to 2%. Only prescription food can be lower than 0.5%. Phosphorous is important to health, but must be on lower range for pets with that are phosphorous sensitive.

Price of food is on par with other grain free, non rendered meats pet food. I witnessed fantastic results in my cat, who is now normal weight masculine happy active cat :-) ... woo hoo!!! MEOW!!! =>o<=

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