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244655244655B0047HJ04EA2Q7OJTVPIO2XHKenneth J. Hudak1131300752000good...but could be bettermy dogs love this...I mix a little in with their dry food . My complaint that for the price this costs , it should not be so watered down... A little too thin . There are other products out there of equal or better quality...that cost a little less and are not watered down...I'll use this as a change up once in a while , but not as my go to canned brand
244656244656B002UUXLJKA29IDDR73CC2ZVD. Lewis2251282262400Wow! That was as easy as it was delicious!We had the first of our Gourmantra meals last night. Just the smells in the kitchen made the purchase worthwhile!
We had the korma (with lamb) and found the servings generous and now are looking forward to introducing this product to friends.
The assortment provides a nice variety, including one vegetarian selection.
244657244657B002UUXLJKA29QU4RQ9PE0WWAmy0051345334400High end take out taste, only made at home by you in minutes.If you love Indian food but are afraid of making it yourself, skip the take out and try this instead. The flavors are vey authentic and the meals are very easy to prepare. I was also very impressed with their customer service! I am highly allergic to cilantro so I called to see if it was anywhere in the spice mixes and they took the time to explain that there was no cilantro, only the corriander seed. Even better, they knew about the cilantro allergy and even explained something my drs hadn't. It seems that I'm not alone and they have had inquiries about the cilantro allergy and explained that most people like me are allergic to the juice of the plany, found in the stem and the leaves. After talking with one of the owners of Gourmantra I called my drand he did his own desearch with the new information and we finally had the answer we were looking for.

So great product, easy to prepare, wonderful customer service and supporting a small business...and all at an affordable cost. Total win in my book!

Note: The kits do not hold back on flavor or spice. I was able to adjust the heat level by not adding in the full amount of seasoning for my kid's portions but added in the rest for my husband and me. Just be aware that even if it says mild, there is still a lot of flavor and depending on your pallet, some may find it a bit spicy.
244658244658B002UUXLJKA2RMXOGA18ZOVDShaolinShodan0031341878400Gourmantra Quality ControlGood evening. I purchased the Gourmantra assortment pack and the order was timely delivered.
However, as I should the packaged I thought to myself that some rice packages must've broken open.
Indeed, two boxes within the package had rice spilling out as their rice bags must've become unglued, rendering two of the 6 packs useless to me unless I now go out and buy rice.
I made the Channa Masala recipe pack, and let me just say you do NOT need 28 oz of Garbanzo beans. So be cognizant when buying this pack and grocery shopping for the supplies.
Which brings me to another point--you WILL have to buy additional ingredients for these, whether it be chicken for the butter chicken or tandoori, yogurt, cream, butter, oil, onions, etc.
The simplest one to make was the Channa Masala. Let me tell you if you follow the instructions to a T, you will be AHmazed at what you can do to stimulate your gastric glands.

The only beef (no pun intended!) I have is I didn't read the description well enough when ordering it. The product is different than what I expected I was ordering but to no fault of theirs as I just didn't read the details well-enough. I thought these were the pre-mixed packages.

Bon appetite!
244659244659B002UUXLJKA20IQLFES5BDPGAlly Singh "Sushi Snob"0051317254400Great assortment of tasty Indian dishesThis product is delicious! We are a half Indian/half American household, so we know good Indian food when we try it. The ingredients are fresh and the kit makes it easy to put together a quick meal. I love that a variety pack is available on Amazon. It's a great way to try out all the different products Gourmantra offers.
244660244660B002DMU0Y4A20LGHIKS1B93Wnyanna "nyanna"1151346198400Tasty cashews in every handful!This is my #1 favorite Haldiram's snack mix. I love the flavorful and spicy blend of shoestring potatoes, rice, lentils and seeds... and most importantly, plenty of cashews! Sometimes I eat it out of hand as a snack, and sometimes at dinner I sprinkle it on dishes to spice them up with a wonderful crunchy topping. Yum!

I also really like the "special pack for extra freshness". The zip bag with inner membrane really keeps the mixture fresh for a long time. The first time I got it at my local Indian grocery, the storekeeper gave me the bag for free because it was past the date marked on it. But the product inside was so good that I was hooked, and I have been buying it ever since.
244661244661B002DMU0Y4AY7KF9RDYNP4HD. B.0031310342400Nice, but not my favorite Haldirams mixFirst time trying. Nice mix of texture with lentils, potato sticks, cashews, and other things. Nice spice flavor. I think the heat level is very mild. Had a too much of a lemon favor for me.
244662244662B004LRPKJOA37B5UD233DOFA. Fossum1151325116800They smell YUMMYI purchased the pumpkin and apple version of these treats locally and zipped through them rather fast so I came to Amazon for more!

First, they smell YUMMY. I wanted to eat them they smell so delicious - like fresh baked pie or something. Wonderful ingredients so I probably could have eaten them! Dog loves them and since he's a puppy, they are a good size treat for him. NOT a good training treat though... they are crunchy so they take a bit to chew. Soft treats are better for training so I intend to try the soft mango treats in this brand.

Price is excellent on Amazon - at least 1.50/bag cheaper here than I can get locally.
244663244663B004LRPKJOA29DK9VBXKNB6YAngela Mccullough0051346976000Pups LOVE these and they fit in a small kong.My two doxies LOVE the fruitable treats & they fit in the original petite KONG. So, they get a fruitable in their KONG toy every workday morning when I leave for work.
244664244664B000F3WSACA3AKEN3C4BDXCUJames Thomas4451281398400Love this teaI love Lapsang Souchong. I have only found one brand that I did not like. Taylors of Harrogate is as good as any I have found and is reasonably priced. I get it on a 6 month automatic order. and usually need to advance my order because I run out. If you are not familiar with Lapsang Souchong you might want to try a smaller quantity. It is very strong tea and very smoky. Some people hate it. I love it.
244665244665B000F3WSACA1U9ZT7CNT1CZYS. Winsor "Trekker"0051344470400Excellent teaI use to buy Twinnings Lapsang Souchong loose tea. Unfortunately, Twinnings has decided to stop exporting this tea. Needed to find a replacement that was of like quality. Found Taylors of Harrogate and discovered that this tea is excellent. Lapsang Souchong tea is an excellent tea for after dinner or in the evening. Love the rich,smokey taste. This is an excellent replacement for Twinnings and the price on Amazon is very good.
244666244666B000F3WSACA2LT4QXK3IMY4BSimon Roberts "Java Teacher, Author, Consultant"0051334534400Quality and FlavourI'm not a tea snob, but I drink a lot of tea--this six pack lasts me about six months, and I get through a pound of English Breakfast each month--and I like a decent quality. Mostly, I don't like "flavoured" teas (can't handle Earl Grey), but this tea has a delicious smokey flavour that I really enjoy. Sometimes I cut it with 50% English Breakfast. Of course Taylor's is a respected upper mid range brand (not quite "boutique" but I wouldn't be willing to spend that much money on a tea for everyday drinking), so it shouldn't be any surprise that this one is good too.
244667244667B003IMVBKAA2YKWYC3WQJX5JShannie "Shan"0041346803200Almost as good as I rememberAlmost all of the childhood penny candies are gone or the formula is so different that they taste completely different. While today's Mary Jane lacks the usual creamy bit of peanut center, they still aren't bad. This box arrived with fresh product inside, and this Halloween the kids will get handfuls of the same stuff I longed for over 30 years ago.
244668244668B000WFNA1EA6EWW3ZC8A7PEBaar2251330992000Barvo turkey heartsMy dog loves these treats. i feed her raw and this is the perfect additive to get some extra organ meats in her. Only wish they were in a larger container, and not as expensive.
244669244669B000WFNA1EA1M9MV6F2UH1T0Lola's mom1151331596800My fussy spoiled dog just loves theseRecommended by a holistic vet as my dog has heart disease and says hearts are great for their diet and treats. I was leary as she only wants junk people food but I now feed her 100% fresh and have a very hard time and it's very costly! Which she doesn't know that even though I tell her every time she won't it :0). All's I can say is she loves these treats! I agree with other review they go fast and pricy but won't go to waste! If my dog loves them it's safe most will.
244670244670B003MP15TUA35V2DYYSRLCHBElite_and_sweet171951282435200DELICIOUS MIXED NUTS & WHITE CHOCOLATE BAR!!!Okay so I ordered every flavor of these during the summer sale in June were most of the flavors $12, and if you signed up "Subscribe and Save" they were $10.50 each. So, I will be putting up reviews as I open each box. They have been in the fridge (keeps me from random snacking) and I opened Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Mudslide, and Mixed Nuts & White Chocolate last night. I am 5'3" and 118 and I try to add some protein to my diet with bars like this. My review will only be for the Mixed Nuts & White Chocolate (others on the appropriate product pages.) I will start with what EVERYONE really cares about: TASTE! These bar tasted incredible to me!!!! Nutty, sweet, light, creamy white chocolate, chewy consistency, NO chemical taste, sweet but not too sweet. I read the nutrient profile and the ingredient list, and I am really pleased with the ingredient quality. This is what attracted me to the product. It is very low sugar, gluten free, and wheat free. This is great for those watching their waistline. On the other hand, it has a pretty sizeable fat content. This one has 12(!!!) grams of fat. So just be aware of that when including in your diet, too many of these and you WILL gain weight! The protein is okay (10 grams), as much as 1.5 oz of grilled chicken. (Although chicken breast doesn't have this much fat, and that's not enough chicken to fill anyone up.) The sodium isn't bad (110 mg). There are 8 net carbs, which subtract out the fiber and sugar alcohols (the sugar alcohols are in debate as to whether your body burns them as calories or not.) The calories, fat, protein, and carbs are equal to: a large plain green salad, 1.5 oz chicken breast, 2 cups broccoli, almost a full tablespoon of oil. So I say that to illustrate that this is definitely a healthy MEAL REPLACEMENT for those on the go (if you add veggies and soup) and really has TOO MANY calories for a full bar to be a snack. It also doesn't have enough heaviness/volume in your stomach to make you feel full for four hours until your next meal. It is kind a lightweight bar compared to thinkTHIN's regular 20gram protein bars (Read my review for Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Mudslide, those have a preferable nutrient profile for a meal replacement.) I don't really think any bar that has more fat than protein is helpful, people will still be hungry and gain weight. They do not really have enough protein to eat as a meal replacement because you will be hungry in less than four hours after eating. If you do use as a meal replacement, add a broth soup and a large green salad with low-cal dressing, or veggies (most grocery stores sell washed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots that you can eat on the go.) Another way to incorporate these DELICIOUS bars into your routine is a breakfast. Perfect for on the go and it's hard to eat more before lunch even if you do get hungry (which most people don't get very hungry before lunch.) So in summary: EXCELLENT ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS; DELICIOUS, SWEET NUTTY FLAVOR WITH CREAMY WHITE CHOCOLATE (as good as a candy bar); CONVENIENT PACKAGING; WEAK VITAMIN & MINERAL PROFILE (you'll still need a comprehensive multivitamin daily); CONVENIENT SOURCE OF PROTEIN; GREAT SNACK (if you eat half as a snack or the other half later in the day as a snack.) THE PRICE IS RIGHT too based on Amazon's deal vs. in store pricing on these bars. They are very expensive in retail stores, Amazon is selling them almost 50% off. Helpful hint: if you sign up for Subscribe & Save, you get the best price. You can set your shipments to every six months, and even if you don't want them then, you can delay shipment. The point is, you really never have to buy more later in order to get the best price now. You can keep deferring shipment. Not saying that to scam Amazon, just saying that may help more people be willing to try a delicious bar if the price is right. I hope this review helped you make a purchasing decision, either for or against the product. I know I hate to waste my money, and I wanted to give a honest review.
244671244671B003MP15TUA226BSZ5DPZJCNN. Ayers-jones3321292198400nuts but no chocolate?Love the product, but unfortunately this time 3/4 of the box were just bars of nuts and no white chocolate. Appears to be a production issue.
244672244672B003MP15TUA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"2251280188800Really Good Tasting Snack Bar - Highly Recommended!These "ThinkThin Crunch, Mixed Nuts and White Chocolate" snack bars are really good tasting! The flavor is a nice mix between the nuts and the white chocolate, with neither one overpowering the other. Being a type 2 diabetic, I try to watch my carb intake (especially sugar) and these are low enough that they are safe for a mid-day treat.

Each Bar Has -
Calories: 180 (100 from Fat, with 2.5g of Saturated Fat)
Carbs: 12g Net (16g - 4g Fiber = 12g, with only 2g from Sugar)
Protein: 10g

It should be noted that these do contain Maltitol, which can cause "gastric distress" in some people.

I ordered these in the summer and the white chocolate did melt and stick to the foil packaging on the first ones we opened since they were sitting on the porch for a bit before we got to them. This was not an issue for the rest after we got them inside and they sat for a day or so.

The real test is if my picky kids will eat them, and they also like them as much as I do.

Highly Recommended!

244673244673B003MP15TUAHMMVXTTGXVDWGhanshyam H. Popat "GHP"1151287705600Picky wife likes it very good ingredients.
244674244674B003MP15TUA9T6DUEFYUCV8Mrs. Carol A. Spare "carolinwaldo"1151280966400These are GREAT!These taste like a good candy bar, and they really work for curbing my appetite. I recommend this flavor. DO NOT choose the peanut butter ones, though. They are awful.
244675244675B003MP15TUA2H1PNKNNNLRF5Juliet5741294272000Unhappy with supplierI frequently purchase ThinkThin bars, and when I see a good price from Amazon, I jump. However, in the last 2 purchases, the product has arrived in moderately poor condition. The box of crunch bars was damaged and repaired with tape. One bar was missing. Twice I have purchased the peanut butter bars and both times the chocolate was powdery and cakey as if it had been stored in a less than optimal temperature range. They were within the sell-by date, but had that "too old" look. I will not purchase through Amazon again.
244676244676B003MP15TUA1YP1YS7DXEV51RichardNBoston "Richard"0051349740800Tastes great and is filling!I enjoy these bars for breakfast or midday snacks and am always pleased when I eat them. I can't find the answer to my question on why Amazon is dropping many of the other varieties of low carb bars made by Think Thin. I especially like the chocolate fudge and white chocolate ones also.
244677244677B003MP15TUA1TFCOZMHCBCFTBressler West "Bressler West photograpy"0051341360000think thin white chocolate barsfabulous taste-meets the frosting lover in me without the calories and plenty of protein. Also seems to curb my appetite so I dont get hungry too soon after having one. Great with tea! I reorder these-keep them in car and photo bag for a meal on the run.Low calorie count is perfect. Comes in other flavors but white chocolate is a favorite of mine so far.
244678244678B003MP15TUA2NK4VKGAFRB5UBeverly A. Todd0051339977600thinkthin crunch white chocolate mixed nuts gluten freeHave bought these bars several time. They are delicious and easy to carry in purse when away from home and need a healthy snack.
244679244679B003MP15TUA3J9FPUZZL78XZLuis0051335571200BEST tasting protein bar I've EVER had.This is a great bar. I'm calling it a protein bar because even though it might not have as much protein as the heavy hitters, it still has 10 grams which is pretty respectable, especially for a nut bar. The taste is great, and since nuts like almonds help you control hunger I eat one of these when I get an urge to go on a midnight eating binge, I get to enjoy a great tasting bar that's good for me, and my hunger goes away! WIN WIN!
244680244680B003MP15TUA1TTQNL279S9MAP. S. Prasert0051333324800Delicious and Nutritious!I was recently diagnosed w/ gestational diabetes and started a search for the best protein bars. These taste amazing! I would definitely purchase them again. It's good to know there are tasty snack/meal alternatives out there for those of us struggling to keep our blood sugars in check.
244651244651B0011MFW4AARSP0C5OFEVJYDallas E. Beach "Dallas Griswold"0051324944000Delicious alternativeI really appreciate having another snack choice since our multiple food allergies mean I make just about everything else from scratch. The sunflower seeds are a mess since I'm feeding little ones, but since I also appreciate that there is no added sugars, I guess I can't really expect them to stick together.
244652244652B0011MFW4AA2ALOEAJXCOCZ3L. Stein0051303257600GreatThis is a great product. My kids go to a small school that has several students and a teacher with nut allergies. This allows me to send an easy nutritious snack to school.
244653244653B005ZHJ9EQA1GQAKL9CGQLP1L. M. Keefer0051323907200If You Like to Cook Healthy for Your Family.....If you want to cook healthily for your family, you'll love this KING ARTHUR ORGANIC WHITE WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR. If you're looking for a healthy, light whole wheat flour, a nutritionist recommended KING ARTHUR'S WHITE WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR. It has the nutrition of whole wheat with the consistency of white flour--so it's not too heavy and gritty. I make gravies, soups, muffins, pancakes, cookies etc.--everything with it. I'll never buy white non-nutritious flour again! It's a great way to sneak whole grains into desserts. I never feel guilty cooking with this as I know it's healthy for my family and provides necessary whole grains. It has the whole grain yellow stamp on it, which my son says means it's good for you. I love cooking with this flour and use it all the time.
244654244654B008I1Y21GA2DKTENE19KO0Efoodie0051343174400GREAT TASTE for low fatThese are the best low fat refried beans I have ever tasted... I used the beans in my 7 layer dip. I tailgate a lot and the package was easy to use.

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