Amazon Fine Food Reviews

244681244681B003MP15TUA38Y40EKLEQ836BohoBear0041326585600Yummy!Excellent vanilla flavor--not too sweet. Crunchy and chewy at the same time. Not very big, but not too tiny like some granola bars tend to be--I think it's just the right size. A great high protein snack when you don't have time to cook.
244682244682B003MP15TUA2GL3WLEN1USDGseakayaker0051326067200Good ....and good for you!I like all of the product I have order from this company. I think they are good quality, have good flavor, constancy, and the company offers a nice variety.

These are gluten free is a plus!
244683244683B003MP15TUA1ACOOKQ4HGNMRLeesiejoy700041324944000Think Thin productsThese tasted great but the only downfall and the reason why I could not give this product 5 stars is that the bars contain Maltitol. Maltitol provides a laxative effect when consumed along with producing much gas. Some people might not have a problem with this but it made my stomach hurt.
244684244684B003MP15TUA12FT9M5R2HA1PV. Barra0041324857600Great for diabetics and their workoutsThis nutritious bar is great for before or after workouts. Low in sugar, high in protein makes this a perfect snack for Diabetics too.
244685244685B003MP15TUA15XO66DXMUI7LJoseph0041322352000Pretty good as snackThese tasted pretty good. I used them as a snack when the afternoons are getting a little long to bridge lunch and dinner, they work great for that.
244686244686B003MP15TUA1FTM3BXTWZ6PHB. Vivian0051322179200The tastiest, chewiest, cruchiest bar that is gluten free.I originally found these bars on the shelf at Marshalls. They were in the gluten free area of snacks. I fell in love with them and have bought them by the box ever since. I also bought the chocolate mixed nuts bars as well. If you are gluten free, and crave a salty and sweet snack, get these bars!
244687244687B003MP15TUA1VB7CZP4D775NMARJORIE FUHRMANN0041319760000Crunchy and TastyI discovered Think Thin products at my local Trader Joe's market. But, the per bar price was a bit high. Then I saw that Amazon sold them and had so many more flavors. I have been ordering them one by one. This is one of my favorites. I like the crunch of the nuts and the sweetness of the white chocolate. It may be a little too sweet. I like the darker chocolate with the nuts better. But, if you're looking for a different taste with the crunch of nuts, this is a good choice. I use them as a breakfast food mostly. They don't raise my blood glucose and that's good.
244688244688B003MP15TUA1ASJWLMWGD6KEAlbert G. Mcmullin0051316736000Think thin? I just LOVE these bars!!!!!Not sure about the "thin" issue but these bars are very tasty for those necessary "snack" times. I do find it difficult to eat just one because they taste GREAT!!!!
Definitely try these!
244689244689B003MP15TUA1GOWYPEF0JNF8Kathleen A. Kosman0051315094400YUMMYWhile I've been less than impressed with some of the other thinkThin products, I've found the thinkThin Crunch (in all three flavors) to taste excellent: a lot less like a protein bar and a lot more like a nut bar. The fact that it's very low sugar and gluten free makes it even better... and makes it possible for me to take them on trips, and to share with my co-worker, who is gluten-intolerant.
244690244690B003MP15TUA1P0YO97IU9RCVR. Holliday0051315008000I love these!!!Tasted awesome... really good. Great filler. took the place of a complete meal. Was very satisfying. Tasted as if I was cheating
244691244691B003MP15TUAYIPRFLIS6NFTKawigirl0051313798400Best protein bar everThese protein bars are so tasty that we have them on auto refill. This flavor does not taste at all like a "diet" bar or like any other "health" bar we've tried. My picky husband is even willing to eat these. I always keep one in my purse and we keep them in our car. When we're on the go and a "hunger headache" or "hunger shakes" come on, we reach for one of these bars and we're good to go for 3 or so more hours. We are not fond of all the flavors in this brand line, but the nut crunch line is delicious.
244692244692B003MP15TUA3Q9VXQRABT3Q4N. McAlpin0051311552000Yummy..........These bars were so good. I'm planning to order more and try the different flavors. They were fresh and the nuts and chocolate were great.
244693244693B003MP15TUA6ZBHGUVN5Z1CAerienne0051307750400White Chocolate and Mixed Nuts - Delicious!I eat a protein bar daily, and look for ones that are high protein, low carb, and actually taste good. This bar only had 10 grams of protein, which is half of what the Think Thin Proteins bars have, but this bar is delicious! I love the nuts and having a sweet, crunchy treat. This is definitely one of my favorite bars. It arrived during a heat wave (but the price during their June deal was so good, I risked it), and it does crumble easily from having melted and then cooled. But other than that, this bar is a win!
244694244694B003MP15TUA20IQLFES5BDPGAlly Singh "Sushi Snob"0051307491200Breakfast in a BarIn my family, we don't have a lot of time for breakfast. Add to that that we are a vegetarian and gluten free family, and the options for breakfast are very limited. Think Thin bars are a great option for a quick breakfast or snack on the go. I love that they are GF, have little or no sugar, and are chock full of protein. This flavor is my favorite, but we also loved the peanut butter flavors. When ordered using Subscribe and Save, they are very competitively priced on Amazon.
244695244695B003MP15TUAI6O8ZSTJWB2T2Irish4u0041298505600Sweet and crunchy gluten free delight...Like most of the thinkThin line, I like this bar as an occassional snack. Most importantly for me, it's gluten free, very crunchy with a lot of nuts (more peanuts than anything) and bits of crisped soy (that are a lot like small pieces of crisped rice) which can make it crumbly sometimes. It's not sickening sweet which makes me happy and the "white chocolate" coating on the bottom is a yummy twist. I like this one because it is satisfies my sweet craving and something lovely to enjoy every now and then...if I could change anything it would be that it would have more than 10g of protein.
244696244696B003MP15TUA2N3PEE9Z1LON6J. Temkin "Subjective"0041284163200Good BarTastes great. Good amount of protein. If you like nuts, and want a hight protein 180 calorie pick me up, this is it.
244697244697B003MP15TUA1Y4F0I8M2BZGvillager0041282608000Tasty snackTried all 3 'crunch' bars .... was pleasantly surprised with taste of each; not as filling as the high protein think thin bars but good for light snack. Very nutty, sweet. A keeper.
244698244698B003MP15TUAUXM4QZM8NHHPCindy Kanser0051280534400Very tastyThese make a great snack. Not too sweet and an excellent way to get fiber into your diet
244699244699B0025UNQKOA15VHPHU0V8GOHJudith A. Weller "jw1917"1151331078400Love the convenient SizeI love the convenient size of this prune juice. They are the right size for an individual serving. I use prune juice as a substitute for laxatives and find it excellent and natural. It does not hurt that I like prune juice a lot also -- it is a great medicinal product. I also like stewed prunes -- I hope this product will stay in stock.
244700244700B000LL27UYA398YQ03E2SZ1THeidi L. Brown0051289433600YUMMY!Like the other reviewer, I found this on a clearance table at the local supermarket. We love it, and have had to order it online. It is great on so many things you never might try. We chop celery and pour it on for a simple salad. We dip watermelon in it. It is great on chicken and beef. Even great for dipping our sushi in. The only things we did not like it on were things like fries that were already salty. So good, I would hate if they stopped making it. We order it five bottles at a time!
244701244701B000LL27UYA1RVGKBTE17CECRicardo X0051283472000Best Sauce EverI found this on a clearance table of a local supermarket and wished I'd bought the whole lot, since now I can't find it anywhere. I first tried it on grilled tuna steaks, and then mixed it in hamburgers. It worked great both times (especially the tuna). It's thick like teriyaki, but with a little kick. As soon as it's done, I guess I'll have to buy it online.
244702244702B001I6GS5QA1C8HOSYE0WSF3mavric0111333152000Buy this somewhere else. Not from anneeavon!!!This tea is an excellent herbal tea. Love the taste and it's not as weak as most herbal tea is. I used to get it from the Commissary on base but they stopped stocking it so I checked on Amazon. Most wanted to sell by the case but anneeavon sold them in single packages and I swear it said "and free shipping when ordered from this seller" above the "add to cart" button. I ordered last night and opened my e-mail this afternoon to find they charged me $8.49 shipping for each of the 3 boxes I ordered! And the estimated arrival time is a week away! For that kind of money I'd expect overnight. For that kind of money I could have gotten a couple cases and had change. It's probably my fault for miss reading something but just be aware of the shipping charges on anneeavon products.
244703244703B001A4ARXKAFMB9JPLQNWVTKaren Edwards1251259712000Good tastingI like the taste of this tuna and since I eat lots of tuna, it is imperative that it tastes good. I can not eat meat, only fish and chicken. I open the large can and divide the tuna into smaller tupperware containers and put them in the freezer. They are then ready to prepare as I need them. I buy it all of the time.
244704244704B000633WN8A2S1UUJXZ78ZPNTori H3351313625600She loves it!My cat can be a picky eater, but she will cry until I can get the can opened and get her food prepared. She's eager to eat, and her tummy handles it well too.
244705244705B000633WN8A3V0D97QKXDN5RT. Morris "On The High Desert"00513501728007 cats are rating 7 paws upI'm not sure why some cat food gets a bad review because a cat doesn't eat it. We have 7 here in our rural home, plus some strays that stop by for a meal, and though they can be finicky they all eat pretty much what we put in front of them when they're hungry. They get fed 3 times a day and canned food is the morning meal so perhaps having nothing out from about 6 PM to 6 AM makes this pretty inviting. We have one cat that's about 17 years old and all she can eat is canned food. I can't say how good it is but at less than 45 cents a can (including shipping) it's less than at the local food store that happens to be about 45 miles away... as is the Vet. We feed them dry food (the grain free expensive kind) for the other 2 meals a day so the canned food is also a bargain.

We had a cat develop a kidney stone, with urinary problems, and the Vet claims it was from the poor ingredients in some dry cat food. He wanted to put her on a special diet with a Science Diet special blend for Urinary Tract and then onto one of their regular formula kibble for life. That seemed a little useless because we were feeding the cats some decent kibble to begin with like Purina One. We did a search and found that it was true that a lot of filler in most dry cat food was grain and that is hard for cats to process. The diet we found involved a home made cat food of grinding up some rabbit or chicken and adding some vitamins. Tried it and it worked but it was a mess to make, rabbit is not cheap or easy to find and it takes up a lot of freezer space. Back to another search and a viable alternative seemed to be canned cat food, with some limitations, and a grain free kibble. The canned food doesn't have as much fillers and the main ones for us are poultry, fish & meats varieties in pâté or gravy form. That's what the cats are on now and the kidney/urinary problem is gone, their coats are nicer, their urine is less now because they don't have to consume so much water to process the grain feed and they really seem to like what they're eating. We feed them Friskies & 9-lives in the cans and Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Merrick Before Grain, Felidae or Taste of the Wild in dry food. The dry food is getting pricier, the bags are getting smaller and the free shipping deals are disappearing so it's more of a challenge now to get a deal but when we do we buy extra. Can't say enough about how well this new diet seems to be working and any saved trip to a Vet pays for a lot of food.

As long as Amazon keeps giving deals on this we'll keep buying it, the cats will keep eating it and that's worth 5 stars... in my opinion. We have Subscribe & Save on some but that'll probably disappear soon since it's heavy to ship and it's recently disappeared on some of the bagged food or the price has gone up significantly. I'm posting this same review to every cat food we purchased rather than editing each to fit the particular brand.
244706244706B000633WN8A32IRUSJPHF0B9Linda in Philadelphia0011349654400nine lives seafood platterfor some reason my cats won't eat nine lives seafood platter. its greasy , they turn the bowl over when I try giving it to them
244707244707B000N7YKQ0AFQTEBJ1SSBB8Big John0031349740800Strong TasteThis product is extremely concentrated, so take care to dilute as recommended, if not even more than recommended. The taste is very beef broth like.
244708244708B000N7YKQ0A9H3V8AOZD2PFBig Girl tennis0051349740800I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!As a vegan newby......My cooking was missing that flavor that came from meat broth. This product, and it's no chicken, and no pork ....and vegetable bouillons are WONDERFUL! And get shipped right to my door through Amazon....I love not having to go from store to store in search of my obscure vegan ingredients! Thank you Amazon!
244709244709B000F1UED2A1XJOSJN6FHFO0Shirley Priscilla Johnson "Author/Reviewer -...2251156377600Mild Taste!I admit it! I am a coffee drinker all day long so I was excited to try this new blend. It smelled great brewing and when I tasted it I liked the flavor. Mild and not too acidity it really hit the spot. Some coffees can leave a nasty bitter after taste and I was pleased to see it was not so with this one. My husband also had some of this coffee and really liked it. If you are a coffee drinker give this one a try. It has a good flavor that you will enjoy.
244710244710B000F1UED2A2HQ8RTAJYEUJONeal J. Pollock11411569824004.5 for ColombianI was surpised at the relative mildness of this Colombian coffee; many of them are a bit much for me, but not this one. It's very finely ground which usually adds to the taste strength. Despite the advertising, I don't generally think Colombian is better than other South or Central American coffees (and I've visited all the countries of both South and Central America). But maybe it's your "cup of tea!" Hah. If I were to pick Colombian though, this would be the one. It's not bitter, but has lots of flavor. Enjoy!

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