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244711244711B000F1UED2A36PLK10XJMGYQJust Tom0051338336000great purchaseGreat coffee, and great price, easy to use open and drop in it, no measure and great tasting coffee, tastes even better out of Red Soxs coffee mugs, also purchased at Amazon, fast delivery.
244712244712B000F1UED2A1QPDBKB1WQNEXF. Bober "caffeine addict"0211193356800DON"T BUY THIS STALE COFFEE!!!!!I admit it! I fell for the promo of $10 off. But what Amazon doesn't tell you is that: 1)The coffee is past its shelf life and
244713244713B0029JXPHAA2YIO225BTKVPUAngel_Boy "Treat the people around you the wa...1141301788800Good and Plenty!If you pay $1.50 or less per box it's a good deal- especially with free s/h. These are available at local convenience and supermarkets for between $1 and $1.50
You've gotta like the taste of black licorice though- cause these are little nubs of black licorice with a hard candy shell. kind of like jordan almonds are almonds with a hard candy shell. One of my favorite no fat snack foods.
244714244714B0029JXPHAAQF1ZTXFNAQBPRockin-U0051341446400Plenty Good!These "movie theater" size boxes are the right size to have to watch a movie. I have ordered these a few times when the price can't be beat, which is usually the case on Amazon. Even though I don't finish them for a couple of months, the last box has been as good as the first box, with the licorice being soft and chewy, and the shell with a hard sugar coating that did not break down. One of my favorite indulgences!
244715244715B0029JXPHAA3PVKARH0BONO2ZombieBunny0021333584000Best By Date: 02 2012 It's April.I'm so disappointed in this product. 2 months past the Best By date! How ridiculous. The candy is hard and I don't even want to eat this.
244716244716B001A3EDU4A2ERXLQ1RX7UOZC. J. Stech0041344643200niceGood strong taste and smell from this garlic. I am very pleased. was affordable also. I wont be ordering again I dont think because it doesnt say organic and I am attempting to switch to as much organic as possible.
244717244717B000N7YKQKA10W3CRIYQ4RFGNatarajan Krishnaswami9951185408000Outstanding productI was initially leery because the bottle needs to be refrigerated after opening, but the benefit of this consistency over hard cubes is hard to overstate. You can use exactly as much or as little as you need; it can be dissolved easily in cold liquids; and the flavor is just excellent. I've used it in everything from risotto to aash-e reshteh, and it hasn't disappointed me yet.
244718244718B000N7YKQKAOHP92YTT6I21Soulwriterchick8851344556800Delicious! But buy it elsewhere for under 5 bucks.I am vegan and use this a lot more than I ought to. You can add a bit to just about any vegan dish (other than desert... ew) to give it the extra "YUM!" factor. I don't think it really tastes like chicken (as far as I remember) but it is yummy anyway. I made green bean supreme with lots of tomatoes and garlic and added a bit of this and my omnivore friends begged me for the recipe (recipe link in comments).

As for the price: please do not buy it from here. The price is insane! Iherb has it for 4.27 right now. If you haven't bought from iherb before my reward code HUM176 can save you 5 bucks off your first purchase. Shipping is free if you spend 20 bucks so it's a great deal. You can stock up like I did.
244719244719B000N7YKQKASP8DSDAVKZKZS. Shafto8851174176000Delicious!I just tried this product tonight and used it to make delicious gravy! This is the best base I have used as it produced great results. I consistency is so much better than the cube and the won't be disappointed. Also bought the mushroom but have not yet tried it.
244720244720B000N7YKQKA2AAQGQD7TPHEPC. Bonham6651317859200Why so expensiveThis beef flavor Better the Bullion is 6$ in our Fred Meyer store. Even that seems really high for a small jar.
We do love it and use it often.
244721244721B000N7YKQKAJC75G4ZU7GLBKaryn R.3351326499200Great product--inflated price!I almost always make my own stocks and such. However, as a vegetarian, creating a "chicken stock" from scratch can be rather, shall we say, difficult? That's where my "Better than Bouillon, No Chicken Base" comes in quite handy.

Better Than Bouillon, No Chicken Base is wonderful in terms of adding flavor to rice, tofu, and veggie dishes. Personally, I don't miss the taste of chicken, but the additional flavor helps woo my omnivorous daughter to try dishes that she might not normally eat. And that? is priceless! ;)

Speaking of price, $13.88? I originally thought this was for two jars. While my local grocer does not carry the vegan bases (all other bases are around the $5 mark); the website soups online sells the entire line for around $5 and offers $5.99 shipping regardless of order size (orders over $75 earn free shipping). Still a little pricey, but a better value--especially if ordering multiples. Best bet? Ask your local grocer to start stocking them. I mean, it never hurts to ask, right?
244722244722B000N7YKQKA1Q2BXGVK34GCMNina Vecchi "pixelpest"3351244332800Best No ChickenI love this stuff. It has a very nice flavor and makes wonder mock Tufu Yung and mock egg salad when mixed with tofu.
244723244723B000N7YKQKAISSRJ7E2L375Kelly Garbato "Marchpane!"2241335312000Yummy yet messy! But no palm oil, yay!Better Than Bouillon is a line of "concentrated paste food bases" that includes three vegan options: vegetable, beef, and chicken (or rather "no beef" and "no chicken"). The "not bouillon" comes in small, 8 ounce jars and requires refrigeration after opening. You use the paste much the same way you'd use bouillon - there instructions for use on the jar - but according to the manufacturer, the paste is supposed to result in a "richer and more natural flavor" than one can get from bouillon cubes.

I've bought a jar of each to sample, but thus far have only tried the chicken flavor (to make vegan chicken noodle soup - of course!). While the broth is indeed delicious, I can't say that I prefer it over the vegan bouillon cubes I normally use (namely, Edward & Sons and Rapunzel brand, though I'm still shopping around). Since it comes in a semi-liquid form, it's also messier and less convenient to use than a traditional bouillon. From an environmental perspective, the jars mean more packaging and greater use of resources in shipping.

On the positive side, none of Better Than Bouillon's vegan options contain palm oil, whereas both Edward & Sons and Rapunzel do. So bonus points for that!

Use it to make vegan soups, gravy, rice, seasoned veggies, pasta sauce - whatever your heart (or tummy) desires. Just be sure to recycle that glass, people!
244724244724B000N7YKQKAU0AHQBUHRUN7R. Shipp2251322438400Great product, crazy priceThis product is a real favorite with my wife and me. It really does have the best chicken flavor of any vegetarian substitute we've tried. Use this base with some of the Morning Star faux chicken strips and you can make a vegetarian version of chicken and dumplings that is honestly indistinguishable from real chicken!

But the price... what gives?! Amazon, I love your service and selection, but $20 is just not reasonable. We pay about $6 at our local grocery. I would recommend buyers check with their local stores. Again, I understand the need for profit, but $20 is just too much.
244725244725B000N7YKQKAWVGMIWHVKU6ZM. Robba "Dog and Cat lover"0041349568000Great for soups and/or gravySince I am originally from Europe, I thought I couldn't live without KNORR Bouillon, but over the years I found out that I am reacting poorly to that product's MSG. I tried every other bouillon cube and/or soup and gravy base available, but was never happy with the results. Finally, I found "Better Than Bouillon" @ and that product, together with another "cubed" bouillon, also on, I was able to make my soups and gravies (or should I say "sauces") which everybody always liked about my cooking. You cannot go wrong with this product!
244726244726B000N7YKQKA2JF2SPL4GAKYJShakeyToo0051339977600Excellent productVegans, vegetarians, look no further. Use your favorite recipe, be sure to simmer at least an hour and your soup stock will taste exactly like chicken stock. It really is amazing, don't know how they do it. Enjoy.
244727244727B007IEFCB8AQOZASEBJNB9KD. Watson "Mouse victim"0051339459200great white for the money. a perfect blend.NOT TOO SWEET NOT TOO DRY. A Pleasant surprise for $11 a bottle. A great tablewine. Worked well with smoked salmon.
244728244728B001FA1E0OA3PRHAGPBQFXCQJustine Hanza2251251849600Heavenly instant joy
244729244729B001FA1E0OAHPGZ6UOX9LPRC. Ulickey1131265760000A mite disappointedI originally purchased the Mauna Loa chocolate covered macadamias from the Walgreens store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They came in small PACKAGES. The ones I am reviewing came in small can containers. The difference between the two is very surprising. The nuts in the PACKAGE were most delicious with nice large nuts. The nuts in the can are quite small and the chocolate is not as tasty and extremly sweet. If I had my druthers, I would purchase only the packages from Walgreens but sadly they no longer carry them. Suffice it to say, I was most disappointed in the nuts in the can container.
244730244730B001FA1E0OA2XXQ38KBRW26DPam "anniepam"0051296864000delish!I love these! When I was a little girl in Hawaii we got these on special occasions, only. Even now, I save them for special days! The nuts are smaller now , though.I'm not sure if they are not allowed to get bigger due to high demand, or if it is the environment. Perhaps because I was only a little thing!
244731244731B001FA1E0OA2IMLOJ2Z2QEU2Naomi (Storm)0031272499200More chocolate than nutI'm a big macadamias lover and generally speaking, Mauna Loa makes some of the best products out there. When I saw that Amazon had the chocolate macadamias on sale, I jumped at the chance to purchase these wonderful treats. Unfortunately these particular chocolate macadamias are covered in so much sweet milk chocolate it all but obliterates the taste of the macadamias. To illustrate, I've uploaded a picture which you should be able to find under the customer images at the top of the item page. As you can see, the nut is covered with up to a quarter inch of chocolate. On the plus side the chocolate is pretty good, very similar in flavor to the Hershey's Symphony line - but since that's about all you'll taste, you mine as well go for the Symphony bar with almonds and toffee instead - they're a lot cheaper.

While I understand that these may be exactly what some people are searching for when they think "chocolate covered macadamia," I would have preferred a much lighter coating. Hopefully the picture helps guide some buyers out there so you know what it is you're buying.
244732244732B001L1EIFUA5KR7QHRXZASZJohn Robinson "jrobinson"3411266278400Waste of moneyI expected a cheese wheel labeled "Wisconsin" to taste somewhat good however it was a strange dark orange color, did not taste good and the rind stained my cutting board. I did not want to waste food and throw it in the trash so I put it in the refrigerator however due to the taste, that is precisely where it ended up.
244733244733B0018SMUVAA3M8R4JD1SIS76'MaryLou Cheatham "The Collard Patch"6751211587200A Staple at Our HouseNature Valley bars are a natural source of energy to fuel healthy active lifestyles. One bar has 140 calories. That's not bad for a bar that satisfies our cravings for candy bars. We keep a box of Fruit & Nut bars on hand. When we get ready to leave on a road trip, we take some with us. That way we can travel further without having to stop along the way. Sometimes we grab a bar in the morning when we are in a hurry. They make a good breakfast.

Fruit & Nut Bars contain almonds, raisins, peanuts, and cranberries.

In 1975, Nature Valley created the granola bar category. Since then Nature Valley has continued to set the standard for granola bars.

Now it is possible to buy Nature Valley granola bars in all sorts of flavors, such as Apple Crisp, Strawberry Yogurt, Vanilla Yogurt, Blueberry Yogurt, Mixed Berry, Banana Nut, Oats and Honey, Cinnamon, Maple Brown Sugar, Roasted Almond, and Peanut Butter. We started with Fruit & Nut bars, and so far we have not managed to buy anything else. I suppose we should try other kinds, but Fruit & Nut bars are too good.

I hope you found this review helpful.
244734244734B0018SMUVAA387OZWPE3GCVZM. Tinti3331268438400Love this stuff but Amazon need to do some work.I eat one of these every day and sometimes 2. They are great but..the price is too high. Amazon has to turn the heat up on the supplier to get a better price. You can buy the identical item at Sam's for under $9 per box of 30.
244735244735B0018SMUVAA3U3U3VCGN2AHWDelaware Birder0051346976000Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix Bars - 30 countAs usual, the bars arrived promptly, properly packaged, and taste fresh. They are a perfect match for my 5 A.M. cup of tea.
244736244736B0018SMUVAA2UN6GXH080F7Danilo B. Oliveira0031325203200Too $$$I love this bar and eat it every day, it's very healthy and tastes great but it's priced twice as much what I paid at local supermarket.
244737244737B0018SMUVAA1S2T7A9SDMC5OJeanette A. Chadwick0051272326400Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix BarsI have been eating these bars for several years and was pleasantly surprised that I could get them in bulk from your company as my favorite store stopped carrying the large sizes.
244738244738B0018SMUVAA3FKGKUCI3DG9UPaul Moskowitz2451239840000Keep in the refrigeratorI always keep a box of these bars in my refrigerator.

If I had never seen the Fruit and Nut bars before, one look at the label would tell me that they are not particularly healthful. The ingredients include corn syrup, honey, and sugar listed twice. In fact, there are 14 grams of sugar in every 34 gram bar. That is forty percent! Although the label does claim all natural ingredients, that does not necessarily mean that the contents are all good for you.

The sugar seems to be what holds the fruit and nuts together. The reason that I keep them in the refrigerator is that when the bars get warm, they do not hold their shape. You do not want to put one in your pocket on a warm day. They become a sticky blob.

So why do I keep a big supply of them around? I like them. When cooled, they keep their shape as a crunchy rectangle of nuts and fruit. Their nutty texture is very nice. The taste is great, although the sugar does make its presence known. I do not eat them every day or take them with me to go hiking. For that, I like the Oats and Honey, Almond, or Peanut Butter varieties of Nature Valley granola bars. Those varieties have a more reasonable sugar content. However, I like a Fruit and Nut bar as an occasional treat to go with tea or coffee. Maybe I am addicted to them.
244739244739B0018SMUVAA2O74KVKV1FAKYsyd0211239840000disappointedThe box had only 30 bars, not thirty five as it said. I would have shopped else where had I known as I could have saved money.
244740244740B0028RS2LWA2UD56ZV4A3ZVBMatthew L. Schneider0041310083200great baking seeds!pretty good seeds make nummy rolls and lemon poppy seed cakes that are sooo delicious we share them with our co workers...increasing our popularity...thanks chefs wherehouse!!!

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