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244741244741B005P0HJSQA2XKJ1KX6XUHYPNYFB2251344384000Molasses...One tbsp of Wholesome organic molasses offers 20% iron, 18% calcium which is more in compare to milk for every calorie, 15% potassium, 11% magnesium, and 10% copper. With 50 calories and 11gr sugar, I only use one tbsp a day in my green tea daily as well as when I am in need of fast energy, without any additives, right exactly before or in middle of of any sport like weight lifting, mountain biking, surfing, etc. if I have no access to banana or grapefruit. Potassium stops cramps and this is my life saver... This is a necessity just like I consume raw honey, Bragg's apple cider, organic flax-sesame seeds, etc. as super food. Once opened, I place some in a smaller tightly sealed container and keep it in refrigerator, refill as needed, but consume it within 6 months. I am into sports, diet and nutrition and blackstrap molasses' nutritional value varies depending on the quality of the sugar cane or beets from which it was extracted. For that reason organic form and brand is extremely important to me. Honey looses its medicinal value when added to hot tea or heat but since molasses is a by product which was heated during the production, further heat does not impact the nutritional value. With all that said, you it still takes some getting used to since the taste is somewhere around bitter, beet juice like which changes the taste of the tea. Bravo.
244742244742B005P0HJSQA1BB3AVEYNFTJ1beerboy0051347580800Good CompanyThe first one had was leaking in the package probably because it was sent a bag with zero packing material, wrapping, peanuts, or pillow.. Let the seller know and without question they sent a brand new one to me for no extra charge at all. It was sent the exact same way but wasn't leaking this time so I am happy. The seller is a good.

The stuff taste like regular molasses to me maybe a little stronger. No doubt it is really good though. I highly recommend this product. Cheap organic molasses. I used it in a pumpkin ale that I just brewed.
244743244743B005P0HJSQA1QPZZGXIOPRBQKinsfang0051342656000Perfect!I like to fix hot cereals for breakfast but I like them to be a little sweeter and don't like to add processed sugar. This is perfect! I use about 1-2 tps to keep the calorie count down and toss in some dried plums--delicious! It's great because it's a good source of iron and calcium for those of us who are picky breakfast eaters and the iron is especially good for women of all ages. It's also great in tea!
244744244744B005P0HJSQA3UUSUMPB2JX8FBabyboomer0041337040000almostA glass bottle would have been better, it looked like glass in the photo, I didn't pay close enough attention. I usually avoid plastic AMAP especially after going to the expense of buying organic! I do not use molasses THAT much so I am not a good judge of the quality. I figure organic is the safest way to go. I use it mostly to make brown sugar (regular sugar + molasses = brown sugar.....I don't even mix it, just put both in my recipe....careful, a little goes a long ways!)
244745244745B000IZRW80A14AZWOLGK6MD3Cousin It1151204675200Delicious Honeycomb covered in MIlk chocolate!In the UK this is one of the most popular chocolate bars. It is a light honeycomb bar covered in Cadburys Milk Chocolate. If you like toffee and chocolate you will love these!
244746244746B000IZRW80A2VI6CO14FW56W4 Cloud Sensa0041342828800Small CrunchiesThere are candies and then again there are CANDIES. These great snacks are CANDIES. They came in good condition and most are gone by now (a week after delivery). Happy consumer.
244747244747B000IZRW80ABI7KRBL75ZR9mollyandbuster0051292889600Loved theseA friend of mine brought me some of these candy bars from Austrailia... and I fell in love with them, and had to have more.
244748244748B000IZRW80A31FWX16NEUNC9Kathleen Moran0051217116800Crunchy CandyDelicous candy and good service for shipping. The candy melted a little during the shipping process.
244749244749B003ISY6ZQA3H9ZOIRKG07YBZhara um NIkko "Haflacrat"4551297987200Say no to stingy! Say yes to CoffaroRarely does a biscotti ever have in reality all the goodies that the picture on the box promises.

Coffaro's Almond & Cherry Olive Oil Biscotti deliveries the detail.

Visit their website and discover that Coffaro is a family-run business, with only one product - allowing them to do one thing, and to do it very very well: they make biscotti.

There's no stinginess - the ingredients are top notch. The variety of almonds they use are fat, slightly rounded and a little bit small. Small is plentiful and small is good in this case; these aren't the big mild-flavored things that show up in your bridge mix. Instead, these almonds are so rich with the Amaretto flavor, that almond note of pure almond extraxt - that you'd swear that you smell the almonds before you crunch them. They aren't broken bits of almonds either - that's for lesser manufacturers. These are whole, fresh and delicious. the most striking thing is how many of them turn up in each package - tremendously impressive in a world where other companies wave a single almond at the vat of cookie dough and call it good.

The cherries make for a tender chewy punctuation between all the crisp, wonderful biscotti and crunchy, flavorful almonds. The biscotti itself is slightly smoother than most, slightly denser than many of the crumbly bars offered up in premium coffee shops, yet the bite, the mouthfeel, all perfectly craggy, crunchy and satisfying.

The Coffaro's traditional recipe is easy on the sugar, which is another factor that lets the texture and the almonds' flavor shine through as the top stars. Do not fear the olive oil; this is clearly the second or third pressing elixir, containing all the healthy lipids, but none of the chlorophylls nor savory flavors of the extra-virgin type.

Can't wait for the next Subscribe-n-Save shipment of these terrific bites of Italian tradition - already gave a box away to friends and they want more too.
244750244750B003ISY6ZQA2WW57XX2UVLM6Talvi1251296172800Delicate and delightfulI love biscotti and I always keep an eye out for new bicotti to try. I found this on Amazon while doing a search and have to admit that the packaging really caught my eye, and the ingredients (hazelnut, orange zest, and olive oil) intrigued me. My three boxes arrived yesterday and I couldn't make a cup of coffee fast enough to try these with.

They did not disappoint! In fact, they are divine. They have a delicate hazelnut flavor with a dash of exciting orange zest that aren't lost when dunked in coffee. They're also not too sweet, they're just right. They are the small-sized biscotti (a bit bigger than a man's thumb) and have a nice texture that is different from your typical super-hard crunchy biscotti (they have a smoothness that I'm guessing is the olive oil).

These are an indulgent treat that I'd feel proud to serve to friends with coffee or tea. I'm looking forward to trying their other flavors.
244751244751B003ISY6ZQA34753554PHM9MCharles E. Salzmann "Chasalz"1251282867200Subtly DeliciousWe ordered several different types after trying the Lemon Zest and Blueberry biscotti. While they have a softer texture than Nonni's brand biscotti, we found them to be delicious, either alone or dipped in coffee. We were delightfully surprised that the Olive oil did not override the hazelnut and orange flavors.
244752244752B000SV6RG2A1AUI35FJ5HIQCBook Lover ""Kathy""0051340064000These are my dog's favorite treats!!My pup absolutely adores these Veggie Life Happy Hips Chicken & Sweet Potato treats, and I feel good giving them to him since these are the real thing. They look exactly like chicken and sweet potatoes that have been dehydrated. I also feel good that these are fortified with glucosamine and chondroitin to maintain healthy hips for my small cockapoo. Although large dogs often have hip problems, my combination of a cocker spaniel and poodle got the long legs of a poodle, so I give him these to make sure his hips stay in good shape for as long as possible. (I myself take a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement, per the recommendation of my sports medicine/orthopedic surgeon, to promote and support my own bone health and strength.) "Miltie," my dog, is thrilled with the taste of these Veggie Life Healthy Hips Chicken & Sweet Potato goodies, as well as the Chicken & Apple flavor of these same treats.
244753244753B008VINXW0A1Z35BJNYRNXEOAlek Vicious0051346025600Great QualityI am really happy with this product and will definitely buy more products from Andean Treasures in the future. This is a good high quality product that tastes amazing in shakes. Incredibly fast shipping as well. I ordered late Friday evening and received it early mon morning.
244754244754B006SQYODYAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051332201600Simply Delicious! What Else Can I Say?I do a lot of grocery shopping at a nearby Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market, a company that has only recently invaded the southern California grocery business. It's an English company and they feature a lot of British and European things that you probably wouldn't find in most American stores. One of the things they feature is a variety of British candies. My wife tells me that European candies are better than American and I think she's right. In any case, I discovered where they keep the British candies away from the regular candies and in the baking section of the store so I'm trying them out, but only one bar at a time and only on the day I go shopping. This trip, I bought a Yorkie Original chocolate bar. Mmmmmm! Is it good! The flavor goes far beyond the typical American chocolate bar. Simply delicious! What else can I say? I suppose you'd have to discover this by yourself but if you ever get a chance, give it a try. Make sure it's imported from England and is marked ORIGINAL. Enjoy!

Gary Peterson
244755244755B002KB5VZGATZ6S5VOLQ0PZCensor This "Not"2251303516800Fresh and deliciousI knew nothing about the quality of this product when I placed my order, and I was happy to find that the nuts were all fresh and delicious with a perfect ratio of nut to chocolate. Very tasty. Excellent quality. Fast shipping. Highly recommended.
244756244756B002KB5VZGA2RR7L73Y8XO8TM. Duvernay1151304467200YUMMY!!!I got these to give as a gift. The person flipped for them and I believe has re-ordered for themselves. So I would say they are a hit!!
244757244757B003C274O8ANRZ6AR2XBP5NRon0051324339200Lime HoneyGreat tasting. It's all that I expected it would be. Recommend purchasing. Get two jars as the shipping cost doesn't increase.
244758244758B001EPPG0OA3GG91QZH5FQJ4S.1151305676800Excellent Rosehips TeaI am not generally a big herbal tea drinker, but I do enjoy drinking rosehips tea. I found it next to impossible to get good tea - rosehips tea bags are generally too dry and filled with by-products, often just flavored with rose hips. I ordered Tao of Tea Rosehips with my fingers crossed. I was not disappointed.

The package contained two 3.5 ounce tins. Each tin is sealed to protect the freshness of the contents inside. I was hoping I would not find any twigs or other by-products (as added to teabags), and I definitely did not want hibiscus in the tea, as I find hibiscus to be too sour. Rosehips are fruits of rose plants and they are generally sweet with a slightly tangy flavor. When I first twisted the lid open, I saw that there was an additional, smaller lid inside, which definitely sealed the product.

The tin seems too big for the product, as the tin looks half empty - but the tin does contain the 3.5 ounces of rosehips. The rosehips themselves are fresh, dried, soft to the touch (freshly dehydrated). I steeped one teaspoon of rosehips per 8 ounces of water (at 205 degrees) for seven minutes. The tin does instruct a shorter steep time, but I like a stronger brew of rosehips. Unlike the green tea (in which case one would add more tea leaves for a stronger brew), with rosehips one needs to brew the fruit longer. The brew came out perfect. Even when I made a whole pot of tea, and after standing for a while, the brew tasted great.

Highly recommended!
244759244759B001EPPG0OABSMKEOXVBP53jandad "jandad"1241260835200Need a little more description...I received the tea in good time and in good condition....and the tea was what I was looking for - straight rose hips - not a combination with hibiscus.

I did not realize though this is loose tea....probably should have guessed since there is no bag count in the description, but alas I did not. This is a gift and I wound up having to purchase tea infusers to go along with the tea. It would be helpful to have "loose tea" written somewhere so lunatics like me would realize it straight off the bus.
244760244760B003L4BRPEA3HV8CKIFMDENUSal1151318896000My favorite coffeeI first had this coffee when i was in costa rica a few years ago, and since have purchased directly from the distributor. Come to find it on amazon, you actually save a little bit in shipping for the same product. All of their blends are great.
244761244761B001N3T05OA148R7214UIDNZTom0051326326400Best Tomato soup availableOutstanding product. Low sugar/sodium
244762244762B001N3T05OA3JWUFBEH12B4Ualbgardis Tausendschoen "vegetarian witchy chef"2441270771200Very good product, high quality, but very expensive without a sale going onWhen I ordered this sauce for the first time, it was on sale, so I dared to jump in and give it a try.

In case you are worried to mail order glass jars with sauce, don't be - they were professionaly wrapped in bubble wrap (I mean, really each glass individually, as they should), and these bubble-wrapped jars then are swimming in a sea of packing "peanuts". So really, these people know how to pack! Unlike other amazon-packed items which have been delievered in desastrous conditions, THESE seem to come directly from the selling family, and they take pride and care in packing this well.

The sauce is very mild and delicate, and I just love the feel of not-processed sauce, just like homecooked. For example the tiny seeds of the fresh tomatoes are still in it! I love to bite on them!

I guess these are homecooked by the family selling them, at least they really taste like that.

Nothing at all like the industrial (crappy!) jarred products from Unilever or Procter & Gamble! If you like Bertolli, Hunt's, Rinaldi's, Ragu, Prego or the like, DO NOT BUY THESE! Your taste has been destroyed by these processed industrial items, and this fine sauce would be a waste on your taste buds. I bet you would not even like it, as people who are conditioned to like processed industrial food products are no longer able to taste delicate things like this.

Usually I am cooking pasta sauce from crushed Marzano tomatoes (I get Cento bottles for 3,50$ locally) and fresh ingredients. But when I am in a hurry, these Cucina Antica sauces are just as good as my own sauces.

The problem (and REALLY the only reason why they are not getting all 5 stars in my rating): we are financially not wealthy and cannot afford the regular price. I would immediately buy them again, if only a new deal (sale) would come up. I am checking at least monthly on them, but it doesn't look like anything is coming. So I am waiting, and in the meantime I am cooking my own sauce with Marzano tomatoes.
244763244763B005D9HQSCA33AQPJYH7UUXRDesert Gypsy "A Brooklyn Girl Out West"0041328745600if you're not going to make it from scratch, try this....I've been making my own sauce for over twenty years but sometimes I need to make things happen quickly in the kitchen. I found this sauce at a local TJMaxx and after reading the ingredients and seeing how "homemade" it looked in the jar I decided to give this brand a try.

I have to say as far as jarred sauce goes, Mia's did not disappoint. Perfect thickness - not too thin/runny and not too thick and paste like. Excellent balance of fresh tomato flavor, acidity and sweetness.

I thought the basil note could be a little stronger so I added a little chopped fresh to the plate.

This sauce is very good on its own or could be a quick start to a bolognese if you add meat; would be a terrific addition to a lasagne, baked ziti or pretty much any pasta dish that begins or ends with a red sauce.

Pleased with this product and recommended.
244764244764B0049AH2Z8A3FH48M7PG06YGdan k171711316044800High priced, very high pricedI can't believe anyone would buy through Amazon and pay $50 plus when at Nespresso Club I can buy the same amunt of capsules for just over $30. This is a MUST PASS.
244765244765B0049AH2Z8A2P4ZWWKHEAUH6R. Kanfi "Joker"202211317168000Rip offI ordered 3 of the item. $168!!! You think I'd be getting 3 packages of 5 tubes of 10 capsules total of 150 capsules, which by the price it would be close to buying them from Nesspresso... think again. In fact you will receive 3 tubes, each with 10 capsuls! 30 capsules FOR $168! or $6 a cup of coffee. Sweet.
i might have Joker in my name, but this is no joke.
244766244766B0049AH2Z8A3PBNBRKJ6EUHMAlibaba9911322006400Overpriced itemThis item is WAY overpriced as compared to the prices at, which has provided me with outstanding customer service.
244767244767B0049AH2Z8A3HTS3RFGNT6HCck5511323043200Do not buy - it's cheaper at nespresso.comI made a mistake not reading the reviews before - it's indeed half of the price at Shipment is fast. You need to join the club, but it is at no cost.
244769244769B0049AH2Z8A4IL0CLL27Q33D. Brennan0011350950400Pricing is out of line - 2X the price of buying them from NespressoYou can order the same products online from Nespresso for approx $25.

Nespresso makes GREAT machines and GREAT coffee pods. These pod offers on Amazon however are mostly from third party vendors. They prey on people who don't know better, charging you 2x the price of ordering the pods directly from Nespresso. I have been ordering through Nespresso's website for a couple of years now and their shipping times are always fast and reliable. I buy many things through Amazon, but not Nespresso pods.
244770244770B0049AH2Z8A1KTL3RGG0Z1DZJoe B0051346025600AMAZING! Best blend!OMG. It took me 3 years to get around to trying the Arpeggio. This is by far the best blend in my opinion. OI have tried MANY of the avaliable flavors but from now on, I ONLY buy Arpeggio. I honestly can't believe it took me so long to discover this. I highly recommend but I offewr only 1 tipp.

Do yourself a favor and buy directly from Nespresso website and save yourself some money. It is cheaper from manufacturer.

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