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244811244811B003M4U1V4A22BPC7LRSGSYQJoker1251305676800Drink upWhat can I say about Ocean Spray? They make some of the best cranberry juice out there. However, a few years ago they changed the ingredients to their cranberry juices that are mixed with other juices, such as Cran-Cherry, Cran-Raspberry, Cran-Blueberry, etc. I used to buy these all the time, but then one day I bought a bottle and it tasted funny (meaning bad). I looked at the ingredients and discovered that sucrose was added, something that was never in their old formula. The labeling/packaging looked exactly the same as it did when it had the old ingredients, but nothing was printed on the bottle indicating a new formula. You had to read the ingredients in order to notice. This change of ingredients occurred around 2006, and I haven't bought any of the above listed old favorites of mine since. The only Ocean Spray cranberry drink I'll still buy is this regular straight cranberry juice because the ingredients haven't changed. When I want mixed cranberry drinks, I buy Northland, Old Orchard, stuff like that.

It seems that every product I like is either discontinued or changed. Why? It's because the stuff I like isn't selling well. Or, people don't like the taste of something, so they change the ingredients. Or, the ingredients are changed because they want to eliminate high fructose corn syrup. You know those Vitamin Water drinks? There are many many flavors. The only one I drank, the light green drink called Perform, was discontinued. It's the one that's recommended for dungeon masters. But all the other ones are still on the market. I don't drink them. It seems that everything I like, people don't like. Everything I don't like, people like.

Anyway, the only Ocean Spray cranberry drink I recommend is this regular straight cranberry drink. Now go to the store and buy the mixed ones, because I know you like them.
244812244812B001FA1E4UA13NZQ5490FI1RWendy Bullock "Wendy"2251294531200The BEST chocolates out there!!I LOVE the Mauna Loa chocolate covered macadamia nuts!! they are simply the best! I also love the Mauna Loa chocolate covered macadamia nuts WITH coconut!! yum! the quality is great..they are very large and nuts always seem very fresh..and the chocolate itself is very good. These are a MUST try!!
244813244813B001FA1E4UAEW6M41429ANRDorothy Gale0021349049600MeltedUnfortunately, all the bags contained a melted mess so needless to say I was disappointed and won't order them again.
244814244814B001FA1E4UA2K70G893JBLH8Karl0051335571200ADDICTIVEThese are MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THINGS.
Be warned though they are addictive and might make you fat!
Hide somewhere that you won't see all the time and might help.
Only wish they weren't quite so expensive!
244815244815B001FA1E4UA1SMD64UCU1OY2Joshua Abell0431275177600A waste of the macadamiasI liked these nuts a little bit, and the quality of the nuts themselves was what I expect from Mauna Loa. Unfortunately, the chocolate made up most of the mass and volume of the candy, and was not particularly good. I found the chocolate to be particularly bland. I think next time I will try a darker chocolate coating.
244816244816B0029JLRK2A24ZV048V7J0MTMurphy "Goldenmom"3341303344000Have to Hide TheseI bought these recently as a Friday special for a great price. These came quickly and I have one bag open and the others hidden so I don't eat them all. These are huge bags and the candy is nice and fresh. Wish the peanut butter ones would come in bags like these and sold thru Amazon, not another seller who charges shipping. Thanks for the good sale on these.
244817244817B0029JLRK2A8GP8M3F69GCSbama from Huntsville "Bama"2251275091200Great Value for a LOT of M&MsWhat can I say..Amazon does it again...A huge amount of M&M's for a very small price.
What makes this a good deal as well is that they are all the individually wrapped M&M packages.
These are a great size for snacks, desserts, etc. where you don't want to sit and eat 300 of them...
244818244818B0029JLRK2A35LT14WG5BX0TLola Bunny1151275782400Fantastic, as always!I loved this great purchase at less than ten bucks, and they're M&Ms! What's to say about them? If you haven't had them, go out and buy a pack, they're a fantastic candy! I prefer the ones with almonds best, but considering how cheap the milk chocolate version was, I wasn't going to pass up a great deal like that! Thanks Amazon, I will keep coming back!
244819244819B0029JLRK2A1VBTF2T0DSI51cindyf47030051347321600Great size, great priceI use these at work for treats, nice to get a larger sized bag at a decent price. No problems with the quality. They came packed in dry ice which was a pleasant surprise!
244820244820B0029JLRK2A2I2X57GERB4QAS. LIU "Stanluca"0051344384000Guilty pleasure...My favorite candy by far. Just the right amount of chocolate and peanut. I can eat a whole bag by myself. And no, not the small package, the COSTCO sized ones!! Yep I'm a huge fan :)
244821244821B0029JLRK2A36WGHR8TO5DKTGoldwave "shopper"0041343260800Good Cold Shipping by AmazonNo need to review the product because I'm sure most people in the U.S. who are able to eat peanuts have had these. These arrived fresh and in good condition. I can't give even peanut M&Ms more than 4 stars since I think the chocolate used in these products keeps getting worse and worse over time; but they are still a fun, enjoyable snack.

I ordered this along with a box of Snickers with Almonds, and Amazon included, as part of my Prime membership, a free "cold pack".

This consisted of a very thick and sturdy Styrofoam lidded box, in which the candies were packed, along with four large cold-pack freezable units.

The item was in shipping transit for approximately 3 days, and delivered to a hot, humid region.

Upon opening the container, I found that the candies were still cold and in good condition, although the cold-packs were no longer frozen or really cold.

Amazon did a great job on packing this. Thought I would share that, in case others are concerned about ordering such products from this company. I'm even keeping the Styrofoam chest and cold-packs for re-use, since they are of pretty nice quality.
244822244822B0029JLRK2A2WLXWHCM2C6ENI am a "Happy Shopper"0051328400000YummyShipped quickly. The candy was fresh and tasted great. What more can I say? I wish we bought more. There
244823244823B0029JLRK2AZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"0051328140800they are a little bit too delicious for me!i had to order another 2 42 ounce bags today. the others i purchased at amazon did not last very long unfortunately. they are fresh. they are in a nice quality resealable bag to keep them fresh. they are delicious. watch for the lowest price. i am very happy with the freshness and quality of this product. it looks fresh and it smells fresh. i have ordered the 42 ounce size multiple times so far and i have no complaints.
244824244824B0029JLRK2AAHT52VAER253Robert0051327190400M&M 12.6ozThis is a great products, kids love it. Good for cooking! If you buy them in the store they will cost you quite abit more for a single pack. 6 pack was a good deal.
244825244825B0029JLRK2AGCH04PIIA842M. Way0041322352000Mostly a good deal!Sent to my sister and she loved them! Kind of costly but had free shipping which offset mailing cost to purchase and mail.
244826244826B0029JLRK2A3RUMVZZ7W2E2SJ. Baars0051309564800What can you say about M&M's?Obviously if you're reading this you've probably already had M&M's - so don't let that stop you from buying this package! I love the size of this bag because it fills a candy dish that I have out completely with a few left over for me to eat up right away. They last for a while - though not as long as they should - in my house, but I'll keep ordering them as they are a delicious treat.
244827244827B0029JLRK2A1IUL785XKEADMary Newell0051304035200Melt in Your Mouth GoodnessI was tired of getting bags of assorted chocolate candy that always had a variety no one would eat. I love that amazon was selling this product and it came in "bulk". I won't run out of the office candy again! I went ahead and bought all of the favorite brands so I can keep everyone happy.
244828244828B0029JLRK2AYB4ELCS5AM8PJohn B. Goode "JBG"0051288742400A classic!What can I say! I love peanuts M&M's. I love them more than the regular kinds. They're filling and tasty. I got one of those M&M gumball machines and filled it up with this. I just love them. Go M&M's!
244829244829B0029JLRK2A1NV4SWU2AVYGPDana Shulps0041272931200I received my M&Ms just fine.I ordered the 4 large bags. I received them in a timely manner and appreciated that they were shipped in a minimal amount of packaging. The four bags were simply shrink wrapped together and put in the box with my other items. I have only opened one bag so far but the M&M's were in great condition. Great price, delicious product, excellent service.

Edit (10/01/10)- The price for these is now $35 more than when I bought them the first time. I can buy these for less than $10 a bag at the store. So the price is now closer to ridiculous then great.
244830244830B0029JLRK2A26WX44IPN1M9TMichael G. Jennings2451268611200Just What You'd ExpectA pair of these giant bags of your basic peanut M&M's sort of shrinkwrapped together, for the same price others are selling just one bag. I took these as a gift for a friend in Italy who hadn't been able to find them there. I had to pull one out of my suitcase to get it back under the weight requirements and put it in my carryon, no problems with either. My friend was delighted when they arrived and began snacking happily away immediately.
244801244801B0056CS7MKA1GA436U0SI0HWSherri0051348790400WonderfulThe bottle was larger than I thought. The extract is fantastic. This makes the best cakes and french toast casseroles. My favorite use is in lavender-butternut pound cakes.
244802244802B0046WKO3QA2DFB4SZUQRUQWDiDi1251316995200Tasty Beverage is a Real Treat!12 Noon to Midnight Rouge, is a non-alcoholic beverage that is elegant in texture, tone, and taste! I truly enjoy the distinct flavors in this beverage. The light carbonation enhances the taste of the fruit juice and teas. I enjoy this drink with steak, brats, and roasted chicken, among other items. It is excellent and especially refreshing on a hot, summer day.
244803244803B002N6DFDIA1F7SX3GNVBNE3Joshua G. Feldman "Technophile"1151328832000Talisker Distillers Edition - a superb marriage of Arctic desolation and Mediterranean sunny splendorOver the past decade the Diageo Classic Malts have each offered a "Distiller's Edition" where the primary malt receives additional aging in a second fill cask that once held a vinous product. In Talisker's case they use big grape Oloroso sherry butts. They have a release each year. Reviewed today is the 2005 vintage.

Color: rich orangey amber

Nose: candied orange peel, white raisins, sherry, brine, band aids, and the characteristic Talisker old hatbox wood.

Intense vinous sherry sweetness that builds into midpalate with toffee, citrus and Turkish delight and hard candy flavors. At midpalate the citrus explodes into juicy intensity. At the turn to the finish there's a burst of floral essences - confused and humid like a quick tuck into a steamy raucous flower shop. Then the finish brings the cavalcade of classic maritime flavors up: salt sea air, mineral rock, old attic hatbox wood and a final bitter medicinal iodine note. Wow. I'm dizzy just writing it down. This is a tour de force of delicious flavors melded with maritime weird ones. It's totally recognizable as Talisker - the terroir of Skye is all over it. But the second fill coopering in oloroso sherry casks marries in rich sweet fruits that elevate, not detract. Wonderful!
244804244804B0024VCRCMAOT6Y0S6FYQSGshibi2611283126400Very very bad coustmer service ..will never order from these again.I ordered the atta ..its been two weeks and there has been no response from them. I cant cancel because..the status shows shipping soon. Very disappointed with the service.
244805244805B002GJJR34A395D178APQDGXSuzanne Cook1251312848000Awesome stuffCreme Bouquet add such a wonderful flavor to icing. Everyone will love it and want you to bake more and more. I'm not a big cake eater, but this stuff is addictive.
244806244806B002GJJR34A2F39ONXP825AJM. Collier "chefchiqui"1251301616000As a pastry chef...can't live without it!! Best flavoring ever!!This is my secret ingredient to my great tasting cakes and nobody does it better than CK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for such a remarkable product!!
244807244807B002GJJR34AD9KG3DWIJ1RYAngela Dufay1511318723200Shouldn't have listened to a "Helping" comment on a recipe post!Posted my delicious buttercream frosting on a recipe website. Someone commented that I should add Creme Bouquet... MISTAKE. It may taste okay, but it added a strange taste to my frosting. I shouldn't have bought this. I shouldn't have added it to the frosting and ruined that huge batch!
244808244808B002FZORD4A2IJ6PEXOUEARUC. Dean "Dean"1131308614400NOT ENOUGH PROTEINOne of my dog has MANY food allergies so it has been very hard to find a dog food w/o something she is allergic to in the ingredients. I thought I had found the almost perfect dog food. (dry food is better for keeping teeth clean and strong) Both of my dogs LOVE this dog food and rarely need other water sources. BUT, both seem to ALWAYS be hungry...and one of them has lost 5 lbs and is shaky and started eating poo out of the yard. I can not clean it up fast enough. They eat 2x's per day but poo 4-5 x's per day. I was told that they are not getting enough protein in thier diet. It is quite an expensive dog food to not contain enough protein. Sadly I will have to find another food that will work better for our dogs. It will be a good treat to add to their new food...unfortunately the new food is almost as expensive.
244809244809B002FZORD4A3S7G23E7UDQAVwillowandlaylasmom0051275350400When your doggie cries for his food- you know it's good!!!I had initially tried this food on my pup from a sample pack (can be ordered online at grandmalucys web site) and was a little skeptical... Freeze Dried?!? Hmm... well, let me just tell you how much my little guy adores this stuff. He cries and begs for it at feeding times, waiting patiently for it to cool down. (you add hot water to it)

My little guy is a 10 pound doxie and is a very finicky eater. I have tried EVO, Merrick (which he does enjoy in Rainbow Trout flavor), Innova, Lotus, California Gold and more- but what he really truly loves is his Grandma Lucy's.

It is a no nonsense food. No added junk- it's just freeze dried food- straight up goodness!

Also, don't be put off by the bag size 10 pounds will make like 75 pounds of cooked food. It's amazing stuff!

I highly recommend this- it's easy to whip up (just add water), is the real deal, doggies love it and if you are traveling- the stuff is light weight and won't parish.

I also recommend Grandma Lucy's Tiny Tidbits- my little furry friend will do anything for one!!!
244810244810B001JPGSM4A10LWFKVC21F82David G0051346025600Amazing TeaThis is the smoothest tea I've ever tried (and I've tried a lot). It's very peachy and you almost don't need any sweetener at all. I will continue to buy this as long as it's available.

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