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244891244891B000OYIDMYA12HH8WY550G5LFrancesca "Francesca"3411311638400Package seal was broken and candy was missingI paid $12.99 for the supposedly last one and then they posted the price as $8.39. When I received this product, the safety seal was broken and 7 pieces were unaccounted for. Nothing like getting ripped off.
244892244892B000OYIDMYA372IO3Q3JXU0OThomas0051350518400My favorite candyWhat more do you want, if your on this page then you know what your doing. Its a bucket of Laffy Taffy at a great price so just click the buy now now. Arrived quickly and I couldn't be happier, my favorite candy from when I was a child.
244893244893B000OYIDMYA2HUAADX66CIADee0021333411200Watch who you order fromMy bad. I thought I'd be getting for nine dollars and change. Next thing I know I'm paying more than six dollars for S & H. Ridiculous...for candy. It ain't that good. If it had a more reasonable S & H, then I'd give it more stars.
244894244894B000OYIDMYA3KY8XX0IW3X5FMatthew J. Sherman0041322438400Mostly goodThe candy obviously is delicious. There was some confusion with the label actually being wrong. They sent a prompt email notifying me of the price and size change (which because it was only a dollar or so I did not bother), but the product didn't seem to quite arrive in the 2 days. I was beginning to think they needed a response before they sent it, but then it arrived. No idea if it was them or the post office that held it up - but it didn't matter much. Not really that critical an item. :)
244895244895B000OYIDMYA3PNBC2H8ENGCGCarol0051318291200Great ValuePurchased two of these, one for my daughters birthday and one for Halloween. Great value for the price. The birthday kids loved grabing hand fulls of Laffy Taffy.
244896244896B000OYIDMYA1H4NFXAJQRQ2KFred0051314403200Yum4 flavors of tasty taffy...share them with family and friends. In this tub there is plenty to go around, flavors are apple, cherry, banana and strawberry.
244897244897B000OYIDMYA3OBSZ6W8WUDJILaydi_Lacey0041313971200Smaller Than I ImaginedI don't know why i thought that 3 lbs. of Laffy Taffy's would be alot more than what arrived at my doorstep. But, I was able to stretch them about 12 treat bags for my daughter's party so, I'm pleased.
244898244898B000OYIDMYA1U8FV14UGR59CSammy0051311292800Laffy TaffyEvery night I got home from work my dad asked me where his candy was. I had such a hard time finding laffy taffy anywhere near where I lived I gave up and bought this. It lasted almost 2 weeks in my house, we all have such a terrible sweet tooth
244899244899B000OYIDMYA1XLYXV0GJT9LFFelix0041308787200Love Laffy TaffyI love Laffy Taffy. I just wish they offered this product in single flavor packs. I am not a fan of the banana flavored which usually linger at the bottom and are either thrown away or brought into our office for the warehouse staff to enjoy.
244900244900B000OYIDMYA1QAPTV4YS16N9jmg06200051306281600Great for teachersThis tub includes four flavors- sour apple, cherry, strawberry, and banana. Personally, I like the banana flavor the best, so I was somewhat disappointed there were only a few of these included, but it still was a good variety among the other flavors. This tub lasts quite a while for me (I use them in a college level class for review sessions to "reward" students). The tub is strong enough to withstand being dragged back and forth multiple times from my house to the classroom. Additionally, students always enjoy the treats. For the price, this is a great buy.
244901244901B000OYIDMYA32V4DWQE0VP6Cerin0021304467200good price, but packaged damagednot bad for the price, but when i took it out of the box, the seal was broken and candy was everywhere
244902244902B000OYIDMYA130XYC6SF3GXJTraci Spencer "mom of 2 girlies"3551225238400Yummy laffy taffyAwesome pricing and perfect gift! Exactly what I wanted to give out.....all sealed and ready to go....just like the store! Thanks!
244903244903B000OYIDMYA2J3S8OI5KU424Ridvan11211289174400wonka laffy taffy never came to my house and i got ripped offthe item never showed up at mu house and i have been waiting for a long time. I think the people stole my money and now i am short like 23 dollars. why did it not come please sen it to me thanks asap
244904244904B008RBAODWAITCND1WAR7MALouise21011268352000Salmon TroutWhat is 'Salmon Trout' ? Salmon and trout are two different fish. Is this a mistake or a new species I'm unaware of.
244905244905B003J8K1G8A25HW6DS7GGLZIjo1151318377600Delicious teaGreat tea very flavorful with Rose petals and safflower so happy to find on amazon have been drinking this tea for about 5 years
244906244906B003J8K1G8AFAV2FH10G94AHerbalist "healthy driven"0051348790400wonderful taste!I got this tea the first time in a tea shop. I found it again on and was delighted. This is a great tasting tea, very different flavor than just regular black tea, has real zing with the rose petals & safflower flavoring. It's hard to explain how it tastes and some may not like it, but I got 3 bags so i won't run out. It only takes about 1/2 tsp of this loose tea to make one nice cup. You can put the loose tea in a round enclosed strainer & pour boiling water over it to steep, or put the loose tea straight into the tea pot & strain as you pour. I usually mix the tea with a pinch of loose green tea. If the flavor is too strong, you could mix with regular black tea, green tea, etc.. I really love it. Don't be put off by it's name. It's a nice foil package with paper lining inside the foil. The only thing i'm disappointed with in these packages, that they didn't come with a resealer bendable thingy. My other bag could be resealed each time, but these will need to be taped, or a large rubber band, clothes pin, etc... I can deal with that though. Love the tea!
244907244907B003J8K1G8A1OBX6YJ9FND1B999LA0051326499200Superbly Aromatic Tea!I love this tea.It's makes amazing ice tea.I drink it by the bucket. It's super strong, so if you make it full strength it's like rocket fuel! A little goes a long way.
244908244908B003J8K1G8AY2T41HBOQAQYIrina V. Boehland0051324252800Czar Nicolas II TeaI truly love this tea. Bought it once from a Russian deli store and I am addicted! Black loose leaf tea + real rose petals + safflower. The aroma is heavenly, so is the taste.
So, buyers beware - you might need to buy more than just one box! ;-))
244909244909B002A4G6OSA1RSYMU66GKF93TonjaB3351310688000All flavors all not created equalI have been using the Apricot-Mango Emergen-c off and on for close to a year now. I've been getting tension headaches and migraines for many years now. One day a headache came on so severe and I had nothing to get rid of it or even calm it down a little. I, for some unknown reason reached for a packet of Apricot-Mango Emergen-c and a little less than a half cup of water. Within 10 minutes or maybe even less, my headache was gone and had not returned. I really thought it was a fluke. The next day another headbanger of a headache came on and again I took the Apricot-Mango Emergen-c and within minutes it was gone and now I'm amazed. At some point I ran out and the Apricot-Mango was on backorder on the site I ordered it from so I ordered another flavor(Cherry-Pomegranate)Which did absolutely NOTHING for my headaches. Once the website I ordered from had them back in stock I ordered several boxes. I love this stuff because who knew that on top of everything else it's good for, it would also be great for headaches.
244910244910B002A4G6OSA26AQDS4UC6ACJAndrea2211339459200Why?I have no idea why I bought this item online. It tasted like it had been shipped via Jupiter ie: terrible.
244911244911B002A4G6OSA2RAO4PCK3KF01Audie2331330300800UmmI love mango flavored anything, and I needed vitamins, so I thought I try the product. I love the product, great taste, and you really feel the affects from the vitamins. My family loves it. My only complaint was the shipper. The product came in several weeks after I placed the order, almost a month, I was so annoyed. I will buy the product again but from someone else though.
244912244912B002A4G6OSA308TAYJTF7QDISherry B. Lotito0051348099200Used this product for yearsExcellent product. Anytime I'm feeling icky, I mix a packet with water and drink-up. I know I'll be feeling much better soon.
244913244913B002A4G6OSA1M7PJ5JQCCWYSDave V.0051347753600great new taste, loved all the extras.I really liked this product. Great taste, loved the extra vitamins. Nice change from the standard products that are only available in local markets.
244914244914B002A4G6OSAG30FGSVL1FQ6The First Billionaire "Billionaire"2451289952000One Of The Best Prodicts On The MarketAlthough priced 50% too high, this product is one of the best on the market. I purchased it and am pleased enough to include it in my daily menu. It can be sprinkled on and used in other foods and the combination is astounding. Fast acting and containing high nutritional content, this product is absorbed by the body quickly. All day benefits are experienced. Spouses, lovers, and significant others get ready: the libido will increase greatly too as the lack of energy decreases.

Three ounces of water offers the best taste. But remember, good nutrition will not taste good all the time but you can expect the good nutrition in this product to do the job it was manufactured to do without the product leaving the body unused as is experienced with most pills and capsules.

This product has no drawbacks. It is simply priced too high because those who do not know good nutrition will automatically assume that because the product has so many good things in it, it must be priced so high as to make it unaffordable. That way, consumers will buy the lessor quality product that contains minimal nutrition and miss out on experiencing the great benefits this great product has to offer.
244915244915B000JWGFQCAN411QMIWB22Blizajayne1141236038400Decent low-carb optionAll in all the blueberry muffins were good. They are not super-sweet like many store or cafe bought muffins, but they were still yummy. The texture is soft and fluffy, not cardboard. It was nice to have these as a low-carb treat.

The only negative is that the package only makes 11-12 small muffins at 4 carbs each (1 muffin is a serving). I used the standard cupcake sized silicon baking cups and only got 11 with none of them baking any higher than the top of the cups. One won't fill you up enough to have as breakfast by itself, but they make a great snack in the afternoon or paired with some berries for desert.
244916244916B000JWGFQCASR2YH3IX9EYIA. Olson1131213920000Taste GreatThe muffins taste great, the only reason they received 3 instead of 5 stars is they are a bit pricey. However if you are craving some low-carb muffins these are a great choice!
244917244917B000JWGFQCA2N9T4CS40KDJED. Wilson "Euro writer"1131189209600The muffins were a pleasant low carb treatAs the subject said the muffins were a pleasant low carb treat. I would by them again.
244918244918B000JWGFQCA2CZCRUK0P7X7GBmore corgis0021344556800A disappointment in tasteI made the fat-free version of these muffins according to the directions on the package. The batter tasted good and they baked up really nicely. However, they have a very strange texture and a weird chemical aftertaste. I only ended up eating 2/12 and felt guilty even trying to give the rest away to a bunch of 20-year old college guys. Sadly, I can't recommend them. I generally love low cal subs, but this one sadly doesn't cut it.
244919244919B000JWGFQCA55GUZLX6R02MC. B. Farley "DeadGuy"0011337299200GROSS!Cardboard with bits of berry flavored chunks. Nasty, chemical-ridden cardboard at that. It is just gross and should be avoided.
244920244920B000JWGFQCA2F5Z9NB045KTQJeff Hunsucker0041195948800jeff's reviewIt is nice to have something to take the edge off this product will do that. thanks.

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