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245011245011B001E5E1PAA34O26CUMJAUU0llj1151238457600better than milk/soy milkI have been using this for several years as a substitute for dairy milk. It works well as a replacement for milk, and is much more convenient than carring home quarts of liquid soy milk. It's convenient. One of my favorite products.
245012245012B001E5E1PAAFDAZK6QTV9F5Sheila Peeler1151234656000Great ProductThe product is great as well as reasonably priced! My husband drinks this all the time as he has a problem with milk. He loves it. It is also easy to mix.
245013245013B001E5E1PAA13SBR0CWUVJBLlambright281151233360000Better Than Milk ReviewI wanted to thank you for carrying the Better Than Milk powdered soy milk product. It tastes wonderful and I've been unable to find it since my local health food store stopped carrying it. I was surprised to find it at Amazon yet very pleased since Amazon is a trusted name to me. Thanks again.
245014245014B001E5E1PAA3H9CRUQH61GZOL. A. Massaar "MrsQTPi"5741156550400Becomes Sweeter The More Product You UseThis product gets sweeter the more powder you add, whether it's adding to water to make soy milk, evaporated milk or heavy cream, or whether you're using it to make Ranch Dressing. No sugar-like product listed in ingredients. Maybe it's just me.
245015245015B001E5E1PAA2XA5LSAYKRGIWK Hindall "Amazon forces period on 'Real Name...6931193961600Needs Vitamin DI am slightly vitamin D deficient, and my doctor recommended I drink milk to correct that. I am, however, allergic to all animal milks. I also don't drive a car, so liquid soy milk, being both large and heavy, can't be gotten in large quantities. I was hoping to solve the problem with this product. I can't because there's no vitamin D in it. I e-mailed the company that makes it and asked them to add vitamin D, but all I got was the standard "We'll pass your comments along" message.

The product is good as far as taste goes, but nutritionally it's lacking a significant nutrient that most people get from cow milk: vitamin D. Until the product does include it, I think it's misnamed.
245016245016B001E5E1PAA3R2KM9RSWDKWFr.m. howard "randall"2351202428800most excellentmy grandson can't have milk, and i live in a rural area. i can't get powdered soymilk in the stores. i found this product worth it's weight. he loves it it. thank you very much.
245017245017B001E5E1PAA1UMW72H0X1AFOSpirit30051349913600W O W ! Tastes INCREDIBLY good, MUCH better than milk!I forgot the name of the brand when I first tasted this. I scooped up a teaspoon of this powder and my first thoughts were, this tastes amazing! Definitely better than milk! I was expecting at best a good tasting product but a mediocre after taste or a not so great taste. Then I mixed it with room temperature water and it mixes well and again incredibly good taste.

For those worried about protein content please remember that muscular horses are naturally vegans so according to marketing lies they should look like scrawny thin animals and this is not so, the same goes for us humans. Plus you can mix it with cereal if you like.

My reason for buying this is because I love coffee as a mid morning snack and this is going to be an EXCELLENT substitute for cream (cholesterol) or non-dairy creamers (hydrogenated oils/fats.)

Hopefully this product will not be sabotaged by a fake low rating from the competitors or people not noticing this product and it not getting the buying attention it very much deserves. I've been a vegan for 17 years and I've NEVER seen such an outstanding and great tasting product that is powdered, mixes easily, is vegan, and tastes amazing. If you love this product like I do (I know you will), pass it on and lets keep the ingredients as healthy as it now is. The taste is so good I really don't think it could be improved further.

Also, at first impulse I was going to buy the vanilla flavor but I read a review here that said this original version mixed better and the vanilla tasted too strong. Well now that I'e tasted this one I don't care for the vanilla flavor anymore. I guess you were right reviewer, thanks...
245018245018B001E5E1PAAVQIRN6E7J7UAimdebra0051345766400makes easy ice creamI've been adding this to cold fruit juice and/or water to use for making ice cream in an ice cream ball or a slush mug. Easy, and lovin' it! I've generally been using 13 ounces of powder with about a quart of liquid - but more or less is yummy too.
245019245019B001E5E1PAA4P3D3SRVRBTCMarta0041345507200Powdered Soy MilkI purchased the powdered soy milk to use on a backpacking trip. I normally use regular powdred milk but had a vegan on the trip.

The powdered soy milk was great and only takes 2 TBS of powder for 1 Cup of milk.

It worked out very well.
245020245020B001E5E1PAA2JTHLR813J2M9ab210051345161600Worth the PriceI've tried using other Soy milk powder but the flavor has been really strong. I haven't found that with Better Than Milk Vegan Soy Powder. You pay a little more for it, but I have found it to be worth it.
245021245021B001E5E1PAA3VOKT2F5WNXJ6Bill0051336176000boatnikEasy to mix & tastes better than other powdered milks. No complaints about the flavor, tastes refreshing n not too sweet. NO Carrageenan which i think has caused many to have allergic reactions to soy milk. Good for camping or on the road w/ no refer!
245022245022B001E5E1PAA1D9E45Y4Y3JLWtovah0031306281600disappointedwhen I ordered this product, I was looking for a healthy non dairy creamer in a powdered form. I was sadly disappointed. It seems to just clump, kind of nasty. the only way to get it to blend in is to put it in a jar with a lid and shake it vigorously, not so appetizing for a creamy hot cup of mate'. Anyway, experience is the key to knowledge. I'll not make that mistake again. $25.00 doesn't sound like much to some people, but it's a good chunk to me.
245023245023B001E5E1PAA2ES0AQHVZJHFIDonna Watton0051305331200Good deal and good tasteCouldn't find anything close to this locally with such a good taste. Mixes well without lumps just by shaking. I mix with Sugar-Free Carnation Instant Breakfast for a delicious shake. Will buy again.
245024245024B001E5E1PAA3LN722L0WYDQYSandra L. Moore0051298764800Excellent replacement for powdered milkI use Better than Milk Vegan Beverage Mix in any recipe that calls for powdered milk. I bake bread every week and use this product in that. I am lactose intolerant and was looking for a soy powdered product when I found this. I can recommend it highly.
245025245025B001E5E1PAA1QRIM20VY2OI5mkennedyrocks0051288310400amazing stuff!Powdered soy milk? Who knew it could be so delicious; and not only that, but good for you too. It's rich and creamy, and not at all like powdered milk. Mix it up as a beverage, or add it to oatmeal or smoothies, either way it's fantastic. My kids love it.
245026245026B001E5E1PAASEIUXQDI7ANKVideoVic0041285718400Good for what it does and is!This definitely has a better taste profile than the vanilla - we can barely use that because it colors our cooking too much. It mixes well, hot or cold, but does leave a bit of chalky sediment. If you don't like that, pour off the top into your storing/pouring container and leave the starch behind. It tastes good, but younger folk are partial to adding something sweet. But that is what's great, mix it how you like. I just wish it had a better protein profile per 8 oz compared to Silk, etc. I guess you can add soy protein to offset - that's why I dink it a star. Great compliment to having some for food storage.
245027245027B001E5E1PAA148619FOFSRA5John Ferderer0051283817600Yummy!Since I don't drink milk cuz it's so nasty this is the BEST alternative to milk. and it almost never goes bad. You make it when you need it....
245028245028B001E5E1PAA1BB3ZY6FDP5BOFlorida Grandma0051279152000Same great taste/even better valueI have been using BetterThanMilk powder Soy for a few years & find it much tastier than liquid soymilk that you purchase in grocery store. I can mix to the strength I like & the amount I need, so there is NO waste. It is economical & even more so with my purchase from Amazon.
245029245029B001E5E1PAA1XWYK2PX25EFAJ. Reed "dajabon"0041256515200Tastes Pretty Good If Mixed Double StrengthWe have used this with our toddler during travel (it is terrorism free). He is allergic to milk and we suppliment with soy milk. This product does have a good, light taste and it mixes very easily with cold water or juice. The problem is that there is NO WAY that the can makes 8 quarts of soy milk, well not any soy milk that anyone wants to drink. At the 8 quarts concentration I can't imagine anyone using this soy milk for anything. Now at 4 quarts concentration, its a different story. If this is your expectation then you will not be disappointed with this product.
245030245030B001E5E1PAA2HKU4SOT0CWG9Susan C. Wolfe "Nutty Librarian"0051254355200Love the Milk!I love the soy milk! It is easy to use and store! I use them in milkshakes and hot chocolate! This is a perfect substitute to one who is allergic to dairy!
245031245031B001E5E1PAA25KI7A4EQNGEPTimothy Jordan0051252713600great productbeen using Better the Milk for over two years. Its great. I can mix the concentration i want and, since i buy 4 at a time can go a couple of months without buying more. Works great is cooking, sauces, gravies, pies, whatever you use milk for. I also live in a hurricane area so i always have a milk supply on hand should one strike.

great product
245032245032B001E5E1PAA36XETPK7F42BYJust Falcon "sf"1251260576000Instead of coffee creamer for 10 yrsI've used the original for 10 years or so. I use it instead of creamer in my tea and coffee and it tastes great and by-passes a lot of health concerns associated with regular creamers. I have also found it a great way to monitor my intake of soy products.

The Vanilla reminds me of graham crackers (and seems gritty) and the Chocolate is more carob-y. The issue of sugar that other reviewers have brought up is interesting. I remember comparing it against milk one time and seeing it was about the same. I have friends that mix it with milk for "half and half".

Since moving, I don't have access to my local supplier, "MOMS - My Organic Market". I've asked Trader Joe's without any results and our local Giant stopped carrying it. I've been using the liquids for four months - too costly and I can't store extra incase of bad weather.

If I must, I'll order bulk.
245033245033B001E5E1PAAYWVYQ8KB2M82D. Bickmann0151272844800It is "Better than milk"This is a repeat order...we enjoy the product a lot. Delivery was quick as usual from Amazon. Dave
245034245034B001E5E1PAA39E5LG4KEJ1FAA. Blodgett0151199664000Better Than Milk & Better than Soy & Rice Milk!I love this type of milk substitute. It's one of only 2 tofu milks on the market that I know of & the OTHER one has both casein (a milk derivative) AND trans fat, so there's not even any competition in my opinion. I like tofu milk better than rice milk, because rice milk is sweet, & I like tofu milk better than soy milk because it's lighter. I don't like that thick, heavy beany taste of soy milk. I've also tried potato milk (DariFree) & don't like the taste. I think I got free super-saver shipping & had this in 2 or 3 days! This wasn't long before the holidays, either. I can only say good things about it!
245035245035B001E5E1PAA2N5YX7DLGPG3KFred H.2751215734400Oh, Yes.....Remember...this stuff is good if you make soymilk out of it. But do not throw it at the bride and groom at a wedding, especially if it's still in the can.
245036245036B003TLMM2QA2MHZEBOW88B3WMargie J. Root2221323734400DryI originally bought these at costco and loved that they were fresh and big pieces and my puppy ate them up, but when I got my package from you, the bag had a cut in it and the treats were not only puny, they were dry. It was disappointing. The price was good, but I thought I would be getting the same product.
The reason I ended up ordering was because I had moved to a new state and this costco didn't have them...
245037245037B003TLMM2QA2L10ZHXD4041WDonna G0051346976000Healthy TreatKingdom Pets Sweet Potato & Chicken treats are my teacup chihuahua's favorite. If you just mention sweet potato treats she's off your lap & running to the pantry. When I can give her something healthy, that she really loves.....that's a winner!!
245038245038B003TLMM2QA13CU0SH63B15RMerry Bear0051331769600Favorite TreatThese treats are becoming a favorite of my midsize Spaniel and me, too. They are not too small or too big and one seems to satisfy as a celebration or reward. And what a good feeling to know that they are healthy also. Will buy them again when the bag gets close to empty.
245039245039B008OIPW7QA19SDJ2TSSL8HIK. McGee1141346284800A Good, Portable Alternative to Artificial SweetenerI've seen liquid sweetener before but this was the first time I'd seen a Monk Fruit version of it. If you're leery of artificial sweetener then this may be a good alternative.

The container is approximately the same size as a MIO (liquid flavoring for water) container. It measures about 2 3/4 inches high, 2.5 inches at it's widest point and approximately 3/4 of an inch in depth.I can easily fit this in my handbag and that's a huge plus to me because I have type 2 diabetes and the small packets of sweetener that most restaurants provide have maltodextrin in them which is bad for diabetics and as per my endocrinologist, anyone who has a family history of diabetes or is pre-diabetic should avoid that substance.

This product comes in a sucralose version, a stevia version and the monk fruit. My favorite is probably the sucralose with the monk fruit being a close second.

The downside: At the time of this writing, the price here is more than double what I paid for my container that I got at a brick and mortar store. However, I rarely take away stars for price because I feel that the review is about the product, not the seller/vendor and even if the seller makes the price more attractive, reviewers rarely come back and fix their review and I don't feel that's fair to the product.

If you're looking for a good alternative to artificial sweeteners then you might want to give this a try.
245040245040B008OIPW7QA3M9P59EWW3GSDMakemeup "gail"0051347840000I Love this stuffI have been on a low carb diet for weeks now. I had found the yummiest low carb foods from online store: way2good4lowcarb and was doing fine, but looking for a sweetener for my coffee that didn't contain aspartame. This did it. I can't taste an after taste with it, but while others said they couldn't with stevia, I could. I am just hoping I don't get gas from it as that is my main problem. Will let you know if it causes tummy upset. So far, I am really enjoying it.

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