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245041245041B005XDQYJUA3B0XOSM5FO5NPKim0011331683200Chip Twists ScareWarning to dog owners. I tried a new Dingo product, Dingo Chip Twists two weeks ago, and both dogs became violently ill within an hour of eating them. We were supposed to toss them but forgot and my husband accidently gave them to the dogs today with the very same reaction. I will contact the manufacturer, but wanted to warn all my dog lover friends to be aware. It is really strange, as my dogs go through 4 - 5 bags of the mini dingo bones every month (they love them) and we've never had a problem. There must be something different in the Chip Twists.

Update... the manufacturer is telling me that this has happened before and is caused by "over baking" the product and they will send me a refund...........
245042245042B004H4QYTQA336QEB2VKPWIYRazor1151323907200amazingNot only does it help prevent kidney removes them! Have Warts? No problem! Unwanted Moles? Spray it on and Forget it! This stuff is like car dent remover for the body. Lack or energy, Sad? Take a sip...get a good grip....give the concoction 30 minutes to synergize inside the Gut and you will Feel just like when you crawled fresh out of your mothers womb...Amazing!

Uncle claims this also works great on clogged drains, removing unsightly rust, potent insect Killer (including fireants) and can even be used to spay your pets. The new bottle design is now made of highly durable plastic...much more stable than the old Ruski plastik that would spontaneously combust or explode upon daylight exposure. The days of having to lock up your Naleczowianka are gone! Naleczowianka is harvested and bottled in Poland (country in Europe). Warning: After sampling the Naleczowianka Polish Jokes will cease to be funny and completely stop making sense. Since starting to drink Naleczowianka i have lost 45 pounds, stopped wearing shoes and have this urge to start my own talk show. Searching for the meaning of life? Well you just find it!

PS: In All honesty highly recommend - Tastes great.

-Naleczowianka Fan
245043245043B006WQKVHIA3RTRH7B40VAYUBunny1111346803200Not what I expected...This product wasn't what I had a funky smell and it had a crunchy also didn't sit to well with my stomach if you know what I mean...I would not recommend this product...I still have some at home that I will just throw away...
245044245044B006WQKVHIA17MD4JVVTNNG3Chris0021347753600Taste ok, but overpricedThese add no flavor to whatever you're cooking (which is great), but they are pretty expensive for the amount that you get
245045245045B006WQKVHIA26423VZGHZQ46V. Finney "VanessaLuvin"0051346976000Healthy is finally delicious!The person who left the previous review must not have followed the cooking instructions properly.. His noodles were overcooked. Also, these noodles contain a lot of soluable fiber which many Americans have very low levels of..So you should not eat a whole lot right off the get go if you do not normally intake fiber. I eat my veggies and just ate a whole package of the noodles. I feel great! They are delicious and I hope that people who need to make a serious diet change (or who just want to live a healthier lifestyle) will give them a shot!
245046245046B001EQ59TQA3DWB1C8PGIUCTWAM4 "wam4"8841219881600Pretty good stuff!Despite the poor marks given by the previous reviewer, I ordered this assorted Turkish Delight and was pleased with it. I had just returned from a long trip to Greece and Turkey and missed all of the excellent food, so I decided to order this brand from Amazon, mainly because it was a whole lot quicker and more convenient than ordering it from one of the absolutely wonderful lokum shops in Istanbul where they've been making it for 150 years or so. I see that previous reviewer had no idea what lokum was going to be like and had only been interested after seeing "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe," so maybe that explains her extreme disappointment. Turkish Delight is a very unusual candy.

Is this as good as the perfect, authentic stuff I got in Istanbul? Not quite, no. But it was perfectly good and my office co-workers and friends were not shy about helping me eat up 4 boxes of it. I will say that of the three flavors, the rose was my least favorite, although still good. It was just a little strong in flavor - a lot more pungent than the rose pieces I had in Turkey. The pistachio and lemon were quite tasty.

All in all, I think this is a good product and well-priced. If you like Turkish Delight and don't want to wait for an order to come all the way from Istanbul, get some of this.
245047245047B001EQ59TQA3IJVSBV6XK3B2Mary Jean "S April"1141238198400turkish DelightWell I can say that you definitley get your moneys worth. I recieved 4 nice size boxes of candy more than I was expecting. I will be ordering more products in the future. The pastachio turkish delight was very good however the rose and lemon flavors were just a little to sweet for my taste. But over all I was satified with this product.
245048245048B001EQ59TQA6NNEBEQ42SVPscribe0031326672000Low nut content and just ok flavorsWhile the candy portion was okay, the flavors were not particlaurly attractive. The nut content was practically nonexistent. Next time I would buy another brand.
245049245049B001EQ59TQA1ENGSRIVJSMYZNav0021315699200Hazer BabaI guess it was not the same hazer baba that I had originally eaten. It could have been better.. The pieces were bigger
245050245050B001EQ59TQA32Y13YK7AGKVXJanice L. Besser "music and old sitcoms colle...2911192579200Disappointed....I have to say after watching the Narnia movie, I was curious about the turkish delight that Edmund so desired to have. Well I ordered some and my husband and myself were both disappointed with the product. Too make matters even worse, the order was for 4 boxes of this stuff. I took a box to work with me and this is the only food item that sat back on our break table for a whole week and only half of the box was gone. My husband had the same experience when he also took a box to his work. The flavors were not appealing to most including us. I would not buy any more of this product in the future.
245051245051B000FFRTYKA21MTUL32CXFIWSandra Barton "Have a nice day!"4451235001600Dont listen to the other reviewers - THIS IS GREAT DIET SOUP!!If you have ever tasted Jenny Craig foods etc, you will know what dirt tastest like. It is absolutely discusting.


They are great sized portion containers, and contain extremely low calories/fat/sodium. The perfect treat or meal. Especially when you dont feel like cooking.

LISTEN HERE: I have been ordering this brand of food for a few months now, from their personal website, and if you spend $100.00 you get free shipping. PERSONALLY, I believe the:

Tortilla Soup
Minestroni Soup
And theres one more I cant think of the name its like...Soy noodles or something, with a green cover, are the best.

I order the breakfasts too which my faves are;

Maple Brown Sugar
APples & Cinnamon !


Give it a try. I am 25, and so I am a little picky with foods, and these tasted yummy...... SOooooooooooo Good, im eating tortilla right now !!!

You wont regret it.
245052245052B000FFRTYKA37GP13WH7Z1QLJanet Ford "eatin' vegan"3341228694400MinestroneGive this soup a good ten minutes or so to soften the ingredients and develop the flavor. It is worth the wait. It has to be my favorite in the McDougall soup line, one reason is the generous size. No need to feel guilty eating the entire container, two hundred calories and about 600 mg. sodium are just what the doctor ordered! Stock up, you won't be sorry.
245053245053B000FFRTYKA3DZP1YV1X7NK2Erin Hansman "Erin"3331223683200Tasty but ToughAs noted by other reviewers of this product, not all of the pieces of bean/dehydrated veg were softened after eight minutes (the amount of time suggested by the manufacturer). I think I will add two minutes to the suggested time and see if that's enough to get those recalcitrant bits to soften up a little. It's a shame, really, as the soup is pretty tasty!
245054245054B000FFRTYKA22EUO6X3JRJXHLori E. Connors "mom2booandbobo"1151226966400great for lunchI love this soup. It takes a little longer than directions state but it has awesome flavor and is definitely worth the wait!
245055245055B000FFRTYKADKXNEZECLP8NJ. Yang1151224979200tasty filling soupI like this soup a lot. It's filling and tasty and at 200 cal it can't be beat.
245056245056B000FFRTYKA2VYA302TO2K1CLAS0041336176000Very tasty, good lunchThis is one of my favorite Dr. McDougall instant lunches. It is hearty and tasty, and not overly salty. It's large enough to serve as an entire meal. I gave it 4 stars because it takes longer than the package directions tell you for all the ingredients to soften up. With all of the McDougall instant meals, I've learned to heat it, cover it and leave it for about a half hour if I want everything to be soft. I wish it came in 12-packs instead of 6, because I eat it so often.
245057245057B000FFRTYKA12OB45AOGRBB7Grace0051332547200Delicious Minestrone soupI have tried several of the Dr. McDougall's soups and this is one of my favorites! I love the flavor... it is well seasoned, has a variety of beans and vegetables in it. It is not as sweet as the Tomato Basil soup. Some of the beans are not "mushy" after the 8 minutes, but they are definitely soft and not crunchy. If you let it set another couple mins, the beans will get mushy if that is what you prefer.
245058245058B000FFRTYKA1ALDL8JJMS2YQGood shopper0051329350400Great for kids lunches.My son loves these for lunch at school and since making lunches is a pain, I do too! FYI - this product is less expensive from Amazon than from the product's own website.
245059245059B000FFRTYKA391RJ8646SYY1Tom Barrister0041327881600Good, but nothing like Minestrone as we know itI've been a McDougall customer since 2004, and I've tried almost all of the food cups. They are excellent for those who want a vegan, mostly-organic alternative, and of course one pays extra for the convenience and vegan/organic ingredients.

The taste of Minestrone soup is good, but it's nottaste of the Italian minestrone that you get in a restaurant. It can be eaten as is or poured over pasta, rice, a baked potato, etc.
245060245060B000FFRTYKA2AHFLXBXHQNG4Nathan Bales0041325980800Excellent Value!All of Dr McDougall's soups are very good and guilt free! They are delicious and filling and extremely easy to prepare. You can add them to other dishes to enhance their flavor.
245061245061B000FFRTYKA1393P06RSU4G0low budget student0041318118400Filling and tastyIt's so very hard to find real non-meat products so was taking a chance with ordering the 6-pack specially since I had never tried this brand before.

The soup is very tasty and perfect for on-the-go meals. To be on the safe side, I would let it sit for about 20 min after adding hot water.

I had some problems with the spice powder getting stuck in clumps inside the pasta shells, but if you mix it very vigorously after you open it, they dissolve.

I did not try the microwave option
245062245062B000FFRTYKA3CHFXVUJ210WZLarry W. Mccloskey "larrymcc"0051317168000Very Pleasantly SurprisedI wasn't expecting much of an instant minestrone soup, but it was half price at the supermarket and I've liked all the other McDougall's soups I've tried, so I gave it a try.

It's great! No instant flavor at all. You'd be hard pressed to know it was instant if you weren't eating it out of a paper cup. Even if you're not a vegan or vegetarian, don't be scared off by the vegan and healthy-food claims. This doesn't taste like "health food", it tastes like real food. One word of warning: give it a few minutes more than the 8 minute wait recommended on the package. Otherwise, some of the ingredients won't be completely rehydrated. It's definitely worth the wait.

This goes on my list of regular McDougall's orders.
245063245063B000FFRTYKA2F5SLRDEZ0ALZChicago "Chicago"0021189987200Hard and spicyI found this soup too spicy for my tastes. Also, even when I allowed the soup to steep for the directed amount of time, several of the noodles and veggies were hard.
245064245064B000FFRTYKA11YOTONCPRQ9SSH0131259884800So-soI have bought all sorts of varieties of these soups. This one is ok for something different. But I like some of the others better. This one has pasta that takes a bit of sitting/steeping to not be so crunchy.
245065245065B000FFRTYKA3HI6R3AL6FA7A. C. Hook1311223078400crunchyAfter cooking the soup for the directed amount of time, the veggies, beans, and noodles were all still hard.
245066245066B000FFRTYKA2BLM26AV8MW2TVicky G3711262304000NOT GLUTEN FREEThese soups are listed in the gluten free foods. Please read ingredients. This is an example of incorrect listings. If you have celiac disease, as I do, do not assume foods that are listed in this category are truly gluten free. And, Amazon, please find a way to better regulate this. By the way, the one star rating has nothing to do with the soup, I cannot eat this, the rating is for the listing.
245067245067B000FFRTYKAIRP6LXD1S0YGJ. Prior "Movielover"0311288569600Not a good product, Sorry.I am sorry to say this is not a product I would recommend. It is easy to get ready BUT the taste leaves much to be desired. I really hate to say this. This is a true statement.
245068245068B0037XGSLWA1MD2EGS31GQ6FkellyB1151328832000My cats love this food!Sure this food is expensive but the calorie count is the lowest I've found in non-Rx quality cat food. I highly recommend this food for any cat who stuggles with weight issues but is otherwise healthy.
245069245069B0037XGSLWA3F9CBHV4OHFBSThomas N. Gilmore1131317081600Expensive, but cats like itMy vet started to recommend Royal Canin cat food. I later found out that he had switch from Science Diet as he claimed it is better quality food. After ordering it from Amazon by the case for several months, I started figuring up how much it was costing me to feed two cats. Wow, I am now back to Science Diet at half the cost and using the larger 6 oz cans which is about half the cost of the Royal Canin. I don't know why I can't purchase the extra light in the larger cans which would make it more of a better deal, perhaps!
245070245070B0037XGSLWA36I7Z3TNR0H2INW Shooter "Real Seattle Photographer"0051275868800They've discovered what Cats love to eat!!!I'd heard this before, they've worked out there formula that for older fussy cats - they've determined what it is that cats love to eat. I've fed my cats on Royal Canin. Dry food when they were younger switched to canned when they were older to ensure they get enough liquid in their diets.

My cats love this stuff!!!

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