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245071245071B0007DDHFKAKOIRUE4SCUZZBuffalogal8851140912000ExcellentThis tuna is a solid piece packed in olive oil. It is rich and mellow in flavor; would be great in a salade nicoise, and it's wonderful straight out of the can. Ingredients listed are tuna, olive oil, and salt. The label indicates 1.5 servings per can at 160 calories, 11g fat, 370mg sodium, 14g protein and 0 carbs, fiber, and sugar per serving. It's a simple matter to drain the oil away since it's a solid piece of tuna. It's a product of Portugal, distributed by Italy. This is the best mail-order price I've found anywhere; you can easily pay double for it from other purveyors. Very highly recommended.
245072245072B0007DDHFKA3QR04Q3SEV7DYJim Ausman5551116201600The Best Canned Tuna I Have Ever TastedI am a huge tuna fan, eating it at least three times a week. I used to eat more, before the government warnings on mercury.

This is the best. It is pricey, but worth it if you want to splurge on that special tuna salad, tuna sandwich, or anything else that really emphasizes the taste of the tuna.

Sometimes I just eat it straight right out of the can.
245073245073B0007DDHFKA3DAZI4UCYSMTFR. Chandler "HagFan"2251165449600Delicious TunaThis canned tuna is wonderful. I haven't bought canned tuna packed in oil of any kind in years. I was recently in Molinari's Deli in S.F. and the owner tossed me a can of this stuff and said I'd like it. He was wrong, I love it. It's rich and smooth and not "tinny" at all. If drained well, there is very little olive oil on the tuna, and what there is, is high quality. It's splendid on Salad Nicoise or just plain with a little lemon juice, salt, and fresh ground pepper. I've given it as gifts, and it has been recieved very well.
245074245074B0007DDHFKA2YWRWSLEJRM92Pennsylvania Reader4541215561600Good, not greatThis is good tuna, similar to Cento or Progresso, but not approaching the tuna greatness of gourmet brands such as Ortiz. It's good, but it's not great. For me, the quality does not justify the higher price and shipping costs (from a non-Amazon vendor) compared to equivalent brands.
245075245075B003M63EBGA3LXUB6P41SZ4XDawn Galster "Dawn Gravning Galster"121351238803200Healthy DogsMy dogs are incredibly healthy with this food. The first time I purchased Innova, I set a bowl of it next to the IAMS they had been eating since birth (they were 2 and 4 years old at the time). They refused to eat the IAMS. They were overweight and have slimmed down to a healthy weight on the Reduced Fat food and I don't have to worry about their nutrition at all. Innova has everything they need. They have lots of energy, bright eyes and healthy, shiny coats. The cost seems to be initially higher but they eat less so it is not that much more than other premium foods. I will never feed them anything else.
245076245076B004CP5TTGA2WQT9EPUZM538Robert Cook0051328572800Excellent value-priced Olive oilI saw a review in a national consumer magazine which gave Goya Olive Oil a very high rating, comparable to the expensive varieties. I ordered it through Amazon after being unable to find it in any local grocery store. It is very good, fresh and "green" tasting. I will buy it again.
245077245077B0016JD790A15DKVM598GQKSP. LANGLEY1151231286400Great flavor!I've ordered this vinegar twice. I use it to make a delicious vinaigrette for which I've received many compliments. It's a little sweet so I use half Moscatel vinegar and half white wine vinegar unless I want a sweet dressing.
245078245078B000GFYRHGA13909IG4NUBU8Sarah Terry3351168300800Best for you bulk buck buyMy husband loves this tea so when I found it for cheaper than at the store I had to get it, now that he has so much I even get to have some.
245079245079B000GFYRHGAEVJ4FTM0XNUBCheryl "Cheryl"2251243468800Bigelow Constant Comment tea at a great priceI'm an avid tea drinker and love keeping a mixture of different types on hand. For a bit of variety, I love this distinctive orange spice flavor with a basic black tea. Buying in the multiple box pack, gives me individually wrapped tea bags with a good discount for the quantity.
245080245080B000GFYRHGA1BL0OFLOQIZQWJoyce M. Corothers2251235606400Constant CommentI just love the taste of Constant Comment Tea. Hot or Cold, doesn't matter. In fact during the Summer Time, I make a half gallon to a gallon jar of Constant Comment Tea. It just has a great taste to me and to other family members. Love it.
245081245081B000GFYRHGA1FXQS81ND2GYYfredmoh2241167782400Another good tea from BigelowGood mild tea. I would prefer it in bulk, but the bags are ok.
245082245082B000GFYRHGAXLI32E5QA5B5J. Eagle1151329091200Great tea, Great PriceLet me say that I don't like hot tea as a rule. Most of it tastes like hot water to me. I love coffee and a good strong beer. I also love this tea. It tastes of clove and orange and a dash of cinnamon. The tea is top quality and the price is right. I have paid a bunch more for tea that I couldn't taste. It is like a Holiday tea that you can have all year. It is widely available and priced to enjoy on a daily basis. It has become a nightly habit for me. Put a little Stevia in it and you have a little treat with no guilt or problems. This is the first hot tea that I have purchased consistently that my wife dosen't even like! Hey, men! If you think all hot tea is for girls and little old ladies, give this one a go. It won't blow your head off, but I think you will like it. Hey, ladies, keep that Christmas spirit all the year with this inexpensive tea. And, I love the fact that it is made right here in the good ole USA! What could be more American than something good, practical, affordable, and just plain nice? Love it!!
245083245083B000GFYRHGA2V2YJFE9KAN6QColeen E. Sams1151236988800Like an old friendI can still remember my first cup of Constant Comment, 38 years ago. For me it is a comfort "food." The tea's rich aroma coupled with a unique, somewhat spicy taste, melt away the day's stresses. While I keep a wide variety of teas at hand, this is the only one to whom I've been faithful over the decades.
245084245084B000GFYRHGA3I6H6D4KOH2WCRobert Fisher3451269475200GREATI can only say I LOVE IT. I drink many different flavors and this is one of the best.
245085245085B000GFYRHGA2SZLNSI5KOQJTCarrie, "Formerly "Sister Carrie""0051345420800Good Flavor. An Old Favorite. Great Hot or Iced.I've haven't purchased Constant Comment for years because I got on a green tea kick. However, when my spouse decided to switch from drinking soda to iced tea (and then complained about my green tea selection), I remembered how much I had enjoyed Constant Comment.

Constant Comment was my mother's favorite tea, and is a black tea blend with a hint of orange & spice. Drinking it hot & iced brings back old childhood memories, and tastes just like I remembered. It has a good, robust flavor that isn't harsh.

Constant Comment makes a great iced tea because the strength of the black tea & the spice will hold up to the watering down from the ice. Enjoy!
245086245086B000GFYRHGAIQLQL7ACBLNPS. meyer "Skye"0051326844800wonderfulMy mom used to buy this tea as loose tea in a tin when I was a kid (many years ago). I prefer the bags. As a kid, this was always the "special occasion" tea for holidays and such. Not any more! I drink it all the time. The orange and spice, although not adding calories, adds greatly to the aroma and flavor. This is my all-time favorite tea, so I don't mind getting 6 boxes at a time, even though I live alone! Love, love, love it.
245087245087B000GFYRHGA3DKCBKDEO2GS3Moviegeek0051321574400Great Hot Or ColdConstant Comment has always been my favorite tea, everytime I have a cup it reminds me of visiting my Grandparents when I was young. It's good hot but I especially like it cold, it makes the best sweet tea. Bigelow is also an all- American company, they are based in CT and they have a plantation in SC.
245088245088B000GFYRHGA2K3J2X8KDY47NJewelry Lover "me"0051306972800My all time favorite tea....I am now receiving a case of this tea every six months - for a great price! The tea is always fresh. Packets are foil sealed and each cup consistently comes out with a nice cinnamon orange flavor. It not only cuts the cold Colorado wind on a snowy day, it also tastes equally good iced in the summer time. I don't know many people who haven't tried it. It is just so mellow and soothing. This is the only tea my teen daughter likes to drink when she is sick. I think the cinnamon has a calming effect on her tummy. It's not too spicy like some cinnamon teas. Very nice blend of citrus and spice.
245089245089B000GFYRHGABOSDXDQYKJLZQUELIZABETH "A LADY"1221291161600a good tea done wrongthis batch of tea (6 boxes) has too much clove.. hardly can tell the orange and cinnamon are in it.. what to do with all this tea?? I have had constant comment many times before and it had been a favorite..
245090245090B0032GE6SQA1MYE1DZZHDAF3E. Lefler "Vee"1111303084800Burgess Seed Co. dba directgardening.comI highly recommend folks AVOID Burgess Seed and at all costs! They have been charging orders on credit cards and NOT filling them!!! They send form letters to avoid refunds and you get the "talk to the hand" if you get through to their poor customer service. There are so many complaints against them and we for one are filing with the Better Business Bureau -
245091245091B00511ML1OA3TLY2LWGRULDQKaren K. Hart0051326067200Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!Thank you, Annie's, for making these fruit snacks available. I think that, short of fresh fruit, these are probably the best fruit snacks available in our store. They are organic (unlike Gerber fruit strips, which used to be organic but aren't anymore) and have a much healthier ingredient list than that of any type of gummis I've seen. They come in fun shapes; I consider the packaging to be more eco-friendly than that of the aforementioned fruit strips; the Fruit Bites come in pouches, which means I'll be allowed to send them to school with my son as birthday treats, if he wants. Plus, my son LOVES them and currently wishes he could have them in his lunch box every day. He's only tried apple so far, but is excited about trying the other flavors. Again, thank you, Annie's!
245092245092B000KOUL2IA2RT3EXUJ8AQX7Elsie McNeill "leelee"1151289174400The best marinade ever!!I have been using Mrs. Dash Mesquite Grille Marinade for a few years, now. It is, to my family and me, the best marinade, ever. The flavor is so wonderful that you don't even realize that there is no salt in it. Just try it once, you will love it, too. It is great on chicken, but I really love it on lean beef with snow peas or broccoli served on brown rice. Yummy!!
245093245093B000KOUL2IACMAUUJJJPQXPatrick Conner1151273276800Quality Product from a Quality BrandThis marinade is great! It is in keeping with the usual high standard of Mrs Dash salt-free seasonings. I am a big fan of marinades, as they add a lot of flavor, without adding a lot of calories. The main drawback with most marinades is that, all too often, they are high in sodium, which can be as harmful to your health as high calories. Mrs. Dash marinades do not have that problem. I highly recommend this for anyone who is watching their sodium or has to eat a low sodium diet.
245094245094B000KOUL2IAWE48V18E4ZNAEsther T1151269388800Tasty and Still Heart HealthyA big boost to heart healthy eating. Not dull and not tasteless. Price is great also. Yay!!!
245095245095B001SB641EARUYKG69YLP8CWNY Nutrition2241294444800Great bottlesJust an FYI, this is sparkling water (Sprkl). I was so excited to find some glass reusuable bottles that I overlooked this. These bottles are a bit more expensive than what you would purchase in the store so that is why I gave it a 4. In many areas, you can't find these in stores either. I purchased them because our stores recently started carrying the plastic Voss bottles vs. the glass which is not desired. These bottles can be reused as long as you have a proper filltration system for your water.
245096245096B001SB641EA1VZXLQXB022STTimothy P. Young1151319673600Agreed--Better than PerrierThis is fantastic sparkling water--easily the best I've ever had in 20 years of drinking the stuff (with the possible exception of a German local brand...). It's crisp, has flavor, is amazing in all ways. If I could have a Desert Island Beverage, this would be it. I love Perrier and Pellegrino, and both of those belong in pet bowls compared to this. THAT'S how good it is.

The only caveat I'll add is this--don't pay too much. The weight of glass adds into shipping. Just keep that in mind. That said, I just bought a case. :)
245097245097B001SB641EA249LHUAX530KKDeborah "Queen of Hearts"2351272067200Better than PerrierWe first tried this at a local Japanese restaurant. Its just wonderful and I love the design of the bottle. We paid $5.95 for it. I wouldn't pay $10.
A nice splurge. I love sparkling water and I love the Voss brand.
245098245098B001SB641EA38ILD6TYPVK6Gsky0051340409600AwesomeI love the Voss bottles & have several of them. I need to add some to my collection as I take a bottle with me everywhere I go. I like to keep them filled, and ready to go out the door with me. They wash nicely in the dishwasher or by hand. I just fill them with filtered water.
245099245099B004XTDF74A1E8N3VC5D8PFYmilliesmommy0051314230400amazing tasteI absolutely love this tea. I drink it everyday. It is a nice strong black tea with a really nice hint of jasmine taste and smell. It is not "soapy" at all. I'm British and have had a fair share of teas, this is one of my favorites. As a side note, tea NEEDS good water, not crystal geyser or some tap water. Bad water will make awful tea -that goes for any tea you make, except maybe some fruit nonsense.
245100245100B005VBD4A6AP17KYYXC61J3Arlisa Johnson "Lisa"0051337558400Cheddar Cheese SoupI use this cheddar cheese soup to make a cheese sauce for my macaroni and cheese and it comes out delicious.

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