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245101245101B005VBD4A6A1K82R24ROO2I7A. Cheffy "Cheffy"0021332028800Sometimes you need the fat...This soup just tastes weird! I don't know what it is they used to replace the fat with but it just didn't work with this particular soup (I've tried the healthy request mushroom soup and cream of chicken and they weren't bad).

Sometimes you just need the full-fat for certain things. The regular Campbell's cheddar soup is sooooooo good but this just didn't quite cut the mustard.
245102245102B003VTI0L8A2BOGUJO8LRVR9bookluvr "Melissa"0031344643200Works ok....I have used a lot of different types of Nori when making my own maki. This product seemed a little dry and prone to tearing. It tasted ok to me for the preperation I was using but the rice and veggies as well as the sauce where the main focal point of the dish. It did lend a nice background note of that distinctly roasted nori taste that I love with making maki.
245103245103B002FDK8YIA3CZR0CZLICWZ1seaside dreaming005130973760012 pack handmade Ocarinas from PeruGreat value pack of 12 Ocarinas. All handmade in Peru with handpainted designs. Very original and colourful. Great for an unusual gift or to use for yourself. Very well made and beautifully packaged. Comes with basic instructions on how to play.
245104245104B002PRMJ14A1UGY4LJXTGU99Jose Perez III4451330992000Just like the old countryMy mother said to me that she really missed the nights when she would sit at night with my father (when he was alive) in Puerto Rico and drink this Lemon Grass Tea. She stated that could not find it anywhere. I of course went straight to my old and reliable friend, Amazon. I ordered her a box to make sure that it was the same one she remembered. It arrived promptly and it totally surprised her. That night she made herself a cup and called me half crying that it was not only the exact same tea but that she was reminiscing about my father. She thank me and I thank Amazon. I will be ordering some more for her...........
245105245105B001E6GFSUA16V5E3QV5FAM2wb "willowbeet"0021348444800Not recommendedThe fudge melts easily, too easily, but unfortunately that doesn't equate to good tasting chocolate fudge, if that's even a proper description of the mild flavored chocolate outer coating. The graham cracker cookie has a very weak graham cracker flavor. The cookie is made of crumbs and isn't very crunchy. Freezing them doesn't help much either. Lots of sugar (9g per 3 cookies) and lots of fat (7g, or 1/2 tablespoon per 3 cookies). I ate them, they are still cookies :), but I won't buy them again.
245106245106B001E6GFSUA2JYHCN1498636Candace Russell2411249603200Not what I thought they'd beI really made a mistake ordering these, but in my defense, I didn't notice anything in the description to give me a clue that these are really chocolate covered cookies, not regular graham crackers. But I thought, well, at least maybe I'll get some antioxidant value from the chocolate; but no, come to find out it uses "Dutch" alkali processed chocolate, so no redeeming value there. They actually don't even taste as good as regular graham crackers. I guess I'll have to stow them away until the next food drive. I'm sure if someone is hungry enough, they'll probably get eaten.
245107245107B0041FACB2A1H307JZMTMMVFPoway Sean0031310947200DisappointingNot a very good flavor, and what it has is weak. It reminds me of coffee from a vending machine. Not very well balanced and lacking depth. It was surprising because the beans smelled so good upon opening the bag. Weavers is a much better medium roast decaf.Weaver's Coffee and Tea Decaf House Blend, Whole Bean, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)
245108245108B001O8NLV2A356HBGSVZ5NRHB.P. "tilley_traveler"141451038009600Perpetually Delicious - Tazo Makes The Best!For me, when the days get colder nothing is as rewarding as a simple cup of hot tea. And for it's claimed immunity benefits, a basic green tea is a common pick for maintaining a healthy natural balance during the flu season. From previous experiences in tasting the Tazo brand, both of the bottled and boxed products, they have proven to be unsurpassed for quality and flavor. Once I've tried their teas they immediately became my drink of choice.

The Zen Green Tea Blend is a wonderful one that has only a few ingredients with no artificial anything. And thankfully, doesn't boast the addition of fortified vitamins in some senseless amount. It truly is an enlightening blend of green tea, spearmint, lemongrass and lemon verbena. Thus making it versatile refreshment for anytime of the day, whether it's right after meals or between meals, or just before bedtime. Generally light and mild tasting, but that will depend upon how long you steep it and if you add a sweetener of some form.

Interesting too, are the amusing comments and remarks that appear on the packaging. Reading through this as you drink your tea makes it a distinctive experience. I never seen tea so clever! I wonder if consuming Tazo really does improve a person's outlook on life and affect his or her well being? I think it just could be the great taste and aroma and probably the reassuring thought of doing your health a favor.
Try a couple of their teas - they are sure to please!
And Tazo Zen Green Tea makes a good choice.

245109245109B001O8NLV2A62IGJ40Z7G42tmaioli "Tom"3351116979200Hardly notice the lemongrass - taste greatI was a little afraid to get this because of it having Lemongrass, Lemongrass as such a bad taste but I gave it a try and I really enjoy this tea. As the other reviews gave 5 stars I too give it my highest rating. I have mine with a little bit of honey in it and it is SOOO GOOD! So try it plain and try it with honey either way you are sure to be surprised at the great taste.
245110245110B001O8NLV2A2UHNOTJ4J3TUMLaura "IvyLeagueTiger"2221303171200Amazing Tea- OverpricedThis tea is as awesome as everyone says it is. I swear by it. Only thing is that you can get this tea at your local grocery store for under $5 for a 20 count box. Anything over that price is not worth it.
245111245111B001O8NLV2ABFOX5V4R29VYAPH2251106611200Yummy in your tummy.In response to "I wonder if consuming Tazo really does improve a person's outlook on life and affect his or her well being?" I think it does! Whenever I drink this tea I feel happy and warm all over (especially now, since we're under 18+ inches of snow). The tea is yummy. It took a little getting used to since I'm a devout coffee drinker, but now my morning isn't complete without a cup of Tazo's Green Tea.
245112245112B001O8NLV2A2E2LEXGP80YAMsoccagirl0031349827200Great product not so great priceLove this tea! However it is half the price on other reputable websites. Despite other reviews I am unable to find it in stores for the price I pay online. Making it yourself is much cheaper than at Starbucks, now I can have it everyday!
245113245113B001O8NLV2A12T5E01DEB1DIBUSHRA0011344902400expensive.Very expensive, all TAZO tea products are between 3 and 5 dollars in all the stores, . I bought the sampler box by 10.5$ and suppose to be on sale. I found it at walmart by 3.5 dollars and at target by 3 dollars. It was very frustrating to me. I felt that I been robbed.Tazo Assorted Tea Sampler, 24 Tea BagsTazo Assorted Tea Sampler, 24 Tea Bags
245114245114B001O8NLV2AWN5DVXFJ6RWFJJ "j2zing"0051132617600best green teaLOVE IT!!! very tasty. Tried many green teas and found them bland at best. The mint and lemongrass in this one is reeeeally good.
245115245115B001O8NLV2A32IU60YFI949TJ. A. Ward0151119225600So Good and Good fro You!This has become my favorite iced tea. It is full of flavor, especially the spearmint, and so refreshing on a hot summer day in Houston. It's good as a hot tea also, but I can't seem to get enough of it iced.
245116245116B0029XDZKIA33AD11PQ1AAIMAllyson0041335744000Best hazelnut K-Cup we've found...We have tried several different types of Keurig cups in search of the right Hazelnut coffee. This is the best we've found! Overall, I like the taste and aroma. The only possible opportunity is that it could be a bit stronger...but I think this is more a case of personal preference (I like my coffee strong!) The hazelnut flavor is well balanced---strong without overpowering, not overly sweet like some other hazelnut coffee flavors.
245117245117B0029XDZKIABT0TGQVXS68Jerry0041335744000Gloria Jean"s Hazelnut K-CupThe K-cups are very convenient to use on work days, but I wish the flavor was stronger. I use to brew at the large mug setting, but found the flavor watery. Brewing at the middle cup setting results in more flavor.
245118245118B0029XDZKIA2DFNJ4ETW5OK6Ivan0041335484800Best hazelnutGloria Jeans seems to make the best tasting hazelnut. I tried all the rest and for some reason this one tastes the most natural to me.
245119245119B0029XDZKIA3NQLMSHUQ2ESJM. Gilreath0051335398400Delicious CoffeeGloria Jean's Hazelnut coffee is delish. I enjoy one to two cups per day! The flavor is just right and not too sweet or overbearing.
245120245120B0029XDZKIA253RJELSDYG3FRussell0051335312000CoffeeThe product arrived on time and the price was right. There is really not much more to say than that.
245121245121B0029XDZKIA2MNQ9JY1DG99ZWilliam J. Scott0051335225600Awesome Taste, Great Aroma!When I first got my Keurig brewing machine, I was a little skeptical about the quality of coffee any K-Cup could provide. After making a cup of Gloria Jean's Hazelnut coffee using a K-Cup from a sample pack, I now stand corrected! Gloria Jean's makes great coffee to begin with and their Hazelnut coffee in K-Cup form is fantastic.

The coffee gives off a wonderful Hazelnut aroma while it's brewing and it tastes great! It's the kind of aroma and taste you'd expect after grinding the beans yourself, but the K-Cup saves you the hassle. In the time that I've owned a Keurig brewer, this is hands-down one of the best coffees I've tried, and I'll definitely be ordering it again.

My only complaint is in the packaging, but since it doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the coffee, I can't rate it less than five stars. Just wish this 50-pack came in a differently-sized/designed box so it would store more easily in a kitchen cabinet.
245122245122B0029XDZKIA1E1YEAS7OU3QFMarilee "Mare"0051335052800Gloria Jeans Hazelnut K cupsI absolutely love this k cup coffee,i've tried quite a few k cup flavors and always return to Gloria Jeans Hazelnut. You can't purchase it for less anywhere, that's a plus. Guests who prefer regular coffee not flavored comment that it's very enjoyable, not overpowering. Thanks for making these k cups available.
245123245123B0029XDZKIA1ZGTHGNY0SV9YMarsha A. Mckay0011334275200WeakTaste is very weak and didn't improve with coffee creamer. Sorry but this box is a dud. Wish I could return.
245124245124B0029XDZKIA5JZ810WGNYFVL. Davis0051333411200Great ExperienceRec'd my coffee quickly, well packed and as described. Good value! I will definitely return when I need another Hazelnut fix.
245125245125B0029XDZKIA3PWOASCVEQNWCKGordon0051332720000Delicious!!This coffee is amazing, it is absolutely delicious!! And it was a very good price, some K-cups can run a bit pricey but this was a good deal especially since it had 18, most boxes for this price are only about 15 cups.
245126245126B0029XDZKIA33KWJ9W35VDE3Ed F0051332720000great coffeeGloria Jeans has a great product of Hazelnut flavored coffee. The product is liked by all my colleagues. The transaction via Amazon was prompt and efficient. Will buy again from Amazon.
245127245127B0029XDZKIA3N8OAN6LLKBNGHolea0051332460800My favorite coffeBest hazelnut flavored coffee I have found. The K-cups came in one box. The K-cups are so easy to use. Delivered fast as well.
245128245128B0029XDZKIA2KEBYTQ5O3UL9AmandaRose19840011329177600Didn't Care For This K-Cup At All!!!I received one of these in a sampler package I had ordered of different flavored coffees from the Official website. I just didn't like the taste of it. I would not order this K-Cup again.
245129245129B0029XDZKIA10UK71OIJPOJJEddard Stark0041329177600Pretty DeliciousThis is the first set of K-cups I've bought, and it was because they came highly recommended and I love Hazelnut coffee. These won't disappoint.
245130245130B0029XDZKIA2E8DBCB729PNSCharles E. Stegman "football fan"0051328486400Great coffee, my wife's favorite.This is my wife's favorite coffee.Gloria Jean's Coffees,Butter Toffee K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers (Pack of 50)

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