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245221245221B0029XDZKIA28W8T21VVVMBEG. L. Jenkins5531264809600Pretty GoodThe aroma is wonderful and as is the case with all k-cups most convenient. I was a little disappointed that the hazelnut flavor wasn't more intense.
245222245222B0029XDZKIA24J2Y1O22JYZXChris Boylan "MrBoylan"6751253750400Superb flavor, excellent value, nice box!I'm not really a fan of fruity flavored coffees like raspberry chocolate frappa-mocha-cina or french vanilla twist or what-have-you, but occasionally I do like a hint of hazelnut in my cup of joe, and Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K-Cups handily fill the bill. The hazelnut taste is fairly subtle, blending well with the rich flavor of the coffee. I've tested brewing on all 3 settings on our Keurig, and prefer the medium and large cup settings in terms of coffee strength.

Buying these on Amazon ends up cheaper than pretty much anywhere else (yes, even cheaper than Bed, Bath and Beyond with the coupons) and the frustration free packaging is great. Open up the box with your bare hands (no wasteful shrink wrap to throw away or hard plastic that needs to be cut with a knife), and fold the box up for recycling when you're finished.

This is my second time ordering this set from Amazon and it won't be my last. And writing about it reminded me how good it is so I've just gone and made myself another cup!
245223245223B0029XDZKIAN8CSYVMUA1HFEd Moore81021291680000Cost just went up by 50%What happened. I have been getting these for a year and the cost has been around $17. Now they are $27. I did not recieve a notice on my subscription, so amazed that this happened. What do other think?
245224245224B0029XDZKIAEJHY15OTEBDSKelly C.3351327795200Hazelnut flavor perfect for even hesitant coffee drinkersFirst of all, I'm not a big coffee drinker. I asked for a Keurig for Christmas because I'm a second year law student and I could use a cup of coffee (or 2, or 3) while studying, but I didn't want to drink the Maxwell House that my parents drink. I was enticed by the idea of flavored coffee. This Gloria Jean's Hazelnut does not disappoint. I brew the 8 or 9 oz cup and add 1 tablespoon of fat-free hazelnut creamer, and I'm good to go. It has a nice smell and flavor that makes me feel cozy. Some reviewers would say that this coffee is bitter. I would disagree. I'm gradually warming up to the taste of coffee (I think it must be an acquired taste) and I still shy away from anything with a dark roast or anything with a bitter taste. If you are like me and are not a huge fan of coffee (unless it is flavored) try this. I'm currently debating purchasing a Gloria Jean's Flavored Coffee Variety Pack along with this giant box of delicious hazelnut.
245225245225B0029XDZKIA17950SQVNAVODScott2211313625600Packaging quality problem"Both" of Gloria Jean's "Hazelnut" and "Vanilla" packs of 50 contained only "49." Does Gloria Jean's have a fundamental packaging problem ??
245226245226B0029XDZKIA35I9LR48RND3VJudy Simmons0051283644800k-cupsI love my Keurig coffee maker. I make a fresh cup of coffee every time instead of pouring a cup of coffee made at 8:00 a. m. and kept warm.
245227245227B0029XDZKIACW3CAV4PYHJQJo H. Holsinger0011283558400Nice Aroma, Bitter TasteThe hazelnut aroma from this cup of coffee was really nice, but all I could taste was bitterness. If you don't like bitter coffee this selection is probably not for you.
245228245228B0029XDZKIA2JB3WE7WT8SWWP. Fisher "Weim Lover"0051283212800Excellent coffee, good price!Gloria Jean's coffee is excellent quality. Great taste and wonderful aroma when brewing. We love our Keurig coffee maker. If you are a coffee lover and enjoy the freshest coffee possible without leaving your home, get a Keurig.
245229245229B0029XDZKIA2U0N5N7QBCXG5Cathy Twilley0051281916800The Best Everyday CoffeeOf all which has been plenty of K-Cups I have tried I always go back to Gloria Jeans Hazelnut it is the Best.
245230245230B0029XDZKIAVL5IDEE8YA3DRachel McElhany0051281657600Affordable and great tastingI love hazelnut coffee and have tried many brands - Gloria Jean's Hazelnut is very good. I love being able to buy it in bulk for such a great price.
245231245231B0029XDZKIAC4IDXSG57XIQMom of three0051281398400Great taste for those who enjoy flavored coffeeI really enjoy this coffee as does my school-teacher daughter. My husband REALLY dislikes flavored coffee so it's so great to pop in the Hazelnut for me and then let him have his choice of "un-flavored" coffee.
245232245232B0029XDZKIA3NR67HA27ALT0tennismike0041281398400Good Hazelnut taste, Great Amazon priceThis is a great coffee for hazelnut-flavor lovers. It's a mild, medium bodied brew. When I add sugar-free hazelnut creamer to this coffee, I don't even need any sugar. The bulk price on Amazon is great right now.
245233245233B0029XDZKIA15R1X6HP6TZSIMac Riddel0051281225600Flavorful lighter coffee & great deal w/ Subscribe&SaveBought these k-cups on a Friday sale and used the subscribe & save option for an excellent deal on another 50 k-cups. Haven't tried this flavor before, so it was a gamble since I was going to be stuck with 50 coffees if I didn't enjoy it. Fortunately, the reviews were correct, this is a good, flavorful coffee. A bit lighter than I was used too, but that enabled me to use less creamer (Chocolate Toffee) than I normally would need.

Amazon shipped this package quickly, all were in great shape, and the k-cups don't expire until next March.
245234245234B0029XDZKIA2HJOL6U8Z7UMCMargaret's purchase0051280188800Hazelnut GoodnessThe k-cups were all in one box, great packaging. Gloria Jean's hazelnut was delicious. Definately would purchase this product again.
245235245235B0029XDZKIA1M31L9BLG4QOJWilliam R. Parker Jr.0031280102400A fair price but it expired back in 2009...I can understand how this appears to be a fairly good price as the k-cups expired back in July 2009... they are over a year old. However, I do not notice a stale taste, but I wonder if I may be missing out on some freshness. I plan to contact the seller and find out if all they sell is expired k-cups.
245236245236B0029XDZKIA311BT0MW8637ZSandra L. Personette ""0041278028800The coffee is great but Packaging is terrible!The coffee is fine, and the price is a bargain, BUT...when the box was delivered, there was loose coffee coming out of the bottom of the box. Some of the K-cups were open and had to be thrown away and were not useable. It looks like the K-cups are just thrown into the carton and some were torn open in the process. The box was undamaged so the damage was not incurred during shipping. If it occurs again, I'm going to cancel the subscription.
245237245237B0029XDZKIA2PVI6ACN58CDLwildman1952 "wildman1952"0031276473600wildman1952Product was shipped a little slow, also ordered the coffee maker @ the same time--which arrived 5 days before the coffee did.
Product did not taste as good as our previous brand (Maxwell house/Hazelnut) or I would nave given a higher rating.
I will try another flavor, since this is a good value @ 21.00 for 50 K-cups.
245238245238B0029XDZKIABQN42N7ICNZQT.O. Perspective0051276128000Best Flavored Keurig CoffeeBy far the best flavored coffee for the Keurig. Not particularly strong...use the 7oz setting...but very nice.
245239245239B0029XDZKIA3IZP8L9JQ691PLoyal Hazelnut Coffee Drinker "KS Baker"0051275955200As good as the coffee shops...I used to drive to the local coffee shop for hazelnut coffee or iced hazelnut coffee EVERY DAY! I received a Keurig for a gift, and now, no more added time to my daily commute. It's just delicious hot or iced.
245240245240B0029XDZKIAOGRER320H8OKevin0041275868800Good flavor, albeit a bit weakI have had my Keurig for about half a year now. I have found that many of the k-cups offered make coffee that is a little too weak. Gloria Jean's Hazelnut is a little weak, but I know that going in when buying the coffee. This is a good backup economical backup "cup" for me, and guests that don't like strong coffee.
245241245241B0029XDZKIA2YQDAGRXQPFL2Susan Crowell "vettelvr88"0051275868800Fantastic CoffeeLOVE IT ! order it on a regular basis. Great bargain, great coffee. Free shipping for subscribing just sweetens the pot to want this brand. This is a strong flavored coffee, perfect for a night near the wood stove or sitting around a campfire in the summer. Highly recommended!
245242245242B0029XDZKIAVC7WI594NKLYDebrajreed0041275696000Goood coffeeThis was a very good cup of coffee. The only problem was sometimes a little grounds came thru and settled in the bottom of the coffee cup. I liked the packaging being recycled paper.
245243245243B0029XDZKIAHYI5CNSS3HFIJ D0051275696000Makes AWESOME Ice coffeeThis is the best way to buy K-cups!! It's so inexpensive...especially if you do the "Subscribe & Save". I'm getting twice as many cups for like $2 more than I was paying in a store for 24 cups.
And Gloria Jeans coffee...need I say more...I have at least 2 or 3 ice coffees everyday!!
245244245244B0029XDZKIA2W4088EUIUQLThomas Affolder0051274918400CoffeeGloria Jeans hazelnut coffee is a Great Product, Great Coffee. Great service from Amazon.
245245245245B0029XDZKIA2PE1U2WX3HFK3H. Halker "Kundalini Yoga Rules!"0051274918400Wonderful!After reading over the reviews for several different coffee brands and flavors, I decided to go with Gloria Jeans Hazelnut and I am so pleased that I did. The price is far less then what I was paying at the stores. The flavor is excellent, the boxing and individual k-cups arrived in perfect condition,(I had read that some did not). I am going to set up for the automatic renewal. What more can I say, it works great for me. Thanks again amazon!!
245246245246B0029XDZKIA1OOAD9Z3K1LRECheryl L. Gunning0051274745600Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K-CupsLot's of flavor, is a favorite! Will always buy. Amazon is the best to purchace from. Fast service and delivery.They have the best coffee club prices around!! I cannot say thanks enough to them! Keep up the great work!! Cheryl
245247245247B0029XDZKIA1UVEAPCQMJSB8Nicole Johnson0031274400000Not that great, wouldn't get againI purchased this due to the great reviews which usually does me well. However, compared to other flavored K-cups (i.e. Timothy's German Chocolate Cake), this lacks flavor & sweet notes and tastes burnt. I would not order this coffee again, and will likely stay away from Gloria Jean's in general.
245248245248B0029XDZKIA1JON0BG04Q2MGJOJO0051274140800Love It!The product is excellent and the price for a pack of 50 was outstanding!!!
When you drink as much coffee as I do, you need lots of back up! It was shipped in a matter of days and it was in perfect shape. Thank you !!!
245249245249B0029XDZKIAY3KHKIEXWC3JMartha E. Holmgren "Martha"0051273363200just wonderful coffeeThe Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K cups i ordered were full of delicious coffee. So convenient to have my favorite flavor available to me in such a short time. The price was a real deal as well. Best value I've found so far.
245250245250B0029XDZKIA3LXQNUURHN0RBE. Spence "homecare71"0051272758400Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K-cupsI have been drinking these K-cups each morning, and it gives me a great start to the day. I got them fast, will probably purchase more, and the taste it great(medium)!

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