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245264245264B0029XDZKIA1WRPNUQEJ3GJUC. legaspi0041261267200Gloria Jean Hazelnut K-CupsI've been ordered this product several times and the quality is consistent. I haven't had a bad cup yet. If you like hazelnut coffee then this will not disappoint. I wish more K-Cups would be packaged this way.
245265245265B0029XDZKIA1KC9QAU3EF55YGrammy0051260230400Gloria Jean's hazelnut k-cupsEasy ordering, fast shipping and much cheaper than at the store. The coffee is fresh and Gloria Jeans hazelnut is my favorite with just enough flavoring for a very smooth taste.
245266245266B0029XDZKIA1WFGC7PYKPG5FMysticgyrl0041260057600Im happyNo frills with this coffee, but good value. I am pleased with the its tastes and I would buy this again.
245267245267B0029XDZKIA17HMM1M7T9PJ1Timothy B. Riley0041259884800Seems to be the most popular flavored coffee for my family and guestsI have given over 10 Keurig coffee makers as gifts (I have 6 children and a lot of friends) and I always send variety packs of K-cups with the brewer (beside the one that comes with it). Of all of the flavored coffees the Hazelnut blends are overwhelming the favorite. After some trail and error we settled on Gloria Jean's as having the best flavor and richness. I would suggest making an 8 oz. cup or smaller, especially if you are adding cream to it.

I really like Amazon's Frustration-Free packaging. My favorite K-Cup (I added the product link to it below) also comes in this kind of box and I love it. I just rip the top off and stick and whole thing in my cabinet. K-Cups produce enough trash as it is so it nice to have fewer boxes when ordering them from Amazon.

Coffee People Organic, Extra Bold K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]
245268245268B0029XDZKIAQORDZQRTQLAJColleen Vandal "Colleen"0041258761600Good coffee if you don't want a full hazelnut flavor.I like the coffee ok, although I must say it doesn't have much of a hazelnut flavor.
245269245269B0029XDZKIAZJ4UN0F8JF86Mary A. Kompare "MAK"0051257724800CoffeeGreat price for Keurig brewers....I've checked every where. Better yet was the free shipping (not sure if they still have that).
245270245270B0029XDZKIA1WKNDRDW3ZFOGS. DeHart0051256256000A good coffee, and a great buy..............I was familiar with the Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K-Cups, but couple that with the "subscribe and save" option, and you have an outstanding combination!
245251245251B0029XDZKIA1NFC1JDHP9B16Jennifer Anderson0051272585600great packaging and coffee for priceWe have been using this service for awhile. We like the new "frustration free" packaging where the k-cups are in the one box. The coffee tastes good as well.
245271245271B0029XDZKIA1GXIYA3396DILJames R. McMahon0051255910400Another great GJ coffeeThis another of the GJ coffee selections I have purchased for the Keurig. Good flavoring in the one also...
245272245272B0029XDZKIA3EE15OZ10OL73Chun He0031255651200Only Smells good, but watery and not strong enoughThe smell is good but it tastes different than the smaller ones I bought from Bed Bath and Beyond.
245273245273B0029XDZKIAN4EE3K071FRTLovestoast!0031254787200Coffee is okay....not great.Recently ordered some Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K-cups and found the coffee to be only okay, not great. There is very little hazelnut flavor and the coffee is on the bitter side. Will finish this order but will not re-order this brand.
245274245274B0029XDZKIA3CEEF063A0Y6HMama C "Mama C"0041253664000No Frustration! Love the new packaging.The new frustration free packaging for k-cups is terrific! Thank you AMAZON.COM. Gloria Jean's Hazelnut is one of our favorites for flavored coffee. Second only to their Butter Toffee. However, if you are wanting a bold wake-me-up, this is not going to please you. It's a pretty mild blend. When will someone make a really bold flavored coffee? Surely it is possible. I am a big fan of Emeril's Big Easy for my morning brew but later in the day or after dinner, Gloria Jean's Hazlenut is perfect.
245275245275B0029XDZKIA1EMZ94BMO1XPMW. Trites "Billy T. GolfWolf"0041253577600Decent Hazelnut coffeeIf you like a Mild Hazelnut coffee at a reasonable price, then this one is for you. I'd like it a little bolder, but that's my fault for not ordering a bolder style.
245276245276B0029XDZKIA8D3E28TYM422blondie "Linda"0051250726400smooth tasting coffeeI am a consistent consumer of Gloria Jean's hazelnut. Has a smooth, rich flavor without leaving aftertaste. Will continue to purchase:)
245277245277B0029XDZKIAPHXWZJ22M17MT. Stratton0041210204800Keurig CoffeeI like this coffee a lot. Also the Gloria Jean variety pack of five different flavors. If you like flavored coffee, even occasionally these are very nice; a medium blend.
245278245278B0029XDZKIA1HL5VFSZAYHSIC. A. Bunde1221307404800Weak & watery - where is the coffee & hazelnut flavor?I see that some reviewers also noted very weak coffee with these, yet some rave about it. I've only tried one box of the GJ's Hazelnut (won't be ordering more). We've bought other Gloria Jean's which are good, such as the Butter Toffee. So, it may be a quality control issue and you may or may not have good luck w/ Hazelnut. I cannot even detect Hazelnut flavor by taste nor a good hazelnut fragrance as this brews (unusual with flavored coffee k-cups). I've tried various sizes - even the small cup setting doesn't produce a flavorful coffee.
245279245279B0029XDZKIAQZ1WKIJT3ZTTTheBigOldDog1221278201600No Hazelnut flavorBought this as a gift for a Hazelnut coffee lover who disliked it. She said it doesn't even taste like hazelnut. Maybe we just got a bad or mislabeled batch or something but I'm not throwing good money after bad to find out. There are many other hazelnut K-Cups in the sea.
245280245280B0029XDZKIAJOCD675P82GVSundae Sundae "KittyRules"1231271203200OVERPRICED.i thought this was a deal at the time and then later found out i could get these k-cups for 1/2 as much else where. coffee was good. buyer beware.
245252245252B0029XDZKIA3TAJJ1AE6DB1ZA. Bracke0051270512000Fabulous!My husband loves this coffee--thinks it's the best hazelnut we've tried. I love the price!
245253245253B0029XDZKIA35JRT6JOMA09BSharon Boehl0051270166400HazelnutThe Hazelnut coffee is the best full bodied and taste of all the coffee We have used
245254245254B0029XDZKIA158F5VSX3GNIND. Robbins0051269648000Good valueGreat coffee flavor and quality -- good value. This is the second time I've purchased this lot.
245255245255B0029XDZKIA1IP1U8MPHTCL8H. D. Klinkerman0051269648000Great TreatWhat a great find--my favorite coffee flavor with stress-free ordering and shipping. And a really good price to add to its appeal. My Keurig and I appreciate this product!
245256245256B0029XDZKIA1DOB68EABZ09OK. G. Sparks0041269561600Excellent priceThe coffee is very good, and buying from amazon was by far the best deal I found. I had read a few reviews that suggested people had problems with the cups not working properly during the brewing process, but I haven't experienced that.

I would suggest this product if you are looking for an economical cup of coffee that also has a good flavor.
245257245257B0029XDZKIAQY4FGSLKATYVK. Santorella "santorellakl"0051269302400Good coffeeReally enjoy the coffee. One of the best flavored coffee. I keep coming back for more. This coffee isn't really strong. Medium bodied I would have to say.
245258245258B0029XDZKIA7ZOCIUR386C1J. Ashley "yarnie"0041268697600Good Coffee but a little messyI prefer light/flavored coffee, and these coffee cups hit the spot on cold winter mornings. This is the second time I've purchased coffee with frustration-free packaging, and I like the convenience, but there apparently had been a coffee cup that had broken apart during transport, so there was/is coffee all over the cups and the inside of the packaging, so it's been a little messy. The first time I ordered coffee in frustration-free packaging, no such problem occurred, so I think it's just a fluke. I wish more flavored coffee cups came packaged this way--I'd probably buy more if they did.
245259245259B0029XDZKIA17MX3FFMBV8N3J. Carlson "movinmikec"0051268265600Great, balance coffee for a great price.While I'm still getting used to paying even the reduced price of $0.50/cup for home brew, this was a well-balanced, flavorful hazelnut. Very good.
245260245260B0029XDZKIA28P6L1FW83LE9sissy0051268265600A good reason to get up in the morning.I always enjoyed hazelnut coffee at he donut shop and to now have the coffee at home is a good reason to get up in the morning. While the
coffee is brewing the aroma fills the kitchen. It is really good.
245261245261B0029XDZKIAVUO5WUJT6WENJoel Hershey0051268092800Gloria Jeans HazelnutThis is the second time I ordered this coffee. Very good blend with a very smooth taste. You can't go wrong if you like Hazelnut coffee.
245262245262B0029XDZKIA2U1MXCEWNJE4EMagic Maker "Disney Worldphile"0051264550400Very TastyA Great Coffee at a great price. I subscribed for regular delivery. Now I will always have the perfect cup just seconds away.
245263245263B0029XDZKIA3JBSW9KPKC99HMommaJo "Jo"0051262563200Ordering K-Cups Coffee thru Amazon is quick and easy!!Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K-Cups for Keurig Brewers
This is really a no brainer!! All you do is give Amazon the order you want to get on a monthly basis and it is delivered straight to your home - no getting in your car, driving, waiting in line OR waiting for a good deal - this is it!!

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