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245399245399B0006GZA6CA24NAZRQJV3XKZEllen Culver1151299542400Good for dietingI am giving up candy and sweets for one month and then going to continue best I can. I am loving this as an alternative. It has the hard candy shell which I really need right now. Is a more firm gum so it won't stick. If you like the really soft gums, then this is not for you. Since I am using it for weight loss I like that I have to chew a bit. Perfect cinnamon bite. Not too hot, but has that little bite. Average lasting in flavor.
Great for travel.
245400245400B0006GZA6CA1SOCY9DW3C41Bkinder1151297209600Xclear-Spry sugar free gumI have dry mouth and this was recommended by my dentist-use it regularly and works well.The sorbitol in other sugarless gum caused abdominal problems
245371245371B004SC592KA2GJ3P9XJP6H7LBGC00313026528001 Star Product, 4 Star Customer ServiceI did not get what is advertised. I was willing to pay over $50 for a nice looking wood planter (plus $17 for shipping) as described in the Ad and picture. My wife likes nice planters and this was my Easter gift for her. While the product did come with the sausage, crackers and cheese, it was the planter that I was interested in. Here is what I thought I bought:

Advertised Product Features
Wood planter box can hold two 6 inch pots after all goodies are gone
Planter box measures 13 in. x 7 in. x 5 in.

Here is what I received:

A cheap, "Made in China", oval, tin container that measures, 9 in. x 5 in. x 4 in.

Once the customer representative learned of the error, she apologized and graciously processed a full refund.
245372245372B000GFYRHQA2TF8AT3XPSJIFRebecca K. VanBockel2351226275200Bigelow Earl Grey Green TeaWe drink green tea for the health value along with the flavor. My husband loves Bigelow Earl Grey Green Tea and we can no longer find it in our local market. The free shipping makes the tea as economical as store purchases and there is no running from store to store to locate it!
245373245373B000GFYRHQA1WMTDO8G9ZLU1BusyMom "In quotes"0041332028800Excellent!Now that I've discovered it, I will sample a few more varieties to be sure, but I'll probably come back & do the subscribe & save. Good stuff!
245374245374B000GFYRHQAGLMN1ZFDHOW2NYTH0031321315200Not very strongNot a very strong earl grey flavor, but better than nothing. Bigelow also tastes a bit more bitter than other green teas, generally.
245375245375B000GFYRHQA1GPN9X27K5WNChase A Byrd "byrd720"0051319932800Not strong but a good flavorMost Earl Grey that I have Tried have had too much bergamot. This on the other hand, isn't strong but full of flavor. A very great tea. I will definitely be buying more.
245376245376B000GFYRHQA1TI9SBT0B7XY8D. S. Lorentz0051293408000Bigelow Earl Grey Green TeaThis is a delightful breakfast tea. The aroma and taste is enjoyable. This is a tea that we have been unable to find locally for the past several months. It is wonderful being able to have it automatically shipped right to our door.
245377245377B000GFYRHQA34E4HX4B9198OBarbara B. Whitlock0051259452800Best Green TeaGreen tea is good for you but if you like a bit more deep flavor, then Bigelow's Earl Grey tea is the best!! We drink iced tea year-round and we use only this tea!
245378245378B000GFYRHQA1YELVCOA6WEDQD. Cameron0051237939200Love Earl GreyI love Earl Grey and the added benefit of Green tea is a great combo
245379245379B000GFYRHQA3A7YUR6FS6ZCITea Lover0051178409600Bigelow Earl Grey Green TeaTastes like Earl Grey, but it's green tea so it's healthier.
245380245380B000GFYRHQA1NPVNL3Y70MU2JDK in OK "JDK"3551166400000mix them togetherI take two Earl Grey Green tea bags, two regular green tea tea bags, one double bergamot tea bag, and one Lusianne family size tea bag.

Dump all of the contents into a coffee maker.

Fill to the '12' level.

Shave some lemon zest on top of the loose tea.

Pour the finished tea into a 64 oz. container and fill to the top with water. Then you have all of the benefits of green tea, plus the taste of black tea. This ratio stands up quite well to lots of added ice.
245381245381B000GFYRHQA1AEQZM99LO9VADebra Koch1211298505600Where's the Bergamot?I was hoping to like this tea as I love Earl Grey and some green teas and thought this would have more health benefits than the normal Earl Grey. I couldn't taste any bergamot to speak of in this tea. Also, even though I love Twinings Earl Grey and some green teas such as Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Orchard, Salada, and others, I did not like combining the two. It was like I could not taste what was good about either teas in this and will now keep my black teas and my green teas separated from each other so that I can taste what is good about each in it's own way. Also, I've found the Bigelow's that I've tried so far to be rather flat and lacking any of the delicacy or subtle complexities of many other brands.
245382245382B000GFYRHQAO9M2LQPKQ2TSBrenda N. "Book Blogger"1251253145600My favorite Earl GreyI started using this years ago when it won a Detroit Free Press taste test.

Since I loved Earl Grey tea and wanted to include more green tea in my diet, I was anxious to see how it tasted. I was hooked immediately.

Just make certain to brew only one or two minutes (I brew two minutes when in a teapot) for best flavor.
245383245383B000GFYRHQA2SK8WI537NB7AG. Baird1251168905600Sleep aid?!?!?Don't know how, don't know why, don't really care, but somehow this tea helps me sleep through the night. I have what I would call an overactive brain and I used to wake up multiple times a night just thinking about things.

Something in this tea shuts that off and allows me to sleep soundly through the night.

And I think it tastes good!!
245384245384B000GFYRHQA1IKSTZ81W7I9PNick Danger2421163980800Got old fast.I'm a big fan/drinker of Green Tea and a big fan/drinker of Earl Grey, but this tea is a little too Bergamot-y for my taste. It may be because plain green tea naturally has a weaker taste than black tea, and the Bergamot is therefore more evident.

After a couple cups of this I decided these two tastes are best on their own.
245385245385B000JV7JLSASYY6W7K55T6KFair review0021345161600the price of shipping is the same as the productThe almond oil is a great light oil for cooking, and is really good when cooking fish. it has a light sweet taste. In addition it is likely to be a healthy oil, as almonds are one of the healthiest nuts. however, this particular product has a shipping cost of around 10 dollars at the time of this review, which is about the same cost as the product. this is obviously too high to be fair.
245386245386B000JV7JLSA1PV500UH66PQ7Coifure Mixtress0051233532800Hair & BodyI use this in my homemade body oil as well as in my homemade hair oil. Great value.
245387245387B0006GZA6CA18XOBH52BUBJ1R. Rose "RofaRose"171751156377600Great taste, fun to chew, strong scientific backing for health claims of XylitolAfter using an "all-natural" gum (that contained cane sugar) and getting my first cavity in 12 years after 6 months of use, I knew I needed a switch. I heard about Xylitol from a naturopathic student, that basically, the bad bacteria in your mouth feed on Xylitol but they can't digest it, and the good bacteria can eat it, so they proliferate. I thought I had tried other Xylitol gums in the past and didn't like them, but I decided to give this another chance because I want a gum to chew after meals that is actually good for my teeth. I was pleasantly surprised at the Spry gum! It has a great flavor (which goes away pretty soon after chewing, but it's a nice shot of good taste), but the best part is that the gum itself has a great texture to it and continues to be fun to chew for as long as you want. It doesn't even turn hard after drinking water like most gums do. I am a medical student so I did a search of the research literature and the claims of Xylitol are more than proven. However, all of the literature and research studies explain that you need 4-12 g of Xylitol a day (no need to get more than 15), but the average piece of gum has .75-1 g, so you'll need to chew at least 4-5 pieces a day to get the dental benefits (chewing it only sporadically, i.e. once a day, did NOT show any dental benefits). No problem for me, I chew one after every meal (I have 5-6 a day), and love having the fresh clean feeling as well as knowing that I'm doing something great for my teeth.
245388245388B0006GZA6CA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"8851135555200Helps to Reduce CavitiesAfter chewing one piece of Spry peppermint gum you may notice your teeth and gums feeling more healthy. Since I'm always looking for natural alternatives to regular processed sugar as an ingredient, this item caught my attention.

Not only does Xylitol not promote tooth decay, it has natural ingredients to decrease plaque formation and adhesion. Xylitol is a naturally occurring 5-carbon sugar alcohol found in many fruits including plums, strawberries and raspberries. Our bodies actual produce about 11g of Xylitol a day.

It can be commercially manufactured from "xylan hemicellulose" sources such as Birch trees in Finland. Some Xylitol products are also made from corn.

This product is made with a Xylitol, gum base, natural flavors, glycerin, gum Arabic, soy lecithin and beesewax.

Xylitol actually has been proven to:

Reduce Tooth Decay
Prevent Cavities by inhibiting the growth of bacteria
Inhibits the growth of a related species, Streptococcus pneumoniae, which is a cause of ear infections
Reduce the secretion of Plaque Acids
Facilitate the Remineralization of Tooth Enamel

What more could we ask for from a gum? This gum is a natural defense system and you will start to notice the results. Unlike other sugary gums, this will reduce cavities and it is just as flavorful, if not more so than most gums.

~The Rebecca Review
245389245389B0006GZA6CA1U0AT56ZRUF1TBrian Stanley6651184889600This is a great productI tried to find chewing gum at my local supermarket that did NOT contain aspartame, or some other man-made sugar substitute. I never was able to. I checked my local health food store and they sell Spry gum and Spry toothpaste. The gum is just as good tasting as any major brand, and it doesn't hurt my stomach. It doesn't become ultra sticky like major brand gum either, so I can give it to my 3-year-old and 1-year-old without worry. The flavor doesn't last too long, but chewing it is good for your teeth, so I don't have a problem going through it quicker than major brand gum. One of the best parts - it's cheaper than major brand gum. I get a pack of 10 for $0.89 from my local food store. The others cost $1.10 at the supermarket.
I also tried their toothpaste and I love it. I use it everyday. It's safe for my little ones too. It says right on the label that there's nothing to worry about if the toothpaste is swallowed, because it is not harmful since the product is fluoride-free and all natural. I highly recommend Spry products - especially for families.
245390245390B0006GZA6CA3M8PFP2O0EXOWDejan Deh "ddeh"5541169596800Healthy way to chew...Being a gum addict, I go through a pack a day. Sugar does a number on your teeth, so I prefer sugar-free... or I did, until I read how many cancer causing ingredients the leading gum brands have. You might as well smoke ;-). That's where SPRY comes in... made with Xylitol, a natural sugar derivative (and not `natural' like Splenda) it has a long lasting flavor and good texture. The only problem I ran into is that the consistency degrades after about 30 minutes of chewing.

All in all, for a 30 min gum fix, Spry is #1.
245391245391B0006GZA6CA1HZWQI7K3G1WCKathleen E. Pyne4441160006400Just as good as other cinnamon gumIn addition to being better for your teeth, I think this gum has just as good of flavor as any of the cinnamon gums. I enjoy it and so do my kids.
245392245392B0006GZA6CA15B6KEZ0CM3KLsurfin' ma "KT"4411290297600Not Gluten Free enough...Even though there is a statement right on the front of these packages of gum that claims "Gluten Free", I don't believe this gum really is. I bought a pack of Peppermint from the health food store that my daughter and I both chewed (we are GF/Celiac) and we BOTH reacted to this gum. We both tried it again a few days later, thinking perhaps it was something else we had eaten, considering this gum says Gluten Free right on the front. The reaction was WORSE the second time around!!! This company sources their Xylitol from China, and almost all the companies I looked at online that you can purchase Xylitol from also make lots of Wheat Gluten----so I am assuming some sort of cross contamination at the source of production in China, for which this Spry company does not test for! They are obviously just assuming that the product is 'naturally' gluten free and taking unreliable China's word for it----at the expense of customers with Celiac disease who get sick from this product. Very disappointed.
245393245393B0006GZA6CA3FLCOLQLU8JW3Debs3341142553600good stuff!This is a great tasting gum which is somewhat long lasting in cinnamon flavor and has the added benefit of being good for your teeth!
245394245394B0006GZA6CAQDKKTFH5XREMI. Finicle3341208476800Great flavor, for 10 seconds, but a good alt. to AspartameThe Xlylitol leaves your mouth feeling squeeky clean (kind of like the "Orbit" gum commercials make you think their gum feels like)!

They really need to work on how to make the flavor last longer.

I used to chew "Extra, Sugar-Free" gum and finally made the connection that whatever was 'in' it made my glands in my throat and my tonsils swell like I was getting a cold. I took some herbs and vitamins and the symptoms subsided, but EVERY time I put more gum back in my mouth, day after day, that my glands were seriously irritated or working hard at killing 'something'.

I don't know what was wrong, but now, I will not touch "Extra sugar-free gum" again. I love this gum, even if the flavoring and texture does not last an 'extra, extra long time' ;-)
245395245395B0006GZA6CA3LQS08K2OBI5ZJ. Lim2221298505600Loses flavor FAST most likely not worth it
245396245396B0006GZA6CAIOEMR84SJ98QFabiane Bernardo2251243382400sugarfree gum, help fight decaygreat product! I'm a dental hygienist and I bought this product to give samples to my current patients. Great cavity fighting aid!
245397245397B0006GZA6CA2UTZ7HH4UKDZWD. Nakao1141316822400spry spearmint gumNot as satisfying as Orbit White. I was disappointed with the lack of flavor compared to Orbit White, and from the description of the product I expected more. But it's still better than most sugar-free gums on the market.
245398245398B0006GZA6CA2AVYSXICESSTKE. Kerby1141299801600Nice after meals.I bought Spry spearmint gum because I hoped it would help me get rid of sugar cravings. It hasn't worked too well for me.

I do like the spearmint flavor, but it only lasts for a few minutes. (After that it has kind of a chemical flavor that doesn't taste good.) I do like chewing this gum after meals; it works great to freshen things up.

This gum feels really small in my mouth. Maybe two pieces would be better?

BUY THIS: if you want to freshen your breath after meals, if you only want to chew gum for a couple minutes, and maybe if you want to share gum with kids (since the xylitol is better than sugary gums and artificial sugars are pretty scary).

DO NOT BUY THIS: if you want to chew your gum for very long.

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